Sexy Shirley Partridge and her rock-star son – Partridge Family parody

It was the early 1970s and the country was falling was
falling in love with the up-beat, fresh sound of a new
band from Southern California. The group was fronted by
a beautiful 36-year-old mom and her oldest son, Keith
– a talented 17-year-old singer/songwriter. Her other
kids: Laurie, Danny, Chris, and Tracy filled out the rest
the roster; but everyone knew that Keith was the real star.
Millions of teen-age girls around the U.S.A. were buying
his records and joining Keith Partridge Fan Clubs. Little
did they know that he was actually interested in just one

Shirley partridge was absolutely gorgeous. With the face
(and voice) of an angel, her short, golden-blonde hair,
and knock-out body, she fit right in to the show business
world. However, her fame also involved a darker side. She
had received some sick letters from guys describing their
twisted fantasies of her. One particularly disgusting
note was accompanied by a drawing which depicted she and
her son engaged in sexual intercourse. The enraged mom
immediately ripped the picture to shreds. But she would
have been even more disturbed had she known that Keith
received the same drawing – and he kept his copy. In fact,
he often looked at it, usually when he masturbated.

Keth had been aware of his mother’s charms for some time.
There was that incident when right before a concert, a
skunk polluted their clothes and they were forced to
perform in an odd assortment of borrowed items. Shirley
wore something from a magic act – a tight, skimpy costume
that showed off her marvelous legs. Keith had a hard time
concentrating on the music that night.

It was now one of those rare weekends in which the
family had no scheduled appearances. The kids had decided
to have a little fun. Danny, Chris, and Tracy were on a
camping trip with the band’s manager, Reuben Kincaid,
while daughter Laurie was staying with a friend in San
Diego. It would just be Shirley and Keith alone in
their big suburban home.

Friday 9 p.m.: Keith was in the garage working on a
new song, but he kept day-dreaming about his mom. The
horny boy was ready to once again view her in some
sexy clothes, and he had devised a plan. It might not
work, but it was worth a try.

Shirley was in the livingroom watching television
when Keith appeared.

“Mom, could I talk to you about something?”

“Sure, Honey. What is it?”

“Well, it’s about our stage act,” he replied.

“I know Reuben wants us to keep using our regular
matching outfits, but I think it’s time we tried
something different.”

“I see…What do you have in mind?”

“Uhh…I hope this doesn’t embarrass you, Mom…
but you have such a great pair of legs…I was
thinking that you should start wearing dresses
..You know…short things.”

Shirley, caught off guard by this, was speechless
for several seconds.

“Hmmm…I don’t believe I could do that.”

“Ah, Mom…I just think it would be groovy if every
once in a while you did a show wearing a mini-skirt.”

“Keith! I don’t even own a mini-skirt!”

“Yeah,but Laurie has some. Why don’t you try on one
of hers, and I’ll tell you how it looks.”

This was the crucial phase of his plan. Keith
hoped she would go along with it, but he wasn’t

Shirley contemplated his strange request in silence.
Her better judgement told her to stick with her
more conservative side and say no. But she was
beginning to feel a warm sensation. The idea of
squeezing into one of her daughter’s small dresses
and modeling it for her son was so naughty, yet she
found it simply thrilling. Her next comment surprised
both of them.

“Well, I guess this does concern our careers
..wardrobe changes…that kind of thing…O.K.
..I’ll go back to Laurie’s room and see what I
can find.”

Keith could hardly contain himself.

“Allright, Mom. I’ll wait right here.”

Shirley’s mind was racing as she headed down the hall.
Her daughter was a fairly tall girl, but she was very
thin. Shirley, on the other hand, possessed a voluptuous
38-24-37 figure.

The first dress she tried on was so impossibly snug
she feared that even the slightest move would cause
her breasts to rip through the material. Dress number
two was so short that the hem just barely covered
her crotch. The next selection was a little better.
It was extremely tight-fitting like the others, but
at least it managed to hide the top few inches of her
thighs. Before she made her way back to the livingroom,
she stopped by her bedroom for a pair of stockings.
Once they were in place, she inspected herself in the

“My gosh,” she whispered to herself. “I never thought
I’d be doing such a thing.”

As she walked back to her waiting son she wondered
how many other mothers paraded around like this in
front of their boys. She suddenly remembered that
obscene drawing in the mail, and it made her tremble.
Meanwhile, Keith had plopped down on the couch, and
had already grown a giant erection from the
anticipation of seeing his mom in a short skirt.
But even he wasn’t ready for the sight he beheld
when Shirley made her entrance.

“Well, Honey…How do I look?”

He could only stare in amazement, as he shifted
his position on the couch in an attempt to hide the
prominent bulge in his pants.

