Journal of an Agent : Portia De Rossi

“Glad you could come in Portia,” I said as I reclined in
my chair.

“Not a problem Dean, what’s up?” Portia replied.

Portia De Rossi had become a client of the firm through
ruthless dealings by my father, who had lured her away
from her two-bit talent agency before, and who had been
hugely influential in landing her the role as Nelle
Porter on the hit TV show “Ally McBeal”.

“Well actually, we do have a problem. Do you remember the
photographer Rob Akens?” I asked, folding my hands in
front of me.

Portia nodded her head slowly as she sat in the chair in
front of me. She was wearing a light, white floral blouse
that showed her cleavage quite well. She wore a matching
pantsuit with the blouse and had her famous blonde locks
tied behind her head. Her greenish gray eyes sparkled,
but they seemed to be losing some luster as I continued.

“He was famous in the early 90s for taking photos of some
of the most gorgeous women in the world. His career was
going great until he got busted for half a pound of coke
he tried to smuggle into the country a few years ago.
Blah blah, real tragic stuff. Well, he did some time but
his reputation was ruined. Since he got out of prison he
has been trying to re-build his career in the industry,”
I said, although it was apparently for my own benefit, as
Portia seemed to know exactly where I was going with

“And that’s where you come in,” I said with a sigh. “He
contacted us about a week ago and said something to the
effect that he had something of yours he knew you would
desperately want if you wanted to ‘Go further in life’.
That was his phrasing. He wouldn’t tell me what it was.
He said you knew. So would you mind telling me what the
fuck is going on?” I asked her.

A range of emotions was going on behind Portia’s
beautiful face I could tell. At first she seemed
composed, then worried, then upset, then finally her face
settled into a sense of uneasiness.

“Yes, I know Rob. He helped me out when I was a teenager
back in Australia, still modeling. I sort of had a
schoolgirl crush on him back then. We became romantically
involved for about six months, but then he dumped me for
some other model. That’s when I left Australia and came
to the US. And I think I know what it is that he has on
me. They are nude pictures,” Portia said, the obvious
pain in remembering what happened hurting her even as she

“What type of nude photos are we talking about here? Is
it just a topless shot or full frontal or what?” I
replied, as what Rob was doing to us began to take shape.

“No, it’s much worse than that. If I remember right, and
it’s hard because it seems like so long ago, the photos
we took were pretty explicit. I remember one of them
distinctly because he showed them to me. It was me
sucking his cock while I played with myself with a
dildo,” Portia said, her face turning bright red and her
gaze shifting downward so she wasn’t looking me in the

“Oh God…” I muttered to myself, just imagining the
nightmare the press would turn something like that into.
And God help us if those photos got on the Internet. I
knew Fox would drop her, especially after the pressure
they were put under for the incident with Robert Downey
Jr. Still though, this sleazy photographer was trying to
blackmail my firm and clients and I was not happy about
it at all.

“Well look,” I said, snapping out of my thoughts, my
voice rising out of my frustration. “We don’t have to do
anything about this. This is blackmail, and he could go
back to jail for it. I’ll call him right now and tell him
to fuck off,” I said, picking up the phone.

“No Dean! Wait!” Portia said loudly, holding out her hand
in a stop motion. “I know Rob. Let me go and talk to him,
I’m sure I could get him to compromise or something. Or
at least find out what he wants from us,”

Still holding the phone in the air, the earpiece beeped
noisily since it was off the hook. Portia was probably
thinking more rationally than I was (this being the first
time someone tried to blackmail me). Finally I set the
phone in the cradle and spoke.

“Alright. I’ll set up a time to meet with him and let you
know. But you can be sure that I will be coming along,
just to make sure things go all right,” I said.

Portia seemed happy with this. After chitchatting for a
while and trying to lighten the mood, I had to run to a
meeting so Portia left. When I returned that afternoon,
my assistant Julie had already arranged everything,
setting our meeting for a week from Friday. I called
Portia personally and gave her the address and we agreed
to meet there.


As I pulled into the driveway of Akers house, I couldn’t
help but notice how shabby it was. Located in an older
neighborhood of LA, the house had a vintage look to it,
albeit a kept in bad repair motif. Portia’s car was
already there, a beautiful BMW M3.

I walked up the walkway to the door and knocked. Rob
answered the door, and I could see Portia standing
further into the room behind him.

Rob was just the type of guy I figured he would be. He
was about 5’6 and had the current ‘chic’ LA look, with a
short goatee and very small oval shaped glasses. His cold
blue eyes seemed to be picking me apart mentally in that
brief moment when he opened the door. But his face
changed into a wide toothed grin as he welcomed me in.

