Avril Lavigne rides her Harley down a country road and suddenly finds herself reunited with her long-lost lover

It was on the Twenty Seventh day of September and a
popular pop singer named Avril Lavigne had just
finished performing a concert in her hometown of
Napanee, Ontario, Canada, just in time to get herself
on her Harley Davidson motorcycle and started zooming
her way on a deserted country road, only to discover
another hardcore Harley rider driving his bike on
exactly the same road.

After they had raced their Harleys over to a large
tree, the two riders had gotten off of their bikes and
Avril had walked over to the rider of the second Harley
just to shake his hand, only to have the look on her
face change to that of complete shock, for after he had
removed his helmet, the second Harley rider has
revealed himself to be her long lost lover, Jason
Brolin, who she hasn’t seen in about nine years.

“Jason, I’ve thought that I would never see you again,”
said Avril, who had suddenly allowed a smile to appear
on her lips. “What have you been doing all these

“I really would like to tell you, Avril. But I can’t do
that right now,” said Jason, after he had wrapped his
arms around Avril’s waist. “Because I’m so entranced by
your beauty that I would like to get to know you all
over again.”

And then, after they had looked at each other for a
minute or so, both Avril and Jason had kissed each
other ever so passionately on the lips, just before
they had removed all of their clothes and laid their
nude bodies under the large tree.

And after he had started licking all over Avril’s body
— all the way down to her hot, wet pussy and caressing
her firm breasts, Avril had placed her hands on Jason’s
shoulders and said, “Aaaahhhh, yes! That’s it! Do it,
Jason! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry!
Oh yeah!!”

And then, at that moment, Avril had suddenly realized
that she was experiencing something that she hadn’t
experienced with Jason in such a long time, for she was
experiencing pure, untamed erotica–and enjoying every
minute of it.

A few minutes later, after he had placed his stiff cock
inside her asshole, Jason had used each of his hands to
caress both Avril’s breasts and pussy.

sexually energized Avril. “FUCK ME!I REALLY WANT YOU TO

And then, after they had started moving harder and
faster and their lovemaking has reached its final path
to Avril’s latest concert, the two reunited lovers had
cum and collapsed due to exhaustion.

After they were finally able to catch their breath,
Avril had placed her head on Jason’s chest, took a deep
breath and said, “I still love you, Jason. And I’ll
always love you with all of my heart. ”

“I still love you too, Avril,” said Jason, after Avril
had fallen asleep within his naked arms and he had
placed his gentle hand on her head. “I just wish I
could possibly stay with you forever.”

Now of course, it was unclear as to how long Avril has
been asleep under that large tree, but as soon as she
had finally woken up after feeling someone poking at
her with some sort of a stick, a shocked Avril had
discovered that a pair of police officers were standing
over her and Jason was nowhere to be found.

“Jason, where are you?” called Avril, after she had
covered up her nude body with a leather jacket that she
had found near her body. “Where did you go Jason?”

“Excuse me, Ma’am,” said one of the police officers,
after he had heard Jason’s name come from Avril’s lips.
“Do you mean ‘Jason’ as in ‘Jason Brolin’?”

And after she had answered the officer’s question by
saying “Yes,” he had told her that nine years ago, a
Harley Davidson motorcycle rider named Jason Brolin was
riding his bike on the same country road, until he had
suddenly skidded out of control, hit the very tree that
she was sleeping under and was instantly killed.

And then, after she had heard what the officer had
said, a shocked Avril was about to try and figure out
who it actually was that she had a sudden romantic
rendezvous with, only to have herself reach into one of
the jacket’s pockets and pull out a note that says:

My darling Avril,

I just wanted to finally say ‘goodbye’ to you and wish
you a Happy Birthday. I’ll still always love you.


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