Bailee Madison – Stirring the Night Before Christmas

It was Christmas Eve and things were incredibly busy in the Riley household in Fort Lauderdale. All six siblings, their significant others, and their children were at their parent’s house to celebrate the holiday. This included 20-year old Bailee Madison who was the youngest of the Riley siblings. Faith had played a part in the Riley household so having everyone together under one roof to celebrate Christmas was very important to the family. Bailee loved spending time with her brothers and sisters and her nieces and nephews, however, after the past few days she was suddenly finding herself growing frustrated. With her boyfriend Blake Richardson busy with performances with his band she had not had sex in weeks. Plus since she could not find much alone time in the crowded house she hadn’t been able to take care of herself either. The last two nights she’d tried to get herself off, but her fingers were just were not enough to give her the major release she needed. She had tried to use her vibrator but she was so nervous about getting caught that every time she heard a noise she turned it off, and in the end, she was just most horny and frustrated than when she started.

She tried to make herself as useful as possible to the family but her sexual frustration was starting to show, making her a bit more short-tempered than usual. Family members kept asking if there was anything wrong but she always insisted that she was fine. Throughout the day she kept looking at the time, which seemed to be moving at a snail’s pace. Blake had agreed to spend Christmas with Bailee and her family, but he didn’t arrive at the Riley house until about 3 PM. Bailee had to control herself when she saw him. She gave him a long tight hug, and then a kiss with just a little tongue. She then walked with him around the house so he could say hi to the family members he had already met and introduced himself to the others he had never met before. Once all the formalities where done, Blake went to drop his overnight bag into Bailee’s room.

As they turned down an empty hallway that led to the stairs, Bailee quickly grabbed her boyfriend and pulled him in for a hard passionate kiss. Blake was startled by her aggressiveness but quickly started to kiss her back.

“Damn Bailes, what brought that on?”

“You have no idea how horney I am.”

“Oh yeah?” He said before leaning in and giving her another kiss. He’d never seen Bailee like this, so he knew she wasn’t lying but he was interested in seeing how far he could push her. “Can you prove how horney you are?”

Bailee paused and looked up and down the hallway to make sure the coast was clear. She was dressed in a nice red sweater and a knee-length red and green checkered skirt. Bailee then took her boyfriend’s hand into hers, lifted her skirt a bit and guided it toward her silk-covered sex. He had not even touched her yet and he could feel the heat radiating from her. When his hand finally felt her, he could feel just how moist her panties were. A slight moan slipped from her lips as it just felt good to have someone else touch her for the first time in weeks. She then went even further, sliding her underwear to the side and allowing her boyfriend to slip a finger inside her. Although Bailee was one the tightest women he’d ever been with, she was so wet and turned on that he was able to slip a finger inside her with the ease of a hot knife cutting through butter.

“Jesus babe, I’ve never seen you like this before,” Blake said as before pulling his finger away.

“I know I told you,” she said and then while looking at him dead in the eye she took the finger that had just been inside her and sucked it clean of her own juices. “We need to get upstairs right now,” she said with urgency. The two quickly went down the hall, and right as Bailee took her first step up the stairs, she heard her name being called from the other room. Someone needed her help. She thought about ignoring the call but realized that if it was important there was a chance someone would come looking for her. So Bailee reluctantly went to go see who needed her while Blake continued upstairs.

The rest of the evening was pretty tame, but that was in part because Bailee and Blake were never alone together. Whenever they were in the same room, there always seemed to be at least two or three other people in there with them. Bailee was happy to see that Blake seemed to get along with just about everyone in her family. The only semi uncomfortable moment was when her dad made it clear to Blake that he was going to be sleeping on the couch tonight. While legally she might have been an adult, Shawn Riley was still not comfortable with his youngest daughter sharing a bed with her boyfriend under his roof.

