Scarlett Johansson comes home for the holidays

I had put on a new shirt for the occasion and had just
taken my best jeans out of the dryer. When the
doorbell rang I willed myself to calm down and not
rush to answer the door. It had been a while since I
last saw my sister and she was spending a few weeks
with me for the holidays – though we were going to
spend Christmas Day at mom’s house. I looked in the
mirror next to the front the make sure my dark hair
was still neat. I checked my clothes on my 6’3 frame.
They looked fine.

I opened the door and there she stood. Her blonde
locks were dark again – she must have colored it just
before the left to come here – but otherwise she was
the same as always. She had put down her bag and
looked excited as a little girl. “HUNTER!!!” She said
excitedly. “Scarlett Ingrid!” I grinned. My sister
made a face. “You know I hate it when you call me

“I know, big sister.”

She gave me a brilliant smile. “You got that right.”
[Scarlett was born 3 minutes me but loved to make a
big deal out of her being the oldest.]

Scarlett launched her 5’4 1/4 frame into my arms –
right on my porch for all my neighbors to see –
crushing her 34DDs between us. I immediately flashed
back on the pic I had seen from her movie A Love Song
For Bobby Long; that guy walked in on Scarlett and she
put her hand over her huge tit. Between her dark hair
and tits in that movie I fell more in love with my
sister… I didn’t want her to feel my growing
erection so I made an excuse about the cold and
needing to bring her bags in.

I picked up her luggage and brought inside then shut
the door behind us. I asked Scarlett how Trooper and
Maggie were. She laughed Trooper had been driving
Maggie crazy lately and Maggie’s yip-yip-yipping had
nearly drove her crazy herself. She had put them up in
the kennel and was glad for the break from them. When
we got to my spare bedroom Scarlett thanked me again
[she had thanked me on the phone already like a dozen
times] for letting her stay with me for a few weeks as
she took of her long winter coat.

Scarlett had on some skintight jeans that were buried
in her butt crack and a tight low-cut top that showed
off her 23 inch waist and her huge tits. I took her
coat and hung it on the coatrack outside of her room.
“Sis, I’m glad to have you. We don’t get to spend much
time together as it is,” I said, as I helped her
unpack. “I know you’ve been going through a lot

She looked grim and got quiet as she unpacked her
bras, panties, stockings and slips and put them in the
dresses drawers. I hung up her dresses she had in the
long garment bag in the closet along with her blouses,
pants and jeans. When we finished she finally spoke.
“I really could use a drink,” Scarlett said.

“Sure,” I replied and she threw me a grateful look. I
came back with a Scotch and water. No ice. She downed
it in one gulp. “Mmmm. That hit the spot. It’s so cold
up here but I really needed to get away for a while.
“Between what happened with Ryan” [I still have no
idea what happened – sis had been so close-mouthed
about it] “the media hounding me and writing all the
ridiculous stuff – did you see what they wrote about
me and Johnny Depp? I was with him and his girlfriend
and they said we were an item now,” Scarlett rolled
her eyes. “And the house – I just couldn’t stand
staying there one more moment. I’m definitely going to
move, I just don’t want to think about it until after
the holidays.”

I didn’t blame her. “Do you need another drink, sis?”

Scarlett smiled. “Are you trying to get me drunk?” She

“No, I’m good, thanks. I’m thinking about giving up
men. They’re too much trouble.” I gave her a look.

“That includes me?” She laughed. “Definitely not you,
little brother. I’m thinking about going lesbo,” She

“WHAT?!?” I couldn’t tell if Scarlett was messing with
me. “Yeah, there was this girl out West named Gia. She
had the hots for me. Or maybe Tara or Paris…”

“You’re kidding with me, right?”

Scarlett laughed. “I was telling the truth about Gia,
though.” Scarlett went over to the window and stared
at my frozen back yard.

Scarlett breathed and the window making it frost up.
She began to draw shapes then wipe them away. “I’ll be
honest with you. I love cock. Whenever Ryan and I were
together I couldn’t keep my hands off of him.
Especially not his cock… But I don’t know if I’ll
ever trust a man again, Hunter…” I stood up. “If I
wasn’t your brother…” Scarlett turned to face me.
“What?” I went to my sister, slid my left arm around
her and with some effort slid it down the back of her
jeans, groping her bare cheek. My right hand slid down
her top and kneaded her left tit as I forcefully
kissed her, she let me slip her some tongue.

Sometime later I broke the kiss and backed away. “I
would do that,” I replied. “IF I wasn’t your brother.”
Scarlett gazed at me breathily, a dazed look on her
face, but she regained her composure quick. “If I
wasn’t your sister…” “What?” Scarlett dropped to her
knees and had my cock out of my jeans and briefs in a
flash. Before I could even think Scarlett’s face was
buried between my legs.

My sister had one of my balls in her mouth and she
sucked it gently as she stroked my cock up to full
hardness. I groaned as she switched to my other ball
and did the same. I was so sure I’d cum all in her
hair right then but then she let go of my ball and ran
her tongue up the underside of my cock slowly.
Excruciatingly slow… When her tongue reached the
head Scarlett twirled it around it before sucking the
head into her warm mouth. Her hand went to my balls
now and handled them roughly. She was looking up at me
with a teasing expression then her lips slowly
descended my shaft.

