After The Final Bell – With Wwe Liv Morgan

Her fingernails raked deep into his back. His sculpted body glistened over her as she bit her lip, pulling herself closer to him. Every thrust of his hip felt deeper and more pleasurable than the last. ‘Oh god’ she moaned feeling his breath on her neck thru her long blonde hair. She began to tense up in pleasure, nearing release. Her mouth popped open as she gasped for air in the intense pleasure, as she took his face in her hands. Every movement drew her closer to climax.

“Liv,” his strong, comforting voice said as he moved closer, “get your bloody ass out of bed!”

His voice had immediately changed to that of her WWE stablemate Ruby Riott. “Come on get the bloody hell out of bed you blonde numpty!”

Liv’s eyes slowly fluttered open. Her body ached from the pleasure of the dream. Even though it had only been a dream, her thighs were well damp from reaching the edge of climax and being stopped short.

“Come on liv, let’s get going” Sarah Logan encouraged placing Liv’s bag of ring gear and an outfit on her bed. “If you want breakfast you need to get up now, we need to be at the arena in two hours, and we have at least a 30 minute drive there.”

“Fine. I’ll meet you downstairs just give me a minute.” Liv moaned rolling to her back. Ruby and Sarah exited the room, still encouraging Liv to hurry up and get moving. Liv laid in bed for a few minutes still waking up. She pulled her phone off the charger and scrolled thru her notifications. A few texts from friends and family back in New Jersey, quickly responded to. Some tweets and Instagram comments from fans, and a few creepy pervs, nothing out of the ordinary. She sat up, still feeling the excitement from her dream.

Liv picked up the outfit that Sarah placed on her bed and carried it to the shower. She set the outfit on the counter with her towels and other items before lifting her shirt off. She pulled down her shorts and kicked them to the corner of the bathroom. Liv paused for a moment in front of the mirror. Her firm tits with small, brown nipples had an amount of extra perk to them with the cool air in the room. She ran her hands over the top of her tits, flinching in pleasure a little bit as her thumbs flicked over her nipples. Liv ran her hands down her tight stomach and soon found their way to her dripping slit. She ran a single finger over her slit, closing her eyes as feelings in her dream rushed thru her. Liv turned her back towards the mirror and looked back at her firm round ass. She ran her hands over her ass and smiled at herself seductively in the mirror.

Liv adjusted the water temperature and stepped into the shower. The moisture in the air slowly warmed her entire body as she closed her eyes and allowed her fingers to find her slit again. Soon enough she found the spot the man in her dream was hitting. Her fingers raced faster and faster, causing her breathing to intensify. She leaned back against the shower wall, as moans began racing from her throat. Every muscle in her body tensed up as she almost collapsed in the shower as she hit her release.

Liv recovered and finished washing. She felt a little better with her release, while knowing it would have been better had a man found her release rather than herself, but she’d manage the day now. She dressed and joined her two friends in the lobby for breakfast before heading out to their rental car to head to the arena. The three held their normal chatter as they checked in and found the way to the women’s locker room. Liv snapped a few pictures for twitter and instagram before and after changing into her ring gear. The three women headed down the hall to hair and make up for their final touch ups before taking to the ring.

A door popped open as a man backed out of the room and bumped into an unsuspecting Liv. She stumbled into Ruby and Sarah as he spun around as quickly as he could. Liv looked into his deep blue eyes, and traced his strong face around his tight cut hair and down to his custom tailored suit. She was rendered speechless, he looked the part but could it be?

“Watch where you’re going you oaf!” Sarah yelled grabbing Liv’s wrist, dragging her down the hall. Liv snuck a small look behind her, catching him doing the same to her.

“Who was that man in the hall?” Liv asked her friends.

“No idea. Probably some local loser to be dismantled tonight.” Sarah spit out, still bitter over the accidental bump in the hall.

“Was he tall, dark hair, blue eyes, scar down one side of his face?” One of the hair dressers asked.

“Sounds right.” Liv answered, being to taken by his eyes to have noticed the scar.

“That’s Santiko Kamatina, the new hot shot from Japan.” The hair dresser said.

After her match, Liv grabbed a couple bottles of water and fallowed just a step behind the other two members of the Riott Squad. Ruby and Sarah entered the women’s locker room, Liv paused outside for just a moment.

