A husband and wife end up in Mel Gibson’s hotel room, doing things that usually aren’t talked about.

My husband and I were given the opportunity to take a
mini-vacation for one weekend trip away that would allow
us to escape from our hectic lives of childcare, long
work hours and lack of true, intimate time together. We
are both in our thirties, but already we’ve developed a
grind of daily living. I’m not sure how it happened, but
somehow my husband convinced me that going to Las Vegas
would be better than Jamaica and in truth this turned out
to be the best decision of my life.

As I was packing a few days before leaving I realized I
didn’t have any sexy lingerie to entice my husband with
on the trip. I knew deep down he wouldn’t need much
enticing simply because he was a man. I also figured
since he had me alone all he would want to do is have
sex. Although, thinking in this way did make me just a
little nervous.

Over the past few years I had become increasingly aware
that my once young, pert, athletic body had given way to
those years, no exercise, extra weight and three babies.
As a consequence, I had become a little embarrassed of my
body and we started having sex in poorly lit rooms. I
wasn’t able to let go like I wanted to for my husband and

My dear husband would rarely complain. Instead he would
compliment me on my body parts, especially my ass. We
barely had time to hug and kiss in our daily lives and I
knew he needed a good fuck as bad as I did. I knew he
would be happy with me, but I still thought he needed to
see some extra effort from my playful and sexy side.

So, I made a quick trip to Victoria’s Secret. While I was
there I became surprised at how horny I got from looking
not only looking at the lingerie but also at a couple of
the women who worked there. These women were quite sexy
and sultry with their perfect hair and make-up. They were
very erotic. Thinking about wearing this lingerie and
what it would do to my husband’s cock made my pussy
tingle and get wet.

I was determined to look good for my wonderful and
faithful husband. I took my goodies home and tried them
on. I’ll admit I looked pretty damn sexy and I couldn’t
think of anything else but my husband’s stiff member
slowly sliding between the lips of my wet cunt! I love to
bounce on him so that my tits hang and sway freely for
him as he kneads and squeezes them towards his mouth.
Then he’ll suck them into his mouth and tongue the

We arrived in Las Vegas in the evening. What happened
next took me completely off-balance. My husband and I
were standing in the hotel lobby when out of the corner
of my eye I caught a glimpse of someone I thought was Mel
Gibson. I watched intently to determine if it was him or
not and after a few moments and several faces passing me
by I realized that it was him!

“My God,” I thought, “he’s gorgeous!” I watched and
noticed that he had begun to walk straight toward me. If
there was one man in the world who I would have a hard
time not having an affair with it would definitely be Mel
Gibson. I know too that my husband knows this, but I
assume he figures it’s a safe bet it will never happen.

Mel Gibson remains just my fantasy in movies and on TV.
As I stood there everything seemed to be moving in slow
motion. My body froze and I couldn’t move. I could feel
my nipples harden and strain against my cotton blouse and
in that moment I excitedly hoped he would see them. I was
pretty sure my panties were wet as he continued to move
closer. I was lost in a daze of him tickling my pussy
with my whole, naked body exposed to him when I felt his
gentle touch on my shoulder.

“Excuse me, miss,” he said as he passed within a foot of
my face to speak with a few people behind me.

I remember staring directly into his green eyes. My God,
I would’ve fucked him right there in the middle of the
lobby! I sighed as he exited the lobby and continued on
with his life; but of course, I couldn’t stop thinking
about him.

My husband and I got our bags and went to our room. I was
going inside, but my husband was going to take a tour of
the hotel instead. I told him I needed to freshen up a
bit first from the long trip and would take my tour
later. We exchanged kisses and he left.

I immediately went into the bathroom, got naked, and
rummaged through our bags hoping to find the vibrator,
but we hadn’t brought it. In a complete state of arousal
I looked in the mirror and stared at my breasts and
examined my body. My nipples were definitely full and my
pussy lips were swollen. I marveled at how sexy I looked.
I had never really masturbated before, but I felt that
this was as good a time as ever. I just wasn’t sure if I
could do it.

