House Call – with Halsey

I had just gotten out of a job interview wearing my last clean set of close when my day turned really dark. I was just about to jog through a crosswalk when a car came whipping out of nowhere. My life didn’t flash before my eyes. I just stood there like a deer in the headlights while the car tried to brake, but hit me anyway.

I felt my feet leave the ground and a terrible pain like a sledgehammer nailing my legs. I felt the impact of my body hitting a car hood and my head hitting the windshield. After that, I don’t remember a damn thing. I don’t remember what the car looked like. I don’t remember ever seeing the driver. I just remember dark.

I came to God only knows when, and I was obviously in a hospital bed. I had an IV running into my arm and I was dizzy, but nothing hurt. I knew I was drugged to the nines. I looked around to take in my surroundings, and the only thing off about the room was the girl I’d never seen before fast asleep in the chair beside the bed. I wanted to know who she was, but I didn’t want to wake her. She looked gorgeous and peaceful slumped in the chair like that.

I laid awake by myself for a while until the nurse making her rounds came to check on me. “Hey, you’re awake,” she said, looking a little concerned. “Your friend was supposed to call for me as soon as you woke up.”

“I didn’t want to wake her,” I sort of explained. Apparently this person knew me somehow. I remember the accident, but that was about it. I don’t have any real friends out here, or family. So who was this girl that said she was my friend.

“Well how are you feeling, Mr. Fisher?” the nurse asked, checking my chart. Mr. Fisher? Fisher isn’t my name… or at least that didn’t sound right. I didn’t remember my name!

“Nurse, what’s wrong with me?” I whispered, not wanting to wake my new “friend” in the chair.

“Well, your legs are really banged up, your back could be better, and you took a nasty hit to your head,” explained like I was five. She took out a little flashlight and checked my eye responsiveness. “Hmm. You’re a little slow to respond to stimuli. How is your head feeling?”

“I’m a little dizzy, but I figure that’s the meds. And also… I don’t remember my last name….”

“Your friend Ashley filled out your home address, name, and cell phone number, so we got that covered. I’m not surprised you’re suffering some memory loss,” the nurse chuckled. “But I’ll let your doctor tell you the big stuff tomorrow. You should get some rest. And make sure to thank your friend here for bringing you in. She saved your life by calling that ambulance. She hasn’t left your side in two and a half days.” Two and a half days! I couldn’t believe it.

The nurse left and the sound of the closing door woke up my sleeping friend. “Hey,” I said flatly when I saw her eyelids flutter open.

“Oh, hey!” she said as she woke up real quick. “How are you?” she asked in what I could only guess was a Jersey accent.

“Drugged,” I responded and she smiled, probably happy to see I had a sense of humor. “Who are you?” I asked, getting straight to the point. “I don’t remember anything except the hood of a car. I don’t even remember who I am.” I didn’t miss how she swallowed deeply at my mentioning of the car.

“My name’s Ashley, and you’re right; you were hit by a car… by me,” she admitted. Well shit. “I am so sorry. I can’t apologise enough, but I’m taking care of your medical bills. It’s the least I can do,” she told me, and I agreed.

“The nurse said you’ve been here the whole time and that you called the ambulance. Does anyone know that you’re the one who hit me?”

This girl, Ashley, was quiet for a while. “No. No one but me and you,” she said quietly. “If you want to press charges…”

“I’m thinking about it. Especially if I lose this job I was just leaving the interview for when you fucking hit me.”

Ashley closed her eyes and I could tell she was trying to control her breathing, trying to stay calm. “All I can say is that I’m sorry, and I will give you everything you need. I fucked up. I fucked you up and I need to fix that.”

“The bills for this are going to be huge. How the fuck are you going to afford this without being more broke than I am?” I asked with a laugh. “And who the hell is going to help me while I recover? I’m completely alone out here.

Ashley opened her eyes again and looked at me. “I can afford to foot this bill because I’m Halsey. But I guess that name might not mean a lot to someone with amnesia. As to who will take care of you… I will. You don’t even have an emergency contact. I put my name and number down for it. When they release you, I want you to come home with me, okay?”

Wheels started to work in my mind and my head started to hurt. “Halsey… Halsey… that’s a, you’re a singer or something, right?” I asked, digging my palms into my closed eyes.

