A young intern gets to fuck Lena Headey

It was a gorgeous summer day. Lena rose early
and decided it was a perfect beach day. And she knew
just the beach…

She woke her daughter Meagan and told her the plan.
Heading to the bathroom, Lena shed her clothes and
jumped in the shower.

It was like a scene from one of her B-movies, watching
the water cascade down her firm forty-something body.

After her shower, Meagan took her place, eager to join
her mother at the beach, while Lena prepared

After, both ate breakfast in the kitchen nook in just
their towels. While Lena washed the breakfast dishes,
Meagan got and packed the things they would need for
the beach. Then they loaded up the car and left.

The wind blew through their long hair since the
convertible top was down. Lena still looked like a
celebrity in her beach hat and sunglasses.

Meagan, on the other hand, looked like your typical
fourteen year old school girl, though she wasn’t
dressed all that differently from her celebrity

It was a long ride. The thing was, this was a very
special beach, one Lena had been bringing Meagan to
on and off for many, many years.

It was a ‘clothing optional’ beach. In other words, a
nude beach. Not that they went nude. They always wore
bikini bottoms. Not that Lena had a problem with
nudity [Watch her movies and you’ll know what I mean].
Lena was very comfortable with showing her body and
raised her daughter the same way.

When they reached the beach, they unloaded their beach
gear and picked out a good spot to set up. Then both
stripped down to the bare essentials: for Lena, a
lime-green thong bikini bottom [she knew she had a
great butt]. Meagan was sporting multi-colored stripe
bikini bottom [she preferred to cover her own butt
which she didn’t consider her best feature].

Both mother and daughter were very different
physically. Meagan was very tall and on the skinny
side, with dark blonde hair, small, pear-shaped
breasts and a bit of a belly bump.

Lena, on the other hand, stayed in top shape, working
out five days a week. Her large breasts were still
firm and hardly sagged, her own belly along with her
thighs were those of a girl half her age. She knew she
was still a looker.

They rubbed lotion on each other’s backs and lay out
in the blazing sun. The temperature was just how they
loved it.

Eventually they went for a swim, racing each other or
just splashing around playfully. They stayed in until
they were totally exhausted. Lena loved swimming
because she was able to work out every part of her
perfect body.

They re-applied their suntan lotion and lay out once

Both were in and out of the surf several times that
day, both loving to swim as much as they loved to tan
their bodies.

Soon it was mid-afternoon and they were ready to go
back home.

They shared a quick shower together before living. All
of a sudden Lena grew wary of her surroundings. She
had been having so much fun she forget herself. Her
eyes scanned the crowds around her and her daughter.
She knew nude beaches drew perverts, especially the
paparazzi type. They still wanted nude photos of her,
despite the fact hundreds, maybe even thousands,
already flooded magazines and the World Wide Web.

Lena’s eyes locked on to one particular person; a
man, in his early fifties. He wasn’t a stud but he
wasn’t a dud either.

He was eyeing Meagan as she rinsed off. His hand was
down the front of his swim trunks. The pervert was
masturbating! Right out in public.

Lena was enraged. And when she was enraged, she spoke
her thoughts out loud.

“Look at that pervert over there!” She hissed,
motioning past her daughter. “Watching you and
stroking off like some sicko!”

This peaked Meagan’s interest. “Where, mom?”

Lena rolled her eyes. Oh, well… She pointed at him.
Meagan turned around, eyes glittering.

“Oh, wow…”

Lena sighed. She knew EXACTLY what was on her
daughter’s mind. Lena was open-minded about sex. It
was another thing she raised her daughter to be also.
Hell, she knew Meagan was sexually active. Lena
herself had arranged the breaking of her daughter’s
cherry; she had hired a male prostitute to do it.

“Come on,” Lena said grumpily.

Meagan eagerly followed her mother over to the man.
When he realized they were coming over to him he
quickly yanked his hand out of his swim trunks.

Lena stopped right in front of him. “Stand up.”

He looked around. “Who, me?”

“Yeah you.”

He quickly and clumsily shot to his feet.

“I know you’ve been spying on my little girl.” Before
he could deny anything, she went on. “Well today’s
your lucky. She wants to get fucked by you. And you’re
going to fuck her or I’ll turn your pervert ass in!”

He nodded vigorously.