I was able to muster up the strength to squeeze my tits
as I brought them up to my mouth and gently tongued the
tips. All the while I was imagining that it was Mel
Gibson’s hands all over me. I was on the verge of an
orgasm when I heard my husband come back into the room.
He was changing his clothes and told me he would meet me
in the lounge for dinner.

It was getting late so I figured I would satisfy my
desires later. I quickly got dressed as sexily as I could
and made my way to the lounge. Standing in the elevator I
wondered if anyone else could smell my aroma, especially
since I was wearing my crotch-less panties.

I was nervous as I got off the elevator and walked toward
the lounge. I found my husband and took a seat across
from him. He sure was cute! Then it happened again. I saw
Mel Gibson. This time he was definitely walking straight
toward me making great eye contact with me.

He came right up, smiled, and sat down next to my
husband. I just stared at him looking, I’m sure, pretty
dumbfounded. I vaguely remember him saying hello a couple
of times. Given some time, I was able to finally compose
myself and said hello back. My husband introduced me to
Mel telling him that I was a big fan.

We sat there for a while as the two of them made small
talk. I kept staring at them in turn imagining being
totally naked with them satisfying their sexual urges and
pleasuring myself with their two, hard, throbbing cocks.
My pussy stayed wet as I peered at my husband who seemed
very charismatic and charming. I hadn’t seen him like
this for a long time and it was quite a turn-on. I
started to think that maybe he was my true fantasy after

I must’ve seemed impatient because my husband and Mel
suggested that we go back to our room. After the few
glasses of wine this sure sounded like a good idea to me.
Once inside, I didn’t hesitate to take control of my

I desperately needed to get at someone’s cock as my
panties were soaking wet and my nipples and tits begged
for more than my own attention. I moved up to Mel, put my
hands on his chest, moved my head towards his and kissed
his mouth and tongue. His hands concurrently glided
across my neck and shoulders, brushed the sides of my
breasts and rested on my hips as he pulled me close. I
felt his tongue slide into my mouth.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned as I kissed him hard. I breathed in
his scent for a few moments then pulled away.

My husband was sitting on the couch with a smile on his
face and a bulge in his pants as I sat Mel down next to
him. I got between Mel’s legs and began to rub his cock
through his trousers. I unzipped his pants and pulled
them down allowing his hardness to jump to life just
inches from my face. His cock was gorgeous. It was nearly
the exact size as my husband’s cock which is perfect for
me. I ran a finger from the fat head down the underside
of his shaft.

He twitched, moaned and tightened his legs alerting me
that he enjoyed my touch. I watched as his cock twitched
again and seemed to grow fuller. My mouth was watering as
I wrapped my hand around it feeling it’s warmth and
pumped it a couple of times.

Hearing him say, “Oh, my God” was all the encouragement I
needed. I pumped it more aggressively as his head fell
back and his eyes closed. I leaned forward and flicked my
tongue all around the head in a big circle. “Oh, how
tasty his precum is,” I thought to myself as I continued

My cunt was aching as I opened my mouth and swallowed his
whole cock all the way down to his pubic hair that
tickled my nose. I bit down on him with my lips and
sucked softly as I brought my head back to its starting
point at the tip of his cock. I bobbed quickly on the
head as I swiveled my tongue around and around. At this
moment I became very aware of his voice as he started to
beg me.

“Ugh! Aghhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Swallow my cock, honey! You’re
one great cocksucker that’s for sure. Pleeeeeease, take
it all in your mouth… down your throat!! Let me cum!!”

But, I wasn’t ready. I was in control of his cock and my
pussy. I picked up his balls and began to flick my tongue
in that wicked little place between a man’s balls and his
ass. He jumped up and then settled down as I continued to
lick him there and pump his engorged cock! He was moving
his hips in concert with my effort trying to fuck my hand
and cum for me.

Then he stopped and confused the hell out of me. He had
me stand up, take off my dress (leaving me in crotch-less
panties), put one leg up on the couch in front of him and
the other stayed on the ground. I was now open to him as
he had me lean forward toward him.

