Giving it Up – Britt Robertson

James Anderson has worked in Hollywood for over 25 years. He was born into it. His parents were studio executives and he was groomed to be one from a young age. Now in his late 40s he is one Hollywood’s most powerful behind the scenes forces. His whole life he has also had one unshakable desire. He loves having sex with virgins. They are his to sculpt. His to bring into a whole new world of sexual desire and show business.

In his life he has had the pleasure of taking over 50 young aspiring actresses’ virginities. Some are world famous mega stars now. Some are lucky to even get a spot in a used car lot commercial now. Up until today he has always considered his crowning achievements to be Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence. He rarely made or kept sex tapes. But both of those nights are forever enshrined in his collection to be seen by no one but him. He had kept sleeping with them for a bit. But like everyone else before when he found they had started sleeping with other people as well he lost his interest in them.

But as odd as it may sound today would be his new proudest moment. Britt Robertson. To most it would sound weird to be more proud of sleeping with at best a B list actress. But Britt had kept her virginity intact to the age of 30. It was actually her 30th birthday today. She had rebuffed every advance in the past saying she was waiting until marriage. Including long term boyfriends. So what did he offer her? A 5 picture deal working with Oscar winning directors and alongside Oscar winning actors. So now he sits in his penthouse waiting for her to arrive

Britt walks the crowded LA streets seeing the apartment building she needs to be going to looming in the distance. In the past Britt had lost men she loved because of her refusal to have sex before marriage. The last one had hurt the most. They couldn’t understand why she could have a sex scene in a movie or be naked in one, but then go around and refuse them any of those things. Her films are her art. What she does in them is just that. Art. And if guys couldn’t tell the difference she didn’t need them.

But today is different. She realized a bit ago that she is married. She is married to her art and the craft. And that is what today is about. If he had called offering her a Marvel film she would have turned it down. Tommorland was probably the least rewarding work of her career. But a chance to work on 5 films under the most prestigious directors. Alongside the best actors and actresses. That was art. A chance to perfect her craft. She was going to have sex for art. For her one true love in life. Reaching the apartment complex she walks in and over to the doorman.

“Hello my name is Britt Robertson. I believe Mr. Anderson is expecting me.” She isn’t as nervous as she thought she would be. He is kind of known for recording at times. Maybe this could end up being art as well.

The doorman smiles. “Ah yes I see your name on the list. I will take you up to his place.”

Britt follows the doorman. It is a quiet walk and nothing is said. Once they reach the penthouse apartment Britt knocks on the door. She waits as the doorman leaves, allowing Britt a moment alone with her thoughts. Knowing today, on her 30th birthday, she will finally lose her virginity.

James answers the door and smiles. “Please come in Britt.” He steps aside letting her into his apartment.

“Thank you for inviting me here today.” She smiles a bit sheepishly. Unsure what to say. Feeling out of place at the moment.

“Trust me the pleasure will be all mine. I have something for you to wear in the bathroom. While you change I will set everything up.” Sometimes for him he prefers to seduce the woman and make it feel less transactional. But not with Britt, he loves the idea that after waiting so long she is basically selling her virginity.

Britt nods knowing the deal. She follows him to the bathroom. He leaves her to change to finish setting up his recording equipment. Inside Britt sees black lace bra and panties. Nothing degrading. Almost classy. She quickly changes into them and looks at herself in the mirror. She takes a deep breath and steps outside into the bedroom. James is waiting on her wearing nothing but his boxers.

“Come join me on the bed Britt. Then look at the camera and say your name, age and how far you have gone with a guy before.” He has no intention was making a normal sex tape like the past. He wants this one to feel like porn.

She goes and sits next to him on the bed. The camera is weirdly calming to her. “My name is Britt Robertson. Today I am 30 years old. I am virgin in almost every sense of the word. I have given one hand job before and that is it. The only time I have been naked in front of a guy before was on set in movies. Never in private.”

This is news to James as he feels himself getting even more excited. He figured she had least given head before to keep her boyfriends happy. But just one got a singular hand job before. He looks over her body, “Alright Britt let’s start by having you undress for me.”

Britt nods, taking off her bra first. Letting it slide down her body then tossing it to the ground. Next she slowly slides off her panties. As she does she looks at James than at the camera. She sits naked next to him, her heart is starting to race as she can feel his eyes all over her body.

