Sabrina, Charmed, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer – An erotic story for adults only

Sabrina languidly pressed her tongue into Harvey’s
mouth. He returned the kiss hot and wet. Their tongues
thrashed against one another as their lips writhed and
twisted about. Harvey’s hand, that had been softly
caressing her neck, moved down Sabrina’s shoulder and
came to rest cupping her breast.

Sabrina laid her hand on Harvey’s thigh and forced her
tongue even deeper between his wet lips. Their kiss
went on until her face was drenched from nose to chin.
Sabrina could feel Harvey’s breath come in short, hot
blasts against her cheek. His hips unconsciously jerked
about as he urged her hand to close on his crotch.

Sabrina knew her man. Harvey wanted to screw her in the
worst way, but right now he would welcome any sort of
sexual release. Without breaking their sloppy wet kiss,
she unzipped his pants and pulled Harvey’s throbbing
cock into the open. Most days she would have jerked her
hand up and down on his stiff hard-on until she felt
his hot cum pour over her hand, but she was feeling
generous today. She broke their kiss and immediately
engulfed the head of his cock in her eager mouth.

Harvey grunted in satisfaction as she labored on his
steel hard dick. And it really was labor for Sabrina.
They were in Harvey’s compact car, and Sabrina had to
twist her torso and suffer the car’s console digging
into her ribs as she leaned into the driver’s seat. She
knew that if she got too eager with her blow job that
she would end up whacking her ear on the steering

Sabrina didn’t have to suffer for long though. Harvey’s
teen cock was always on a hair trigger. After less than
two minutes of tonguing and sucking, Sabrina felt his
hot cum spurting into her mouth. She swallowed the
slimy stuff, but then she took a bit of malicious
pleasure as she gave Harvey another full, open mouthed,
tongue swabbing kiss. Harvey, to his credit, joined in
the kiss after only a second of hesitation.

“Sabina, honey, that was incredible,” he said as he
stuffed his softened dick back into his pants. “Do you
want me to do you?” he asked.

“Not today,” Sabrina said. “You better take me home. I
don’t want my aunts to get suspicious.” She was telling
a little lie. Their school had been scheduled for a
half day session, but Sabrina knew that her aunts
didn’t expect her home until the usual time.

Harvey checked his watch and said, “I’ve got to get
home too. My whole family’s going to my Aunt Mary’s for
her birthday. Six hours of driving just to watch her
blow out a candle and listen to stories about her cat.”

Sabrina playfully slapped him on the arm. “Be nice,”
she said, “I think your aunt is a sweet old lady.”

The two teens had been driving to a secluded spot after
school a couple of times a week. Their make out
sessions always ended with Harvey getting his rocks
off, and if Sabrina was in the mood, she let him finger
her clit to orgasm. At least she always let Harvey
think that she had cum; sometimes she faked it for his
male ego.

Harvey pulled away from the parking spot and headed
toward Sabrina’s house. He cleared his throat and said,
“Have you thought any more about us doing it?”

Sabrina fought back a sigh. She loved having Harvey as
a boyfriend but she wasn’t about to fuck him just to
make him happy. She was a witch and her virginity could
be a powerful source of magic – magic that she might
not be able to control.

She rested her hand on the inside of Harvey’s thigh. “I
haven’t changed my mind, Harvey. Maybe most girls don’t
care, but loosing my virginity is a big deal to me.”

“I’ve got the condoms and everything,” he said.

“I know,” she said patiently, “but you’ll just have to
give me time.” She moved her hand to his crotch and
gave it a squeeze. “It’s not like I’m some big cock
tease, you know. You just came in my mouth.”

Harvey patted her hand. “You’re right, babe. I’m not
really complaining.”

Harvey let her out at a corner near her house. It was a
warm afternoon in the early fall. As Sabrina walked
down the tree lined street, her shoes kicked up little
swirls of dead leaves. As she neared her home, her eyes
went automatically to the window of the lower bathroom
of the two story structure. There, between the window
glass and the curtains, was a ceramic figurine in the
shape of a unicorn.

Sabrina’s steps faltered, but then she set her eyes
down the sidewalk and resolutely strode by the cement
walk to her house. The unicorn was a warning to Sabrina
not to approach the house. Being a witch wasn’t all
talking cats and amusing escapades, there could be real
danger. One of her aunts had placed, or caused the
unicorn to materialize in that window. It meant that
there was something very wrong in the house, and
Sabrina was supposed to stay out of it.

Of course, it could just be a test. The other dozen
times she had returned home to see that unicorn in the
window, it had been a test. As she walked on, Sabrina
expected to hear the voice of one of her aunts
whispering magically in her ear, “It’s OK, Sabrina,
come on in.”

But as she reached the intersection at the end of her
block, a knot of panic began to build in her stomach.
There hadn’t been any sort of sign from either of her

It’s a mistake, she told herself. She very nearly
turned back, but then she took a deep breath and
marched across the intersection. There was a
convenience store on the corner with a pay phone
mounted outside. Her aunts had given her a name and
phone number to use if she got this far. She fumbled in
her purse for change, and then her fingers shook as she
put the coins in the slot. She dialed the number; a
continent away a phone began to ring.


Rupert Giles was dressed like the tweedy librarian that
he was. He had on dark trousers, brown wing tipped
shoes, a tan jacket with leather patches at the elbows
and a tie that didn’t go with any other part of his
apparel. He lay on his couch at home, looking like a
man who was going to take quick nap before dinner. Only
his eyes weren’t closed in sleep, they were wide open
and looking down his body to where seven inches of
thick cock stood straight from his crotch. Willow
Rosenberg knelt next to the couch with her eyes locked
on Giles’ erection as she slowly stroked it with one
small hand.

“Willow,” said Giles, “you realize that we can’t let
the others know about this.”

Willow’s eyes never left his cock. “I know,” she said,
“but it’ll be hard not to. I mean, who would have
thought that you had this cutie hidden in your pants?”

“Well, I’m not totally without resources,” he sniffed.

“So I see,” Willow said. She lapped his cock from base
to flared head with her pink tongue, and then she
slipped her mouth over its tip and sucked in half his
rigid length.

“Oh good heavens,” moaned Giles. He pushed his glasses
up on his forehead and covered his eyes with his hand.
He reveled in the feeling of Willow’s tongue and cheeks
on his cock. It took him back to his younger days when
a wilder, more dangerous Giles, had his pick of young
women like her.

