An Alanis Morissette – Shirley Manson Erotic Story

“You, you, you oughta know”, Shirley Manson and Alanis Morissette belted out in
a rare duet no one thought would ever occur. After the public on air fight
insulting that occured between these two on MTV’s Video Music Awards no one ever
thought they’d speak to each other much less continue the concert series they
had agreed to put on together.

As they walked off the stage much to the dismay of the exuberant and lively
crowd, Shirley spoke to Alanis. “Hey, I want to talk you about our next show in
Chicago.” “Sure, no problem. 12:30 (in the morning) at Reeb’s alright?”, Alanis
suggested. “Sounds good,” Shirley agreed “See you then. We both have some
cleaning up to do for tonight now don’t we?” Shirley asked with a wicked smile
as she walked off towards her limo wiping sweat off her face. Alanis momentarily
wondered about the smile then thought nothing more of it and headed towards her

As Alanis washed down her wet body with soap in the shower, Shirley’s smile
after the concert popped back into her head and she once again started to think
about it. “I’m just being silly and paranoid,” Alanis thought to herself. As she
finished up soaping, Alanis hand ran down and around her vaginal area. With not
having a sex life because of her busy tour schedule, Alanis began to feel a
little horny as her hand rubbed up against her pussy. She dropped the soap to
the bottom of the shower floor and began to rub around her pussy and through her
pubic hair. Alanis inserted a finger from her right hand into her opening as she
squeezed her left breast with her left hand and pinched the nipple. Alanis
inserted a second finger into her cunt and began to pump a little harder as she
squeezed her breast and bit and licked her nipple. “Mmmmmmmmmmm,” Alanis moaned
as she fingered herself a bit harder. A thought crept into her, “Shit if I
continue this Shirley will get on my case and joke with me all night about my
masturbating. She can always sense when I’ve masturbated. Fuck.” Alanis stood
there for a few more minutes slightly fingering herself before she got out and
dried off.

As Alanis walked through the hotel lobby to get to her limo she was stopped by a
chaffeur. “Ms. Morissette, I’m Dave Leonard, chaffeur for Ms. Manson and I’ve
been instructed to drive you to Reeb’s tonight by Ms. Manson of course. So if
you would be as so kind, follow me please.” Alanis wasn’t too sure of the name
but she recognized the face as one of a chaffeur Shirley had used many times
before so she gave no second thought and followed Dave. Besides she didn’t want
to insult Shirley no matter how silly a thing like this was. Shirley had always
went all out for her “friends” no matter how small the occasion.

Alanis flipped on the t.v. to fill the time as she was driven to Reeb’s. She
looked up momentarily during a commercial break and noted that Dave had gone a
different route to get to the club but didn’t much care as she figured he knew a
shortcute. After 45 minutes of what should have been only a 20 minute ride
Alanis spoke, “Mr. Leonard, you know were you’re going? Shirley’s probably
getting restless. We need to hurry.” “Oh, I apologize for forgetting but we need
to make one stop along the way as instructed by Ms. Manson.” “Shit,” Alanis
thought. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise as Shirley had a tendency to
“forget” to tell things to people or create the unexpected.

What did come as a surprise though was where she was when the car stopped; a
cornfield in the middle of nowhere. “Why the fuck are we out here???”, Alanis
asked. “I’m sorry Ms. Morissette but I think we may have a flat. I need to go
out and check it.” “Well fuck, hurry it the hell up then! I don’t know what kind
of shit Shirley is pulling tonight, but a 45 minute drive into the middle of
nowhere is not my idea of a good time.” “Alright, alright. I’m sorry Ms.
Morissette, I’ll do my best and hurry,” and with that Dave bolted out of the car
and shut the door behind him.

A few minutes later the door next to her opened and Dave spoke, “Ms. Morissette
we seem to have a problem.” “Ah shit what is it now?” Dave shoved a gun into her
face, “You’re going to have to get out of the car now!” “What the fuck??” Alanis
said with a surprised look on her face. “I said you’re going to have to get out
now!”, and Dave grabbed Alanis’ hair with his free hand and yanked her out of
the car and threw her to the ground. “Oww, that hurt asshole!” “Aaaaaaw, I’m so
sorry,” Dave said sarcastically, “I’m going to make you feel good now though.”

