Coffee Creamer with Carlson Young

Some mornings you either wake up feeling like shit. Like you have to go to work or you drank a bit too much last night. Or you wake up feeling like you can rule the world, nothing can ruin your day. I’d say this morning felt like the latter.

Carlson and I had been seeing each other for months now. Initially, I didn’t even know who she was as I hadn’t really watched the Scream TV show. So that came as a “breath of fresh air” for her. Whatever that meant I don’t know, but I sure am glad.

Back to waking up in the morning. My eyes opened to the most lovely sight.
“Good morning, very good morning indeed.” I groan and stretched while looking at the sight of Carlson’s tight bare ass.
She turned around with a smirk and wiggled her derriere for me.

She fell back on the bed and I leaned down to capture her luscious lips. As we parted lips she smiled up at me.
“My legs are jelly.” She complained

“Yeah, well tell me something that’s new Carli.” I joked and received a laugh and a light punch to the shoulder.

“Well, it’s your fault.” She pouted.

“Well, I could just stop.” I teased her and gained some amusement when a strike of concern and fear came across her face.
“No, never ever. It feels to good mister, a man with your talents is very hard to find.” She replied all matter of fact like.

I laughed and combed the loose hair away from her pretty face. “Is that the reason you keep me around?”
“No, just one of the many I have.” She said and resumed to kiss me.

This continued for a few minutes until she, unfortunately, pulled away from the lip lock. “I’m gonna go make some coffee.” She said and wobbled out the room.
I also decided to get up and grabbed my boxers which were scattered on the floor along with other articles of clothing from last night. I walked out to the kitchen and took a seat on one of the stools at the counter, watching the sexy Carlson Young grab her self some coffee while just in her panties.

Carli opened the fridgeandlookedaroundinside it. “Fuck.” She muttered. “Baby, do we have any milk?” She asked and looked at me.
“No, sorry babe. I was going to go to the store today.” I told her much to her disappointment.
But She took a glance at me and I swear to you her mood change and so did the atmosphere of the room. Carli looked at me as if I was a piece of meat. Which doesn’t really bother me, it actually has the opposite effect really.

“I know where I can get some milk.” She huskily said as she walked around the gradient counter.

Coffee mug in hand she bent down to set it on the black tile floor then rose back up to meet me face to face. Our noses barely an inch apart.
“I’ll have to work for it though.” She added and looked down to see my cock ready to rip straight through my boxers.

“Yes, you will miss Young,” I told her.

I could feel her fingernails rake down my chest and abs, all the while our eyes were locked into a gaze of lust. Her hand finally slipped into my boxers and she wrapped her hands around my member.
Her hand stroked me with a small twist each time. I began to breathe heavily, much to Carli’s utmost excitement.

I will admit I did like being a tad bit submissive. Not being in total control always did get me off.

Carli always loved being in control, but what she really wanted was cum.
My girlfriend was a literal fiend for semen. I’ve never been with or known any girl who loves it more than my Carli.

Carli pulled out the long organ out of its fabric prison.
Carli finally broke our gaze to spit on her hand to lube my cock up. I could feel Carli’s fingers on my tool tracing the veins and caressing my flesh. I couldn’t help but thrust my prick into her hand.

Carli giggled with delight and gave me a quick kiss. She sunk to her knees while still stroking my hard cock. You could hear the audible sounds of the effortless handjob Carli was so gracefully giving me. The slick sound of the spit rubbing me and my heavy and pleasure filled breath were the only sound in the room.

Finally, she captured one of my balls into her warm and moist mouth. “Holy fucking shit.” was all I could say as I leaned my head back then back down to see her eyes pinned on mine. Carli lathered up both my nuts in her mouth, still jerking me with her hand.
Precum started to leak out of my shaft as Carli turned her attention to my cock rather than my balls. She stopped jerking me and moved her hands to my nuts to caress them. She licked the underside of my dick from the base to the tip, planting kisses on my bellend.

“I want you to cum doggy, then I’ll give you a treat!” She demanded and persuaded.

Carli then took me into her mouth. She knew every detail of my cock, her tongue traced the veins like her fingers, it darted at my piss hole like she was trying to break the cum free.
She made my head pop out the side of her cheek.
She played my cock like a flute, hold my tip in her mouth while she jerked the rest of my saliva covered prick.

“Carli… OhGod Carli… Plea- Please..” I begged pathetically.

And for the finale, she granted me my wish and took me into the far regions of her throat. She gagged and I about reached my limit.
“Baby… Oh.. Gonna fucking cum.” I barely said.

She quickly took me out of her mouth and fetched her coffee mug. Carli held me over the mug and the heat from the coffee added to my sensitivity.

“Cum doggy. Your Carli needs that cum. Cum doggy cum.”

And with that, I lost it. It felt like the most intense and longest orgasm of my entire lifetime. It was like I was pissing cum into her coffee. After a while, my cock stopped leaking and Carli kissed the tip a final time.

“Good boy.”

Carli took a mixer and tried to mix as much of the cum into the coffee, but you could still clearly see the milky white cum lumps in her coffee. However, I think Carli preferred that.

She gulped down the substance and moaned with pleasure.

“Think I might have to use you for milk now on. It’s free too so that’s a plus.” She joked, or at least it seemed like she was. No, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t.

As Carli sipped on her coffee she tugged my semi-erect cock like it was my leach. She took us to the couch and pushed me onto it.
Downing the rest of her cum mixed coffee, Carli, quickly took out her panties and the vixen straddled my waist and aimed my now at attention shaft into her searing cunt.

“Time for your treat.” She simply said before impaling herself on my 9 inches.

“Oh God!” She moaned with lust and started to ride me like there was no tomorrow.

Up and down, up and down she went as she took me into her.
Her tight walls squeezed me tight like she was a virgin but she rode like a pro. My hands stretched to her ass and I grabbed and started to massage her tight, perfect cheeks.

Sweat drenched our bodies as we fucked like animals. Carli bounced up and down without falter as I thrust up into her tight pussy with all my strength and stamina.

We were moaning messes. I couldn’t speak properly as the pleasure had overwhelmed me. I only got out an incoherent set of words. “Cu… Cum… Carli.” I was about to burst again.

“Cum with me baby. Cum inside me. I want to feel you flood me.” She breathed out load and her walls tighten for a final time.

I flooded her cunt with my spunk. Spurt after spurt I filled her til it started to leak out her pussy.

My orgasm triggered hers and she twitchedover me as her insides were painted white.

Carli leaned her head on my shoulder as we rested for a few minutes. Our bodies coated with a layer of sweat. My prick was still embedded inside her as my baby batter leaked out her cunt onto my balls and the couch leather.

Carli whispered into my ear.

“We are not leaving this until either we both pass out or you run out of that delicious nectar. I don’t care if you pass out I’m still gonna milk you.”

I could do nothing but nod. I was a slave to her sexual whims, I love this fucking girl.

Her fingers raked through my hair.

“Good. Good boy.”