But it was too late. Shirley had noticed the
erection as soon as she entered. She stood nearly
motionless in the brightly-lit room. Across from her
was a virile, young man who was obviously getting
turned on by her provocative attire. His attention
excited her, but, at the same time, it scared her
– because, after all, this was her own son. She still
wasn’t sure about his true motive for suggesting that
she dress this way, but she would pretend that it was
all perfectly innocent.

“So, you really think I should wear something like
this on stage?” she asked. “I know most of the guys
would like it, but what about the rest of the

Keith was able to take his eyes off her shapely form
just long enough to notice the cute blush on her face.

“To Hell with the rest of the audience!” he exclaimed.

They both laughed.

“Why, Keith,” she teased him. “I’ve never heard you
use that kind of language around me.”

“Sorry, Mom. It just slipped out.”

“Well, I guess it’s O.K…After all, I’ve never
worn one of Laurie’s dresses before either.”

Keith’s gaze returned to his mother’s magnificent
legs. Full, firm, and tanned, they were the legs
of a Las Vegas chorus girl. As she moved toward the
couch, the tight skirt rode up past her stocking
tops to reveal even more of her fleshy thighs. He
then concentrated on her full breasts as they poked
against the thin material. He was now convinced
that he had the most stunning, hottest mom in

As the minutes went by, Keith could detect a change
in Shirley’s behavior. At first, she had appeared
nervous and unsure of herself. Now, she seemed to be
warming up to the situation.

“Honey, I just thought of something. If I was
wearing this during a concert, what would happen if
I dropped my microphone?…I wouldn’t be able to
pick it up.”
She flashed him a wicked smile, and then, to his
astonishment, she turned around and slowly bent over.

“See what I mean?”

Keith did indeed see. And what an incredible sight
it was. The skirt was bunched up practically to her
waist, and her lovely ass was now on display. A pair
of tiny, pink panties barely covered her near-naked
Shirley glanced back at her son and saw how excited
he was.

“Wow, Mom…Are those your panties or Laurie’s?”

“Oh, they’re mine, Keith…Although…If you like,
I can…..”

“Yes, Mom?”

She was growing bolder by the second.

“I can take these off and try on a pair of hers.”

They starred into each other’s eyes. As soon as
Keith realized that his mother wasn’t kidding, he
stood up, and made no attempt to conceal his massive

“Yeah…That’s a good idea. Take ’em off, Mom.”

Shirley was starting to lose control. At this moment
all she could think about was Keith’s big dick. She
just had to see it.

“I’ll tell you what, Honey…Why don’t you go back
out to the garage, and I’ll be there in a few minutes.
We can work on the new stage act together. O.K.?”

“Sure, Mom…Uhh…Do you have anything in mind?”

“Not exactly,” she replied. “But I’m sure we can
come up with some good…entertainment.”

Before leaving the room, Shirley paused at the
doorway and took a long look at the giant bulge
in her son’s pants.

“I’ll make another little visit to your sister’s
room. I know she has a nice selection of bikini
briefs…Maybe one of them will fir me.”

Keith couldn’t believe what was happening. He
quickly made his way to the garage, wondering what
his sexy mother was going to do next. he soon heard
her sweey voice – singing one of the Partridge
Family’s hit songs.

“I think I love you…I think I love you…Yes,
Keith,,,Your mother really loves you.”

The singing grew louder, and Keith could tell that
she was now coming down the back steps.

“I think I need you…I think I want you.”

Those weren’t the right lyrics, but he couldn’t
care less about that at this point.

“Honey!” she called to him. “Wait till you see what
I found in Laurie’s closet.”

The instant she stepped intothe garage, there was
only one sound to be heard: Keith’s loud gasp.
Shirley stood before her dazed son, attired in
her daughter’s high-school cheerleader outfit.
The fact that she had been able to get into this
thing was practically a miracle. It must have been
at least three sizes too small; and she was showing
off so much flesh, she would probably be arrested if
she dared to wear it out in public. The pleated
skirt – which looked more like a wide belt – failed
to fully cover the hot, little panties that she had
selected, while her large tits stuck out like a pair
of grapefruits.

“I’m afraid the only show I could do like this would
be a late-night adult’s only concert,” she joked.

As she spoke, Shirley stared once again at his
erection. The hungry look in her eyes betrayed her
mounting lust. And, of course, Keith was mesmerized
by his mom’s fantastic shape. He quickly realized
that the front of her panties were damp, and he
could detect a thick patch of blonde cunt hairs.
He was just about to speak when she put a finger
to her lips.

“Shhh…Don’t say anything, Honey.” She then pointed
to a sofa over in the corner. “Let’s sit down and
have a talk.”

Keith remembered all the times he used to lie on
that sofa and beat-off. He almost always thought
about his mother whenever he did it. Could this now
be the scene of something much more exciting?

