That ’70s Show: Cover Girls – Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon

The scenes being shot for the hit sitcom “That ’70s
Show” were all male again today, but due to contract
specifications, all members of the cast were required to
be on the set – just in case the director decided he
needed to re-shoot an earlier scene.

So those cast members that weren’t needed frequently
spent the day in their trailers, or out on the lot. For
the redheaded Laura Prepon, who played Donna on the
show, a quiet day of relaxing in her trailer was a nice
change. Lounging about in just a t-shirt and a pair of
denim shorts, she had been reading a trashy romance
novel on her couch when there came a knock on the

Bouncing up and throwing the book on counter, Laura
opened the door to find her cast mate, Mila Kunis
standing at the steps. Mila played the dumb and trampy
Jackie on the show, and her sultry dark hair framed her
face perfectly as always. Today she wore a simple
halter-top and a pair of tight jeans, and carried a
small blue backpack over one shoulder.

“Hey, Mila,” Laura said. “They didn’t need you today
either, huh?”

“Nope,” Mila said, entering Laura’s trailer. “Hey, I
need to talk to you about something.”

“What’s that?” Laura asked as Mila sat down on the

“How come you didn’t tell me you were posing for Maxim?”
Mila asked. Laura blushed a bit. She hadn’t told anyone
on the show aside from the producers she was posing for
the Men’s Magazine. She had thought no one else would
care, and besides, she knew the guys would tease her
something awful about it. But sooner or later, the
Magazine would hit the newsstands, and she’d have to
face her cast mates.

“Well,” Laura said sheepishly, “I kinda wanted it to be
a surprise.” “A Surprise?” Mila asked. She reached into
her bag and pulled out the magazine. There on the cover
was Laura, wearing black briefs and a red top, leaning
over seductively, her eyes screaming lustfully at anyone
looking at the cover.

“Ohmigod!” Laura exclaimed. “I haven’t seen the pictures

“You look amazing,” Mila said, opening up the magazine
and showing her costar the sexy shots the redhead had
taken several weeks ago. “You really should have told me
you were going to do this,” Mila said.

“Why?” Laura asked. “You don’t like them?”

“I love them!” Mila exclaimed honestly. “But I have a
secret for you, too.”

“What?” Laura asked. She hadn’t the foggiest idea what
Mila might be keeping from her. The two were like sisters,
and had been since the show started.

Mila reached into her bag and pulled out another
magazine. She handed it to Laura, who gasped aloud.

“Mila!” Laura exclaimed, looking down at the Stuff
Magazine with her younger costar on the cover. “You
posed for a magazine, too?”

Mila giggled something awful. “Yep. If I had known you
were going to pose for a magazine, I would have done the
same magazine. We could have posed together!”

Laura laughed aloud as she started flipping through the
pages of the Stuff. Mila looked incredibly hot. Her lips
seemed to scream out to be kissed. Mila had posed for
several of the pictures with a motor cycle, and Laura
could see her friend riding down the street, dressed
like a biker chick, loving every moment of it.

Mila got up and hugged Laura. “Your pictures are hot,
but mine are hotter,” she said with a smile.

“What?” Laura said. “Excuse me, did you see the one
where I’m lying on the couch topless? You didn’t take
your top off at all!”

“So what?” Mila said. “Look at my lips. I bet every guy
in America wants to kiss me just looking at my lips!”

“More like they want you to suck them off,” Laura
muttered. “You look like a street whore. Besides, my
lips are better than yours any day.”

“You wish!” Mila said. “Besides, I’m a great kisser. Far
better than you!” “I’ve made guys breathless with my
kisses!” Laura said.

“And I made a guy faint!” Mila shot back.

“No way!” Laura argued.

“Did so!” Mila said. “I’m the best kisser in the world!”

“Prove it!” Laura said. She was about to go grab one of
the guys from the show to come in here and kiss them
both when Mila grabbed her head on either side of her
face and kissed Laura.

And what a kiss it was. Laura had given some damn good
kisses in her life, but this one made her knees wobble.
Not to be out done, she started to kiss Mila back. She
put her everything into the kiss, and after a few
second, Mila opened her mouth, and their two tongues
started to mingle.

They kissed for two solid minutes before they broke
apart, breathing heavily.

“You – you are a good kisser,” Laura admitted.