“Grab your stuff and come on,” She said, heading back
to their own stuff. She and Meagan dressed again.
“Pick up our stuff, too,” Lena ordered.

He did.

Lena led the way to her car. She opened the trunk and
told him to put everything in. His stuff, too. She
then shut it.

“Where’s your car?”

He pointed to it.

“Get in it. I’m going to follow you to your house.”

He nodded and scurried off to his older model car.

Lena followed him to a decent home in the hills and
both parked in his garage. He let them in the house.

“Now what?” He asked nervously, though he was excited,
too. He fantasized for many years about fucking a
young teenage girl.

“Take us to your bedroom.”

He led them upstairs. Lena was surprised how neat and
clean it was.

Meagan giggled and began to undress. The man didn’t
need to be told to undress himself. When he was naked,
Lena saw the fucking pervert was already hard and
well hung.

His cock got harder when he saw Meagan’s hairy pussy.
Meagan could tell he liked it and grinned from ear-to-

She lay back on the bed and spread her coltish thighs.
She started to rub her already wet pussy.

He began to stroke his leaking cock nervously.

Oh, shit, Lena thought. I can’t believe I’m getting
turned on! It wasn’t even the first time she watched
her daughter fuck. Lena had seen her get fucked her
first time and spied on her getting fucked in a guy’s
car once. But she had never been turned before.

Cursing herself, she found herself rubbing her pussy
as the man climbed on the bed and mounted her
daughter. Lena kept her distance.

The man guided his cock into the young, tight pussy.
They both groaned. Lena rubbed her pussy harder
through her jeans.

He began to pump his cock in and out of her. After a
few minutes it was obvious to Lena he definitely knew
how to use it. Meagan reached her first orgasm
quickly. She was now jealous.

Lena found that she had undid her jeans and her hand
was down her thong bikini, two fingers rapidly pumping
in and out of her own tight pussy. It’d been too long
since she had last fucked.

Lena was surprised to see he wasn’t a two minute man
either. Ten minutes went by, by her watch. Then
twenty. Thirty.

He had Meagan cumming over and over.

When he was about to pull out and cum on Meagan Lena
stopped him.

“Cum in her.”

He wasn’t about to argue. He pumped his heavy load
into Meagan’s young pussy.

Lena had her jeans down around her ankles now along
with her bikini bottom. Her own dark-haired pussy
glistened with her juices.

The man pulled out of Meagan and climbed off the bed,
leaning against the wall, just staring at her.

Lena was approaching another orgasm. She came hard,
biting her lip.

She was still horny. She pushed off her sneakers,
jeans and bikini bottom. She walked over to the bed
and climbed on it and over her exhausted, satisfied
daughter’s body.

Meagan had felt the bed shift and opened her eyes as
her mother was lowering her pussy onto her mouth.

Lena had never done anything with a family member
before nor even though any sexual thoughts about any
of them, especially not Meagan.

But she was so horny now.

“Eat me,” She growled.

Meagan smiled and moved her mouth up to her mother’s
wet pussy.

She had never eaten pussy before but was a quick
learner. Meagan secretly always found her mother very
attractive but it never occurred to her to try
anything. She preferred guys anyhow.

Like mother, like daughter.

The man watched in fascination as the girl ate her own
mother’s pussy. It didn’t take long for Lena to

He found himself jerking off once more. After Lena
had cum four more times he was hard again. He climbed
back up on the bed and began to fuck Meagan again. She
moaned as she ate her mother.

He made her cum three more times.

Meagan dropped her mouth from her mother’s pussy.

“Fuck my mom!” She gasped.

Music to my ears, Lena thought.

The man pulled out and was waiting for Lena to assume
the position. Instead, she pushed him on his back and
straddled him.

He shrugged. He’d take it any way he could get it.

Lena lowered her hot pussy down on his throbbing cock
and began to ride him. He reached up and squeezed her
large breasts.

Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the sensations she
had so missed. Her cock filled her aching pussy so
well. She rode him harder and screamed as she came
again. And again. And again.

Lena lost track of how many times she had orgasmed.
All she knew was he lasted even longer this time. It
was closing on fifty minutes when he closed his eyes
and groaned, spurting up in her. She collapsed atop
him, both sweaty and out of breath.

Mmmm, Lena thought. Maybe I ought to bring him home,
she smiled devilishly…