It’s a sweet, erotic encounter between Agnetha and Frida, the former ABBA-Singers

Agnetha put the newspaper she’d been reading down as the
doorbell rang. It was ten o’clock in the morning.

She opened the door, finding a very familiar figure
standing in front of her.

‘Frida!’ she exclaimed at the smiling woman, wrapping
her arms around her.

Frida hugged her back.

‘Hi, little one! How are you?’

‘Good, good, come in! Coffee is on. Are you hungry?’
Agnetha bubbled, pulling her friend inside to the

‘Hmmm, smells good. Did you bake?’

‘Yes, I’ll cut you a piece off. Give me your coat.’

Hustling out to hang it and back in to offer Frida a
steaming cup.

‘Thank you, dear.’

They sat across each other at the table, grinning.

‘What brings you here?’

‘I’m in town for a few weeks, thought I’d say hello…’

‘This is really sweet. Can you spend the day?’

‘Yes, if you want me to…’

Agnetha slipped her hand over Frida’s. ‘Of course I want
you to…’

Silence fell over the room, both women sipping coffee
and nibbling cake.

‘Shall we go see the horses?’ Agnetha asked then.


It was cold outside, they walked fast, not having
bothered with jackets.

The animals snickered, turning their heads, as they
heard Agnetha come in. The stranger was eyed curiously.
Frida got properly introduced to every horse, with
history and character.

‘I would love to take a ride,’ Frida said.

‘Wonderful. I’ll get us something warm to dress in.’

20 minutes later they were on their way. The sun had
decided to peek out.

They took the road through the wood. Birds chirped, the
occasional squirrel raced up a tree.

‘How have you been, Agnetha?’

‘Better, thank you. Sometimes I have nightmares and I’m
nervous around strange men.’

‘No boyfriend since?’

Agnetha gave Frida a look that spoke of that
impossibility. ‘I could not trust anybody. It would be
too unfair.’

‘And the danger is truly gone?’

‘He cannot come into the country.’

‘Thank god.’

They arrived home around lunch time.

‘You won’t believe that, but I’m sore,’ Frida stated

Agnetha giggled. ‘I have something for it. Poor

‘Here, it even smells good. Would you want some

‘Thank you, yes.’

Agnetha returned to the bathroom, a pair of soft, blue
cotton trousers. Frida had already stripped from the
waist down. She’d propped one foot on the toilet and her
fingers were slowly spreading the healing ointment
between her legs and on her bottom.

Agnetha blushed, laying the pants on the tub frame.
Frida caught the sight of her flamed face in the mirror.
She bit her lip.

‘I’m old’, she said rather testily.

Agnetha shook her head. ‘You’re in perfect shape.

‘Do you honestly think that’ Agnetha… for god’s sake,
I’m 57!’

‘What has this go to do with it’ Look at you! You’re
shining. Forget the rest!’

‘Why did you blush?’

At that, Agnetha blushed again.

‘It’s been a long time,’ she mumbled.

‘You seeing me naked,’ Frida laughed.

‘Do you ever remember?’

Frida avoided Agnetha’s eyes now, but nodded.

‘I miss you.’

With that Agnetha left the bathroom.

She had made fresh coffee when Frida came to the

Wordlessly she got behind Agnetha, putting her arms
around her neck.

‘I miss you too,’ she whispered.

Agnetha leaned back, turning her head so she could look
in Frida’s eyes.

‘You made me very happy by visiting me today…’

She kissed Frida’s cheek, very softly and felt her
shudder against her.


‘Hold me tight! Please.’

They stood there in a tender embrace for several
minutes. It changed when Agnetha moved even closer, her
mouth settling on Frida’s neck.

‘Neta,’ Frida repeated, goosebumps covering her body.

‘Yes.’ Agnetha kissed her now, lightly, searching. Frida
responded, deepening the kiss. There was nothing like
those lips, nothing. It felt so good.

They got passionate, playing with their tongues, moaning
in sweet delight. For a few moments they drew apart,
catching their breath, staring at each other.

‘Does it seem wrong?’ Agnetha asked.

‘No, I’m a bit confused because I never believed that to
happen again…’ Frida sounded flustered and smiled

‘Oh, me either, only… my heart… seeing you on my
doorstep… God, I realized I have never stopped
desiring you… and it has nothing to do with looks or
age… it’s you, darling. You should know I love you.’

She saw the flash in Frida’s eyes, giving her a new jolt
of pleasure. The other woman took her back into her
arms, nibbling her left ear: ‘Witch,’ she whispered,
‘knocking me out with this confession.’