We kissed each other and I made notice that my hips were
moving forward and back. He kissed down my neck and
licked down toward my cleavage as my tits hung down
obscenely in front of him. My nipples were huge as I
stared at his mouth slowly moving towards them. As he
licked one of them I sucked in and he continued to lick
it and roll it around with his tongue. I could feel the
sensation all the way down to my cunt as my juices
started to run down my legs. I felt his hands down on
both of my breast, tugging, pinching, and squeezing them
making the nipples even harder and more sensitive.

Slowly, he moved one hand down my stomach and into the
thatch of my pubic hair just above my pussy. He teased
the hairs as he played with them and I could feel the
tension in my clit as he pulled the hairs around the
outer lips. He used the heel of his hand to apply soft,
steady pressure over my covered, swollen clitoris as I
felt an extended finger slide between my engorged pussy
lips all the way down to my rear opening. He got me up on
my toes as he slid that finger from there all the way up
my gooey slit to my clit. He stopped there, bit my nipple
and started to gently circle my clit with his finger as I
nearly came! I was losing control!

He easily slid another and then a third finger up into my
cunt using and up and down motion to heighten my ecstasy.
He even continued to do this as he rubbed my clit with
his thumb. I couldn’t help but fuck his hand with my
sopping cunt muscles and play with my own tits because I
needed to cum soooooo badly. I kept supporting myself
over his face and could feel his other hand caress my ass
cheek. With all this going on I couldn’t help but fuck
his hand. He was incredible in helping me up and down on
his hand… faster and faster!

I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I had never felt
so hot, horny and nasty at the same time. I was
completely exposed to him with my pussy lips wide open. I
needed more. I grabbed Mel’s hand and moved it even
harder up into my cunt at a faster pace. He kept tweaking
my clit as my head began to spin. I looked over at my
husband who was pumping his cock and yelled at him

“Baby, come… here.. and.. suck my… ass! Stick your
tongue up… my.. sweet… ass while he finger-fucks
my… nasty.. OH… CUNT! OH… YEAH! Like that baby,
just like that! Aghhhhh, ahhhhhh!”

Within an instant I felt his fingers kneading my ass
cheeks helping me up and down on Mel’s hand. He slid a
finger along the crack of my pert, little ass slipping
all the way to my opening. When I felt his tongue enter
my ass I lost it. I started bouncing uncontrollably. I
felt soooooo nasty just like a dirty slut and I loved it!
I was screaming, moaning and groaning loud enough I
could’ve woken the dead.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK,” I screamed! “Fuck me you studs, make
me cum. MAKE ME CUM!”

“OH! More! More! God, more! Lick my ass, fuck my pussy!
Deeper, deeper! Use me! Fuck me!,” I cried with tears
coming down my cheeks. I could feel my tits bouncing and
I could hear my pussy slurping and squishy.

“Yehhhhhh, oooooooooo! Now, now, I cumming now! OH GAWD,

As I awoke from my haze, I was greeted by two, hard full
cocks. I looked at my husband who was standing there
smiling at me with approval He stroked my face and hair
and gently kissed me on the lips. He was definitely going
to get his share of my pussy, but I wanted to finish my
experience with two men at once, this was my fantasy now.
I told him I would take care of him in no other that I
had before. I wanted them to continue to satisfy me and
help me explore myself in ways I never thought I could or

Turning my attention to Mel I gazed at his cock and
smiled up at him. I took his cock out of his hand and
with my finger I traced the whole length of it. With one
motion I engulfed his cock into my mouth and down my
throat. He grabbed the back of my head and kept me there.

“Wonderful,” I thought to myself as I took in the aroma
of his manhood. My tongue danced around his shaft as I
maintained a small amount of suction. I gently caressed
his balls marveling at the thought that I had Mel
Gibson’s cock in my mouth.

I proceeded to slide his cock from the depths of my warm
throat to the edge of my lips and back down again several
times. I needed to taste his cum. There was the
noticeable motion of his hips pumping up to meet my
downward effort on his rock-hard cock.

With a slurping noise, like licking a lollipop, I pulled
my mouth from his cock.

