Ariana Grande – Love Me Harder

It was a classic case of teenage stupidity—a situation in which Ariana and her friends had gone out shopping for the day and thought it would be amusing to see if they could get away with stealing some clothes.

Naturally the pint-sized teenager was stopped by the department store detective and the police were soon called. But fortunately for them the officer in charge recognized who they were and took pity on them, gave them a stern warning before driving them home. As luck would have it I had been staying at the house for a few days and it was sheer chance that Ariana’s folks were still at work when she arrived home in the squad car.

“What’s going on?” I said at the door.

“Are you a parent or guardian?” the female officer asked.

“Yes. She’s my niece.” I answered. “Her folks will be home in a few hours.”

The policewoman went on to explain what had occurred and how Ariana would be made to pay a substantial fine.

“I think all things considered.” the officer added. “Miss Grande and her friends got off very lightly in my opinion.”

“You’re right.” I agreed. “Thank you for bringing it to my attention.”

Without saying a word Ariana pushed her way passed me at the door and marched up to her bedroom, while I waited for the officer to leave before I shut the door and attempted to confront my niece about what had happened. Fortunately for her the phone interrupted my train of thought and I answered it only to hear the familiar voice of her BFF—and partner in crime Liz Gillies.

“Is Ariana home yet?”

“Who should I say is calling?”

“It’s Liz.” the actress replied. “I just want to make sure she got home okay.”

“You girls got into a heap of trouble today. I don’t think Ariana will be going to the mall with you anytime soon.”

“Can you just let her know that I called.”

Having hung up the phone I made my way up the stairs and knocked on Ari’s door but she didn’t answer—no doubt still peeved about the entire embarrassing affair. I knocked another two more times before I finally turned the handle and peered inside.

“Get out!” she yelped as she rushed from her position at the window where she had been smoking a cigarette.

It seemed on top of everything else, I had caught her smoking in her room.

“Wow.” I chuckled. “I guess today just isn’t your day.”

“Leave me alone.” she whined. “It’s got nothing to do with you, uncle Mike.”

Well. Obviously it did, and I refused to leave.

As I shut the bedroom door behind me I turned to see her spray air freshener around the room, trying to disguise the stench of smoke. I had to chuckle at her futile attempts, but more importantly, I suddenly found myself leering at her body as I noticed her outfit or lack thereof. It seemed Ariana had changed into something more “comfortable” while in her room which now consisted of a tiny singlet top and skimpy boy shorts. With her makeup still on and her long fuchsia-red hair tied back into a ponytail, she appeared to be bra-less underneath her shirt causing her firm young cantaloupe-sized tits to curve outward slightly. Noting this I was sure that her mom wouldn’t approve of her current state of dress, much less my presents in her bedroom considering how “naked” she was.

“Are you going to tell mom?” she remarked as she went right back to finishing her cigarette.

“Tell her what?” I smirked. “About the smoking or the stealing?”

My niece rolled her eyes as it was made abundantly clear that she couldn’t care less about what I thought, or what I might say. I guess she just presumed that I was a push over and that she could flirt her way out of it, like usual. Considering her current state of dress she might have been right as my eyes roamed across her smooth caramel legs. When the hell did she develop into a such a hot little pocket-rocket, I wondered.

“What’s gotten into you lately?” I remarked as she confidently blew out the cigarette smoke. “Are trying to provoke me?”

“No.” she giggled. “Not at all.”

“What then? Are you trying to become the next Miley Cyrus?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’m just having a little fun. Didn’t you have any fun when you were my age?”

“Yes, but—”

“But what?” she interrupted. “I suppose it was okay for you and mom to make mistakes—but not alright for me?”

She had a point. Especially when I thought back to how her mother used to behavior. Ariana was practically a saint compared to her.

“Come on, uncle Mike. Can’t you just keep this between us?” she pouted sweetly. “Mom doesn’t have to know everything.”

She was turning on all the charm she could muster, and for a moment I actually considered letting her off the hook.

“I should probably ground you.” I suggested out loud.

