Pamela Anderson’s Videotape

The last year had truly been rough for Pamela
Anderson. Tommy’s arrest, the separation, the
beginning of the divorce, and the fact that she
more or less had to raise two children on her own,
had been tough obstacles for her to overcome. But
now she felt as though she finally had her feet
back on the ground. She had a new television
show and it was exhausting to do it, but she was
happy she had the chance.

For the first time in her life she was the one
truly in charge of her own destiny and that was a
great feeling. If the past year had taught her
anything, it was that for too long she had let her
choices be influenced by agents, managers,
boyfriends, and husbands. Now it was time for
Pamela Anderson to make the decisions for Pamela

Filming had been especially tough that day on her
show, but Pam reasoned that if she hadn’t wanted to
film hard scenes then she shouldn’t have chosen to
do an action show. Plus she was the executive
producer so if it ever got too hard she could
always change things.

As she walked into her trailer she found that day’s
mail waiting for her. She flipped through the usual
stuff until she found a package. It was too small
to hold a script so she was very curious as to the
contents of it. Pam quickly ripped open the top of
the package and a video tape fell out. The tape
wasn’t labeled and the only other contents of the
package was a note that read “PLAY ME.”

Pam looked over the package wrapping and
immediately noticed that not only was there no
return address on it, but there was no postmark
either. Someone must have hand delivered this tape
to her. By now Pam’s curiously was killing her, so
she walked over to her VCR and slipped the tape in.

At first there was nothing, just black screen, but
soon enough something started to happen. Pam
wordlessly watched as the camera focused on a nude
red head laying on a bed, a blissful smile covering
her face. The source of that smile became apparent
soon enough as a nude man walked into the camera
frame. He looked to be in his late 20’s-early 30’s
and he had long brown hair tied back in a pony
tail. Pam observed that he had a great body and,
judging by his big stiff cock, he was willing and
eager to fuck the red head before the camera.

Pam continued to stare as, without any foreplay or
words, the man lay on top of the woman and began
thrusting into her. The red head began moaning
with desire as his cock penetrated her pussy and
she looked as though she was enjoying it as much,
if not more, than the man. The couple continued
their passionate, wordless fuck and Pam kept
watching. The couple’s moans were rapidly turning
to screams and they were obviously both close to

Suddenly Pam snapped herself out of it and, with
disgust, slammed the tape off. What kind of sick
joke was this? People had been playing jokes on
her like this ever since that tape she and Tommy
made had hit the Internet, and they weren’t getting
any less funny with time. People had been sending
her all kinds of sick porn in the mail and Pam
couldn’t believe that she had even watched one
second of this.

Pam certainly had no objections to sex, her
numerous Playboy layouts could attest to that, but
she felt there was a line that was crossed by doing
something like this. If this couple wanted to tape
their encounters then more power to them, but why
did they have to send them to her.

Pam ejected the videotape from the VCR, and she
was about to throw it in the trash when she sud-
denly stopped. Without quite knowing why, Pam
slipped the tape into her bag and left to go home
for the day.

Later that night she was having trouble sleeping
and that was unusual, even in the toughest of times
she was able to sleep like a baby. But this night
she just couldn’t get comfortable. Pam had a deep,
burning need for something, but she couldn’t quite
put her finger on what it was. The actress
continued to toss and turn as the minutes began to
feel like hours she still lay wide awake. Her
entire body ached with need and her brain kept
buzzing, but Pam had no idea how to satisfy these

Suddenly an idea popped into her head and she got
out of bed and went straight to her bag. She
opened it and found the videotape she had received
earlier that day. Ignoring her distaste of the
“gift,” Pam slipped it into the VCR by her bed and
watched as the couple continued their fucking. Pam
rewound the tape and started it from the beginning,
she felt herself starting to get wet as she again
watched the mystery man enter the frame.

Pam watched the tape from beginning to end, in
which the couple fucked a various amount of ways,
and when it was over she rewound it and watched it
again. This time, as she watched the action, she
slipped her hand into her panties and began to
finger herself. Her other hand drifted up her
large t-shirt and she fondled her breasts. As the
couple fucked toward their first of many orgasms on
the tape, Pam increased the speed of her fingering
and with a sharp gasp she came right along with the
couple on the tape. Her needs satisfied, Pam then
shut off the tape and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Pam woke up to find her panties
dangling off her leg and the tape in the VCR, she
was shocked as she remembered what she had done.

Vowing to throw the tape out as soon as she had the
chance, Pam stripped off her T-shirt and headed to
the shower.

But as she soaped herself up, she couldn’t help but
think back to what had been on the tape. Her mind
drifted to thoughts and fantasies about the mystery
man fucking her with his hard cock instead of that
bimbo red head. Pam’s hand found its way between
her legs again and she was quickly finger fucking
herself again. But even though she knew she
desperately wanted to, she could not make herself
come. Then she realized what she was missing and,
without even bothering to shut off the water, she
bolted from the shower and turned on her VCR.

Pam’s fingers returned to her dripping pussy, and
as soon as she saw the man begin to thrust into the
red head, she came with a rush. However this time
that was not enough and, after pausing to catch her
breath, Pam rewound the tape and began her finger
play anew.