Now of course, he should be well beyond the attentions
of females her age, but that just made this little
tryst all that more exciting. He felt the sap begin to
rise from his balls, and he was about to warn Willow,
when suddenly she stopped. He peeped from between his
fingers to see her stand.

With a practiced move, she lifted her skirt with the
thumbs of both hands and hooked them in her panties.
She pushed her panties down until they fell to the
floor. She stepped one foot out of its leg hole and
then used her other foot to flip her panties into the
air. She caught the translucent, white underwear in
midair and tossed them onto the coffee table next to
the couch.

Giles was so amused by her panty juggling , that he was
surprised when Willow threw her leg over his crotch,
and his quivering cock disappeared beneath her skirt. A
second later he felt her hand on his thick shaft and
then the hot, moist, silky feel of a pussy as it
engulfed his cock head. “Willow,” he moaned, “maybe you

“Hush,” she interrupted, “I know what I’m doing. I’m
not a virgin, you know.”

“Now how would I know that?” he asked. Willow answered
by easily taking his full length and width in one
smooth plunge. She swayed forward, placing her hands on
either side of his torso as her flame red hair fell
over her face. Giles just surrendered to the moment.

Willow pounded her hips against his for several long
minutes. Little gasps of pleasure escaped her lips from
time to time. Then she straightened, her back arched
and her hand disappeared under her skirt. Giles knew
that she must be fingering her clit. Her eyes rolled
back in her head and her mouth opened wide in a
soundless scream of orgasm.

Giles felt the contractions of her pussy milking at his
rigid length. It was more than he could take and
suddenly he was filling her hot cunt with shot after
shot of cum.

A few minutes later, Giles was studiously ignoring
Willow as they straightened their clothing. He cleared
his throat and was about to say something to her � he
wasn’t sure what � when the phone rang. He gave a
little sigh of relief as he picked up the receiver.
“Giles here,” he said.

“Mr. Giles, Mr. Rupert Giles?” said a worried female


“Mr. Giles, my name is Sabrina Spellman. You know my
aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman.”

A wave of memories flooded Giles’ mind. He flashed back
to his youth when he had dabbled dangerously in dark
magic. The lure of dark power had been strong, but the
Spellman sisters had shown him the errors of his ways.
He had pledged eternal thanks to the two witches and,
somewhat to his surprise, they had taken him seriously.
Apparently, they had seen something in Giles. They had
him write his name and address on an enchanted piece of
parchment. They had told him that the parchment would
always show where he could be found.

“Yes,” he said into the phone, “I know the Spellmans.
What can I do for you?” In a rush of words Sabrina told
him about the warning of the unicorn, and how her aunts
hadn’t called her back.

“They told me to call you if something was wrong. What
in the world am I supposed to do?” she asked in a
strained voice.

Giles frowned in thought. The Spellman sisters were two
very powerful witches. They must be in real trouble if
they had entrusted him with their niece. “Don’t panic,”
said Giles calmly, “first of all, tell me where you


“Oh dear,” said Giles. “I’m afraid that I’m in
California. It will be at least eight, maybe twelve
hours, maybe more than a day before I can get there.”

For Giles, it seemed as if the entire universe blinked.
Suddenly, he was standing next to a payphone in bright
sunshine. He had his had up to his ear as if he were
still holding his home telephone, which he wasn’t. He
turned slowly in place until he saw a young woman with
blonde hair looking at him.

“Well, you’re here now,” she said in a hopeful voice.

Giles upraised hand moved to his glasses. He took them
off and pulled a handkerchief from his coat pocket. As
he polished the lenses he said, “Miss Spellman, I

She nodded.

“Young lady, you might have given me some warning. I
have to assume that you are also a witch?”

“I’m sorry,” said Sabrina, “but at least I got you here
in a hurry.”

“Yes,” Giles said dryly as he replaced his glasses. He
could hear a shrill tinny voice coming from the phone
in Sabrina’s hand. “If you don’t mind,” he said as he
took the receiver from her. “Willow, I’m fine; I’m in
Massachusetts. Yes…yes…if you don’t mind, please
stand by there. I may need some help.” After a few more
words of explanation, he hung up.

“My house is this way,” said Sabrina as she turned and
began to walk.

“Wait,” said Giles. “It won’t do any good to go
charging about before we know what we’re up against.”

Sabrina stopped and turned. She looked frustrated, but
then she put her hand to her mouth and began to bite on
a nail in concentration. “I could try a spell to look
into the house,” she said.

Giles nodded thoughtfully. “You could, but using magic
might alert who, or whatever’s in there.” He looked
around as if to get his bearings, and his eyes fell on
a large, boxy brown truck parked across the road. As he
watched, a deliveryman, his arms full of packages,
stepped out of the truck and entered a nearby store.

“Ah,” said Giles, “I think I have an idea.”

A few minutes later, a white delivery van pulled to the
curb in front of the Spellman home. Sabrina had
conjured up a truck, a uniform for Giles to wear, and a
package for him to deliver, so that he could
reconnoiter the house.

As Giles stepped out of the van, he looked down at his
new attire. He was wearing white shoes, white knee
socks, white shorts and a white shirt. The name Rupert
was stenciled on a patch over his left chest pocket.

I look like a bloody milkman, he thought. He picked up
the small package � Sabrina had assured him that it
contained something that her Aunt Zelda might order �
and a clipboard, and headed up the walkway to the
house. He rang the door bell, waited, and then rang it
again. A full minute passed and he was beginning to
wonder what to do next when the door opened.

Zelda Spellman was standing there. Giles’ first thought
was that she hadn’t aged a day since he had last seen
her over twenty years ago. His second thought was, my
goodness, what a way to answer your doorbell. The tall
blonde was dressed in a floor length negligee that was
made of a sheer, ice blue material. The material did
nothing to hide her full figure. Giles could hardly
tear his eyes from the acre of tit flesh revealed by
the loosely tied lingerie.

“Package,” he finally managed to stammer.

There was a flicker of recognition in Zelda’s eyes as
she looked at Giles, but then those eyes took on a
dreamy gaze as a man appeared in the doorway. He was
wearing a navy dressing gown and Giles could have sworn
that he spotted a large, obscene bulge poking at the
front of that gown before the man stepped behind Zelda
and put his arms around her waist.

“Who is it, darling?” the man asked as he kissed
Zelda’s slim neck.

“Just a delivery,” she answered as she tilted her head
to invite more kisses.

From somewhere beyond the door, Giles heard the loud,
brash voice of Zelda’s sister, Hilda, saying, “Hey, I
wasn’t through with that big dick yet, come back here
and fuck me.”