“Cum for me, please! I wanna taste your cum on my tongue
and down my throat. Fill my mouth with your hot cum! It
tastes so good!”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of his eyes. I wanted to see
every grimace and facial expression I was creating in

“Hmmmmmmmm,” I hummed as I settled back down to the fun
at hand. I continued to fuck his cock with my mouth as I
sensed an urgency grow within him. His breathing became
erratic and his cock began to twitch in my mouth.
Reaching around for his asscheeks I pulled him up into my
mouth as I went down hard on his cock. The nastiness in
me took over.

Not being able to restrain myself I slid my hand down
into my slippery hole and fingered my clit and cunt for a
few moments. Oh, my God! I again couldn’t believe what I
was doing! Now he was mine and he was going to shoot his
load in my mouth. I grabbed his ass again and this time I
played with his opening. Stroking it gently, I stuck a
finger in his ass up to my first knuckle. Remarkable, he
began to pump his ass back against my finger. I was ass
fucking him while I sucked his cock!

“Ummmmmmm, aghhhhhhhhhh! Christ, yeh! YEAH! YEAH!! YEAH!!
Suck me. Suck my cock!! OH YEAH, I’m gonna cum! I’m
going… to… CUM! Ugh! Aghhhh, take it! Swallow it!!”

I felt splash after splash of his warm tasty semen hit
the back of my throat and fill my mouth full. I didn’t
miss a bit of it. None of it left my mouth. I savored
every last drop and continued to pump him as he went
soft. His cock continued to ooze even after that and I
kept licking it up. I had conquered him just as he had
conquered me earlier and I had the taste of his cum to
prove it. I climbed up on him and straddled his lap. I
kissed him and he reluctantly kissed me back. He laid his
head back on the couch and relaxed… exhausted.

I let him lay there as I turned my attention to the bed
across the room. I felt like I needed to stretch out
because I was still quite horny and my urges were growing
stronger for some bodily attention and ecstasy. I bent
over allowing these two men to see the crack of my ass
and my swollen, glistening pussy lips as I slid my
panties down my legs. This kind of activity only surged
my desires for interaction. I lay on the bed, spread my
legs, stretched my body and sighed with sexual thoughts
dancing through my head.

I closed my eyes for a few moments and “hmmmmmmmed,” to
myself as my arms, which were above my head, now moved
down across my stomach, my bush and hips and up along the
sides of my body. Once there my hands grabbed and
squeezed my tits firmly and then together. I couldn’t
help but let out a low “Ohhhhhhhh… ooooooo!,” as each
breast touched the other.

Holding on with lust, I peaked through my eyes to see
that both men had moved to the foot of the bed. It was
time for a show which I had never put on before. Not only
had I never really masturbated alone before, I definitely
never thought I would do it in front of my husband let
alone two people.

I moved my hands from my breasts to the warmth of my
slippery box which was wide open and slick. I lightly
stroked the inner lips as I pulled on the outer lips with
my other hand. That same hand then found my clit and
began to rub large than smaller and smaller circles
around it. The first hand was now rubbing deeper and
deeper along my slit until it found the opening to my
love canal and all at once made its entrance into it.

“Ughhhhh, ughhhhhhhh! Oooooooooo… ooooooo.. oooooooo!,”
came from my mouth as I licked my lips.

I could hear the slurping wetness of my fingers now
fucking my hole. My other hand was working feverishly on
my clit as my orgasm was beginning to build with the site
of these two men slowly jerking their cocks.


All at once I felt a pressure on the bed between my legs
and only hoped it was what I needed. I kept my eyes
closed and waited. My hands were touched by another set
and pulled away. I felt the masculine hands of my lover,
Mel Gibson, softly slide his fingers up my pussy to my
clit. I instinctively pushed my pelvis up to greet him,
too. I needed this! The next second I felt a warm breath
on my hole and then a soft, firmness and realized it was
his tongue.

“Oh, yea baby. Lick me there… right there! Oh, God,
you’re gonna make me cum sooooo hard! There, there,
there… Oh, my pussy is on fire, lover! Don’t… STOP!!
Aghhhh, aghhhhh!!”