However, dressed the way she was it was hard to refuse her, but at the very last moment I saw through her ruse. The sexy little nymph was actually trying to bluff her way out of trouble. It was at this point that Ariana turned to put out her cigarette and as she bent over at her desk she intentionally flaunted her teenage ass. The action caused my eyes to grow wide and my cock to twitch inside my pants as I detected a very visible camel toe. Furthermore, her singlet top was so loose (and bra-less) that as she stood there hunched over for a minute it gaped open and granted me a peek inside to see her firm young natural tits.

“Jesus.” I thought. “Those are just about the most perfect set of tits I think I’ve ever seen.”

Ariana might have been incredibly naive but she sure was intuitive—knowing full well that most boys (and men for that matter) wanted to fuck her. Watching her saunter around the room half naked I suddenly began to suspect that she wasn’t as innocent as I was led to believe, as the next series of images that filled my head involved thoughts of her engaged in various sex acts, and positions. I started to wonder if she was still a virgin, but I highly doubted it.

In fact judging from her recent behavior something told me that nothing was off limits to her, especially considering her close friendship with Liz Gillies who had a reputation around town of being a complete slut. I shook my head and felt ashamed of myself, which in turn only strengthened my resolve. I hated her for making me feel this way, and I intended to pay her back in spades.

“You know I’m going to have to tell your mother everything.” I told her. “I mean what kind of brother would I be if I didn’t tell her what kind of a slut you were becoming.”

“Excuse me?” Ariana snapped, finally finding the courage to stand up for herself.

“You heard me.”

“You can’t talk to me like that.”

“I can, and I will young lady.”

Amusingly enough Ariana quickly began to back down.

“—you don’t understand!”

“Sweetheart, there’s no excuse for what you did today.” I added. “It’s pretty damn serious. I mean you’re a goddamn TV star now, and you go out and steal items from a store? Are you crazy? You’ve got no excuse.”

Ariana pouted as my eyes immediately drifted back to her chest and the fact that her nipples seemed to strain against her shirt.

“You’re just lucky that cop was a fan of the show.” I pointed out. “Otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation, and you’d be sitting in a holding cell.”

Even though I knew it wasn’t true, I wanted to scare her a little and keep her off balance.

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely.” I went on. “I really don’t think you realize just how serious this is, and I’m sure your mother is going to punish you for it.”

I let the words sink in and watched as her eyes began to well up in tears.

“Unless of course—” I trailed off.

“Unless what, uncle Mike?” she pleaded. “Tell me.”

I suppressed a smile as I carried out my cunning scheme.

“Well—I suppose I could punish you myself.” I suggested. “Right here and now. Then I guess we wouldn’t have to tell your mother anything.”

Ariana looked confused.

“I mean. I know what I would do if you were my daughter, and if you’re willing to take your punishment like an adult then maybe your mom doesn’t have to know all the sordid details.”

“Wait. You’re going to punish me?” she snickered.

Once again she apparently assumed that I was a push over, which only infuriated me.

“How are you going to punish me uncle Mike?” she added suggestively.

“Well in my opinion I think you need to be spanked!”


“Hey, you can either take your punishment now or we can wait for your mom to arrive home and I tell her about your big day of stealing and smoking—I’m sure she’d be proud.”

I let my comment marinate with her for a minute as I took a seat on the edge of her bed. Ariana lowered her gaze in shame before she finally whispered her answer.

“So…what’ll it be?”

“Fine.” she relented. “Spank me.”

“Excuse me?” I stated loudly.

“Spank me.” she repeated. “I’ll let you spank me, uncle Mike.”

I felt my cock throb with anticipation as the teen starlet wandered around her room to put away her cigarettes while I spoke in my best authoritative tone.

“Okay well, come over here.” I insisted. “I’m going to need you to lie across my lap.”

“What, you mean now?”

“Absolutely.” I told her. “If we do this, we do it before your mom gets home.”

Amusing enough Ariana suddenly seemed uncertain but as she attempted to change her mind I reached out and grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her over my lap with her butt facing up at me. To my surprise the “Victorious” star apparently found this amusing and giggled uncontrollably as I forced her to lie still across my knee.