I could see that he was a little overweight and that his
perfectly groomed black hair was balding some in the
back. He wore a loose fitting navy blue shirt, which was
tucked into a pair of white slacks. His feet were bare
and I could see that he was used to walking around
barefoot, as the bottoms of his feet were quite dirty.

“Hello Dean, thank you for coming,” Rob said. His English
was heavy with an Australian accent. Portia was down the
hall admiring a photograph before turning her attention
towards me and walking my way, her face beaming. The
floor was made out of heavy oak panels, and the walls
were painted a dreary shade of brown to match with the

The hall way was lit however with huge lights that hung
from the ceiling high a few feet above me. As he led me
further into his home, Portia seemed to jump in line
behind him like a puppy. I could sense some of that
schoolgirl fascination returning.

Hustling up behind her, I tapped her on the shoulder.

“Has he budged at all?” I whispered into Portia’s ear.
Her head turned around sharply as she put her finger to
her lips in a “shhh,” motion. Her blonde hair, pulled
back in a long ponytail that stretched down almost to her
gorgeous ass, swung wildly when she turned.

Portia was wearing a pair of sheer, tight black pants and
a green top. Combined with her platinum hair and her
green eyes, she looked like an enchantress. I couldn’t
help but notice as well that I couldn’t make out her
panty line, meaning she was either wearing a thong or
nothing at all. I quickly understood how she would
“bargain” with him.

“Have a seat over here Dean. Can I get you a drink,
mate?” Rob asked. We had come into a studio area of the
house, as it was very sparsely decorated. In the center
of the room was a table that was littered with all sorts
of camera parts and loose film rolls. Standing on a
tripod, facing a blank white wall, was a very expensive
looking camera. To the left of where I sat was a mini bar
area with a lamp above it that looked straight out of an
episode of “Cheers”.

“No, I’m fine. Thank you,” I replied to him. Portia had
walked over and taken a seat next to me, her legs crossed
as she watched. She herself was sipping on a rum & coke I
saw, and I’m sure that it was not her first one of the
day, given the way she was drinking it down.

“That’s very well then. Just thought I’d offer,” Rob said
as he poured himself a vodka. Holding it in his hand as
he paced in front of the bar, sipping it occasionally, he
avoided looking at us as he was thinking to himself.
After a long sip of the drink, he spoke.

“Here’s what I’m gonna do,” he said as he reached behind
the bar and pulled out an envelope, handing it to me. “I
give you the negatives and originals of those photos and
you give me $500,000, and we pretend this never happened.
A bloke’s gotta be able to buy some blow now that he is
here in L.A., no?” Rob said.

Opening the envelope and sliding the photos out onto my
lap, Portia leaned over to look at them as well. What she
had said were in the photos didn’t prepare me at all for
what Rob was showing me now.

The first photo was indeed the one Portia had talked
about. In full, vibrant color, Portia was easily
recognizable as she sucked happily on a medium sized cock
(which had to be Rob’s). She had his balls cupped in her
left hand and appeared to be squeezing them. She was
looking directly into the camera, and I saw that a small
trickle of cum was dripping down her cheek.

With her other hand she held a massive 12-inch dildo
halfway in her cunt. You could see the outline of her
pussy lips as they stretched around this metallic silver
beast. Her pubic hair was sparse in the photo, but just
as blond as the hair on her head. The next photo was even
more shocking.

In it, Portia laid spread eagle and totally stretched out
on a velvet bedspread. Beside her lay a pair of skimpy
black panties, and all that she was wearing were a pair
of matching black stockings. All over her chest however,
covering her ruby red nipples, all the way from her lips
to just above her pussy, were long thick streaks of cum.
It had to be no less than a gallon of cum covering her
body all over. Like the other photo, it was quite clearly
Portia, although she appeared to be much younger.

The final photo in the envelope was also disturbing. It
was a rear shot of Portia, her head turned to face the
camera. Buried inside of her pussy underneath her was a
huge black cock. In her ass and straddling her back was
another black man’s cock, this one only half way inside
of her. In between her beautiful lips and on her pristine
face was yet another cock, this was apparently just
spewed it’s hot greasy cum all over her face, as the cum
was dripping down her chin. All three men’s faces were
not visible but like the other two photos before it,
there was no mistaking that was Portia.

I slid the photos back into the envelope, and tried to
remain calm and think. It was impossible for me not to be
turned on by those photos, especially with the subject of
the photo’s face just inches from mine. Like my own
breath, Portia’s had become more rapid and excited just
by looking at the photos. I could tell that even if she
regretted her past sins, something like this was still
too much not to turn her on and get her pussy juices
flowing. As I felt my erection ebb inside my pants, I
cleared my thoughts and started thinking like a
businessman again.