The man turned his head and said in a calm voice,
“Please dear, we have someone at the door.”

Giles stared at the man as he held out the package to
Zelda. He looked for all the world like a young Cary
Grant. He even sounded like the man. But neither Cary
Grant, nor any character he had ever played, would
treat a lady like this in public, thought Giles. As he
watched, the man’s hands moved up to cup Zelda’s
breasts. He found her nipples and began to tweak them
between finger and thumb.

“Would you please sign here?” said Giles proffering the
clipboard and a pen.

Zelda took the pen and scrawled an unintelligible
signature as the man began to nibble on the shell of
her ear. She giggled and said in a girlish voice,
“Stop, that tickles.” She thrust the clipboard back
into Giles hand and dropped the package on the floor.
She turned in the man’s arms and put one hand to the
back of his head while her other hand dived low between
their clinging bodies. Giles saw tongues being
exchanged in a kiss just before Zelda’s foot slammed
the door shut in his face. Giles walked back to the
van, and in a few minutes he was back at the
convenience store parking lot where Sabrina was

She jumped into the van’s passenger seat and asked
eagerly, “What did you see?” Giles was tempted to give
the teen a G-rated version of what he’d seen, but then
he decided to tell her all.

“Wow,” Sabrina said. She looked stunned at the prospect
of her aunts having a threesome.

“Perhaps,” Giles softly suggested, “they knew that you
were coming home early and in the uh, excitement of the
moment, they displayed the unicorn sign, forgetting
that you would call me. Perhaps your aunts simply
wanted you away from the house for a couple of hours.”

Sabrina looked stunned and at a loss. “I… I really
don’t know,” she said.

Giles wanted to give her a moment to think. He moved
from the driver’s seat to the rear of the van. His
clothes had been stored there in a neat pile. “If
you’ll keep your eyes to the front, I’ll change back
into my civilian clothes.”

“OK,” Sabrina said softly.

Giles tossed the white shirt, shorts and socks next to
Sabrina’s seat as he removed them. “There you are,” he
said. “I don’t know what you do with magically created
garments. Turn them back into fairy dust or something?”
He was trying to lighten the mood.

Sabrina absently picked up the shirt and held it to her
face. Giles wondered if perhaps she was wiping away a
tear, when she turned and looked at him with a strange
smile. Giles had been using the bump of the van’s wheel
well as a seat. He was wearing only his boxer shorts
and he was in the act of putting on his socks when
Sabrina left her seat and came toward him.

“I’m not quite dressed,” he warned her, but Sabrina was
moving with a purpose. She knelt before him and pushed
his knees wide apart with her hands. Her hand dived
into the opening of his shorts and grabbed his cock.

“Sabina, please,” he cried out, but there was something
about her hot, eager fingers. He became erect in an
instant. He could feel Sabrina’s fingers moving on his
cock as it filled with boiling blood.

Sabrina pulled his cock into the open and said with a
grin, “You’re, much bigger than my boyfriend, Harvey.”
She began to slide her hand up and down Giles erection.
“Do these things keep growing as you get older?” she
asked innocently.

“I don’t think so,” Giles said. “You know, you really
shouldn’t be doing this.” He lifted his hands to push
her away, but then Sabrina opened her mouth and stuffed
three inches of hard cock into her mouth.

“Oh dear,” said Giles. His hands fell back to his sides
and his head fell back to make a hollow ringing thud
against the van’s sheet metal side. He could do nothing
but, for the second time that afternoon, surrender to
the feeling of a hot mouth and tongue on his cock.
Through half-lidded eyes he watched Sabrina’s blonde
head bob back and forth.

Her lips flared around the shaft of his cock, and her
tongue worked double-time on its sensitive head. In
less than two minutes, his aching dick was spurting its
load into her willing mouth. She looked as if she was
savoring a fine wine before she swallowed the creamy
cum. Sabrina rose and melted into Giles’ arms. She gave
him an eager kiss, and then she took his hand and very
deliberately pushed it between her thighs.

Giles loved the feel of Sabrina’s silky skin on his
fingers. He was about to close in on what he knew would
be a juicy, tight pussy, when he abruptly became aware
of what was going on. He snatched his hand away from
Sabrina’s leg as if it were on fire. He pushed her from
his lap and loudly cleared his throat. “Sabrina, we
have to stop.”

Her face became furious. “Oh sure, you get your rocks
off, but if I want a little action, then it’s all

Giles threw up his hands as if she were about to
attack. “Sabrina, stop, something’s happened to us. We
should be thinking about your aunts.”

“You just told me that they were both fine and simply
fucking away the afternoon.”

“I put that forward as a possibility; we have to look
further,” he said in a calming tone.

Sabrina emitted a growl of frustration and stomped back
to the passenger seat. As Giles finished dressing
Sabrina gathered up his deliveryman outfit and made it
disappear in a puff of fragrant smoke. She picked up
the clipboard and looked as if she were about to
disincorporate its atoms, when she began to squeal.

“A message, Aunt Zelda sent me a message,” she said
breathlessly as she pointed to the clipboard.

Giles looked skeptically at the spiky scribble. “You
can read something in that scrawl?” he asked.

“It’s a game that I used to play with my aunts, when I
was first learning my powers.” she said, “watch this.”
She tore the paper, containing what Giles had thought
was Zelda’s signature, from the clipboard, and stuffed
it in her mouth. She chewed on it for a minute and then
spit it back on the clipboard. She poked and prodded
and pushed at the wad of paper until it had spread to
ten times its original size. She handed the clipboard
to Giles with a look of triumph and confusion. “Here’s
what she wrote. I’m not sure what it means though.”

“It says,” Giles read from the slightly soggy paper,
“regulus glamour-incubus, book of shadows, 3
halliwells, san fran.”

“But what does it mean?” she asked.

“Well the Book of Shadows is a near-mythic book of
spells and information. It’s a bit of a Holy Grail to a
librarian like me. I think that the regulus glamour-
incubus is some sort of demon with which your aunts are
having trouble. And the three Halliwells must be
someone or something in San Francisco. I assume that
will lead us to the book, and I hope, a method for
dealing with this demon.”

Sabrina had seemed full of hope for a few moments, but
then her face began to cloud up once more. “We may not
have the time to search all over San Francisco,” she

“I’m sure that we won’t have to,” said Giles. “Let me
make a phone call.” He left the van and called Willow
at his home back in Sunnydale. He advised her as to
what was going on. “So I need for you to do whatever it
is you do on the Internet and find out what ‘three
Haliwells’ is,” he instructed. “I’ll be at this
number.” He gave her the number at the convenience
store payphone.