“Stop it.” I berated her. “Stop laughing. This isn’t funny.”

“I’m sorry.” she giggled sweetly. “But it is. This is just so wrong on so many levels.”

“Hey. Just shut your eyes and accept your punishment young lady.” I said.

It was only now that I realized just how intricate her red lace boy-shorts appeared to be. They were almost transparent in nature and left little to the imagination, exposing most if not all of her tender cheeks. Meanwhile below her belly I was sure she could feel my raging boner as she squirmed around. A shiver of anticipation suddenly crept over me as I realized that she had relinquished all control over to me and now awaited her punishment. But was I really going to take advantage of her in this way? …I debated.

I now found myself having conflicting thoughts, but also aroused beyond belief. My eyes glazed over with lust as I moved my hand gingerly down the length of her spine and finally rested my fingertips on the back of her legs, feeling the warmth of her soft-smooth flesh. I slowly slid my hand upward and I let the palm of my hand rest on the plump cheek of her right buttock, my breathing shallow as I admired the sight and feel of my niece’s supple booty.

“Okay so, we’re about to begin.” I explained. “And I want you to count them out.”

“Err. Okay.” she chirped back. “…but how many spanks am I getting?”

“As many as I deem fit!” I sternly replied. “Also if you fail to count out loud there’ll be two more to replace it so I better hear you.”

“Okay-Okay. Jesus.” she rolled her eyes. “Whatever.”

Ariana groaned her consent, acutely aware of my hand on her butt which had been absentmindedly petting her the entire time.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, sir.”

With that said I lifted my hand and held it in the air for a long second, savoring the way she tensed up in anticipation—and began her punishment.


“Ouch.” she gasped in shock.

“Ouch?” I repeated.

“Err. I mean, one.” she announced.

“Good girl. That’s the first and last time I’ll remind you.”


“T-Two.” she stuttered.


And so it went.

With each measured blow I let my fingers linger there for an extra moment to caress her behind. I don’t mind admitting that at this point I was so rock hard that I knew she could feel my boner straining against her body. It was several swats in that I let my fingers slip down between her legs again and I lightly caressed her pussy. Ariana shivered to the contact and whispered the corresponding number before I felt her arch her hips and grind her sex against my fingers.


“S-Seven!” she muttered.

“Had enough?” I remarked rhetorically, to which she simply shook her head.

Like her I was now breathing heavily.


“Eight.” she whispered.

“You know. I could do this all day.”

“Mm. I bet you could.”

“Excuse me?”




“You’ve been a very bad girl Ariana.” I hissed between spanks. “Haven’t you baby?”

“Uh-huh.” she panted back. “I’ve been bad, uncle Mike. I’ve been very, very bad.”

My fingers now rested between her legs, urging her thighs to separate slightly to grant me further access inside. Using the back of my knuckle, I applied some pressure to her pussy and gently messaged the length of her slit—causing her to moan for the first time.

“Oh—Uncle Mike.”

Reluctantly, I raised my hand from her teenage sex and readied to smack her again, but grinned smugly to myself as I noticed her hips shift upward in anticipation. Was she actually getting off on this? The sight of her hips now rolling in motion was all the evidence I needed.

“You’ve been such a little slut.” I boldly stated.

“Yes. I’ve been naughty, uncle Mike.” she confessed, her hips now grinding against my fingers as they pushed against her sex.

Her breathing was coming in sharp gasps while her body seemed to have a mind of its own, almost begging for my attention. Any pretense that this was about “punishment” was long gone as she now moaned audibly.

“How about we take this off.” I said as she urged her to take off her panties.

To my delight my famous niece didn’t hesitate and hooked her fingers into the elastic band of her boy-shorts and peeled them down her legs—revealing her incredible sex in all its glory. I literally moaned as her pussy was finally revealed to me and immediately caressed her tender skin. I let my hands freely roam her magnificent body, slip under her shit and absentmindedly fondled one of her ample breasts. Ariana felt the last shreds of resistance slip away from her as I now openly groped her bare-naked ass and caressed the lips of her cunt with my fingers.