It was during dinner that Bailee once again found herself unable to keep her hands to herself. The singer was sitting at the corner of the table with his girlfriend to his left, and her Mom at the end of the table off to his right. Things started normally, but slowly Bailee started moving closer and closer to Blake and also moved closer and closer to the table until the table’s edge was pressed up against her. Blake nearly choked on his food when he felt her place her hand right on his upper inner thigh. He tried to play it cool as she moved her hand around his inner thigh and crotch. He thought it best to leave it alone until her hand found its target. Bailee squeezed her hand on his hardening cock through his pants. He looked at Bailee out of the corner of his eye, and outside of a slight grin on her face, there was no way anyone could tell what she was doing. After a few minutes, Blake was now rock hard and Bailee had progressed from just squeezing his man meat to rubbing his rod through his pants. Finally, the British singer realized that he should put a stop to this. He pulled her hand away and whispered into The Foster actresses’ ear that she needs to stop and that he doesn’t want to get in trouble with her family. This only made her giggle, and she put her hand right back where it was before. The two went back and forth until one of Bailee’s sisters across the table asked what was going on. She told her nothing, and then pulled her hand away and went on acting as if nothing had happened. Blake felt relieved to not have his girlfriend groping him while he sat next to her mother. It was not until near the end of dinner that Bailee tried anything again. This time instead of putting her hand on him, she took his hand and put it up her skirt. He tried to pull it back, but Bailee held firm as she led his hand back to her pussy. She once again guided a finger of his inside of her. She let go of his hand but before he could pull away, she clamped her thighs shut. Blake was stuck with his finger inside of Bailee while he had Christmas dinner with her family, and she just sat there and let his finger soak inside until people started to clear the table.

It was a family tradition that after dinner, the family would all get into their pajamas and sleepwear and then head into the living room where everyone would get to open a gift, with the rest saved until Christmas morning. Blake went upstairs with Bailee to get his flannel pajama pants and t-shirt from his suitcase in her room. He had been planning on getting his clothes and going to the bathroom to change, but once again tonight his girlfriend surprised him. As soon as they were through the door, Bailee quickly closed and locked it.

“We don’t have much time,” She said to him, and before he had a chance to react Blake felt Baillee’s lips press up against him. She kissed him with passion and ferocity. After she broke off her kiss, Bailee whipped off her top and began shedding the rest of her clothes. “What are you doing? Get naked!”

“Damn babe, what’s gotten into you tonight?” He said while following her instructions and taking off his shirt.

“Nothing yet,” She said with a smirk as she now stood naked in front of him, “but after everyone has gone to sleep tonight, I know what I was to be in me.”

“When did you do that?” Blake asked as his eyes focused on his girlfriend’s totally bald pussy. Normally Bailee had a trimmed bush and on occasion, she had just a landing strip. He’d never seen her completely shaved before.

“I did it this morning. I wanted something different.” Bailee then ran her hands over womanhood. “It still feels so smooth. Do you like it.”

“Yeah,” he said with a dumb eager look on his face. Blake was down to just his pants, but Bailee could not wait for him to take them off. She crouched down and pushed his hands away and began doing his belt and fly on her own. Bailee was biting her lip and was eager in anticipation as she took the waistband of his pants and boxers and pulled them down to his knees. His dick sprang to attention and it was not free from his pants for even 10 seconds before she had a hand wrapped around his shaft and the mushroom head of his seven-inch prick in her mouth. Bailee hungrily pumped and sucked his dick. Blake had never seen her this eager before. Between knowing they did not have long before someone knocks on her door and her own lust, Bailee almost seemed like a different person.

She looked up into his eyes as she ran her tongue along the sides of his shaft and then wrapped her lips around his tip again. He then felt her moan as she began sliding more of his dick into her mouth. Blake couldn’t really tell, but the whole time she was blowing him, the Good Which actress was also fingering herself. At this point, she was so wet that her hand was practically soaking wet from her own excess juices.

“I need you to cum babe. We don’t have much more time,” she told him before using her tongue to lick the underside of his cock.

“I’m so close. Where do you want it?”

“My mouth. I want you to fill my mouth with hot cum.” To show just how serious she was, Bailee took two inches of her cock into her mouth and began stroking the rest of his poll as fast as she could with one hand. It was a rarity for Blake to ever her Bailee talk that dirty, and it was such a turn on to him. He grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed most of his cock into her mouth before finally firing his jizz down her throat. Bailee did her best to swallow everything, but Blake had been saving up the last few days for when he reunited with Bailee, and so it was quite a sizable load he had to blast off.