“No. Absolutely no way will we pay you anything. That’s
blackmail buddy, and in case you forgot, it’s illegal in
this country,” I said, in a cold voice. Portia was now
resting her hand on my inner arm and leaning very close
to me. I could smell her fragrant perfume mixing with the
sexual excitement she had just experienced.

This was obviously not the answer Rob wanted. I guess he
thought we would come in here, cut him a check and that
would be it. But because I was hard nosing him, his
master plan was not going how he wanted. His warm and
friendly motif shifted into one of anger and I saw his
face darken.

“Blackmail my bloody ass! This is a shrewd business deal
between a photographer and a model. Now if you don’t want
to buy these, I can think of a few magazines and tabloids
that might,” Rob said, narrowing his eyes as he stared
straight at me.

“Fine. Go ahead and sell them. We will call them fakes
and deny it,” I said. I was more than willing to play
hardball with this junkie burnout. “And given your past
reputation here in L.A., I don’t think anyone would
believe you any ways. You can do wonders with a computer
now,” I replied, my tone now icy cold as I spoke.

Rob knew that his back was against the wall and that he
was running out of bargaining room. Still, I really
didn’t know if those were all the pictures that he had
taken, let alone the only copies.

His posture shifted and he stood up more straightly as he
stood up and crossed his arms. He spoke again.

“If you won’t give me my money, let me get something from
Portia. A quickie as you American’s say,” he said.

I actually laughed. I couldn’t believe the audacity of
this man to turn me into no more than a common pimp with
one of my clients.

“There is no way on God’s green earth that you will be
sleeping with Portia. Not while she is my client,” I
said. Portia had been watching my reaction intently and I
sensed relief in her hand when she loosened her grip upon
my arm.

“You are a sticky son of a bitch aren’t you Simonds?” Rob
said. I could tell that he was now very frustrated at my
lack of compromise. But at this point I had him on the
ropes and I wasn’t going to back down before we got the
photos and left without paying a thing.

“At least let me get a little blowjob from her then,” Rob
said. He was almost pleading now, and I noticed that he
had a sizeable lump in his crotch. If he couldn’t get the
money, they would go for the next best thing: sex. Then
again, what man in his situation wouldn’t?

I was about to speak and tear him a new ass hole with my
response, but Portia stunned us both by speaking up for
the first time since my arrival.

“All right, I’ll blow you till you come. I’ll even let
you come on my tits if you want. But Rob, those HAVE to
be the only copies of those photos,” Portia said. I could
see that her acting ability came naturally as I couldn’t
help how exactly much like Nelle she was acting in her
forcefulness and bargaining.

Rob jumped at this offer and was quick to respond “Then
it’s a deal. I promise these are the only photos in
existence,” He smiled lewdly at me, and I could tell he
was enjoying that he had achieved some sort of victory.

I was still dumbfounded by her offering but it was her
choice. I wanted to make sure it was all right with her,
so I took her aside for a moment.

“Portia, you don’t have to do this. We can just walk out
on this sleaze ball and if he tries anything just call
the cops,” I said, almost pleading with her. I was still
conflicted about it in a way, and the erection in my
pants of knowing what I was about to be watching didn’t
help matters.

“Dean, I’ll be fine. This way everyone will be happy.
Besides, I haven’t tasted a good dick in a while, so it’s
not like I’m getting shafted on this deal, so to speak,”
Portia replied, smiling at me that same smile that had
won over the hearts of many a male “Ally McBeal” viewer.

“All right. But if you do something you don’t want to,
just let me know,” I whispered to her. Turning my
attention to Rob, my tone shifted back to a business like

“You have a deal Mr. Akers. But no funny stuff. And if
you are lying about the photos, so help me God I will
prosecute you to the fullest extent,” I said, my voice
gruff and harsh.

“Yea, yea, sure whatever,” Rob said. He was very excited
and reached down and started unbuckling his belt. He
paused for a moment though. “If you’ll excuse us
mate…we can get this ball rolling,”

“Oh no. I’m not leaving this couch until I have those
pictures in hand and our work here is done,” I replied.
“That is, unless Portia wants me to leave,”

“No Dean, you can stay. Just to make sure everything goes
okay,” Portia replied. She was standing up now, and began
to unbutton the two buttons at the top of her shirt.