My hand came down sharply and without warning before I massaged her sex again and smeared her wetness all around her pussy. Her cunt was on fire, as every touch of my hand sent a wave of pleasure coursing through her young body. Ariana gasped to the action but before she could find the right words to object, my hand came yet again and I immediately found her clit, which caused her to finally explode.

“Ghaaa!” she grunted out loud, withering wildly in my lap as an orgasm ripped through her.


“Ugh—God.” she sighed as my free hand slipped under her shirt to tweak and pull at her bullet-like nipples.

“You’re such a little slut.” I hissed as I tried to coax her into talking dirty.

“Oh. Uncle Mike.” she cooed softly as I now freely molested her.

Her hips were now grinding against my hand almost spurring me on. I had to fight with all my might not to just throw her onto the bed and fuck the ever-loving shit out of her.

“Such a pretty little pussy.” I whispered as I dipped the very tips of my fingers between her slimy folds and revealed her inner pink.

“Oh-God. Please.” she purred. “More…!”

Overcome with lust, I suddenly plunged my fingers deep into her sopping little cunt and then withdrew them with a pop, stuffing them into my mouth! My eyes closed as I moaned and relished the first fresh taste of her teenage pussy. She was now bucking wildly over my lap and almost humping me, grinding against my cock and driving me insane. I immediately returned my gleaming digits back to her (gaping) hole and buried two fingers knuckle-deep!

“Unngh—Uncle Mike.” she gasped loudly to the intense penetration.

“Are you going to come for me?” I hissed. “My little whore going to cum again?”

“Oh-Fuck.” she grunted as I literally massaged her cervix.

To my surprise, Ariana suddenly jerked and thrashed about wildly as a powerful climax washed over her, before I pushed her to the floor in disgust and stood over her.

“ohmigod-ohmigod.” she panted out of breath as I unzipped my pants and released my straining cock from its confines.

“If you’re going to act like a slut, then I’m going to treat you like one!”

The look on her face was priceless. I doubt she’d ever seen a cock that big or hard for that matter. Without wasting another moment I grabbed the back of her head (wrapping my first around the base of her pony tail) and forced her mouth down onto my cock. Ariana groaned but quickly relaxed her lips to accommodate me—sucking my dick with a loud slurping noise while glaring up at me with those big brown eyes.

“Don’t give me those puppy-dog eyes, Ariana.” I told her. “You’re not fooling anyone.”

The sly grin on her face only confirmed my suspicions, that her sweet little innocent act was nothing more than a ruse.

“Play with your cunt while you suck my dick.” I insisted. “I bet it’s making you wet right now.”

My niece simply blinked up at me and obliged, a soft moan escaping her lips as she rubbed herself.

“Good girl. You look so pretty with a hard cock in your mouth.” I added. “You know that?”

Ariana blinked up in acknowledgement.

“You’ve done this before haven’t you?” I growled.

My cock-sucking niece didn’t answer, but I could tell from the guilty expression on her face that I was right.

“Yeah. I bet you and that little slut Liz Gillies get up to all kinds of shit behind closed doors.” I groaned. “I bet she smokes a great cock too, huh?”

To my amusement Ariana winked and seemed to agree with my statement, concurring with the claim. The mere notion alone caused my cock to throb inside her mouth before I roared out loud and exploded between her lips. Hot volcanic semen blasted out across her tongue and into the back of her narrow throat—almost gagging her. The poor little dear could only glare up at me dumbfounded, her eyes growing wide and welling up in tears as load after hot sticky load filled her gullet and oozed down into her belly.

“Mm… yeah!” I praised her. “That’s a good little slut—swallow every last drop. Don’t let any of it go to waste.”

I finally released her head and watched as she smacked her wet lips together.

“Does this mean you’re not going to tell mom?”

“Sure.” I grinned. “I think you’ve learnt your lesson for today.”

“I always love it when you come stay with us, uncle Mike. Maybe next time I can introduce you to Liz?”

“I think I’d like that. I think I’d like that very much.”