How Jordan Rager Won His Round On The Voice

Welcome back to the final night of battle rounds.
Blake’s final two artists are ready to hear their
battle song. “Jordan…” Blake Shelton says, looking
at Jordan Rager. “Versus Naia. You guys will be
performing a Jason Mraz song called “I’m Yours”.

Jordan grins and nods his head but in reality he’s
scared shitless. Private Interview: “If you asked me
to sing it right now it wouldn’t work out very well.
I’m not familiar with it at all. Back to Blake, Jordan
and Naia.

“I like this battle because you’re so completely
different from each other,” says Blake. “Jordan, you
have that country rasp in your voice. And Naia, you
have that laid-back quality in your sound. This should
be a really good battle.”

Private Interview: “Jordan’s country as dirt,” Says
Blake. “And I chose a reggae/pop song, which lends
itself a little bit more to Naia. But Jordan is the
one who probably has the opportunity to really blow
people away, and say Oh, my god, I never thought that
kid could do that.”

During the blind auditions, seventeen year old Georgia
high school student Jordan Rager showed up with more
than just a passion for music. “What’s the main reason
you want Blake to turn around?” Jordan was asked. His
father grinned and his mom laughed as Jordan looked
embarrassed. “Hopes that I might get to meet his wife”
[a.k.a. Miranda Lambert] he said sheepishly. Both
parents laugh.

Private interview: “I started playing at bars when I
was about sixteen year old and I was started getting
into places that were offering to pay me to come play.
It’s how I make my money back home.” And Jordan’s
country rasp caused Blake to push his button – “You’re
the first real country singer, and I’m the only one
here who get that” – landing him a place on Blake’s
team. Now that the song is set Jordan and Naia meet
with Blake to rehearse the song. Private interview:
“Obvious favorite in this battle – as of now – is
probably Naia,” Says Jordan. “It’s a pop song, she’s a
pop singer and, I’m a country singer.

So, I got work to do, to say the least.” “You ever due
any harmonies?” Blake asks Jordan. “Here and there. I
can try.” Private interview: “I don’t do harmonies a
whole lot, so when Blake looked at me and said ‘I
think you’re going to have to do harmonies’ it scared

Private interview: “I’m a little bit worried about
Jordan,” Says Blake. “Is he a great, unique-sounding
singer? Absolutely. When you take him out of his
element, is he scared? Apparently. The good news is we
got many days to work this out.” After rehearsal,
Jordan meets with Blake and his advisor, country
superstar Miranda Lambert. Jordan shakes hands with
Blake [who towers over the short, skinny teen]. “This
is my wife, Miranda,” Blake tells him. “Hey,” Says
Miranda. “How are you? Nice to meet you,” She says as
they hug. “Nice to meet you,” Jordan says, trying to
keep his composure. ‘Shit’, he thinks to himself
nervously. “I hope she didn’t feel my erection,’ which
popped when he saw her in her tight jeans, low-cut top
and open flannel shirt.

Private Interview: “Going into rehearsal, my advisor
was Miranda Lambert, which I thought was pretty cool.
She’s one of my favorite female artists. I’d be lying
if I said Miranda wasn’t hot. What’s up?” Says Jordan
before he laughs. During rehearsal, Miranda sings with
Jordan who still can’t get the song right. “It’s just
a confidence thing with you is all it is, man,” Says
Blake. Miranda gives Jordan a sympathetic look and
commends him on what he is doing right.

Private interview: “I think Jordan has a lot of work
to do,” Says Miranda. “A lot of the work is not about
singing it’s about inside his heart and his mind.”
“Working with Blake and Miranda has been great for me
because it’s really helping me grow so hopefully
that’ll help me out a lot.”

Later that night Jordan tossed and turned, unable to
sleep, his mind filled with worries, and his skinny
young body covered in sweat. A soft knock on his door
distracted his mind. He rose and went to the door.
“Who is it?” He half-whispered.

