A Dream Fast & Furious Style with Jordana Brewster

I couldn’t believe my luck. I had the hottest Fast and Furious babe, Jordana Brewster, in my beach house, in a drug induced sleep and all mine for the taking! It hadn’t been easy getting this Brazilian babe to my beach house undetected and free and clear but I had pulled it off and now stood to reap the benefits for my efforts.

“All right Ms. Brewster let’s see what you look like underneath all those clothes.”

When I had first arrived at my beach house I had put Jordana down on one of the couches in the living room and she still lay there all spread out. I reached for her feet and unbuckled her tan two-inch heels and dropped them onto the floor. I removed her arm bangles, earrings and necklace before unbuttoning her flannel shirt, lifting off her white camisole and dropping both pieces of fabric onto the floor. I pulled off her low-rise blue jeans next and this left her in a matching satin black bra and lacy, sheer boy-shorts. My cock rose to attention and strained against my cargo pants. I stripped off Jordana’s lingerie and had to unzip my killer erection I had from seeing Jordana Brewster naked as it was too painful to keep in my pants.

“Holy shit.”

Jordana Brewster took care of her body. That much was made abundantly clear as she lay completely naked on my couch. Every muscle on her body was toned, with impossibly smooth and soft skin and graceful lines. Her stomach, one of her best physical attributes was as taut and flat as could be. Her defined collar bones gave way to incredibly perky breasts capped with eraser pink nipples and the best part was that her breasts were all natural. No implants or other augmentations. I let my gaze drift down to her curvaceous hips, long toned legs and dainty feet which matched her hands. Finally, I let my gaze drift back up to her pussy and although it looked like she hadn’t shaved it in a few days, Jordana sported a landing strip.

“Now to help myself.”

I shucked all my clothes and straddled Jordana as the couch would be more than big enough for me to fool around on. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them, delighted to know they were soft. I tweaked and twisted her nipples until the blood forced them to stand erect at a full inch a piece. This was rather interesting and I filed this away for later. Her nipples tasted faintly like oranges as I bent down to taste them and I knew sucking on Jordana’s breasts would become a favorite past time.

“As much as I love playing with your tits I need a release.”

I scooted up her body until her soft lips brushed against the head of my cock and I moaned at the sensation. I pushed my cock into her warm, moist mouth and grit my teeth at how damn good it felt. Knowing I had been saving myself for this occasion until I had some serious blue balls I thrust only a few times to lubricate my dick and then settled in between her thighs again. I reached between us and spread her pussy lips so I could thrust my cock inside.

“Oh goodness…”

Her pussy literally ate my cock and swallowed it whole. For being married for five years Jordana Brewster had one tight pussy. I didn’t even think twice as I reared back and slammed into her. Over and over I repeated this, thoroughly enjoying fucking this Brazilian beauty and bore her body down into the couch. Too soon for my liking I came with more force and cum then I had in a long time. My hips jerked for what seemed like forever as I continued through my mind blowing orgasm and not a single drop spilled out of Jordan’s pussy. I pulled out of her and dropped back against the couch with a gasp.

“Goodness gracious. And I’m still hard?”

I looked down and my cock was pointing straight up. It had found sweet release and wanted more. With a wicked grin I maneuvered myself over Jordana’s mouth and eased my cock between her lips. I leisurely drove myself to boiling point and at the first tingle began to fuck her mouth in earnest. With Jordana knocked out there wasn’t a gag reflex and I came in another torrent of cum. Because she couldn’t swallow all of my cum her body made her gag up the rest and it dribbled down her chin.

“Uh-uh baby. Not tonight. We’re not finished yet.”

Knowing I had at least one more good one in me I sat down, grabbed one of her hands and pumped my cock. It took a while but my cock hummed as Jordana’s soft, smooth hand was such a contrast from my rough one. I angled my cock so my cum spurted all over her perky breasts and I let my head fall back with a happy sigh as my cock softened.

“Oh yeah. It’s good to be me.”