“Go on in, I’ll be along in just a minute, I want to check on something.” She said. Liv paused for a beat after the door closed before going to explore the backstage area. She began praying under her breath that Santiko had not left yet. She turned a corner and stoped short of running into him again.

“I’m sorry.” He said gently touching her arm. She had expected a Japanese accent, but instead she was treated with a soft Italian accent. “That’s twice today we’ve bumped into each other.” He said, coyly smiling at her.

“That’s okay.” Liv started, butterflies swelling in her stomach. She stumbled over her words, unsure of what to say for the first time in a long time.

He touched her arm again, sending a wave of excitement through her body. She smiled gently to the sensation, still speechless. “Maybe you would be more comfortable talking over dinner?” She silently nodded. He pulled out a card and wrote A67 on the back. “I’ll drive if that’s okay?” He asked. She nodded shyly. Luv didn’t know why she felt like this. She was known for being loud and outspoken, and here she was acting like a shy little girl.

“30 minutes?” She squeeked, covering her mouth in embarrassment as soon as it came out.

“30 minutes works for me.” He answered as his hand slid down her arm, lingering on her fingers before he stepped away smiling at her. She froze in place, trying to wrap her mind around what happened. She watched him turn a corned before she spun around, squeeling like a little girl befor skipping down the hall.

“What’s up with you?” Ruby asked Liv as she entered the locker room, grinning from ear to ear. Live began quickly changing clothes then gave Ruby and Sarah super tight hugs.

“I have a date tonight!” Liv squealed adjusting her glasses. She slid her bag over her shoulder and headed back towards the door. “Don’t wait up for me girls.”

Liv found Santiko leaning against a bright red mustang. He smiled as soon as he saw her and met her a few cars away, kissing her gently on both cheeks. He took her bag and offered his arm to her. Liv melted, doing everything she could to keep her legs under her. He opened the passenger door for her and she slid in, cheeks hurting from smiling, but being unable to stop. He placed her bag in the trunk and got in the car with her. They pulled out of the parking lot and made their way down the city streets.

“So….Santiko…..” She nuvously began.

“Pleas Liv, Sam, Santiko is my ring name.” He replied. The two chatted the entire drive, Liv slowly relaxing around him.

Liv was surprised when he stopped outside the only five star restaurant in the city. Dinner was like nothing she ever imagined, and the conversation made the hours fly by. The waiter whispered to Sam causing him to rise and kiss her hand gently motioning to the door.

“I was just informed it’s 2 AM and the staff would like to leave.” He said as they headed towards the door. She giggled at the thought of them being at dinner for over three hours. The Valet pulled his car around and they re entered. Liv bit her lip, looking at him shyly as he paused before leaving. He looked over at her then leaned over and met her lips with his. His taste filled her mouth, her heart spead up in excitement. He slowly pulled away, pausing just inches from her face. “Liv I know we just met but I think I’m falling for you.” He whispered befor sitting back and pulling away from the restaurant.Her fingernails raked deep into his back. His sculpted body glistened over her as she bit her lip, pulling herself closer to him. Every thrust of his hep felt deeper and more pleasurable than the last. ‘Oh god’ she moaned feeling his breath on her neck thru her long blonde hair. She began to tense up in pleasure, nearing release. Her mouth popped open as she gasped for air in the intense pleasure, as she took his face in her hands. Every movement drew her closer to climax.

“Me too Sam.” She answered, butterflies growing in her stomach again. Within Moments they arrived at a large hotel Liv didn’t recognize.

“I would like you to forgive me for assuming your answer to this, but would you like to..” Before he could finish his thought he looked over and saw Liv stepping out of his car. He grabbed their bags and fallowed her, soon taking the lead and escorting her into the elevator. He pushed a set of keys as the elevator began it’s way up. After several floors passed Sam opened a small panel and turned off the main power to the elevator, bringing it to a halt.

“I’m sorry Liv, but I couldn’t wait any longer.” Sam said turning towards his surprised companion. He braced himself against the wall with Liv directly in front of him. His lips gently met hers as his hands drifted from the elevator to leading his arms in wrapping around her waist. He lifted Liv slightly to her toes, as her tongue began exploring his mouth. His hands glided from her slim waist, along her spine and took her ass in his hands. She pulled away just an inch and smiled, basking in the sensations running thru her. Liv laid her head on his chest for a moment before taking a deep breath.