“You too!” Mila said. “I’ve never been kissed like

Laura was feeling very aroused at this point. She
realized quite suddenly that she wanted Mila. She wanted
to take the dark haired girl to be and kiss her entire
body. She wanted to finger the smaller girl’s cunt until
she came all over her fingers. Laura had never once even
thought about sleeping with another woman, but right
that moment, she needed to feel Mila’s skin against her

Mila was looking at Laura, too. Her eyes seemed to burn
with a fire that Laura had never seen before. Was it
possible that Mila wanted her as well?

“My breasts are better than yours,” Mila said suddenly.

Skipping any pretense of arguing this time, Laura
instantly spat out “Prove it!”

Mila ripped off her halter and threw it to the floor of
the trailer. Her bra went next, and her perky tits came
into view. She cupped them in her hands, and showed them
to Laura.

Laura reached out and placed her own hands on Mila’s
breasts, kneading them like she did her own when she was
masturbating. They felt wonderful. Mila’s skin was soft
and silky. Bending down, Laura started to suck Mila’s
left nipple, sending a shiver through the other girl,
who moaned in appreciation. Mila reached over and
started to life Laura’s t-shirt off, exposing the
redhead’s bra and the encased globes held by it.

Laura let go of Mila’s body long enough to throw off her
T-shirt and remove her bra. Her own breasts, just as
perky, if a bit fatter than Mila’s, came into view, and
the younger girl latched onto them in a heartbeat. Laura
was amazed at how good it felt to have her friend
sucking on her breasts.

Mila pulled up after a second, her eyes wide with lust.
She started to say something, but Laura cut her off.

“I bet my ass is better than yours,” Laura smiled

“Not a chance,” Mila said, pulling down her jeans and
panties. Laura didn’t even wait for her friend to finish
shedding her pants before she whipped off her shorts and
yanked off her g-string panties.

“Wow,” Mila giggled as the two girls admired each
other’s lower regions. “I guess you’re a natural redhead
after all.”

“That’s it!” Laura said, with mock anger. “If you don’t
lie down on the couch this instant and let me finger
fuck your pussy, you’re going to be in a lot of

“Only if you let me fuck your pussy too!” Mila said.
Mila, as opposed to Laura’s finely trimmed fiery bush,
had shaved off all of her pussy hair.

The two girls ended up on the couch, their hands probing
each other’s slits, eliciting moans of approval and
ecstasy from each other. After several minutes, Laura
climbed up and kissed Mila again. The two rolled over
and fell on the floor, but never lost the lip-lock they
had formed. Mila’s hands found Laura’s breasts again,
and Laura moved her fingers into Mila’s cunt again, her
thumb rubbing her clit furiously.

Suddenly, Mila broke away and cried out in pleasure as
she came all over Laura’s fingers. She collapsed to the
floor, desperate to try and catch her breath. Laura
started kissing Mila’s heaving breasts while the dark
haired girl calmed down from her climax. After several
minutes, Mila pulled Laura’s head up and kissed her

“That was great!” Mila said. “Let me do you!”

“You’d damn well better!” Laura said, rolling over and
spreading her legs. Mila kneeled over Laura and inserted
three fingers into the redhead’s cunt, sliding them in
and out hard and fast. Laura instantly started gasping
for air. That was exactly how she liked to masturbate –
three fingers, in and out as quickly as possible. Mila
kept the pace up for several minutes, bringing Laura
right to the brink.

And then, Mila placed a single fingertip onto Laura’s
clit. The redhead exploded, her girl cum gushing out all
over Mila’s fingers. Laura gasped for air, and her eyes
rolled into the back of her head. It was the single most
powerful orgasm she’d ever had. Never before, either
with a guy or by her own hand, had Laura Prepon ever had
an orgasm as pleasurable or powerful as this one. It was
so amazing, that she blacked out for a bit.

She awoke a minute or so later with Mila sucking on her
breasts. Laura brought her friend up to her face and
kissed her once again.

“You know,” Mila said. “I’m not a lesbian.”

“Neither am I,” Laura said.

“But that was good, right?” Mila asked.

“You bet!” Laura said, fondling Mila’s tits some more.

“And we’ll do it again, right?”

“We’d better!” Laura said with a laugh.

“But we can still date guys, right?”

“Sure. This is just sex,” Laura said.

“Good,” Mila said, her hands moving back down towards
Laura’s cunt. “Next time either one of us poses for a
magazine like these,” she said, looking over at the
Maxim and the Stuff, “We have to do it together.”

“Absolutely,” Laura said, kissing Mila Kunis as the dark
haired girl started to stroke the redhead’s clit again.