Dave threw the gun into the limo and walked towards Alanis as she was getting
up. “Asshole!”, she yelled and she slapped him across the face. “Bitch!” Dave
yelled as he slapped her so hard she fell back on the ground. “If you don’t like
this then it’s fault.” As Alanis tried to scramble away Dave grabbed her by the
ankles and yanked her back towards him. He flipped her over and ripped open her
shirt revealing Alanis’ bra-less round breasts. “Get off of me mother fucker!”,
she yelled as she thrashed and kicked trying to get free. “Shut up whore!”, and
Dave punched her in the face. He forced her arms to the ground as he began to
kiss and lick Alanis’ breasts and nipples. Dave slapped her one more time and
then unbuttoned her pants and yanked them down along with her panties. He put a
hand around her neck as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down.

Alanis began to struggle some more but Dave just tightened his grip on her neck
and he began to masturbate with his other hand. Dave spoke, “You like this don’t
you bitch? I know you do. I’m gonna fuck your cunt and spread my cum inside you!
I know how you have to get off on masturbating because you dont’ get any cock
when you tour. Shirley has told me all about it.”

As soon as his cock was hard enough for him, Dave released her neck and pinned
Alanis’ arms to the ground. Tears were slowly forming in Alanis’ eyes and she
started to scream again. “Listen bitch! We’re 45 minutes from the nearest
person, so there ain’t no one who’s going to hear your whining and even if there
was why would anyone save your skanky whore ass???”

Dave proceded to shove his hard cock into her pussy. “My, my, aren’t we a little
tight today? What’s wrong? My cock not good enough for the old ass used up pussy
of yours?? Well not matter we’ll just have to work through that won’t we?”

Dave started to kiss Alanis then worked his way down to her breasts as he fucked
her tight pussy. Harder and harder he fucked her and as he did so she screamed
louder and louder.

“Mmmmmmm…bitch if you like this that much then wait until I fuck you up your
ass!”, and with that he flipped her over onto her stomach and shoved his cock
into her anal opening. Slowly he pumped his cocked in and out of her ass. Tears
were streaming from Alanis’ eyes and she had stopped screaming. Dave begin to
increase his intensity as he fucked her ass harder and harder. Harder and deeper
he jammed his cock into her ass until he shot ass hit hot cum into her anal
opening. He pulled out and turned her around. Dave slapped Alanis again and
forced his cock into her mouth for her to clean off.

He got dressed then opened the trunk of the limo and threw a very short cut
black tanktop and black bikini panties. “Put these on skank,” Dave ordered.

Humiliated Alanis proceded to put on the skimpy outfit. “One more thing slut.”
Dave brought her arms back behind her and tied them with some rope from the
trunk. Dave threw Alanis into the backseat and got into the limo and proceded to
drive off to a new destination. After 20 minutes of driving they pulled up to a
small cabin even farther in the middle of nowhere hidden in some woods.

They got out of the car and Dave lead Alanis to the cabin at gun point. Alanis
was shocked at what she saw as they reached the door and went in. “Hey love,”
Shirley said standing there completely naked with only a strap-on dildo on.
“We’re going to have to make this quick for right now because I have to be at a
press conference in a few hours to announce your disappearance and the arrival
of a letter claiming responisibility of your disappearance and that you’ll never
be seen again.” “You fucking bitch! I’m going to kill you!”, Alanis yelled.
Shirley quickly hit Alanis with a blow to the gut and a punch to the face. “Like
hell you will bitch! You aren’t ever going to do anything you want to again
unless I decide to let you.”

With that Dave procedded to untie Alanis throw her onto the bed and then tie her
arms and legs to the posts. “You ever been fucked by another woman Alanis? Not
any of that lesbian shit but fucked? Well there’s a first time for everything

Shirley ripped off Alanis’ clothes and slowly plug her pussy with the dildo.
Shirley then began to slowly ride Alanis. In and out. In and out. Shirley then
procedded bend over Alanis and squeeze her breasts, licking and biting her
nipples, periodically. Dave quickly undressed as Shirley started to fuck Alanis’
pussy harder and deeper. Dave proceded to force his cock into Alanis’ mouth and
make her suck it. By this point Alanis had just completely given up any kind of
hope and did nothing except Dave’s prick as he made her to. Harder and harder
they both fucked her, and Alanis’ pussy turned red and it bled some due to it’s
prolonged inactivity. Finally with one final thrust Shirley jammed the dildo
into Alanis’ pussy as deep as it could go so far in fact that Alanis let out a
high pitched mind shattering scream as Dave pulled out and cummed all over
Alanis’ by now bloody and bruised face.

Shortly there after they cleaned up and took off for who knows where.
Humiliated, slightly beaten, and sticky from from Dave’s cum, Alanis began to
silently cry to herself for the hell she had just endured and for the unknown.

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