Bailee had continued to finger herself while sucking him off. She was so close to cumming when suddenly she felt her boyfriend blasting the back of her throat. Frantically rubbing her clit as she swallowed his cum, she finally had the kind of intense orgasm that had eluded her for the past few days. When it was all over, Bailee just laid down on the rug she’d been crouching on and Blake took a few steps back and sat on her bed.

“Holy fuck babe, that was amazing,” he said.

“That was just the appetizer,” she breathed heavily between sentences. “After everyone is asleep, sneak up here, and we’ll have some real fun.”

“God, I can’t wait for that,” he said as he looked down at the beautiful naked woman laying on the floor. While watching her chest rise and fall as she was still catching her breath, Blake could feel his cock starting to come alive once again but there was no time to deal with that. They soon got up and got changed into their bedtime clothes and headed downstairs to rejoin the family. When they arrived in the living room, they were the last two in the house to arrive but luckily only by about a minute or two.

The Rileys spent the next couple of hours opening some gifts, drinking eggnog and genuinely enjoying each other’s company. When it started to get late, half the adults went upstairs to put the kids to sleep while others stayed downstairs to get out the gifts for the stockings and also put together some of the toys that needed to be assembled for the kids to play with in the morning. When it was all said and done, Blake started to follow Bailee up the stairs hoping no one would say anything, but her father was quick to remind him that he was going to be sleeping on the couch that night. When Bailee’s father went to go get him the spare pillow and blankets, Bailee whispered to Blake to wait around for a little while before sneaking upstairs. When her father returned, Bailee gave Blake a quick kiss on the lips and headed to bed.

Bailee laid in bed eagerly anticipating the sound of her bedroom door open and the feel of her boyfriend climbing into her bed. While she was under the covers to stay warm, she had stripped off all her clothes and was lying naked and had her hands roaming her body as she waited. She even already had a condom wrapper opened sitting on her nightstand. She told him to wait long enough to make sure everyone was asleep, so Bailee got excited when she knew it had been a while since she had heard anyone else in the house move around. However, he never came up. She waited and waited, but nothing happened. When she finally looked over at her clock and saw it was past 2:30 AM, she decided to wait another 10 minutes. Once fifteen minutes had passed, she decided to take things into her own hands.

She got out of bed and put on a short robe that only went down to her mid-thigh. Slowly opening her door she quietly crept down the hallway and down the stairs, making sure not to make any noise that might wake any of her sleeping family members. She crept into the living room, where the stockings were hung filled with presents, more where under the still-lit Christmas tree. And on the large couch was her boyfriend on his back and sound asleep. Frustrated she marched over to the couch and shook Blake by the shoulders. When he did not wake up, she pulled off the blankets he was under, got up on the couch, straddled his stomach, took his shoulders and shook him harder. This time he woke from his sleep.

“Hmmm, what? Bailee? What’s going on?” he asked as his head started to clear and he wiped the sleep from his eyes.

“You were supposed to meet me in my room,” she told him.

“Well, we can go up there now.”

“No, it’s too late. Let’s do it right here,” she said Bailee undid the belt on her robe and shrugged it from her shoulders, exposing her nude body. Looking up, Bailee’s body seemed to glow from the lights on the Christmas tree. Blake pulled Baliee’s face down to his with one hand and kissed her, while his other hand began groping her tit. He felt her nipple harden in his hand as he caressed it. While the two made out with great passion, Bailee scooted herself down so she went from straddling his chest to straddling his legs, all the while as she moved her wet pussy left a sail trail down his clothes. When she was far enough down she reached out and pulled down his pants until his semi-hard cock flopped out of its confines. She then took his cock back into her mouth and blew him until he was rock hard.

“Let me up babe,” Blake said. Bailee relented, letting his hardon slip from her mouth and she got off of his legs. He jumped up, stripped off his clothes, and sat back on the couch. His ass had barely touched the sofa before Bailee was on top of him again. She had her legs on either side of his, her lips pressed against his, and he hand wrapped around his tool. She wiped it along her folds, getting herself ready before finally sliding down his pole. The sound of her loud moan was muffled with her lips occupied with Blake’s. While normally she liked things slower and tender, she was so desperate to have another powerful orgasm that her hips were bucking like a wild stallion. It didn’t take long either for her to achieve her goal. Within minutes Bailee was biting down on Blake’s shoulder to keep from screaming as her body was finally rocked by a powerful climax. She literally trembled while on top of him.