He looks over her body and smiles to himself. “Get on your knees between my legs. Take off my boxers and let’s start with your first blowjob.” He tells her. His voice is calm and reassuring.

Britt does as he tells her. Sliding off the bed and moving between his legs. Her hands move to his boxers tugging at them to slide them off. She takes a deep breath before moving her lips to his cock. Unsure what to do she starts at the base and kisses up it. The only thing she really knows is to be careful with her teeth. Once she reaches the top she starts to slowly take him into her mouth. She starts to slowly bob her head up and down just a bit, using her tongue some on his tip. James lets a soft groan of pleasure.

First blowjobs are always awkward. But for a first timer he thinks she is doing a pretty decent job. Anyone with money can buy a mind numbingly good blowjob in Vegas. But this experience, a timid blowjob from Hollywood’s biggest prude. That takes real power. You need to have huge pull. Yes this is much better in his. Britt bobbing up and down on the first cock of her life. Unsure when to use her tongue. It all turned him on even more.

For her part she was learning. She could hear the groans of pleasure when her tongue flicker along and under his tip so she does that more. She could feel him tense as she took him a bit deeper. She is afraid to take it too deep though. What if she gags? So she just keeps up a steady pace. Doing the best she can.

“Britt, stand up.” James says finally ready to take her. “Then lay on the bed.”

Britt stands up as she is told, taking a deep breath before laying down. She spreads her legs, looking over at him than to the camera. James moves next to her, his hand running up her thigh. Then moves to her clit. He starts to slowly rub it. Britt immediately starts to get wet and pleasure courses through her. In her whole life she has barely even touched herself. And never as skilled as this. His fingers were moving in circles over her clit. He was changing the speed and pressure to keep her off guard.

“OH GOD FUCK ME!” She hears herself yell out. Wanting him badly. Is this the pleasure she has denied herself from for so long? Why, because she was told to? She now wasn’t just having sex for a deal. She wants him. She wants that cock inside of her. “Fuck me now please!”

James moves his hand from her clit and smiles. “As you wish.” He grins moving between her legs.

If Britt wants to be fucked he can do that. He lines up teasing her pussy for a moment before sliding in quickly. Taking her all in one stroke. He has found over the years it is best to treat it like a bandaid. One stroke. He starts to pull back before slamming back into her. Britt lets out a scream when he takes her so hard. But quickly they start to turn into moans on pleasure.

She doesn’t know what to think anymore. Even how to think. Her body is just reacting. The scream from the pain. The moans of pleasure. Her hands clawing at his back. Her hips moving like they have a mind of her own. She has never felt anything like this. So powerless yet so powerful all at once. “Harder fuck me harder!” She isn’t even sure why she yelled it. But she is addicted now and wants it all.

He starts to take her harder with deep and powerful thrusts. He never imagined unleashing 30 years of pent of sexual tension would lead to her acting so slutty right away. He starts fucking her as hard as he can. He feels her start to shake. He knows she is close. Grinding in whenever he is fully buried in her.

Britt lets out the biggest wail of pleasure he had ever heard any girl let out. Wave after wave of pleasure course through her body as she starts to orgasm. Before one can end another one starts. It is like a chain reaction has been set off inside her. Britt’s mind totally turns off. She can’t think, just feel and react.

After what is certainly the most powerful orgasm he has ever seen he pulls out of her. Her body is still trembling with pleasure. Covered in sweat and glistening. He turns her over and smiles. “Still one more virginity to lose. Isn’t there Britt.”

She hears him say that and smiles. Today she has already discovered how much she loves sex. And that giving head is kind of fun. So fuck it. He wants her ass so he can have it. “Yes there is. Don’t you dare hold back just because I haven’t that before either. ”

He doesn’t need to be told twice that is for damn sure. He grabs some lube and puts some one his cock than on her asshole. He leans over her and presses his cock to her tight asshole. He starts to force his way in. Normally he like to take a girls anal cherry nice and gentle. But she has made it very clear that isn’t what she wants. Once his head is in he slams deep into her. Starting to fuck her hard.