Giles’ stomach growled, and he realized that it was his
lunch time. He got some snacks from the store and at
least tried to share them with Sabrina. She was too
nervous and upset to eat. He was washing down the last
of a way-too-sweet cookie when the payphone began to
ring. He answered; it was Willow on the other end.

“Giles, I think I found your Halliwells,” she said in
an excited tone. “There are a bunch of people in San
Francisco named Halliwell and at least two businesses.
I couldn’t put the number three with any of them, but
then I did a cross-check by…”

“Willow,” interrupted Giles, “dear, I’m afraid that we
may be a bit pressed for time.”

“Oh, sure,” she said. “Uh, there are three Halliwells
with the same address and phone number. Maybe that’s

“Well, it’s certainly a place to start. Thank you,

She gave him the address and phone number, and then
Giles returned to the van. “Sabrina,” he asked as he
climbed into the driver’s seat, “can you do that trick
with the phone once more? We need to be in San


Piper Halliwell walked softly through the upstairs
hallway of her San Francisco home. She could hear the
rhythmic squeak of bedsprings, and the muffled cries
and the muted moans of sex. She stopped outside the
closed door of her sister Phoebe’s bedroom. Piper
looked around and then squatted and put her eye to the
keyhole of the old door.

Phoebe’s bed was across the room and sat crossways to
the door. There was a blonde guy lying nude on the bed
while an unclothed Phoebe bounced up and down on his
cock. Piper didn’t recognize the man. “Damn,” she
muttered to herself, “that’s the third different guy in
the last week.”

Piper steadied herself against the wall with one hand,
while she moved her other hand beneath the skirt she
was wearing. She slid a finger over the crotch band of
her panties, and pressed on her clit. She watched as
Phoebe leaned over her partner and shoved her tongue
down his throat while he pounded his wet cock into her
juicy pussy.

If I don’t stop this, I’ll have a sloppy wet pussy too,
thought Piper. She gave her clit one more good rub. She
was about to stand and go about her business, when she
heard, “Hey, what’s up?” in a whisper from directly
behind her ear.

Piper gasped and almost toppled over, but a pair of
hands caught her and helped her to her feet. She turned
and looked into the smirking face of her older sister,
Prue. “You know perfectly well what’s up,” Piper
hissed. She grabbed her sister by the hand and didn’t
turn it loose until they were in the basement of the
manor, two floors lower.

Once they were situated in corner, Piper turned to her
sister and said, “Look, I know that we agreed that we
had to let Phoebe live her own life when she moved back
in with us. But this continuous orgy that she’s
carrying on is too much.”

Prue pursed her lips. “I don’t think that one guy at a
time constitutes an orgy,” she said.

“You know what I mean,” said Piper as she shook her
finger in Prue’s face.

Prue reached out and took her sister’s hand. She pulled
until Piper was in her arms and she could give her a
fierce hug. “I know what you mean. She’s doing what
she’s always done. Acting just as she pleases, and
soaking up all the attention, especially all the sexual

The girls separated just enough to gaze into one
another’s eyes. Prue tilted her head and kissed her
sister tenderly on the lips. Piper returned the kiss
and for a long moment their lips pressed softly. Their
mouths opened at the same instant, and their tongues
twined about one another slowly and sinuously. Their
breath was coming in short, hot gasps before they broke
apart. The two women stepped back and stared at each

“I though we decided against this when Phoebe came
back,” Piper said into the tense silence.

“I thought it was for the best,” Prue said. She walked
to a nearby shelf and picked up an old quilt that had
been stored there. “But, I didn’t expect her to fuck so
many guys that you could practically see the pheromones
wafting through the air.”

“Right,” said Piper, taking a cue from Prue. She took
one end of the quilt and helped her sister spread it on
the floor. “I mean it’s not like we’re gay or

Prue removed a blanket from its place on the shelf and
began to unfold it. “Yeah, Lord knows I like a good
stiff cock as much as the next girl,” she said.

“As long as the next girl isn’t Phoebe,” said Piper.
They both chuckled as they spread the blanket on top of
the quilt.

Piper began to unbutton her top. “We date, but it’s
hard to keep a steady boyfriend, especially when you’re
a witch,” she said.

“You know the old joke,’ said Prue. She had slipped out
of most of her clothes and was now unfastening her bra.
“A hard man is good to find, but a good man is hard to

“Ain’t it the truth,” said Piper as she stepped out of
her panties that had fallen to the floor.

The two sisters faced one another across the makeshift
bed. Piper had a slim figure with brunette hair that
fell down her back. Prue had a more lush figure, larger
breasts and more curves than her sister. Her raven
black hair framed her face. They embraced and kissed.

Prue eagerly played with her sister’s tongue. She loved
deep wet kisses. Already, she could feel a warm
swelling begin to infuse her pussy. She slid her hand
to Piper’s ass and tickled her smooth skin with the
tips of her fingers. Piper responded by holding her
sister even closer. She slipped her creamy smooth thigh
between Prue’s legs and felt the wetness there as Prue
began to massage her pussy.

“Damn, I thought that I was the horny one,” said Piper
as she kidded her older sister. Prue was practically
humping her leg.

“You can’t believe how much I’ve missed this,” said
Prue breathlessly. “I’d lie awake at night, listening
to Phoebe fucking some guy, and I’d have to masturbate
for an hour before I could fall asleep.”

“I know what you mean,” said Piper. “I’ve worn out my
vibrator since she came back home.”

There was another long kiss that became deeper and
almost frantic in its intensity. Prue caressed Piper’s
rough nipples with the palm of her hand. The two
sisters knelt on the blankets, still kissing and
fondling. Prue pushed her sister onto her back, and
then crawled between her knees. She kissed her way up
Piper’s fevered thighs, then she parted her sister’s
vaginal lips and stuck her tongue in as far as

Piper moaned and thrust her hips into the air. Prue
lavished her attention on her sister’s button. She
sucked and played until she felt Piper’s fingers on
either side of her face, urging her to the next step of
their love making. Prue left her sister’s pussy, and
then kissed and licked her way up Piper’s slim torso.

They exchanged deep, soulful kisses and then Prue slid
her leg between her sister’s thighs. She clasped
Piper’s upraised knee in her hands and pulled their
pussies tight together. At that point, intimacy and
loving embraces went out the window. It was about
rubbing clits and the quickest way to an orgasm.