“Yeah, I’m a singer,” she said with a warm smile. I should be cussing her out for nearly killing me. I should be pissed and accusing her of trying to bribe me into not suing her, but her hazel eyes were so genuine, and her smiling full lips, her cheeks and nose with cute freckles were so kind. She seemed so honestly sad and trying to be helpful. “I’m not going anywhere for a while. I want to make sure you’re okay. I did this to you.”

“Do I call you Ashley or Halsey?” I asked. I figured I might as well use her preferred if she was going to be around for a while. I wasn’t going to chase away her help, not to mention her looks.

“Your pick,” she shrugs. “My friends call me Ashley.” She sat there, just looking at me. Neither of us knew what to do in the moment. “Can I get you anything? Is there anything I can do for you right now?” she asks earnestly.

“I want you to go home and shower. Get some clean clothes. The nurse said you haven’t left since we got here, and I think she meant it.” Halsey laughed.

“A shower does sound really good,” she admitted, drooping her shoulders. “I’ll be back ASAP, though. Is that cool?” She sounded guilty for leaving at all.

“Yeah. You know where to find me.”

Halsey wasn’t gone long. She was back in about two hours. “Hey,” she said with a smile. I thought you’d be asleep for sure.”

“I’ve been sleeping for two and a half days,” I chuckled. “And God do I feel gross, too,” I laughed again.

Halsey frowned as she sat in her chair again. “The nurse hasn’t asked me to leave for her to bathe you. They probably wanted you to wake up first. Should I call a nurse to give you a bath? I’ll leave to give you some privacy?”

I chewed my lip, thinking about how nice a bath really sounded. “I want to take a shower, and this room has one.” I pull the blanket back and see that not only am I in a gown, but that I’ve never before seen my legs so badly bruised. “Well that sucks. I don’t think I’m gonna be standing up any time soon.” I look at Halsey and she looks so fucking sad. If my amnesia brain is correct, I thought I remembered her being some sort of badass or something. Not quite Ruby Rose, but right now she looks like she might cry.

“I’m so sorry I did this to you,” she breaks down and hides her face in her hands as she sobs. I lay there, unable to really move, given that my legs look like a coloring book.

“Ashley, can you do me a favor?” She looks up at me with tears still in her eyes. “Please stop crying. it’s bumming me out.” She laughs, wipes her eyes and sniffles. “But seriously, once you’re good to go here, can we talk to a nurse about my bathing options?”

“Uh, yeah,” she says, starting to compose. Once her eyes dry up, she looks ready. She didn’t bother with any real makeup, so she didn’t look like a melting mess. She’s gone and back in just a few minutes.

“Hi. I understand you’re ready for a bath?” the nurse asks, a bunch of sanitizing wipes and a plastic container in her hands. “We recommend you use these, as they are very low effort and they don’t take a lot of moving from you. The directions are on the package. Your girlfriend or I can help you out if you need it.” I notice that the nurse handing Halsey the cleaning supplies isn’t the one I saw earlier, so Halsey probably got away with saying she’s my girlfriend instead of just a friend.

The nurse leaves and Halsey just stands there, looking adorable and sheepish. “You told the nurse we’re dating?” I asked with a chuckle.

“I figured it’d make them more forthcoming with me than if I was just a normal female friend,” she shrugged. “Can you bathe yourself, or….” Halsey bit her lip, and I took it to mean she would help, but didn’t want to ask.

“If you don’t mind, that’d be nice….” I didn’t need help, but why would I turn down this chance for intimacy with her? I wouldn’t have her at my every beck and call for long. She just smiled and came over, setting the supplies on my lap. She undid the nightgown and pulled it from my chest, letting it pool at my stomach. I opened the clothes and handed one to her so she could wash my back while I washed my chest, arms, and belly.

“Lay down. I’ll do your legs,” she offered and I obeyed. Halsey took my gown the rest of the way off and I layed there in just a pair of boxers. A blind man would have noticed the absolute rager I was sporting. “You may not be able to walk, but something still works,” she giggled as she started washing my feet.

“I’m sorry. This is really awkward now. You don’t have to…” Halsey shushed me before I could finish my sentence.

“It’s fine. It’s natural,” she laughed. “I don’t mind helping you. I told you I want to. I need to,” she told me as she worked higher up my legs. Her touch was so gentle, it was a ghost of a feeling. The higher up my legs she got, the slower her pace became until she was almost sensually rubbing my inner thighs. “Do you think kissing where it hurts would help make it feel better?” Halsey asked, looking right into my eyes, a coy smile on her pretty lips.

