Mothers Day – Shirley Partridge

Shirley Partridge was in the shower. She was washing her firm 34C breasts.
She didn’t hear the door open or the shower curtain open for she was
listening to the new music her son had written. She soon felt a hand on her
ass. She turned seen Lori her oldest daughter.
Before she could say a word, Lori kissed her. Her tongue went into her mouth.
They embraced, their tongues doing a dance. Lori broke the kiss, went down to
her mother’s nipples which were hard and took each one in her mouth. Her
tongue working over each nipple till they hurt.
Then under the spray of the water she was licking her mother’s pussy. Lori
tongue fucked Shirley’s pussy, holding her ass open putting fingers in.
Shirley held her head, so she wouldn’t fall. She shuddered as she came again.
Lori drank her mother’s pussy juice and then gave her a kiss.
“HAPPY MOMS DAY!” she left.
Shirley stood under the water, that soon went cold. She left the shower.
Drying herself off she went into her bedroom. There she saw Kieth and Danny
naked on her bed. She looked at them both wiht hard cocks. Danny’s was coming
out of a red bush. It was long and fat, too. Kieth’s was much thicker.
She dropped the towel and walked to the bed. Laying between them stroking
both cocks they kissed her.
“Did Lori give you your present?” Kieth asked with a smile.
“Oh, yes!” Shirley answered.
Danny was lickng her navel and soon found her well trimed pussy. Her clit was
still tender from what Lori had done. Danny began to suck it. All Shirley
could do was moan. She had Kieth’s cock in her mouth. She was taking him all
down her throat. Her tongue working his piss hole over.
Danny was soon licking her pussy as his finger was getting her so wet. He was
soon rubbing his cock along her slit, tapping her clit with his cock head.
He soon entered where he came from. Oh how tight she was for having so many
kids. Shirley worked out to keep her pussy tight. It was squeezing Danny’s
Danny was doing just that. Kieth raised her up holding her waist. Danny held
his cock as Shriley was lowered onto it, but it missed her pussy.
“OH!” she said as she felt it enter her asshole.
Danny was in heaven. Kieth came around and he kissed his mother as put his
cock in her pussy. Shirley felt both their cocks rubbing against her pussy
and ass. They moaned with Shirley cumming several times, each one stronger
than the first.
Shirley laid on the bed as both her sons jacked off, covering her with cum.
She rubbed the cum all over body and licked her lips as she once again
entered the shower to clean up before she went to breakfast with her family.