Prue humped her sister unmercifully. She felt the waves
of sexual tension build and recede in her aching cunt.
Then, one of those waves grew until it crashed over
into a mind blinding orgasm. She rode the feeling as
long as she could and then she collapsed onto the
makeshift bed. She felt Piper crawl into her arms and
rest her head on her shoulder. The two sisters cuddled
in the gloom of the cellar.

A few minutes later, they heard footsteps and voices
over their heads. After a moment, they heard the front
door open and then close. “Phoebe’s fuck toy must be
worn out,” said Prue.

They heard light, running steps that faded up the
stairs. “She must be late for her next date,” Piper
said dryly.

Prue yawned and said, “We better get up before she
comes looking for us.” The two witches were just
emerging from their cellar when the front doorbell


Giles pushed on the doorbell for several seconds and
then stepped back. He and Sabrina had teleported
through the phone system to the home of one of Giles’
friends. Clearly no stranger to magic, the man had
acted as if people poured out of his phone every day. A
taxi had been summoned, and now Giles and Sabrina were
standing in front of a large two-story home.

The door opened to reveal two attractive, young ladies.
“Good afternoon,” said Giles. “My name is Rupert Giles
and this is Sabrina Spellman. I’m sorry to bother you,
but I’m something of a librarian and I have reason to
believe that you may be in possession of a rare tome
known as “The Book of Shadows”.”

Giles saw one of the women raise her hands and then the
universe seemed to blink. Somehow, there were now three
dark haired women in the doorway. Sabrina, who had been
slightly behind him and to his left, was now standing
in front of him.

“It’s alright,” Sabrina said, “Piper froze you for a
while, but I explained everything to them.”

“Froze me?” said Giles, bewildered. “Perhaps you better
explain everything to me as well.”

“They’re witches too,” said Sabrina. “Piper,” she
pointed to one of the women, “has the power to freeze
people in place.”

“Sorry about that,” Piper said to Giles. “We have a lot
of enemies who would love to steal our book.”

“I see,” said Giles. “Well, we only want to do a bit of

“Why don’t we take this conversation inside?” said one
of the other women. “The neighbors think we’re weird
enough as it is.”

They entered the manor, and introductions were made all
around. Giles and Sabrina told their story as the group
climbed to the manor’s cluttered attic. They all
gathered around “The Book of Shadows” that was situated
on a reading stand.

“Well, this may take some time,” Giles said as he
looked at the hundreds of pages the book contained.

“Maybe not,” said Prue, “sometimes the book helps out.
Sabrina, reach for the book as if you were going to
turn a page.”

Sabrina took a step forward and reached out her hand.
Her hand was still inches from the open book when its
pages began to turn as if blown by a breeze. When the
pages stopped turning Sabrina said, “Hey, that’s cool.
Wonder if I can get my schoolbooks to do that?”

“It would be a useful research tool,” Giles said as he
leaned in to peer at the open page. “Ah, Regulus
Glamour-incubus,” he read aloud, “just what we needed.”

At that point, the entire group tried to get close
enough to read the book. Toes were trod upon and bodies
stumbled into one another. “Wait, wait,” said Prue as
she spread out her arms. “Let’s get organized. Piper,
Phoebe, there’s a recipe for a potion at the bottom of
the page. Why don’t you take Sabrina down to the
kitchen and get started on that. Mr. Giles and I will
read up on the demon and see what has to be done.”

Piper took Sabrina by the hand and said, “Come on
Sabrina, big sister has her ‘I’m in charge’ voice on.
Phoebe, make note of the ingredients in that potion.”

“Yes ma’am,” said Phoebe as she gave sarcastic salutes
to her sisters and the world in general.

In a few seconds Prue and Giles were alone in the
attic. Giles frowned in concentration as he read from
the book. Prue stood close to Giles as she read; her
breast pressed on his arm. After a minute her hand lay
casually on his back and then her head nestled onto his

“Well, this is very interesting,” said Giles as he
gestured at the book.

“Hmmm?” said Prue. The hand that had been on Giles’
back moved down to rest on his butt.

“This demon,” Giles said hesitantly, “has some
interesting characteristics.”

“Oh really?” said Prue. Her eyes were locked on Giles
face and her free hand began to caress his chest.

Giles cleared his throat loudly and turned to Prue.
“Apparently, this demon is incredibly attractive to
women. I have to warn you that I was near this demon
recently. Certain pheromones or perhaps some sort of
magic may be lingering on my person making you act this

“Acting what way?” Prue asked as she pressed her
breasts even more firmly to his side.

“As if you were attracted to me,” said Giles.

Prue caressed his cheek with the tips of her fingers.
“I’m sure that lots of women find you attractive.”

“Well,” he said, “I do have my moments.”

“Let’s make this one of those moments,” said Prue. She
seized the back of his neck and pulled his face to
hers. Their lips crashed together and Prue’s tongue
stabbed into his mouth. Giles resisted, but only for a
second. Their kiss became less painful and more
sensual. His arms went around Prue’s waist and he
pulled her close.

Giles felt Prue’s hand reach for his crotch and grope
at his pants. He broke their kiss long enough to say,
“I may not be up to this, so to speak. I’ve had two
sexual encounters today already.”

Prue gave him a smile as if to say that no dick could
stay limp for long if she didn’t want it to be that
way. Her face lowered as she knelt on the floor at
Giles’ feet. She unzipped his pants and pulled his half
hard cock into the open. The head vanished into Prue’s
warm, wet mouth, and her hand began to stroke the
length of its shaft.

“Good heavens,” Giles sighed. He had seven inches of
achingly hard cock in no time at all. “This really
isn’t necessary,” he said, gasping out each word. But
Prue didn’t even slow down. She knew how to milk a cock
and in no time Giles entire body shuddered as he shot
into her eager mouth.

Prue stood and dusted off her knees. “I guess we better
join the others if you’re through reading up on this
demon,” she said as if nothing had happened.

Giles adjusted his glasses, cleared his throat and
said, “Yes, I suppose we should.” He zipped up his
pants as they left the attic.

They found Sabrina carefully tapping powder from a clay
jar into a steaming pot as Piper slowly stirred the
concoction with a wooden spoon. A plume of noxious
smoke erupted from the pot and Phoebe, who was standing
nearby said, “I think it’s done.”

“I think you’re right,” said Piper as she flailed her
hand through the air to disperse the fumes. She removed
the pot from the stove and set it on a counter to cool.
“OK, this potion is ready as soon as we can get it in a
glass vial. What did you guys find out?”