[ Commercial Break …..During this brief pause,
please remember that the Partridge Family was
a work of fiction…However, in real life –
Shirley Jones was actually David Cassidy’s
step-mom. On another note: This TV series made
such a lasting impression, that even today,
mothers and sons all around the world will
pretend to be Shirley and Keith while engaged
in their incestuous love-making.
Now ……Back to the show. ]

The scene taking place in the Partridge’s garage
was one that would shock their fans. America’s
favorite mom-and-son music partners were about to
enter a new world – and it had nothing to do with
Shirley and keith sat facing each other on the old,
beat-up, yet still comfortable sofa. Neither said
a word at first. They were both a little confused
about what was happening. Here they were: a scantily-
clad, breathtakingly beautiful woman, and her highly-
aroused teenaged boy – sitting together on a warm,
California night with only one thing in mind.

Shirley broke the silence.

“You know, Honey…Your sister isn’t the only
cheerleader in this family. When I was in high school
I was quite a sight out on the football field.”

“I’ll bet you were, Mom.”

“Oh, yes. I used to…Well, let me show you.”

Keith watched with a mixture of lust and amusement
as his mother suddenly jumped up and went into one
of her old routines.

“let’s see if I can remember…O.K…..Jones High!
Jones High!…Hit ’em low!…Hit ’em high!”

She moved around the room in total abandonment,
shaking her ass and boobs shamelessly as she
recited the chant. Her tiny outfit was straining
almost to the bursting point.

“Jones High!…Jones High!…Oh, Keith…This is
so much fun.”

“Yeah, Mom…I’m having a good time too.”

He could no longer resist the urge to un-zip
himself and haul out his thick, hard penis.
Slowly, he began to stroke it as he took in his mom’s
amazing performance.

Shirley danced a few more seconds before glancing
back in his direction.

“Oh, my God!” she exclaimed.

The image of her adorable, young son pumping his
nine-inch dick was more than she could handle. Her
moist cunt now grew even wetter, and she could feel
her stiff nipples starting to ache. There was no use
denying it any longer. She needed to be fucked.

Keith didn’t miss a beat. He continued to masturbate
while pleading with her not to stop.

“Keep going, Mom!…Please…You’re doing great!”

“Oh, Honey…This is wrong. We both know it’s
wrong…But…” Her voive faded away as she picked
up the pace.

It didn’t take long before Shirley’s cheerleading
gyrations were replaced by the more sensual moves
of a strip-club dancer. As long as he was going to
beat-off while he watched her, she figured that she
might as well give him a real show.

“Honey…It’s starting to get hot in here, don’t
toy think?”

“Shit!…You can say that again, Mom!”

Shirley laughed as she ran her fingers through her
short, blonde hair. She lowered her hands to her
breasts, gave them a squeeze, and then smoothed her
plams to the hem of her skirt.

“Would it be O.K. if I went ahead and slipped this

Keith said nothing, but his busy hand increased
its rhythm as he waited for the next wonderful view.

With a wink and her sexiest smile, Shirley quickly
removed the sweaty garment. She now stood before him,
attired in an outrageously-small bra, and her tiny,
transparent panties. The flushed mother placed her
hands on her hips, posing like a pin-up model.

“Not bad for an old thirty-six-year-old mom, huh?”

“Are you kidding?…..Mom, you’re the best-looking
woman I’ve ever seen….I mean…Shit!….You have a
beautiful face….and…God!…What a body!”

“Why thank you, Honey…Ummm…Do you mind if I
ask you something?

“Anything, Mom.”

“Well….It’s about that….big penis of yours…
It looks like its ready to…erupt….I know
that will feel good…but…”

“What is it, Mom?”

“Well…I was wondering…Wouldn’t it feel a lot
better coming inside a nice, hot pussy?”

All doubt was now gone. Shirley returned to the
sofa and the two immediately began a series of
passionate kisses. This would be the start of a
wild and forbidden new relationship.

As he embraced his pretty mother, Keith understood
what he had to do. He was the man of the house and
it was time for him to take charge.

“O.K. Mom. I want you to lay down.”

Shirley eagerly obeyed his command. She watched as
her son stood up and took off his clothes.

“You know, Mom…There are a lot of girls who would
die to be in your place right now…just waiting to
have sex with Keith Partridge.”

“Oh, Honey…Yes!…I’m so lucky. I’ll do anything
you say.”

“That’s good, Mom. So…When’s the last time you
sucked a man’s cock?”

“Oh my!…She starred at his long, throbbing member
as it hovered just inches from her face.

“Does mommy’s big boy want a blow-job?”

“He sure does.” Keith responded. “And when he cums,
he wants his mommy to swallow erery drop. Got it?”

“Of course, Honey.”

