Anna Kournikova Serving For Love

The euphoria of the win was still hovering over Anna
Kournikova as she had advanced to a pro tennis tournament
final, her opponent would be tough Lindsay Davenport, but
with this feeling of victory, Anna thought she could win
the match easily. “Good job,” came a voice from inside
the private tennis player’s cove/locker room.

Bridgette Wilson-Sampras had joined Anna in her locker
room after leaving her husbands who had just lost his
semi-final to Andre Agassi. Pete had blamed it on the
line-judge and Bridgette didn’t want to mess with it. “I
was thoroughly impressed with your backside.”

“Hey. Aren’t you that woman married to Pete who was in
that Billy something movie? And don’t you mean Backhand?”
Anna’s voice turned on Bridgette completely and responded
to Anna with a smile. “Yes, Miss Vaughn in Billy Madison
is how people know me, and no I meant Backside. After a
match like that, you think you got any energy left?”

“What did you have in mind?” Anna asked coyly. “Did you
need to go shopping or something?” Bridgette made her
movie closer and closer shaking her head no. Luckily for
Bridgette, Anna was a full-blown lesbian and was hoping
Bridgette wanted some of her young body.

The women looked at each other, and a minute later, Anna
was leaning up against the wooden wall, one finely toned
leg wrapped around Bridgette’s thighs as she struggled
out of her now sweaty and see-through white tennis dress.
Bridgette pulled her sweater-vest off and tossed it aside
into Anna’s bag, pulling off Anna’s white bikini bottom
she wore underneath and running her fingers through the
other woman’s sweaty hair as Anna bent over to suck on
Bridgette’s nipples, not having to remove a bra that
Bridgette wasn’t wearing.

“Damn,” Anna said, moving her mouth to Bridgette’s other
round tit and sucking on it. “Winning makes me so horny.”

“Then quit screwing around with my tits and fuck me,”
Bridgette said impatiently. They fell into a pile of
clothes Anna had laid out before Bridgette got there,
Anna tugging at Bridgette’s pants and underwear until
they were both naked. Anna kept sucking on Bridgette’s
breasts, licking them until they were shiny from her
tongue. Bridgette eased her thighs apart and Anna thrust
two fingers inside Bridgette’s sopping cunt.

“Yeah, fuck me just like that,” Bridgette groaned.

The smell of their own juicy cunts overfilled the room.
Anna thrust her fingers in and out of Bridgette’s pussy,
spreading the soft lips apart with her thumb as she
fucked harder and harder. Bridgette planted her feet on
the floor and grunted as she fucked back against Anna’s

“Get your pussy on my face…PLEASE!” Bridgette panted,
and Anna did just that, moving around without removing
her hand from Bridgette’s pussy. Bridgette grabbed Anna’s
ass and began tonguing her cunt hungrily. She licked Anna
from clit to slit and then back again, finally working
her tongue all the way back to Anna’s asshole.

“Fuck yes,” Anna groaned as she came. Anna thrust her
fingers deep inside Bridgette’s pussy, feeling the
contractions of her climax, and then wiggled her ass
against Bridgette’s face.

“Put your finger in my ass,” Anna said. She lowered her
head to suck on Bridgette’s clit as she kept finger-
fucking her dripping pussy. Bridgette dipped her finger
into Anna’s pussy a few times to lube it up and then she
eased it into her asshole, keeping her tongue busy on
Anna’s clit.

The women were a sweaty mess, clothes sticking to their
naked bodies, as they moaned and grunted around each
other’s pussies. Anna came hard as Bridgette thrust her
finger up her tight asshole, and Bridgette followed as
soon as Anna nipped lightly at her clit.

They rolled over so Bridgette was on her knees. “I’m so
glad I found someone to please me besides myself, I am
the only tennis lady into lesbians! So now Mrs. Sampras,
I give you my sexual tennis racket.”

Bridgette looked over her shoulder and the biggest smile
came over her face as the “tennis racket” was actually a
strap-on with an 8-inch cock at the end. The reason
Bridgette smiled is because she was actually going to
experience a big dick as Pete’s 4-incher made her spend
countless night fingering. “Anna, My husband thinks it’s
nasty, if I’ve got the chance I got to take it, PLEASE
fuck me in the ass with that.”

Anna wanted to please Bridgette any way possible so she
stuck it in Bridgette’s pussy just long enough to get
some lubrication and then lined it up with her ass. “You
ready Mrs. Sampras?”

“Oh god yes!” Bridgette’s dream was “cumming” true. Anna
started with an inch and then two inches. The tightness
clinging, but Anna was going in all the way. Anna after
about 5 small thrusts got all 8 inches in. Bridgette was
now in control as she bucked back wanting all of it. Anna
pushed deep inside the ass as Bridgette moaned at the top
of her lungs.

“I want to see you playing with yourself Mrs. Sampras.”
Anna pleaded. Anna and Bridgette moved over to a table
where Bridgette could support herself and then she took 3
fingers and stuck them deep inside her pussy, feverishly
wanting to orgasm for Anna. Anna rubbed her breasts as
Bridgette had everything being played with. Finally
Bridgette came with a mighty scream and Anna pulled out
and plopped down in a chair, legs spread.

Bridgette laid down on the floor to recover and Anna
closed her eyes for a minute, but opened them wide a few
minutes later as she felt her clit being played with. A
fully dressed Bridgette Wilson-Sampras got up and said
“Good luck in the final, I’ll be here again if you win.”

Anna won the next day 6-4, 6-4.

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