“It’s worth experimenting, I suppose. Hospitals are all about science.” It was all the answer Halsey needed to lower her lips and kiss my flesh. She cleaned some more, and then blew it dry, following up with more kisses until she was up to my boxers. My entire body was covered in goosebumps and my hair was standing up straight.

“Can I take these off?” Halsey asked, playfully tugging on my boxer legs. “Nothing funny. I just want to make sure you’re good and clean.” I wanted to tell her she didn’t have to, but I also really wanted her to. I decided to take the chance and lifted my hips just enough for her to pull them down. “Good boy,” she said in a sultry voice, but she had said it was going to be ‘nothing funny.’

Halsey started with my taint and washed me with the careful caresses I had known from my legs. She used the same feather touch on my balls, and fondled them with an expert’s care. I didn’t miss just how much time she spent cleaning my rocks. She sat on the bed, next to my knees as she wrapped the cleaning pad, and effectively her hand, around my proudly standing cock.

“How’s the pressure?” Halsey asked, her eyes professionally focused on the task in hand.

“Goddamn does it feel good, Ashley,” I breathed out as I felt my throat get unexplainably tight and my mouth got dry. I swallowed hard when I saw her lick her lips, leaving a wet sheen on them. “Oh for fuck’s sake,” I groaned as I rolled my eyes. Her thumb, without the pad, slid to the tip of my dick and swiped up the precum she’d already gotten out of me. I’m still pissed that I didn’t see her do it, but I heard her suck on her thumb, tasting me.

Halsey let me go and I cursed inwardly. She stood up and kept her eyes on me as she started undoing her skin-tight jeans. She pulled the denim down over her shapely ass and toned but thick thighs. “It’s not fair to you if you’re the only one naked, is it?” Halsey asked as she kicked off her sneakers and then her jeans.

“You’re not worried about a nurse or doctor walking in?” I asked as shed her top, leaving herself standing in front of me in just bra and panties.

“They know you’re bathing, and besides, even prisoners have a right to conjugal visits. I also have gotten pretty good at knowing the rotations. We have about forty-five minutes til the next check up. That means…” she said slowly as she reached behind her and unclipped her bra, “we can take our time. I can take good care of you.” Halsey’s smile was bright and genuine as she slid off her bra and set it down on the foot of the bed. She didn’t move to cover her bountiful breasts, but didn’t do anything to overly showcase them, either.

“You’re not what I expected, Ashley,” I admitted as she slightly tilted her head to the side. “I didn’t know what to expect from you. I’m starting to remember your reputation. A badass wildcard who does whatever she wants and says whatever she wants.” She just kept looking at me, her hands boldly on her hips, her tits looking right at me. I didn’t care if they were fake or not, they were so magnificent to me. “But you’ve been nothing but sweet to me. You seem good inside and out,” I finished.

Halsey laughed and hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties. “I’m an angel if I want to be. I’m also a total bitch if I want to be. For you, though, I want to be a dirty fucking angel, the one you’ve seen so many pictures of that you’re just starting to remember.”

I watched in awe as Halsey pulled her black lace panties down her perfect thighs, revealing a perfectly shaved mound. There was no sign of a single pubic hair. I expected a rebel like her to have at least a landing strip. “You’re fucking gorgeous, Ashley,” I whisper, unable to find my full voice.

“Thank you. You’re not bad yourself,” she said as she joined me on the bed. She got on at the foot and crawled up, kissing her way up my damaged body, her breasts dangling down just enough that her nipples brushed my legs. She stopped at my waist and looked down at my long pole. She licked her lips and then looked at me. “You don’t mind, do you? It’s such a handsome cock,” she said cheekily, popping the ‘c’ sound at the end.

“Be my guest,” I said. It was all the invitation she needed to pull her long black hair into a quick ponytail before lowering her lips to my head. She kissed the tip and gingerly licked the base of my mushroom top. She hummed just a little, but nothing porn star obsene. She took progressively longer and bigger licks until she was damn near tackling me like a lollipop.

“You taste real good. Clean as a whistle, too,” Halsey said before licking me from taint to mushroom tip. She suckled my top, just letting her lips cover it. I was in heaven so soon after the skilled mouth began her treatments. She slowly slid down my shaft with her long tongue leading the way. I had to grip the bed sheets under me to stop myself from shooting straight up. “You’re so responsive,” she cooed after letting my dick breathe again.

“I don’t remember how a blowjob feels, and even if I did, I doubt she was as good as you,” I chuckled.