Keith remained standing as Shirley leaned forward,
allowing her lips to brush the tip of his dick. Then,
she began to lick it all over, with a special loving
care that only a mother can give her son. After a
minute or so, she paused and looked up.

“When we finish with this…are we going to…I mean
..I really need to…”

“Don’t worry, Mom. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve
never been fucked before.”

“God!…That’s what I wanted to hear you say!”

She lowered her head and began sucking him. As the
enormous tool filled her mouth,she suddenly heard
him unleash a string of obscenities.

“Oh yeah!…That’s it!…Suck your boy’s cock, you
slut!..Come on, you fuckin’ bitch!…Yeah!

Shirley bobbed her pretty head up and down – faster
and faster – as Keith inspired her with his filty

“Damn!…You must be the best cock-sucker in

As Keith neared his climax, Shirley could feel
her own orgasm approaching. She wanted so much to
feel his giantdick sliding up her cunt. She trusted
him. She knew he wouldn’t let her down. As soon as
he shot inside her mouth, he would take care of her.

Then it happened. Keith began to unload blast after
blast into his mom’s hot mouth. Shirley did as she
promised, swallowing what seemed to be several ounces
of thick, rich semen. They could both hear the distant
chimes of their old grandfather clock coming from the
house. It was midnight. Time for the next phase to

Shirley remained stretched out on the sofa as
Keith hovered over her. Despite the fact that she had
just taken a full load from him, she was thrilled to
see that he still had an erection. She eagerly
anticipated is next command – and she didn’t have to
wait long.

“Alright, Mom. I want you to get up from the couch.
We’re going up to your room now.”

“Yes, Honey…My room.”

The two walked hand-in-hand, out of the garage and
into the quiet house. As soon as they entered the
kitchen, Keith embraced her with such force that it
nearly took her breath away.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed, as she felt his hands gripping
her firm, plump ass.

Keith then pressed his face against his mom’s ample
cleavage, gently biting her stiff nipples through the
fabric of her thin bra.

“Ohhh…Keith!…Please…Let’s go upstairs. I need
that big dick of yours…Now!”

“Just a second, Mom.”

Keith walked over to the counter and grabbed a
cassette tape. It was a recording of their latest tunes.

“There are some good love songs on this. We can listen
to it while we’re making out.”

“Honey…What a wonderful idea!”

They now simultaneously focused on the erotic image
of the two of them in bed together – their songs
playing in the background as they fucked for the
first time. Quickly climbing the stairs, they
hurried to her bedroom. Once inside, Keith sat down
on his mother’s bed, while Shirley stood across from
him, still clad in her brief undergarments.

“Well…go ahead, Mom…No wait!…Let me put the
music on, and you can do another little dance while
you’re stripping.”

Once the music began, Shirley felt herself being
swept away. It was almost a repeat of the sexy scene
that took place in the garage, except this time she
was going to get completely naked. She would be showing
Keith every inch of her flawless, fantastic body.

Keith watched his beautiful blonde mother as she
moved around the room. About thirty seconds went by
before she removed her bra, and exposed her full, round

Oh, man!…You’ve got a great pair of tits, Mom!”

They both smiled, and Shirley kept dancing. She
glanced frequently at his giant cock, which pointed
so obscenely in her direction.

“O.K.”, she asked softly. “Are you ready for me to
take off my panties?”

“Shit, yeah”!” he responded. “I can’t wait to see
that furry, hot scatch of yours!”

“Now, Keith…Is that anyway to talk to your mom?”

She laughed and then proceded to peel off the tiny
piece of material, which was soaked with sweat and a
fair amount of dripping cunt juice.

The opening notes of the second song were just
beginning. It was about a man who was in love with a
woman – but he couldn’t have her. She was beyond his

“I was thinking about you when I wrote this, Mom.”

“That’s so sweet, Honey.”

Both knew what would happen next. before the next
song had even begun, they were going at it like a
couple of honeymooners. As Keith rammed his dick into
Shirley’s wet pussy, he realized just how sex-starved
she must have been. She was meeting his stroked with
her own pounding thrusts, slamming her hips against
his crotch as he pumped in and out of her.

“Damn!…After having five kids, you’re still tight,
Mom!….Uhhh…This is fucking great!”

Neither one of them realized it at first, but they
were now moving to the beat of the music. There
steady rhythms followed that of the songs. the third
tune was a fast one, and they fucked furiously while
it played. Then, when the fourth song (a ballad)
began, they changed to a slower pace. Finally, as the
tape neared its completion, they were on the brink of
mutual orgasms.

“Mom!…I can’t hold back any longer…I’ve got
to cum!”

“I know, Honey!…Just ley yourselg go…I’m ready
for it!”

With perfect timing they both climaxed as the final
notes of the last song were fading away. Shirley and
Keith Partridge were now a complete team – the
ultimate mom-and-son entertainers.