But, he stopped and my orgasmic urge subsided minimally.
I felt more pressure between my legs and looked up. “OH,
please…,” I thought to myself. “Yeh, go ahead!!” Mel
was kneeling between my legs with his cock in hand and
his cockhead just inches from my throbbing pussy.

He moved the head down to my entrance and put it in about
an inch teasing me with it. Even as I tried to push my
cunt down to get it into me he took it and ran it up the
same path his finger had taken ending at my clit. Up and
down his cock went a few times and just as I was starting
to get into a rhythm he surprised me by rotating his hips
and drove his cock deep into my pussy. I wasted no time
in fucking him back He was rocking my body and I enjoyed
getting all of his solid meat to slide into me.

There was no tightness there just joyous friction as I
was soaking wet from the whole days events. His cock was
miraculous as he continued his siege upon my very welcome
pussy; more and more and more! I was getting up on my
heels while picking up my ass so he could grab my ass and
thrust deeper. I was pulling my legs back by my head,
just as a porn star would do I thought to myself. This
allowed me to look down and see his cock riveting into my
cunt. This was quite a lewd vision as I could see my lips
spread apart as his cock descended into my pelvis. During
this, I pulled him down so he could continue to play,
pinch and suck on my sensitive nipples while I
concentrated on his cock.

“Uhhhh… uhhhhhhh… uuuuuuhhhhh!! UH… HUH!! How good
you feel!!”

I pulled off him and spun around on my hands and knees,
reached back for his rod and directed him back into my
hole before he knew what had happened. He never really
missed a stroke and I felt him hit bottom in my pussy! He
grabbed forward and got a handful of tit as he continued
his journey. I, myself, found my hand tickling my
clitoris at the same time.

I was in ecstasy as I felt his magnificent hard-on pump
and slid into my cunt as I threw my head from side to
side. His groin would constantly smack my ass cheeks and
I could feel his balls doing the same as they would swing
forward with each thrust. I couldn’t help but drive my
hips back to impale myself on him and give him the fuck
of his life! He was meeting me thrust for thrust when I
reached forward and grabbed my husband’s huge, engorged
cock and stuffed it into my mouth. That tremendous,
familiar feeling of my husband’s cock, how I loved it!

“Ohhhhhhh, baby! You love that cock in your pussy abusing
you as you suck my cock, don’t you!”

“Suck me,… OH… suck me!!,” my husband screamed as I
pumped his cock with my hand and slurped and sucked the
end of his penis. He cock-fucked my mouth as I felt drops
of his jism and tightening of his hands on my head. He
started cumming even as I was sucking with all effort to
get him to cum. I was out of my mind with him spurting
and pumping into my face.

I couldn’t contain my smile as I let his cum splash on my
face as well; never missing a beat of the hard-on in my
pussy! Now it was time for my husband to spin around. He
positioned his body so that he and I were in a 69
position. His cock stayed as hard as steel as he pumped
it again toward my mouth.

Both Mel and I stopped for a second simply because of the
proximity of my husband’s mouth in relation to Mel’s
cock. However, I wasted little time get back to my
husband’s groin. He deserved to have my tongue, mouth and
lips all over his ass, balls and dick. I was playing with
his ass cheeks as well as his balls as he renewed his
effort to gag. I loved that feeling of being taken
advantage of like that. I continued to thrust my ass back
against Mel’s pounding and then felt the most incredible
combination of sensations I could’ve ever imagined.

As Mel fucked me I noted what had to be my husband’s very
skilled tongue starting to probe around near my clit.
Both of my husband’s hands were grasping onto my back and
upper ass as Mel’s hands were grabbing my upper thighs
and ass. All of this happened as my husband was tapping
on my clit with his tongue followed by properly timed
circles and nibbles. I had to be the luckiest, slutty
woman around and as usual I needed and wanted more. The
ache in my pussy was making me do things I never, ever
thought of let alone do and I was out of my mind with
lust and passion!