While Bailee recovered from her orgasm, Blake wrapped his arms under her knees and stood up with her in his arms. He slowly bounced her on his cock while he walked the two of them over to the fireplace.

“Lean back and put your arms out,” he told her. Bailee did as she was told, and found herself holding onto the mantle that all the Christmas stockings were hung on. She could even feel one of her stockings pressing against her back. With her legs tightly wrapped around his waist and his hands palming each of her small but shapely asscheeks, the New Hope Club singer kept pistoning his cock into her as best he could. After several minutes, when he started to struggle to keep her held up, Bailee climbed off him and spun around. Still holding onto the mantle, Bailee leaned over, and let her boyfriend take her from behind. He held on to one of her breasts and rubbed her clit while he kept thrusting into her. Bailee could not help but think about the line from “Twas The Night Before Christmas” where the stockings by the chimney with care, and where she was currently leaning over getting plowed by her boyfriend. She doing the best to hold back her moans while getting stuffed right by those carefully hung stockings.

“Shit babe, turn around and get down,” Blake suddenly spoke loudly as he took a step back and pulled his dick from her. She did as he asked. Once she was on her knees, he stood in front of her and stroked his dick until it erupted. He had aimed for her chest, he loved coating her lovely perky b-cups with his spunk. When he was done her breasts appeared to have a nice glaze coating, thought a few shots went long, hitting her on the lips and cheek. Bailee simply licked her lips clean when he was done. “Oh my fucking god Bailee, that was amazing.”

“I know. I can’t tell you needed that almost as badly as I did.” Bailee walked over and picked up her terrycloth robe to clean off her chest. Bailee looked up and saw her naked boyfriend standing there. Even though she just got fucked, seeing him there she was ready to go again. “Umm, do you think we have time to do it one more time?”

“I don’t know, but it’s worth giving it a try,” he said with a grin on his face. Bailee was sitting on the couch with her legs open. He looked back at Bailee and found his eyes drifting down to her newly hairless pussy once again. “But first I gotta do something first.” He marched over to her and dropped to his knees.

“What are you…oh, oh yes babe! That’s it.” Bailee leaned back on the couch as her legs were thrown over Blake’s shoulder and he began munching on her pussy. He ate her like he had skipped Christmas dinner and this was the first thing he had had to eat or drink all day. One of the things Bailee loved about Blake over her ex Alex, is that Blake was so much better at going down on her and is way more willing to do so than Alex ever was. He was currently sucking on her clit while he used two of his fingers to rub up against her g-spot. Bailee was biting hard on her lips and had a firm grip on the sofa cushions. She was shocked and disappointed when she felt Blake stop right as she felt like she was going to cum once again, but that disappointment did not last long as he stood up and pushed his rejuvenated cock back into her.

“Yes, babe! Yes!” Bailee said through gritted teeth as she came once again with Blakes dick inside her. Once again deciding to change poisons after Bailee orgasmed, Blake moved her legs off his shoulders and rolled her over.

Minutes later Bailee was kneeling over the armrest of the couch, while her musician boyfriend had a knee on the couch and a foot on the floor. Blake held his actress girlfriend by the hips and would pull her back while he slammed his dick forward. Blake took Bailee hard and fast from behind.

“Oh wow! Yes! Blake keep going!” Bailee pleaded with her eyes shut. Her eyes shot open and her jaw dropped when his cock, unbeknown to him, brushed up against her g-spot a few times. When her eyes opened she could have sworn she saw movement come from the doorway that led to the kitchen, but after keeping an eye out for the next few minutes while she continued to take it from behind, deciding it must have been nothing.