“Suit yourself,” said Rob apathetically. Going back to
work on his pants, he had them and his boxer shorts down
around his ankles in no time. His cock was sticking
straight out in front of him and was already very erect.
He had nothing on my 9-inch penis, but his was fairly

Portia removed her shirt and unclasped her bra, letting
both fall to the floor. Her breasts looked even better in
real life. The skin on her chest was pale and white and
her nipples were the same maroon color as in the photos.
She was probably a B cup and her breasts seemed to jut
out from her chest like small mounds. They looked very
proportional to her tall and lithe body.

She walked over until she was just inches from Rob and
then got down onto her knees. Taking his hard cock into
her hand, she slowly began to stroke it up and down.
Using her other hand to fondle his balls, she moved her
head to the side of it and gave the side of his shaft a
long, deliberate lick. Rob threw his head back in
pleasure as Portia set to work.

In a vain attempt to hide my erection, I scooted to the
edge of the couch and sat with my legs spread, hoping my
erection wasn’t too obvious (not like either of them were
looking at me while this was going on).

Portia’s busy mouth was now sucking up and down on Rob’s
cock, teasing the underside of it with her tongue. She
had let her long blond hair down from the ponytail it had
been in, and now it hung behind the nape of her neck and
onto her shoulders. The natural curls of it, swaying back
and forth as she bobbed up and down on him were almost

Portia’s pace had picked up, but her technique was now
shifting, as she was deep-throating him all the way and
then pulling his cock out of her mouth until the very
edge of it was touching her gorgeous lips. Both of them
seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely, and I saw
that Portia’s hand was inside of her pants as she played
with herself. A small spot of moisture had begun to
develop on them.

Subconsciously, I began stroking myself through my own
pants, keeping pace with Portia as I rubbed my palm up
and down myself. As Portia’s tongue maneuvering on Rob’s
ample sized cock shifted and changed, I felt myself
getting hornier by the second. Finally, I couldn’t stand
it any longer and unzipped my pants, letting them fall
gently down to my knees as I began to masturbate in time
with the action going on three feet in front of me.
Portia and Rob were in their own little world as I did
this, and this was just the way I wanted it.

Rob had now taken Portia by her beautiful hair and was
moving her lips up and down his shaft at a furious pace
as he fucked her mouth for all it was worth. Portia was
more than happy to oblige and when Rob began to do this,
she began to finger herself faster and faster.

After around ten minutes of giving what had to be some of
the most skillful head I had ever seen, Rob’s back arched
and he panted, “I’m cumming babe! I’m cumming!”

Portia pulled his dick out of her hot mouth long enough
to ask, “Where do you want to cum?”

“On…your…face…” was all that Rob could manage to
get out through labored breaths. Portia compiled, giving
his shaft a couple more good sucks (her cheeks quivered
as she did this, something that almost made me shoot my
load right then and there) before taking it in both of
her hands and furiously jacking him off just inches away
from her face and open and ready mouth.

With a loud groan that resonated through the whole house,
Rob thrust his hips forward once more and let loose a
cannon shot of cum all over Portia’s face. The first
strand hit right on her tongue, a little portion of it
dribbling down her chin. Moving his dick around her face
as he came, Rob began spraying all over her cheeks and
nose, landing at least two dollops in her golden blond
hair. Aiming down at her chest, Rob shot one more wad of
his load, landing it expertly on her right tit so that it
covered her nipple.

Seconds later, I felt my own orgasm impending and just
let myself go, erupting cum all over my hand and dick,
some of it landing on the wood floor below me. The two of
them rested for a moment, Rob smearing his cockhead all
over Portia’s cheeks as more cum dribbled onto her chest.
As Rob pulled up his pants finally, both of them noticed
me sitting on the couch, my dick still in my hand.

“Did we put on a good show Dean?” Portia asked, as she
began to scoot towards me on her knees. The cum was all
over her upper half now and I could see the small wet
spot in her pants had grown much larger.

“I uhh…yea. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself,” was my meek
reply. Rob was grinning wildly at me before walking over
to fix himself another drink.

“Well, it looks like you made a mess. Let me clean it up
for you,” Portia said. She now kneeled before me and
lowered her mouth on to my semi erect cock. Her lips felt
like heaven as she slowly sucked the excess cum from my

When all of it had entered her mouth, the overwhelming
warmth of it had brought my dick back to full hardness.
Licking my balls and the inner part of my thighs, Portia
went after every drop of cum she could find. Not
satisfied finally when she had clicked it clean, she
began giving an encore performance on me, running her
tongue up and down and basically all over my cock.

Rob in the meantime had positioned himself behind her and
had dropped his pants once again. Reaching down to pull
down Portia’s sheer black pants, I made a weak effort to
stop him.

“I thought you said you just wanted a blowjob?” I said.