Giles and Prue began to speak at the same time, and
then they stopped at the same time when they realized
what was happening. “Go ahead,” said Prue, “I think you
read that stuff more closely than I did.”

“Yes, well,” began Giles, “the regulus glamour-incubus
is a rather benign demon for the most part. It seduces
women and then takes a bit of their life force during
sexual congress. Afterwards, it simply moves on to its
next victim.”

“That sounds like every man I ever dated,” said Prue in
a dry tone.

“Unfortunately,” Giles said as if he hadn’t heard her,
“this demon needs a human body to inhabit, and it
becomes quite vicious when it comes time to take a new

“So you’re afraid that it wants one of Sabrina’s
aunts?” asked Phoebe.

“No,” said Giles, “it needs to use the body of a virgin

All of the eyes in the room turned to Sabrina. Suddenly
shy at all the attention, she slowly raised her hand in
the air and said, “That would be me.”

“Yes,” said Giles, “you would find its allure almost
irresistible. It would impregnate you by the
conventional method, and the child would grow to term
in a matter of hours.”

“At least it would all be over with pretty quick,”
Sabrina said. She was smiling bravely at her feeble

Giles looked at her with sympathy. “You wouldn’t be in
any condition to know, Sabrina. The child consumes the
mother as it grows to the size of a young teenager. I
imagine that your death would be quite painful.”

“Oh,” was all that she could say.

“So,” said Piper matter-of-factly, “how do we kill this
thing? Throw the potion on it and do a spell? That
seems to be our standard operating procedure.”

“I’m afraid not,” said Giles. “The demon becomes very
strong when it’s in season, so to speak. It’s
impervious to almost any magic.”

“And?” said Phoebe as she arched her eyebrows, urging
Giles to come to the point.

“In order to kill the thing, it has to drink the potion
freely, it can’t be forced, and then someone has to
chop off its head in one stroke.” Giles finished.

“Yuck,” said Piper.

“Double yuck,” said Phoebe. “Look, Sabrina is here,
safe and sound. Why doesn’t she just stay with us until
the demon leaves?”

“It might leave,” said Giles. “But I’m afraid that it
would kill the Spellman sisters so that they couldn’t
warn any other virgin witches.”

“We can’t let innocents die like that,” Prue said. “And
if the demon has to be beheaded, then I’m willing to
take a whack at it.” She grinned slyly at her pun.

“Beheading someone is harder than you think,” said
Giles. “And before you ask, yes I do have some
experience in the matter. However,” he stuck a finger
in the air, “I do know someone quite proficient at
handling edged weapons. She’s expert in killing
vampires, monsters and such. In fact she is known as
the slayer.”

Prue shrugged and said, “Well, let’s get this vicious
slayer here and get going. Sabrina’s aunts may not be
able to hold out much longer.”

“Very well,” said Giles. “I’ll have to use your phone.”
He dialed a number and after a short conversation, he
motioned Sabrina over. She applied her magic and a
second later, a slender, blonde haired young lady had
been added to the group.

Giles’ made the introductions and ended by saying, “And
everyone, this is Buffy Summers.”

“Hi,” said Buffy.

There was a silence in the room that became awkward.
“Is there a problem?” asked Giles.

Prue said, “Giles, when you said ‘the slayer’ I think
we pictured a six foot tall, sword wielding Amazon.
This Buffy may be the smallest person in the room.”

“Don’t worry about me,” said Buffy, “I can handle

“There are innocent people to be protected here and I
don’t think that a little girl…” Piper began to say,
and then everyone else started speaking at once.
Everyone except Prue, that is. She had decided to see
if this so called slayer was as good as Giles claimed.
Prue used her telekinetic powers to levitate a table
knife from its place on a kitchen counter, then she
sent it slicing through the air toward Buffy’s heart.
She figured that the dull blade would only leave a
bruise and prove that Buffy was nothing special.

Prue could have sworn that the knife was only an inch
from its mark when Buffy’s arm suddenly blurred into
motion. Prue saw a flash and then she felt a sting on
the top of her head. She ducked and turned to see the
knife quivering where it had been buried into the wall.
Prue felt the top of her head and winced when she
touched raw skin. She lowered her hand and saw a spot
of blood on her finger tip. She glowered at Buffy.

“Try that again and I might just split your skull
instead of your hair,” said Buffy.

Prue looked as if she were ready to take on Buffy with
her bare hands, but Giles quickly stepped between them.
“Ladies, please,” he scolded. He turned to Prue and
said, “Believe me, Buffy is much stronger, quicker and
more deadly than she appears.” He turned to Buffy. “And
we’ll need everyone’s cooperation, if we’re going to be
successful. Or would you rather just fight amongst
yourselves until the demon kills the Spellman sisters
and moves on to other prey.”

Suddenly, the hum of the refrigerator was the only
sound in the kitchen. After a few seconds, Buffy said
softly, “You’re right, Giles. Can we assume that you
have a plan?”

“As a matter of fact, I do,” he said.


The five women tried to appear casual as they strolled
along the sidewalk near the Spellman home. The group
had teleported back to Massachusetts using the
answering machine in Harvey’s empty house. Buffy and
Sabrina were wearing mismatched, loose fitting workout
clothes. They were carrying the sticks that girls on
field hockey teams use. The Halliwell sisters were all
wearing matching warm up suits. Above the left breast
of each Halliwell was the word ‘Coach’, then there were
crossed field hockey sticks, and under that was
‘Westbridge High School Field Hockey Team’.

“I still say that I could have passed as Sabrina’s high
school teammate,” said Phoebe.

“And voted most likely to be the class slut,” muttered

“What was that?” asked Phoebe.

“She said,” interrupted Prue, “that we need to focus.
Mr. Giles says that this demon will addle our minds
with his sexual energy.”

“He couldn’t be completely overpowering,” said Sabrina,
“otherwise my Aunt Zelda couldn’t have sneaked that
message out of the house.”

“Mr. Giles plan seemed pretty sketchy to me,” said

“We have a story to get everyone inside Sabrina’s
house,” said Buffy who was leading the pack down the
sidewalk. “After that we’ll just have to play it by

At that point they were approaching the door to the
Spellman home. Sabrina pointed to a large, black cat
that was sleeping in the sun on the porch. “At least
Salem’s stayed out of the way,” she said quietly. “He
was sleeping there when I went to school this morning.”

“Stayed out of the way?” whispered Prue with a
quizzical look. “Do you think he might have tried to
defend your aunts?”