“It’s Miranda,” Replied an equally quiet voice. ‘Oh,
shit!’ Jordan said to himself as he threw on a t-shirt
over his scrawny chest and jeans over his boxers. He
opened the door a crack. “Hi,” He said. Miranda
smiled. “I just wanted to come check on you. May I
come in?” “Sure,” Jordan said, opening the door so
Miranda could enter, before closing it once more. They
were both nearly the same height.

Jordan’s erection returned, being so close to her, not
to mention alone with her… “I won’t beat around the
bush,” Miranda began. “Jordan, are you a virgin?” His
mouth fell open, his eyes bugged out and he turned
pale. “W-what?!? I-I…”

Miranda smiled and placed her hand on his chest. “It’s
nothing to be embarrassed about,” She said
reassuringly, letting her hand glide down his chest to
his lower belly. “But it might be one of the reasons
for your lack of confidence. I can fix that…” Jordan
blushed darkly. Did she really mean… Before he could
think about it long, Miranda began to undress.

Soon she stood before him naked as the day she was
born; her massive dark-nippled tits, her soft, curvy
midsection, her unshaven mass of dark pubes, her full
butt and thighs… Miranda tugged Jordan’s shirt over
his head before she dropped to her knees. She undid
his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles with his
boxers. ‘Nice’, she thought. His was almost as long as
Blake’s though it was skinny.

Miranda smiled, giving his cock a few jerks. Once the
kid had a few fucks under his belt it’d thicken up
nicely… She leaned forward and took his cock between
her full lips. Jordan closed his eyes and moaned.
Miranda loved a hard cock in her mouth. Soon she was
deep throating him like a porn star.

The pleasure was too much for Jordan; soon he was
filling her mouth with his spew just as she’d planned.
Miranda knew he’d cum quick his first time. She
greedily swallowed down his thick load. When she slid
her mouth off of his cock Miranda was pleasantly
surprised to see he was still rock hard.

She helped Jordan step out of his jeans and boxers.
Miranda stood up, kissed him on the lips before
maneuvering him over to the bed and pushing him down
on it. She smiled as she got on the bed and mounted
him. Miranda wasn’t on the pill, so when she took hold
of his shaft and lowered herself down onto him, she
took his cock up her tight butt. She’d always been
curious to try anal but was afraid of Blake’s thick

Miranda moaned as she took his cock up her rectum
fully. She sat still as she got used to the feeling of
it back there. She opened her eyes and saw Jordan
staring at her massive, hard-nippled tits. “Go ahead,”
She prodded. “You know you want to.”

Without hesitation he reached up and cupped her tits.
Miranda moaned. He began to knead them as she started
to slowly move up and down his cock. As she got used
to it more Miranda rode his cock faster and harder.
Jordan began to pinch and twist her big nipples. When
her first orgasm hit he sat up and began to suck on
Miranda’s nipples back and forth.

He was now kneading her tits roughly. Miranda wished
to herself Blake loved her large tits as much as this
boy did… After she came four more times she climbed
off of his cock. “Why don’t you try, big boy?” Miranda
said, getting on her hands and knees and offering him
her butt. “All right!” Jordan said as he sat up. Cock
in hand he slid up behind her.

“Ass only now!” She said, looking back over her
shoulder at him as she held her butt cheeks apart.

He nodded and pushed the head into her anus. Then he
began ramming in and out of her. Miranda loved it.
Jordan reached under her and kneaded her huge tits,
addicted now to them. Who wouldn’t be? He went at
Miranda’s tits as he rammed her harder and harder,
causing her to nearly lose consciousness.

He fucked her for nearly twenty minutes, making her
orgasm dozens of times before blowing his load deep up
Miranda’s anal chute…

“…It’s a really tough decision, but I’m going to
have to go with… Jordan,” Blake said. The audience
went wild.

“Man, I knew you had it in you, you just needed to
find that inner confidence. I can’t help but wonder
what came over you, though…” Jordan smiled. ‘If only
you knew…’ Both he and Miranda thought to themselves
at the same time, Miranda also smiling, not minding
how sore her butt hole was…

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