Casting Couch: The Fanning Sisters

Being a big Hollywood hot shot studio executive has
its advantages. With the money and power I have I can
control and make people do what I want at any given
point. I am like Les Grossman from the film Tropic
Thunder, but without the loud attitude and ugly looks.
I am more like J.R. Ewing from Dallas, but without the
Oil Company and the greedy backstabbing relatives. My
movie studio is called “Extensive Enterprises Films”
it’s not a huge powerhouse in Hollywood, but we are
getting there. A lot of the major talent out there are
starting to take notice of our company and are willing
to help us to get our films made, plus seen all over
the World.

After I had my experience with Chloe Grace Moretz
(before she got to do our film), I found out very
quickly someone else got wind of what we did. How it
got out I will never know, but a week after having
Chloe here in my office, my secretary, Cathy told me I
had a couple of visitors. “Mr. Allen, the Fanning
sisters are here to see you.” The Fanning Sisters? Now
what would they be doing here? We did not have an
appointment, wonder what they wanted.

“I do not have an appointment with them. Do I?” I
asked Cathy.

A slight pause came then, “No, but they really need to
see you and they said if you are not busy they would
like to come in.” I always have time for the Fanning
Sisters, they are the cutest things going and I have
not had a taste of them either. “Send the girls in a
hold all my calls, please!”

The girls came right on in with Dakota leading her
sister, Elle into my office. Closing the door behind
them the girls were standing there waiting with huge
smiles on their faces.

“What can I do for you ladies on this fine Saturday?”
I asked them.

Dakota answered first, “I had an interesting chat with
my good friend, Chloe Grace Moretz. She said she came
to see you.”

I was completely taken by what Dakota said. “Yes she
did, came to check out a script I wanted her to read.
Why? Were one of you two interested by any chance?” I
answered hoping I was not busted.

“Yeah, Elle was extremely interested in the part or
maybe another role in the film. Still have a copy of
that script?” Dakota replied as she looked at me with
her big blue eyes.

I went to my file cabinet and pulled out another copy
of the script and handed it to Elle. “Here you go,
Elle. I am glad to help you. If you girls need any
help, do not hesitate to ask me,” I said to them both
as I was about to show them the door.

Dakota licked her lips and grabbed my shirt. “Yes
there is one more thing you can do for us!”

I looked her in the eyes and said, “Oh yeah? And what
would that be?”

Pushing me back on my couch the Fanning Sisters came
over to me, knelt down in front of me. “Let’s see that
big cock of yours!” Dakota said as she unzipped my
zipper. Opening my pants now she fished out my huge
cock which was starting to get a rise and shoved it
into her mouth sucking me off right in from of me and
her sister. As she did this she motioned to Elle to go
lock the door and to come back to be with her. Elle
did as instructed, but I could tell she had a bit of
hesitate in her face as Dakota continued to suck my
dick off.

My God! Dakota’s blow job was amazing as she sucked
and slurped up and down the head and shaft of my ten
inch cock. I watched as this 18 year old vixen was
sucking my dick good. She was very amazing at sucking
cock, I had a feeling she was no virgin.

“Chloe told me what she did to get the part in the
movie, now I think my sister deserves a role. Wouldn’t
you agree, Mark?” Dakota said as saliva dripped from
her lips and off my cock.

“I could not agree with you more, but I think Elle
needs to convince me herself. How about it Elle, how
much do you want to star in this movie with Chloe?” I

Elle stared at the vision of her sister and my huge
cock waiting for her in Dakota’s hand. “I do not know,
Dakota. I really do not want to do this just for a
movie role,” Elle said as she turned her head away.

“I guess you really don’t want to be superstar like
your sister is out in Hollywood! Who the fuck is
knocking at your door? Is it opportunity knocking? I
hear him knock and he has something for you, now you
must give him something in return, Baby Girl! Your
movies are not really burning up on the Big Screen so
you better show me how much you want it! Go for that
Brass Ring, Elle like your sister did before you!” I
snapped at her.

With a fire now in her eyes, she grabbed my dick, took
a breath and went down over my shaft!

Oh Dear Lord! This girl is amazing for a first timer!
She bobbed her head up and down my dick faster than
her sister did. I think I got to her, and it showed as
she gobbled up my fat cock down her young 14 year old

Dakota seemed pleased with her sister that she got
behind her, raised her white skirt to her hips, pulled
down her navy blue panties. Dakota licked two of her
fingers and shoved them into Elle’s pussy. Elle yelped
with my dick still in her mouth as she sister fingered
her pussy good.

Elle must’ve had her cherry already broken as well
(too bad, but hey what I can I do!). Dakota worked her
magic fingers on her sister’s young cunt while Elle
kept her rhythm and pace with my dick.

This whole scene was driving me wild seeing these two
little minxes coming at me and each other. Dakota
stopped, stood up and removed her shirt, her jeans,
then her bra and panties exposing her sexy 18 year old
body, she was not large in her breasts, but still
looked good to me. Her pussy had a little blonde patch
of fur between her legs. Elle stopped, standing up now
took off her panties off her legs and feet, unzipped
her skirt and removed her blouse along with her bra.
No hair for her pussy and with small tits as well I
was not complaining and was very happy to give them
what they wanted.

Dakota sat down on my cock, no hymen! Virginity was
gone, so I was able to fuck her with ease. She rode me
like a wild pony, while her sister, Elle sat beside us
on the couch looking on. Elle started to get turned on
by her older sister got her pussy pounded. She rubbed
her young clit at the sight next to her and tweaked on
her nipples and rubbed the flesh of her young tits.

Dakota looked at Elle as to give her a sign then Elle
turned me towards her as we kissed each other. Dakota
kept milking my dick with her pussy clenched to my
cock, her teenage pussy felt so good I did not want
her to let go. Dakota came off me and allowed me to
sink my cock into Elle’s 14 year old pussy which also
had no trouble getting in.

Elle squeaked like a mouse as she never had such a
huge dick in her before, let alone a real one. I
pumped my cock fast and hard as her young body took me
inside her deep. Dakota knelt on the floor beside the
couch and felt my balls as I pumped her sister’s cunt,
that felt so good as her soft fingers tickled my hairy
nut sack. Next she leaned in and kissed Elle on the
mouth. Both sisters were French Kissing as my mature
dick pounded Elle’s young cunt over the edge, this was
such an intense moment that it made me blow my load
into Elle’s pussy.

I fired stream after stream of hot warm semen inside
of her teen pussy. As I pulled out, Dakota pushed me
back then she got on my dick to milk out some jizz for
herself and I obliged her by firing another load into
her 18 year old pussy.

After we finished we all kissed, cleaned up and parted
ways. Elle got her co-starring part with Chloe in the
lead, Elle’s career took off like her sister’s before
her. She owed it all to her big sister and my big