Anna Paquin’s Surprise

Anna Paquin had the weirdest dream… What was even
weirder was that should couldn’t remember it… Still
half asleep Anna sat up in bed and stretched, her
covers falling down to her waist. She had worn a pair
of pink thong panties [which did nothing to hide her
hairy pussy, but she didn’t care] and a red halter top
to bed.

What woke Anna up fully was what she saw when she
looked down [she couldn’t help noticing how snug and
stretched out her halter top now felt…]; gone were
here 34Bs she never thought much about because they
were just so… well, average.

Now Anna was staring into the cleavage of a pair of
HUMONGOUS TITS. Anna leaped out of bed and went to her
full length mirror. She tore off her halter top
causing her new tits to jiggle. She grabbed them.
They’re definitely real, she thought. And all natural.
Anna had pinkish-beige oval-shaped areolae and
nipples. Now that’d grown darker and the areolae
larger. Anna’s new breasts frightened her. And she’d
have to new tops. And bras…

While Anna was marvelling over her new tits, her
little brother was peeking in at her. Anna didn’t like
living alone so Jimmy had volunteered to live with
her. It was closer to his school and his parents had
so many other children they were glad to have one less
mouth to feed. Jimmy, as you guessed, is a little

For years he’d been jerking off while he peeked in on
his sisters, their friends when they had sleepovers,
his mom, and now Anna. Anna had inadvertently left her
bedroom door open a crack and that’s how he was able
to peek in on her. Having not hit puberty yet, Jimmy
was short and skinny, with absolutely no body hair.

Years of jerking off had given him a 5 1/2″ cock. But
something had happened while he slept. Two things
actually: Only one he noticed, newly grown hair
covered his crotch and balls. But because Jimmy woke
up horny he didn’t notice the second thing: His balls
were larger, and his cock had grown 2″, it was
thicker, too. Jimmy woke up horny and went to go peek
on his famous big sister.

While Jimmy was jerking off [and about to cum but too
young to make a mess on Anna’s door], Anna knew she
had to go out and get some new tops. And bras. That
part Anna dreaded. She threw on a pair of socks and
jeans, stuffed her tits into one of her 34B bras and
found an old oversized college sweatshirt to wear. She
was glad it was raining and cold today, an excuse to
cover her new tits in a heavy coat.

She wasn’t worried about leaving Jimmy alone [who’d
already cum by then and returned to his room]. She
knew he’d stay put and at the moment she had other
things on her mind… Anna grabbed her wallet and
left. She headed to her bra shop first. They gave
customers fittings so they’d get the right size.

Anna’s personal fitter was Sandy, a short perky
blonde. Sandy was surprised to see her. “Ms. Paquin!
Welcome back! How can I help you today?” Anna blushed.
“I have a… little problem. Can we talk in private?”

“Sure. Follow me.” Sandy led Anna to a very private
fitting room set up especially for people like Anna.

“So what is it I can help with, Ms. Paquin?”

Anna hesitated a moment then thrust open her coat. “I
woke up to find… these. I think I need new bras.”
Anna didn’t notice Sandy’s reaction. But that was
because it was barely noticeable.

Keeping a professional demeanor, Sandy said, “That
won’t be a problem. I’ll just have to re-measure you.
Would you mind undressing to the waist?”

Anna grudgingly complied. When Sandy saw Anna’s new
tits stuffed into her old bra, she nearly lost her
composure. ‘Well, they are real,’ she thought to
herself. Sandy re-measured Anna and announced she was
now a 38DDD. Anna blushed again and asked for some
minimizer bras and some sleep bras [no more sleeping
bra-less she sighed].

While Sandy went to go see what they had in stock [the
store specialized in larger bras] Anna looked at her
new tits in the mirror once again. She found she was
growing to like her new tits. And she also found they
turned her on. Her nipples poked out now and her hairy
pussy had become moist. Anna wasn’t a sexual person.

Actually she was very shy and refined when it came to
sex. In fact, it was a good thing her sex scenes in
True Blood were simulated, because she was so nervous
during them her pussy was always bone dry. As Anna
looked at her new tits from different angles she grew
more turned on. Forgetting where she was, Anna
unzipped her jeans and slid her hands inside them.

She rubbed herself through her panties and moaned.
Anna thought of something she had wanted to try a long
time ago. She lifted one of her 38DDDs to her mouth
and was easily able to suck her own nipple now. Anna
smiled and grew wetter. She slid her thong panties
aside and slid 2 fingers up into her hot pussy…

While Anna pleasured herself Sandy had walked in
unnoticed. She lost her demeanor. Sandy was a closeted
lesbian. Part of her wanted Anna but a bigger part
couldn’t bring herself to do anything. So she lifted
her skirt, pulled aside her own white cotton panties
and fingered her own shaven pussy. Both came at the
same time.

Sandy straightened out her skirt and waited for Anna
to compose herself… Right after Anna slid her
panties back into place and zipped up her jeans Sandy
came back [lucky I didn’t get caught, Anna smiled to

She tried on the new bras and was pleased with them.
She bought all of them and wore her new black one out
of the store. Anna bought some new tops, especially
baggy ones. She was still shy about them but the idea
of hiding them made her wetter. She finally went home
and acted like all was the same. Several times,
though, she slipped into the bathroom to take the edge
off her horniness.

That night in bed Anna fingered herself 3 times before
she could fall asleep. Anna was awoken from a weird
dream. She was shocked to find Jimmy fucking her tits!
She realized he had undressed and he was naked, too.
And he had a huge cock! While he slept his cock had
grown another inch and a half. Anna didn’t know about
his growth spurt. She only knew she was very upset
with him but also very turned on.

Anna pulled Jimmy’s cock out of her cleavage and did
something she had never dreamed of doing before. She
took his cock in her mouth and sucked it. Anna moaned
at the taste. She loved it. When his precum hit her
tongue she loved that even more. She cupped his balls
as she took as much of his cock as she could in her
mouth. She sucked him fast and hard.

It didn’t take him long to cum. And something amazing
happened: Jimmy shot his first [and a huge one at
that] load of jizz into her mouth. Anna greedily
swallowed every drop. When Anna let his cock slip from
her mouth she saw it was still hard. Without thinking
she said, “I want it in my pussy now!”

Jimmy eagerly complied. As he slid down her body Anna
spread her legs. He grabbed his cock and sank it into
her pussy. As soon as it entered her Anna felt
content. She felt a certainty that she’d her soul
mate. As he pumped his cock in and out of his sister
Anna began to orgasm, unlike any orgasm she’d ever had
before. Anna had 7 more before her brother spilled his
seed into her.

As Jimmy shot his incestuous load into her Anna felt
so in love with him. Then she wondered if she would
get pregnant, but realized she didn’t give a fuck.
Anna next thought was what people on the set would say
about her new tits, again she didn’t give a fuck.

All that really mattered, was from now on, all her sex
scenes would be here in the privacy of her own bed
with her incestuous lover. Anna amended that. In OUR

When Anna felt his cock grow hard again within her
pussy she looked at him and gave him a wicked smile…


[Author’s Note: I don’t know if Anna Paquin has any
brothers or sisters but she does in my story. Also I
don’t watch True Blood but I’ve seen clips of her sex
scene, in my story I say sex scenes, but I don’t know
if that was the only time or not. For my story it
doesn’t matter.]

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