“Babe, I am so close. Please let me get on top…let me ride you.” Bailee always came the easiest and had her biggest orgasms while she was on top, so Blake was quick to agree to switch positions. He got off of the couch to let her up and quickly laid back down on it once Bailee was off. Bailee pounced up onto the couch and was quick to take hold of his cock and slide down onto it. While she was hunched over slowly sliding down his dick, Blake wrapped his arm around her back and pulled her chest down to his mouth. He wrapped his lips around her hard dark nipples and began sucking on it. Bailee moaned both from the feeling of his lips on her nipple and from his cock penetrating her. She kept rocking her hips building a steady but solid pace, as she continued to lean herself over her boyfriend’s face. He had a firm grasp on both of her breasts and as his mouth moved back and forth between them.

“Fuck babe,” Bailee said as she sat up and arched her back. “I’m so close. I’m gonna cum again.”

“Me too,” Blake grunted as his hands slid down her body, which now shimmered with a layer of sweat, and came to a stop with on hand on her waist and the other moved in front so he could use his thumb to toy with her clit.

“Same time! I want us to do it at the same time!” she told him.

“Okay…but remember I’m not,”

“Cum inside me! I want to feel you inside me”

“Really?” he asked. They had almost never done it without a condom, and only twice had he ever finished off inside her. One of those times was just because he finished earlier than he hoped.

Looking down into his eyes, he said, “Yes baby.” after she said that Bailee felt Blakes cock seem to flex and grow even harder. “Umm, you like that idea, huh? Consider it a Christmas gift.” Bailee started riding him harder and faster. She could feel her approaching orgasm building and building and getting closer and closer. Blake met her hips as he trusted up and his thumb strumming her clit. Bailee was looking down at Blake’s face when something caught her eye. Looking up, she saw her brother-in-law, Jordi Vilasuso, standing in the doorway to the kitchen. It was evident by the glass in his hand that he had come down to get something to drink and just happened to come across the action in the living room. Normally Bailee would have freaked out and tried to hide her body from him, but she was so close that her body was on autopilot and she no longer seemed to be in control of it. So she just kept going. She kept riding her boyfriend on the couch, while her brother-in-law had a clear view of her and her bouncing breasts. When the two locked eyes, Jordi simply mimed that he was zipping his lips shut and turning the key to lock them, however, he did not leave. He stayed there watching his 20-year-old sister-in-law fuck her boyfriend on a couch that the family would all gather around in a few hours to open Christmas gifts.

“Fuck babe, I can’t hold out much longer,” Blake said warning Bailee and breaking her focus on her brother-in-law.

“Do it, babe. I’m there too. Just do it” She told him. He grabbed her hips and pulled her as far down his dick as possible before he let out a loud long grunt and his cock began firing off. Bailee’s eye’s closed tightly as her head tilted backward and she let out a loud moan as she too reached orgasm. “Yes! Yes! I can feel it! Keep going!” She encouraged her boyfriend to empty whatever seed was left in his testicles into her pussy. Bailee then collapsed down on top of him. She had almost no energy left in her body at the moment, but she did have just enough to rise up and look towards the kitchen doorway, which was now abandoned.

“Merry Christmas babe, I really loved my gift,” Blake said as Bailee laid back down and rested her head on her shoulder.

“I’m glad you liked it.” The two just laid naked on the couch for a little while. Suddenly they heard a clock chime that it was 5 AM. “Shit. I need to go back upstairs and you need to get dressed. We can’t have my parents or my nieces find us like this.”

“Okay, okay. No problem,” he said as they both got off the couch. “But, um, Bailes, do you think we might have a chance to do something like this again tomorrow.?”

“Well, after we open gifts the kids and their parents are usually busy playing with the presents, and my parents are busy making breakfast,” she explained while putting her robe on, “So maybe while everyone is occupied we can sneak upstairs and celebrate on our own.”

“I’d love that,” he said and the two quickly kissed, before she left to head back up to her room.

As Bailee started up the stairs she worried about two things. First was what does she say, if anything. to Jordi after he stood there watching her have sex. The other being what she would say if anyone else was up and caught her walking upstairs at this hour. Lucky for her she made it to her room without incident, because while it wouldn’t be easy to come up with a reason why she was coming upstairs looking sweaty, the cum dripping down her inner thigh would have been even more difficult to explain away.