Agnetha sighed. ‘I had to tell you…’

‘Hmhm..’, Frida mumbled, laying her lips on Agnetha’s
again. This time they didn’t remain with kissing.
Agnetha slipped her hands over Frida’s bottom and then
slowly between her legs. She could feel the warmth and a
hint of moisture, as Frida jerked against her, breathing
in sharply. ‘Did I hurt you?’

‘No…no…’ Frida lifted Agnetha sweater over her head.
As she had suspected her blonde sweetheart did not wear
a bra. Good. She sucked in one pointed nipple after the
other, bathing them in saliva, while Agnetha messed with
her long hair, her own head thrown back in abandon.

‘I have to lay down, Frida… please…’

Frida looked at her with hunger and impatience.

Agnetha bit her lip. ‘Couch?’

Slyly Frida put her hand right to the v between
Agnetha’s thighs. For that Agnetha kissed Frida, pushing
her tongue in, almost suffocating her. Frida only

‘So very wet’, she said, guiding Agnetha the few paths
to the living room. Agnetha attacked Frida’s clothing.
The pants were easy, the slip came right off with it.
Agnetha fell to her knees.

‘Need you…aah…I need you so much,’ were Agnetha’s
nearly inaudible words before she began showering
Frida’s already puffed up mound with warm, wet kisses.
Frida sank on the sofa, clinging to the cushions to hold
on to something. She felt Agnetha part her legs, push
them up to her breasts. She knew what was going to
happen, feared it, anticipated it. ‘Oh, yes, god,
there.’ She had almost yelled those words, welcoming
Agnetha’s licking and probing.

Agnetha behaved like she was possessed, when she noticed
how close Frida was to climaxing. Excited sounds came
from her throat as she inserted three fingers up Frida’s
ladyplace and continued sucking. The reward was
uncontrolled loud screaming and wild trashing around
until the orgasm subsided.

Agnetha watched her friend closely, noticed the beads of
sweat, rumpled hair and finally the very satisfied, yet
a little sheepish expression on her face.

‘Honey, everything alright?’

‘You had planned on killing me?’

Agnetha nodded, grinning impishly. ‘I just adore the way
you… come…’

‘Want to sit on my lap?’ Frida suddenly asked. Agnetha


‘Do you want to?’

‘Yes,’ a tiny whisper.

Frida hugged her tenderly. ‘You’re such a good girl’,
she said. Slowly her hand went into Agnetha’s panty.
Agnetha’s head leaned on Frida’s shoulder, she was
already breathing with difficulty. ‘Touch me’, she

‘I’m touching you, baby…’

‘But I hurt…’

‘Throbbing and slippery hot… my little darling. Tell
me what to do… tell me the words…’

To drive Agnetha more crazy, she resorted to breast
suckling and kissing. Agnetha wailed. ‘Please, please…
put your fingers inside me, I want to sit on your

‘Of course, hm… that’s what you always liked best…
sit on my fingers and letting me fuck you… while I
tell you what a good little girl you are… so clean, so
well behaved and then you’d gush all over my hand…
Shall we do that?’

‘Oh, please now! Now!’

Frida lost her mind encountering so much sweet smelling
fluid. Agnetha was shaking all over when Frida trust
into her, at the same time biting down her neck.

‘Move!’ she ordered and Agnetha obeyed, sobs escaping

‘Good girl, brave little slave… faster, go faster…’

Agnetha began to cry out, Frida held her around the
waist, pressing her down.

‘I do everything you say, everything,’ she whimpered.

‘I know, Neta… now… a little faster… you can do
it… for me!’

Frida came again herself as she saw the far away rapt
look in Agnetha’s face, while profusely wetting her

Both women were truly exhausted.

‘I’m going to sleep for a week,’ Agnetha managed to say
weakly, not yet able to lift herself off her friend.

‘Definitely. Let’s find your bedroom after all…’

They helped each other up, giggling. ‘I need to
shower… and so do you…’

‘Okay… but no tricks.’

‘Promise,’ Agnetha lied, crossing her fingers behind her
back. Frida caught her hand.

‘I knew!’

‘What are you going to do?’ Agnetha sounded eagerly
interested and Frida sighed. Some things don’t ever

‘I’ll think of an appropriate punishment.’

‘Right,’ Agnetha teased, tickling Frida’s stomach and
racing away from her up the stairs.

Frida could not imagine herself leaving Agnetha any time
soon. For the first time in years, they were both free
to do whatever they wanted… and now it seemed they
wanted each other and nothing else.