“I want all I can have. You don’t mind do you Portia?”
Rob said as he slid her pants down to her feet. She
lifted her legs and kicked them off, mumbling some sort
of reply to him that could only have been “No.”

Pulling her black thong panties aside, Rob lowered his
cock down to her sopping wet opening. Rubbing it along
the outside of her cunt and all over her ass, he finally
began to sink himself into her. Portia groaned in
pleasure on my cock as he did this, and it only helped to
make her sucking harder and more pleasurable.

After bottoming out inside of her tight pussy, Rob began
to get a tempo going and was slamming into her in no
time. Her body rocked back and forth as he did this, his
tactile cock sliding in and out of her with every thrust.
Her naked body was a beautiful site to behold. I saw that
her pussy hair was gone now and her cunt was bare and
shaven, her pussy lips wrapping around Rob’s cock while
he fucked her.

Of the three of us, Portia was enjoying herself the most.
Deep throating me and moving her mouth up and down my
cock like the slut that she had become, she had moved one
hand down to her pussy. She held her hole open with two
fingers while the other two were busy teasing and
prodding her clit as she frigged herself to an orgasm.

Rob’s stamina must have been low, because a minute later
he pulled out of her and began jacking off quickly before
erupting a geyser of cum that landed on her ass cheeks
and back. The hot white cum dribbled down the inside of
her leg and onto her fingers, which she was more than
happy to mingle with her own juices and thrust back into
her cunt.

Stepping away from her, Rob was going to pull up his
pants but Portia was too quick. Sensing what was going on
behind her, she quickly pulled her mouth from my cock and
did a 180, thrusting her beautiful pussy right up next to
my cock. Shaking her ass erotically against it, I used my
hand to guide the head into the inside of her twat.

Portia shifted positions again and stood back up, only to
lower herself down forcefully onto my shaft. This
surprised me and knocked the wind out of me a little, but
it was a pleasant surprise as my entire dick was now
buried deep within her. I could feel the moisture and
sheer heat from her hot box all around my cock as she
flexed her pussy muscles, sending a ripple down my cock
and my spine. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, Rob
quickly shoved his dick into her mouth and began to fuck
her face again. Portia loved this and began to suck
furiously on him.

After being teased from the killer blowjob I had
received, I was about to cum again almost the moment that
I was deep within her. Grabbing onto her hips, I moved
her ass up and down on my rod as my balls pounded
furiously with her cleanly shaven snatch. I was unsure if
I should pull out of her or just shoot my cum inside of
her, but Portia wasn’t giving me an answer either way.
She wasn’t the rich and famous actress now – she was a
common whore who was getting dick from both ends and
loving every second of it. Her blond hair was matted with
sweat now as it swayed back and forth on the base of her
head, the longest portions reaching down and tickling my

I couldn’t hold out any longer and moved to pull out of
her, but Portia ground her hips deep into my thighs and
wouldn’t let my cock leave her tight pussy. I finally
just gave in and with two sharp thrusts into her, I lined
the inner walls of her cunt with my cum. I felt the
sticky drippings of her snatch and my own cum seep out of
her and smear themselves all over my thighs. Portia must
have orgasmed at some point during all this, because when
I finally pulled out, her wet pussy lips were dripping
with her own juices.

When I was out of her cunt, Portia and Rob moved onto the
floor, where Portia laid on her back. Taking his cock
from her lips, he moved it between her beautiful breasts
and started to tit fuck her at an excited pace. Portia’s
head was moving up and down on the floor as he did this,
and her breathing was very tense and coming in short
gasps. Unable to stand the feel of the soft globes of her
flesh any longer, Rob shot his third load of the
afternoon all over her breasts and her neck. Portia
raised her head just enough to take the tip of his dick
in her mouth and suck the last trail of cum from it.

I moved onto the floor next to Portia, and Rob and I
proceeded to take our sticky cum onto our fingers and
feed it to Portia as she licked them clean.


A few hours (and showers) later, Portia and I said our
good byes, photos in hand.

As I walked her to her car, I asked her about Rob’s

“Do you really think that those are the only copies of
the photos?” I asked.

“Of course not. Since day one of his photographer career,
Rob has always kept at least two copies of every photo he
took. I’m just glad we got these. After the fuck session
we had today though, I doubt he will try to do anything
with them,” Portia said. Her blond hair blew in the
gentle breeze as she said this, and the image I had
conjured up of her as a goddess returned.

Getting into her car, Portia handed me the photos in the

“Here, you can keep these. Call it a memento for those
lonely night out in that big mansion of yours,” Portia
said with a wink before starting the car and heading back
towards the free way. Stashing the photos into my
briefcase, I got into my car and drove home, making sure
when I got there to stash them in a secret place.