“You’re so sweet,” Halsey giggled before going back down on me, moving a little quicker to get back where she was. Her hands expertly fondling my balls was new, and added an all new level of bliss that I was feeling. I could feel the young artist smiling around me as she slurped her own spit over me and danced my rocks around in her palm. It wasn’t long before she had all of me down her angelic yet sinful throat, her nose brushing against my pubic mound. She turned her neck back and forth slowly, allowing me to feel every inch of her throat. I couldn’t believe her ability to be down there so long, so deep.

My eyes were about to pop when she started to come back up. She didn’t come all the way back up, started to bob up and down at the half way mark of my cock, her hand not on my balls working the lower half of my staff. Halsey’s tongue kept swiping, wrapping around my pole and sucking hard, hallowing her cheeks as she sucked me to oblivion.

“Ashley, I’m gonna cum soon if you keep this up,” I warned her, one hand on her ponytail and the other still wrapped in bedsheet. She just kept sucking and fondling, letting excess saliva roll down and run to my taint and the bed. I tried not to pull too hard on her hair, but I had a hard time believing Halsey wouldn’t be into a little rough love. I tugged just a bit, and I felt her throat close around me for just a moment. I did it again to the same affect. I started working her like a choke, fluttering her gag reflex as I wished. “Ashley, it’s your last chance,” I warned as I felt the hot ball growing ever bigger in my belly and my balls pulling tighter.

Halsey just kept going, fluttering her own throat without me pulling her hair. She kept coming up and down, up and down, at higher and higher speed until she almost lost control of her depth and suction control. Finally I saw stars and exploded a small white tidal wave into Halsey’s mouth. She swallowed as much as she could and licked up the rest. I thought she was done, but the girl kept sucking!

“Ash, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Keeping you hard, she said as she kept her lips and tongue on me, but maneuvered her hips so that I could see her firm, big round ass cheeks. I slapped them both and grabbed handfuls of her rump. I giggled her ass as she kept working me. She pressed her ass backwards, elongating her back. “Do what you want. I won’t tell.” I could hear the wink in her voice, and I definitely felt her jolt a little as I licked her clit to asshole in one long go. Halsey braced herself on her forearms as I dove into her sweet snatch and occasionally teased her starfish. For Halsey’s part, she was sucking me just as good as she was the first time.

I ate and licked, sucked her lips into my mouth and nibbled her clit as long as I wanted, working her to two orgasms on top of me. I drank every little bit of nectar her body offered, and the only thing stopping her from screaming out was my cock in her throat, gagging her. Finally, I decided it was time for the grand finale. “Ash, get on my dick,” I ordered. I knew she was all mine. If she was whoring herself to me in atonement for what she’d done to me, I was accepting it as part of her payment.

“Yes sir,” she smiled over her shoulder, and made a big show of straightening up like a cat. She dropped her hips low, dragging her moist opening down my body leaving goosebumps. She picked up her hips and dropped them right back down on my rock hard cock, impaling herself on me straight to the hilt. She gasped and covered her hand with her mouth as she started rocking her athletic hips, that booty slapping my thighs with each drop, but not enough to hurt me.

Halsey’s pussy was still so tight because I had only played with her ass and used my tongue in her pocket. She had no problem doing all the work, making sure to get all of my dick in her but to keep her weight off my battered body. I don’t remember ever seeing a woman who could work a cock with hips and abs the way Halsey was. She was rocking my fucking world, pre-amnesia and beyond. The way her back bent forward and bowed back out, the way her ass giggled and stiffened was entrancing. Her pussy was so hot, wet, tight and ribbed. Halsey wasn’t a human anymore, but a sex goddess with the single purpose of making my balls explode up into her guts.

I tapped on her ass, letting her know I was just seconds out. She looked over her shoulder, winked, and licked her lips. She turned away from me again and bent backwards as much as she could. She kept on riding, moaning but not loud enough to be heard from outside. She came on me and I came up in her, shooting my second load and deep into her cunt that squeezed and spasmed over me like it was being shocked. I could feel our combined fluids running down and pooling below my balls.

Once we both were drained, Halsey stayed there, my dick still in her as she recovered her breath. “Goddamn that was good dick,” she giggled and slowly drew herself off of me. Halsey crawled up next to me and cuddled into my side, her big tits and pokey nipples nipples rubbing against me. “Fuck that was good.”

“That’s better medicine than I’m going to get from any doctors. I just hope I remember it.”

Halsey laughed. “If you don’t remember it, we’ll have to do it until you do.”