“I think he might have been in there, cheering on the
demon,” Sabrina whispered back. When it looked as if
Prue was going to ask something else, Sabrina held up
her hand and said, “It’s a long story.”

Sabrina used her key on the lock, and in a few seconds
everyone was inside. Seated on the sofa in the den were
Sabrina’s aunts. In a chair that faced the door was a
man dressed in casual, tan slacks and a navy golf
shirt. He seemed to be in his twenties with full, dark
hair. He had a handsome face that broke into a warm,
intimate smile at the sight of the girls.

Zelda stood up and turned their way. “Sabrina, you’re
home? We’ve been worried.” He eyes looked unfocused, as
if she had been drinking all afternoon, but her speech
was clear enough.

“Today was the first day of field hockey practice.
Don’t you remember?” asked Sabrina. She sounded as if
she had rehearsed the line a hundred times.

Prue stepped forward. “I hope you don’t mind,” she
said, “we’re from Sabrina’s school.” She gestured to
her two sisters. “We’re just getting the program
started, and we wanted to meet the parents of the
players. Sabrina was kind enough to invite us over.”

“Oh,” said Zelda, “that’s nice.” She looked confused
for a second and then seemed to remember something. She
gestured vacantly to the room behind her and said,
“This is my sister Hilda, and a friend of our family,
uh, Jack Smith.”

Hilda lazily flipped up a hand in greeting, but Smith
sprang form his chair and crossed the room. “It’s nice
to meet you all,” he said as he shook everyone’s hand.
“Especially you, Sabrina.” He held her hand in both of
his as he spoke. “Your aunts have told me so much about

Sabrina felt her insides melt. Her knees grew weak, and
she couldn’t see anything but Smith’s deep blue eyes.
“Hi,” she said drawing the word out in a long sigh.

Buffy saw the dreamy look on Sabrina’s face. She
stepped up shoulder to shoulder with Sabrina and stuck
her hand practically under Smith’s nose. “I’m Buffy,
Sabrina’s teammate.”

Smith smoothly took Buffy’s hand and said, “How nice to
meet you, Buffy. If all the girls on the team are as
beautiful as you two, I may have to attend a few

Holy shit, thought Buffy. It was if there was a direct
connection from her hand to her clit. She could
practically feel the little nubbin swell. I wonder if I
could let this guy fuck me into oblivion before I have
to kill him.

Smith returned his gaze to Sabrina. “Sabrina, why don’t
you show me your room? We can get acquainted while your
coaches talk to your aunts.”

“No,” said all of the rescuers loudly, and at the same

Smith looked startled at their reaction, but then Prue
stepped forward and slid her arm through his. “We’re
just anxious to meet as many of the people in Sabrina’s
life as possible. Why don’t we sit down and chat?”

As Prue dragged Smith back into the den, Piper caught
Sabrina’s eye and lifted a partially closed fist to her
lips as if she were drinking something.

Sabrina looked at her vacantly for a moment, but then
she took the hint and said, “I’ll get us some soft

“I’ll help,” said Piper. She motioned to Phoebe that
she should join Prue and Smith.

Buffy followed the girls into the kitchen. “Did you
feel anything when he touched you?” she asked Sabrina
when they were safely alone.

“Are you kidding?” she hissed. “I almost had an orgasm
right then.”

“I thought you were a virgin,” said Piper.

“Well, a girl can be a virgin and still know what an
orgasm feels like,” said Sabrina.

Piper considered that statement for a second, and then
looked at Buffy. “Did you…?”

“Hundreds,” said Buffy before Piper could finish her

“Oh,” said Piper. “Well, let’s get those drinks ready.”

Sabrina pulled out glasses, ice and sodas. The girls
fixed the drinks and then Piper pulled the vial that
held the potion from her pocket and opened it. She was
about to pour the potion into one of the glasses when
her nose wrinkled in distaste. “This stuff has really
begun to stink,” she said.

Sabrina and Buffy took turns smelling the potion. “Kind
of an acrid smell,” said Buffy. “No one would expect a
soft drink to taste like this. I don’t think he’d take
more than a sip.”

“Me neither,” added Sabrina. “But if he has to drink
this stuff of his own free will, what else can we do?”

Piper took another whiff of the potion and turned to
Sabrina. “I have an idea,” she said. “if you’re up it,
that is.”

Sabrina looked wary. “Like what?” she asked.

“It concerns these orgasms that you have. Do you
squirt?” she asked with a mischievous look.


Sabrina, Piper and Buffy joined the group in the living
room. They passed around the sodas, and then took their
seats. Phoebe, Prue and Smith had taken over the sofa,
with the girls sitting on each side of the sex demon.

Buffy looked over the situation. Smith, who was
completely charming and relaxed, chatted with Piper and
Sabrina about field hockey. The Spellman sisters looked
as if they were drunk. They said practically nothing.
Phoebe and Prue looked peculiar. Their eyes were wide
open and their breathing was fast and shallow. Every
few seconds they shivered as if the room were freezing.
They’re in some sort of orgasmic trance, Buffy
realized. She felt a twinge of jealously. He was so
good looking and she hadn’t been laid in months. Maybe
they could… She shook her head and took a deep breath
to clear her mind. It was time to slay something.

Buffy caught Piper’s eye. Piper shrugged with her
eyebrows. This seemed as good a time as any. Buffy took
Sabrina’s arm and then looked at Smith. “Excuse us a
minute,” she said, “we’re going up to Sabrina’s room
for a few minutes.” As she spoke, Buffy tried to give
the demon as much of a come hither look as she could

Smith rose to the bait. He stood and said, “Why don’t I
come along? Sabrina can show me her room.”

Prue and Phoebe didn’t even seem to notice that Smith
had moved. The Spellman sisters looked vaguely
disturbed, but a full day in Smith’s sexual miasma had
left them numb to any feelings of danger for Sabrina.

Once they reached Sabrina’s room, Buffy smiled at Smith
and said, “We’ll be right back, we’re going slip out of
these comfortable clothes.” She had to practically drag
Sabrina into the bathroom.

“Isn’t he dreamy?” slurred Sabrina once they were
locked away in her bathroom.

“Hello,” hissed Buffy as she pointed back to Sabrina’s
room, “demon who’s trying to kill you?”

“Oh, yeah,” said Sabrina with her face in a pout.

“Now strip down to your bra and panties,” Buffy said as
she began to take off her own clothes. Sabrina eagerly
threw off her sweat suit. “OK, now lie down and stick
your hips up in the air.”