Britt can’t believe the pain. She can’t even make a sound. She knows she should hate this. But she loves it. Slowly the pain fades. She feels his hand returning to her clit. Again her mind goes blank with the mix of pain pleasure. All of it too much for her to handle. Her body starts shaking again. She is totally unable to cope or hold back.

He doesn’t know how it is possible but as he fucks her ass for all he is worth she is orgasming even harder. He cock is slamming in and out of her. Her ass is so tight. It is like a vice. So tight he can’t go as hard as he would like. Frustrated and on the verge of cumming he pulls out and slams back in her pussy. It is still air tight. But at least he can go full speed. Getting the most satisfaction he can before cumming deep inside her.

Britt’s orgasm is long and powerful after it passes, she almost immediately passes out. She wakes up 3 hours later and finds herself in the bra and panties. The equipment is still up. James by her side. “Hey you.” She says with a smile.

James looks down at her. “Happy birthday. So I have one more present for you.”

“Oh yeah what is that?” She smiles sitting up. Still sore but recovering.

“Well in about 20 minutes 10 or so of the top executives from all major studios will be here. We are talking about Disney, Sony, Universal all of them. So your choice. You can either put back on your dress and we walk out there and have a wonderful meet and greet. Or you stay here dressed like that. And as they arrive I send them in.” He tells her wondering what she will pick.

Normally he hates when girls become slutty. But she has been so repressed for so long. Something about the idea of her going from ultimate prude to a cock hungry whore in just a few hours turns him on. Plus now that she knows what she was missing she deserves to be able to make for lost time.

A huge smile creeps on her face. As she picks up her dress and tosses in his wastebasket. “I won’t be needing that anytime soon. I came here today thinking my only love was my art. But I may have found a second one. Let me get cleaned up. Send them in when they arrive.”

James leaves the room waiting on guests to arrive. The first two arrive at the same time. They are from Sony. You want the big roles they are two to impress. He points them to the bedroom where Britt is waiting. She long since lost the bra and panties.

“Come and get it. I think it is about time all of you got what you deserve.” She smiles as she gets on all fours on the bed.

The two men waste no time getting undressed. One moves the front of her the other behind. She takes the first into her mouth. But unlike James he grabs her head and starts to fuck her face making her gag. At the same time the man behind her slams into her waiting pussy.

Britt is on cloud nine. The two men being so rough with her. She relaxes her throat allowing her a bit of breath and lessening the gagging as she moans around his cock. He is fucking her hard from behind. Just what she wanted. No more waiting. She going to fuck anyone she wants from this moment forward. Or maybe just anyone who wants her. Out of the corner of her eye she seems a few more men undressing.

One cock pulls out of her only to be replaced by another. The men help hold her up so her hands can be used to give hand jobs to the waiting men. She pulls her lips off the first cock seeing another waiting. She feels like a kid in a candy store. Just as she is about to start sucking the next sock she is lifted up.

“Move over here.” She hears one of the men say as they move her body where they want it.

Suddenly she dropped on the cock of a man laying down. As she starts to ride him she feels another man slam his cock into her ass. Just as her mouth opens someone shoves their cock into it. Two more grab her hands so she can stroke their cock. Just a few short hours ago she was a virgin. Now she has a cock in all three holes and one in each hand. Suddenly she feels her mouth fill with cum. She starts to swallow it all. She feels a cock in hand being guided to her face and cum splatter all over her face and hair.

The night continues that way. By the end she is unsure how many men she has fucked. Her womb, stomach and ass are full of cum. Her body is covered in it. James walks into the room seeing the exhausted starlette. “Did you have a good birthday?” he asks her with a smile.

“The best. But how many men did I have sex with and is all on video?” She says sitting up as much she can with what little strength she has left.

“Counting me earlier 14. And yes it is. Do you want to watch it later?” He asks her, grabbing a damp cloth to help her clean her up.

“Yeah maybe tomorrow we can watch it and I can thank you one final time. I have heard you don’t like sleeping with girls who have been with other men. But just one time tomorrow maybe you can make an exception? I won’t tell.” She smiles as he gently cleans all the cum off her body and hair.

“Okay but just this once. And only because you have the most powerful orgasms I have ever seen and that is sexy as hell.” He gives her a grin as he lays next to her. Glad he got to be the one who turned her into this slut.

“Deal.” She smiles before drifting off to sleep dreaming of all the cocks that await her in the future.