Soon the tape became Pam’s favorite thing in the
world and she watched it whenever possible, always
bringing herself to orgasm when she saw the man
fucking that red head. Pam knew that she was more
attractive than that skanky piece of trash, why
couldn’t she get a guy like him to come and give
her the fucking she now knew she needed more than

By then Pam had realized that she would not be able
to sleep at night unless she watched the tape at
least once. But one night, even though she watched
the entire tape several times, Pam could not get
herself to come. Every cell in her body screamed
out in frustration, but she just could not get
herself off. She somehow knew that the tape was no
longer enough, she needed more.

Almost as soon as she came to this realization, she
heard a knocking on the back door of her house, the
one that faced the beach. Not bothering to put on
a robe, a nude Pam quickly left her room and threw
open the door. There standing before her was the
man she had lusted after. He was dressed in shorts
and a T-shirt, his long brown hair was still tied
in the ponytail and he carried a case with him.

Without any further thought, Pam reached out to the
man and kissed him passionately.

“Do you know who I am?” the man asked, breaking the

“My master,” Pam lustfully sighed.

“That’s right,” the man replied, “And what do you
want to do to your master?”

“I want to fuck you,” Pam answered as she took his
hand and led him to her bedroom.

“Lay on the bed, Pamela,” the man ordered and the
compliant actress did so. The man’s name was, in
reality, Adam and this was not his first time doing
this. He was a genius with electronics and had long
ago learned about the ways to subliminally
influence people with hidden messages. Soon he had
perfected a method to hide these subliminal
messages in videotapes and brainwash people to do
whatever he wanted. Naturally that led to some new
and interesting ideas on how to use this method.

So, for the past few months he’d been hypnotizing
women and videotaping their encounters to use on
the next object of his desire. But after a while,
he grew tired of this and wanted a bigger conquest.

Pam had always been a fantasy object of his back
when she was just a girl doing Canadian beer
commercials, so he’d decided to make her his first
celebrity conquest.

Adam busied himself setting up the video camera he
had brought along as Pam lay nude on the bed, a
blissful smile covering her face. When it was
ready to go, Adam pressed the record button and
quickly stripped out of his clothes. His cock had
turned rock hard the minute he saw Pam in her
trance and he was relieved to be free of the
burdens that were his clothes.

He lay on the bed beside the entranced Pamela and
he began running his hands over her huge breasts.
Who cared if they were real or not? They were his
to play with, and that was all that mattered to
Adam. He took her right nipple into his mouth
and began to kiss and lick it. In the meantime he
moved his hand down to Pam’s pussy and felt the
wetness there, she was ready to fuck.

Adam then pushed Pam’s legs apart and entered her
with a quick thrust, eliciting a moan of desire
from the actress. She met Adam’s thrusts with
equal vigor, loving the feel of his cock inside her
pussy. They were quickly fucking with a hard
wordless, passion their moans the only form of
communication necessary. Adam continued to lick
and fondle Pam’s amazing breasts, his most frequent
jerk off fantasy coming true with incredible

By the sound of her moans, Adam could sense that
Pam was close to coming, the tape having keyed her
up perfectly. Pam’s breathing became ragged and
she began to cry out in pleasure. Suddenly the
actress came hard, her juices flowing onto Adam’s
lower body. This sent her master over the edge as
well and his cock exploded inside of her with a hot

They fucked several more times that night, in a
variety of positions and places, and it was all
saved for the ages thanks to the magic of
videotape. By the time Adam left it was almost
dawn but he didn’t care. For the rest of the day
he was on cloud nine and by the time he returned
home he was already thinking about his next target.

He’d always wanted a piece of Yasmine Bleeth. In
fact it was even kind of appropriate to go after
her after Pam, it kept up the Baywatch motif. This
was going to be so much fun, Adam thought to
himself as he entered his apartment. He could go
after a new celebrity every week and they’d only
remember each encounter as a dream, it was perfect.

Adam’s eyes drifted to his VCR and he was surprised
to see that not only was the power on, but that
he’d left a tape in. He hadn’t remembered doing
that, and he wondered which one he had left in
there. Secretly hoping that it was the encounter
with the French stewardess, Adam put his stuff down
and pressed play.

When the picture finally came on screen, Adam
quickly realized that this was not that tape of him
and the stewardess, but the infamous Pamela-Tommy
Lee tape.

“What the hell?” Adam thought out loud, what was
all this about. He reached down to the remote to
press the stop button, but when he tried to do it
he found that he couldn’t. All he could do was
watch the tape. Every other concern or worry
slipped away, only the tape mattered. He had to
keep watching the tape.

Adam watched the tape all the way through and then
he watched it again as he wordlessly stared at the
screen. As the tape ended a second time and Adam
began to rewind it to watch once again, Pamela
Anderson stepped out of the shadows.

Adam had been stupid not to wipe her memory clean,
Pam thought to herself as she looked at the
entranced man before her. Pam had some experience
with mind control and as soon as she recalled her
“dream” from last night, she knew that was what had
happened to her. Tracking down Adam had been
surprisingly easy and she had some friends of her
doctor up a special copy of her tape with Tommy
with more powerful subliminal commands than Adam
had ever dreamed about using.

Pam was very amused as she watched her former
master begin to watch the tape again. She dropped
her coat on the floor and, naturally, she was nude
underneath. Watching the tape of her and Tommy had
reminded her that her soon to be ex-husband had
been good for something, or at least his cock had
been good for something. Pam felt herself get
horny and with an entranced Adam right before her,
she had a pretty good idea about how to satisfy
those feelings. She wasn’t quite sure what she was
going to do with him yet, but she knew it was going
to be fun.

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