Remembering the plan that Piper had outlined in the
kitchen, Sabrina spread her legs and raised her butt
into the air. Soon Buffy was staring down at Sabrina’s
up thrust pussy. She took the vial that Piper had given
to her and unscrewed the top. She wrinkled her nose in
distaste as she spread Sabrina’s vaginal lips and
worked the vial into the pink opening.

Sabrina giggled and twitched her hips. “That’s cold,”
she complained.

“Sorry,” mumbled Buffy as she made sure that the vial
was empty. She pulled the crotch band of Sabrina’s
panties back into place.
“OK, remember, hop onto your bed first thing. Don’t let
this stuff leak out.”
Sabrina nodded and stuck out her hand so that Buffy
could help her off the floor.

Smith smiled as the two young women emerged from the
bathroom. They looked nubile and fresh in their
underwear. Sabrina’s was even decorated with little
pink bows.

As Smith watched, Sabrina climbed on her bed. She lay
on her back, spread her legs and immediately began to
finger her clit through her panties. She wasn’t acting
like a virgin, but the aura of untouched witch was
clear to his demonic sight. He could feel his cock
rapidly expanding. He’d lost count of the number of
times he’d fucked Sabrina’s aunts this afternoon. But
that was only an amusement. In a few hours all these
women would be dead. The police and the press would
raise a huge fuss, but they would find his old body
along with the bloody female corpses, and assume that
the whole mess was a murder-suicide. By then, he would
be just another boy in the crowd with a winning smile
and a hard-on for his next victim.

Buffy broke into his thoughts as she stepped in front
of him. She touched him lightly with a finger that
traveled from the tip of his strong chin to the tip of
his very potent cock. She gave him a sexy smile and
said, “Sabrina and I thought that we might have some
fun with you. She insisted on going first.”

Smith was eager to bury his big dick in Sabrina’s
virgin pussy. He quickly undressed as Sabrina whispered
in his ear, “She loves oral action. Why don’t you get
her hot and wet before you try to stick that pole
between your legs into her tight cunt.”

“And how would you know about her cunt?” he asked.

She shrugged. “You know what they say about female
athletes,” she said, grinning.

Smith climbed onto the bed. Sabrina was already
thrusting her hips into the air, begging for action. He
decided that Buffy had a good idea. He would bring
Sabrina to the brink of orgasm, then impale her juicy
pussy. He slid the panties off her hips and delicately
parted her vaginal lips. He licked her clit a few
times, which brought moans of delight from the girl.
His tongue stabbed into Sabrina’s hot cunt and she
immediately shivered in orgasm. A gush of rich, earthy,
and not-very-tasty liquid poured into his mouth. He
gulped it down just as he had from the lips of a
thousand other cunts.

Burning pain speared down his throat. He stumbled from
the bed and looked around wildly. Sabrina was fingering
herself on the bed, but Buffy was looking at him with
wary eyes. “You bitches are trying to poison me,” he
roared. He clutched at his throat and his handsome face
contorted into something very green and ugly. The door
to Sabrina’s room banged open. Piper was standing there
with a field hockey stick under her arm. Her hands came
up and Smith felt a flicker of magic that he easily

Piper looked at Buffy and said, “Well, I had to give it
a try.”

“Your witch’s magic is powerless against me,” Smith
said. “I think I’ll just rip your head off for trying
it on me.” He took a step toward Piper, but Buffy
charged at him from the side. “Don’t bother me little
girl,” he growled. He swung his arm and sent her flying
behind him, across the room. Smith didn’t even bother
to look. He was sure that he had crushed her rib cage.
If she wasn’t already dead from a lacerated heart, then
she’d soon die from internal bleeding.

He turned his attention back to Piper. She looked
frightened, but there was no panic in her eyes. She
heaved the hockey stick at him. But her aim was so
poor, the stick sailed by him and clattered to the
floor. She backed away, and he was about to lunge for
her throat when he heard Buffy’s voice. It wasn’t the
weak whisper of a dying human. It was strong and full
of barely contained rage. He turned and was amazed to
see the girl on her feet, seemingly unharmed. She had
picked up the hockey stick, and as he watched, she
twisted it in her hands. There was a sharp crack as the
carbon fiber splintered.

“I wish,” Buffy said as her hands separated, and the
base of three feet of razor sharp steel that had been
hidden in the stick’s shaft, was revealed, “that you
people would stop calling me a little girl.” In one
move she drew the sword from its disguised scabbard
and, with a backhanded swing, sent it slicing through
the air. Smith’s ugly, green head didn’t topple from
his shoulders until his knees buckled and his body fell
over sideways.


Giles saw the door to the Spellman home open as he
approached. He had retreated to the convenience store
when the women had begun their rescue mission. They had
pointed out that the demon had already seen him once
that day. And anyway, his male presence might distract
the demon from the seduction he had planned. Giles had
been sorely relieved when Buffy had called to give him
the all clear.

“Are you all right?” he asked. “Did you have any

“Your plan worked with only a minor alteration,” Buffy
said with a playful smile on her lips.

“Good,” said Giles, “perhaps a little celebration is in
order.” He tried to peer past Buffy into the house.
“Afterwards, Sabrina can teleport us back to

Buffy took his arm and lead him into the house. “The
celebration has already begun,” she said, “but I’m
afraid the demon’s influence hasn’t died out.”

“Oh dear,” said Giles as he entered the living room. “I
see what you mean.”

Zelda and Hilda Spellman were seated on the sofa,
kissing and fondling one another’s breasts. Prue and
Piper were on their knees; their mouths were locked on
the Spellman pussies. Phoebe and Sabrina were present
as well. They were in a sixty-nine embrace on the rug
in the middle of the room. Moans and gasps of pleasure
came from everyone involved.

Oddly enough, there was a black cat sitting on its
haunches in the middle of the room. Its mouth was
hanging agape as it looked from one to another of the
female couples.

Sabrina said, “Yeah, Piper and I managed to hold off
the sexual urges until the demon was killed.”

“Apparently, Piper has given in,” said Giles.

“And I have never been so horny in my life,” said
Buffy. She nearly jerked Giles off his feet as she
dragged him to the foot of the stairs. “Come on, there
are plenty of beds upstairs.”

“Buffy, I really don’t think I can satisfy you,”
protested Giles as he tried to get out of her vice like

“Don’t worry,” said Buffy. “I spoke to Willow earlier
this afternoon. She was raving about having great sex
with a guy who had seven inches of thick dick. She
didn’t mention any names, but I believe she was talking
about a certain librarian.

“Oh dear,” said Giles.