I couldn’t take this as my mind went wild and deviant. I
let go of my husband’s cock and pulled away from Mel. I
pushed Mel onto his back and squatted over his hips,
spread my lips apart and let he and my husband watch as I
sat right down on his cock. Both men and I gasped and
moaned as the sight and feel of Mel Gibson’s meat
disappeared into my canal. I bounced up and down on that
man as my juices were actually flowing down my legs. Mel
threw his hands back and pulled me ass first down onto
his cock.

As I lay flat on top of him I began to slide to and fro
on him. My tits would brush against his face and his cock
tip would come up to the entrance of my pussy as I slid
forward on him. At first I would slowly slide back down,
but this only lasted a couple of seconds as a girl can
only take so much. Soon I was rocking and riding that
cock of his while he squeezed my ass cheeks and started
playing with my asshole.

That was it, I needed to cum again. My vagina ached.
Again I turned to my husband to get me over the edge…
what a man still with his hard-on even after losing his
load just a short time ago. Actually, he never lost his

“Baby, please come here,” I begged. “Slide that cock of
yours up my ass… Oooooooo, I know you wanted to do that
for some time and now is your chance! Make me a new woman
and take, ughhhh… ahhhhh. ahhhh… my virgin hole.
Hurry… ooooo… up before I… OHHHH… cum.
Pleeeeeease, pleeeeeease!! Fuck my ass!! I want…
OHHHHH… to… OHHHH… feel both of… oooooo… your
cocks inside me when I cum!! Now, now, now. Fuck this
BITCH!!,” not caring what I said at this point.

My man got right up behind me, slid one than two than
three fingers up my ass and proceeded to pump in and out.

“That’s not what I want,” I screamed. “I want you cock up
there… for me. Make me cum!”

Then I felt this great fullness as his cock entered my
ass. It took a few strokes from all involved, but we
finally got it down. In and out, cocks in my ass and my
pussy. I was sooooo full of cock that I could’ve died
right there and then. Everyone was screaming and moaning.

“Your pussy feels so fucking tight!, Mel gasped.

“OHHHHHHH, your ass is better than I imagined… OHHHH…
ughhhhh. It’s amazing watching my cock go into your ass.
This is gonna make… me… CUM!” my husband groaned!

“YEAH! You fucking studs… fuck me… fuck my virgin
ass… fuck my pussy!! Don’t ever fucking stop! UMMMMMMM!
YEAH, YEAH, YEAH! YES! Oh, Fuck! Keep… it… going!!
OH! FUCK ME HARD! FUCK ME HARD! Oh yeah, just like that,

I was smashing my ass back against my husband’s cock and
forward against Mel’s cock. Back and forth as wave after
wave of orgasm hit me. I got weaker and weaker. By the
time it was subsiding, I was laughing uncontrollably.

The last thing I remember was these two men sliding their
spent cocks out of me and Mel telling my husband that I
was by far the best fuck he had ever experienced. He said
I was better than any of the princesses in Hollywood! I
woke up and it was morning. There were two dozen separate
red roses into different vases on the table. One was from
Mel Gibson and the other was from my darling husband.
“So, it wasn’t a dream,” I thought to myself. I was so
glad of that!

I showered, got dressed a went looking for them. When I
got to the lobby I noticed them standing talking. I got
close enough to read their lips and was able to make out
my husband telling Mel thanks for helping him out. As I
got closer I heard my husband say that it was his fantasy
to make my fantasy come true. I almost cried right there.
I couldn’t believe my husband was that giving, caring and
secure of our relationship.

What surprised me though was when Mel told my husband
that it was definitely his pleasure and that my husband
was quite a lucky man! They hugged like men do and parted
ways. I came up to my husband now knowing that he was my
fantasy and not Mel Gibson. I grabbed his crotch and ass
and kissed him passionately.

“Let’s go. I wanna sit on your face and then have you
fuck me like the nasty wife I am,” I whispered to him! I
was wet again! We went up to our room got undressed at
the door. I went down on my husband’s still hard cock
right in the doorway and then proceeded to lay my pussy
wide open for him.

He fucked me good and slow and hard and fast. We fucked
my ex-fantasy man (Mel Gibson) right out of my life!

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