Liv dropped her heels back to the ground and playfully pushed Sam against the opposite wall, giving his surprised lips some gentle kisses. She reached up and tore open his shirt, revealing his chiseled body. She ran her hands along his pronounced muscles.

“no more timid Liv, wild Liv wants to play.” She said yanking his belt open. She eased herself to her knees and smiled at him as she roughly pulled his pants and boxers down in one fluid move. Her grin grew as she wrapped a hand around the the base of his already solid member. Her hand covered less than half of just his shaft and could bearly wrap her hand around it. Liv rose up on her knees and dropped a large ball of spit just behind the head of his dick. She placed her other hand around it and began rubbing her spit into his dick, one drop after another, slowly tightening her hands around him.

Sam placed a hand on the back of Livs head, guiding just the tip if his meat into her mouth. She released her hands and bobbed her head back and forth as drool began building up in her mouth, and slowly leaking out along his shaft. Liv closed her eyes tight as she forced his entire length in her throat. After several seconds she leaned back gasping for air. She began stroking again as she caught he breath and took his balls in her mouth. Liv popped them out of her lips one at a time, leaving hot pink smears from her lipstick. She replaced the tip between her lips as her hands began twisting, stroking, and squeezing his entire pulsing length.

Sam reached down and took two handfuls of Liv’s hair. Her tongue ran circles around his sinsitive tip as her hands pleaded with him for pleasure. He clenched his eyes closed then popped them open meeting her eyes as he released several large hard shots of his man juice into her mouth and deep into her throat. Liv continued sucking and tugging even harder until he felt he had no more to give. Liv let him fall from her lips, a thin string of cum fallowing him out. She leaned her head back, letting him see her near over flowing mouthful of his seed. She closed her lips and with one hard swallow, took in every drop of him she had.

Liv kissed her way up his abs and chest then gave his neck a gentle kiss as he turned the elevator back on. Sam pulled his pants back up and fixed his belt as they reached the penthouse suite. She stepped out ahead of him and stood in awe at the room. Not only was everything pristine, but the room took a 360 degree view of the city from 35 floors up.

“This is amazing Sam.” Liv said exploring the room. After several minutes she silently sat on the bed. Sam rejoined her with a pair of Champaign glasses. He handed her one and sat next to her. They sat and talked for several minutes before Liv looked up at the Sun slowly rising over the City sky line.

Sam leaned in and gently kissed her. Liv dropped her empty glass as she slowly lost herself to the passion of the moment. He pulled her top off, releasing her perky tits, with already excited nipples. She closed her eyes as Sam kissed his way down her neck. A small gasp escaped her lips as he traced her nipples with his tongue. He slowly found his way down her stomach and removed her bottoms. He gently kissed the smooth skin at the top of her slit, then gently traced her tight slit with his tongue. Her knees opened up as his tongue gently traced her ass as well as her slit.

Sam kissed his way back up Liv’s body and gently met her lips as he slid his manhood into her tight slit. Slowly he worked deeper in her as pleasure rushed every inch of her body. Wave after wave, thrust after thrust, Live reached a higher and higher level of extacy. Her body ached for this pleasure, and now she grasped tightly to Sam’s body as he reached deep parts of her that had never been reached.

Her fingernails raked deep into his back. His sculpted body glistened over her as she bit her lip, pulling herself closer to him. Every thrust of his hep felt deeper and more pleasurable than the last. ‘Oh god’ she moaned feeling his breath on her neck thru her long blonde hair. She began to tense up in pleasure, nearing release. Her mouth popped open as she gasped for air in the intense pleasure, as she took his face in her hands. Every movement drew her closer to climax.

Livs body began shaking as pulse after pulse of desire released from her. She felt his juices release deep in her as her release poured out from her, spraying hard out of her against his climaxing manhood. Liv fell back from her lover gasping for every ounce of air her body could bring in. She lay in place shaking as everything drew pleasure to her, the cross brease thru the room, the smoothness of the sheets, the breaths from Sam as he recovered above her. Soon he stood and lifted her exausted body from the bed and moved her to a second dry bed, laying next to her.

Liv smiled as she laid her head on his chest falling into a deep sleep.