Soon she was deep throating me, nearly swallowing all
9 1/2 plus inches. I thought I would faint… I
didn’t, and I’m glad I hadn’t because my sister gave
me the best blow job of my life and I didn’t want to
miss a second of it! She kept sucking my cock
alternately slow then fast. I’d never had a girl deep
throat and feeling my cock down my sister’s throat was
uncanny but so awesome… That went on for over 10
minutes before I blew my load.

Scarlett let her cock slide back until only the head
was in her mouth so she could taste my jizz as she
swallowed it all greedily. She sucked my cock dry then
licked it clean before tucking it back into my jeans.
She stood up and said “That’s what I’d do… IF I
wasn’t your sister.”

We looked into each other’s eyes for the longest time.
All of a sudden we flung ourselves into each other’s
arms and kissed like mad. We broke the kiss and backed
away from each other our eyes locked on to one
another’s. I began tearing off my clothes and Scarlett
did the same with her clothes. Once we were naked we
were back in each other’s, my sister’s huge medium-
brown colored nipples poking into me, my revived cock
pressing against her grinding belly as we tongue

I lifted her into my arms and Scarlett wrapped her
arms and legs around me tight. “I’m sorry about my
pussy…” She moaned between kisses. “I… Had
stopped… Shaving it… Weeks ago… After things…
Went bad…” I laid Scarlett on the bed.

“Sis, I hope you never shave it ever again. I love
hairy pussy.” She squealed, smiling happily. “Oh,
Hunter…” Scarlett moaned. I rose up, took hold of my
cock, and aimed at my sister’s pussy. Something dawned
on Scarlett’s face and she seemed to now realize what
we were about to do. “I don’t date guys under 30…”
She said. Her eyes went wide then she blushed.

I don’t know what that meant but I replied, “We won’t
be dating.”

“Oh, yeah,” Scarlett giggled.

I pressed my cock against her slit and slid it along
it, getting the head slick with her juices until it
slid in. Scarlett groaned. “It’s so thick… And the
longest I ever had…”

I grinned at her words as I slid forward. Scarlett was
so wet and tight. I slowly slid in and out of her,
able to get a little more in each time. My sister was
breathing heavy now. She gasped when the head of my
cock hit her cervix, leaving about an inch and a half
of my cock out in the cold so to speak. Scarlett
looked up into my eyes as I slid back and began to
make love to her.

She groaned and her mouth hung open as I got a pace
going. Soon her first orgasm hit her and her eyes
rolled back. I kept up my pace and Scarlett came a
second time. I slowed my pace and my sister giggled as
her body stopped spasming under me. I leaned down to
kiss her and Scarlett returned the kiss hungrily.
“Fuck me harder… Do me, little brother!” She moaned,
nodding her head.

I slid back and slammed my cock into her several times
and she screamed out her third orgasm. She clung to me
as her body lost control and came over and over. I
slowed again so Scarlett could calm down. Then I
pulled free and flipped her over with ease. She
giggled once more before I entered her tight pussy
from behind, then she began to coo. “Do me…”
Scarlett moaned.

I pile-drived her and she gasped “YES! YESSSSSSS!!!”
Her body stiffened, then she orgasmed again. Sweat was
pouring down our bodies and my sister’s moans, groans,
sighs and gasps filled the air. I gave sis 4 my
orgasms this way before I pulled out. “Don’t stop…”
Scarlett begged.

I rolled onto my back and waved my cock in the air at
her. Scarlett grinned. “Really? Ryan never let me be
on top! Not that he lasted this long…” She giggled.
She slid down first, flipped her hair back and sucked
my cock for about a minute. Then she mounted me.
Holding my cock upright, Scarlett lowered her dripping
pussy down onto my cock. As soon as the head parted
her lips she slammed down onto my cock with a groan.
“Oh, yeah…” Scarlett moaned as she fucked herself on
my cock.

She began to orgasm as she pounded my cock she just
came and came and came. She collapsed on top of me and
didn’t move for a few minutes. Finally Scarlett sat
up, giggled and blushed. She placed her hands on my
chest and began to ride me again. She rode me at a
steady pace at first but returned to her pounding
fuck. Again Scarlett began to orgasm very quickly, her
body wracked by orgasm after orgasm before she once
again collapsed on top of me. Finally she moaned,
“Okay… Now I know why I don’t do this. It’s too
exhausting…” Giggling hoarsely.

I rolled Scarlett onto her back. “Are you ready?” She
smiled and nodded. I slowly began to pump in and out
of her, keeping this pace for several minutes until
she moaned “Oh, yes… Oh, Hunter…” over and over. I
increased my pace and soon my sister was orgasming
again. I fucked her at this pace giving Scarlett
orgasms at intervals. She came 6 more times before I
planted my jizz deep within her waiting pussy.

Once I was drained I got up.

“Don’t go,” She begged.

“I’ll be right back,” I promised. I went into my
master bath and ran a hot bath into my large marble
tub. Then I went back to Scarlett; she was still awake
and beckoning to me. I picked up my sister easily and
carried her to my bathroom. I set her in the tub and
slid in behind her. Scarlett lay back against me and
sighed. I slid my hand around to my sister’s bobbing
tits and kneaded them gently. “Happy Holidays, big

Scarlett mmmm-ed and wiggled her butt against my
reviving hard on. “I figured out what I’m giving you
for Christmas, little brother,” She cooed.

“Oh?” Scarlett mmmm-ed once more. “Oh, yeah, and I
figured out where I’m going to live now.”

“Oh, yeah?” I raised my eye brow.

“Merry Christmas, brother, you have yourself a
roommate,” Scarlett cooed.

I smiled. Best Christmas present EVER!

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