Snow White and “The Seven” Chapter One: The Fuckening

This is the true accounting of the fairy tale of Snow White, it is not a cute and frilly story as some whistling mouse’s cartoon would lead you to believe, nor did it happen as long ago as the mouse told, in fact, it continues even now. I have travelled the world far and wide, separating fact from fiction, reality from fantasy, and learning the full truth among the lies. The truth is hard to bare, and your childhood may be ruined, but trust me, it’s much better to know the truth than to live in ignorance. I believe I will start this story as so many other fairy tales begin. “Once upon a time….”

The queen looked into the magic mirror smiling at the deep dark eyes staring back at her, glistening in the rooms light. “Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the sluttiest slut of all?”

The man in the mirror hesitated for a moment before answering, the queen held that sway over many people. “Y-your highness, if truth be told, it is Snow, even now she is participating in activities that far surpass your own slutty abilities!”

The queen was in a rage, her blood boiling, “WHERE IS SHE!?! TELL ME NOW!”

The mirror however had gone clear again, leaving just the queen, staring back at herself, her reflection a vision of pure hatred.


Snow twirled her hair in her fingers as she listened, bored, to her father and his top advisor speaking matters of kingdom security. Snow was beautiful, standing just over 5’3″ she had jet black hair, skin white as snow, lips red as rubies and all that other shit the fairy tales mention, but more than that she had beautiful, firm 32C cup breasts, her nipples pressing hard against the thin fabric of her court gown. The gown hugged her body tightly giving a perfect view of her round, tight ass.

Snow stood up from her seat and made her way towards her father and the advisor who were standing overtop of a map, debating heatedly. Swaying her hips as seductively as she could, she tweaked her nipples causing them to be fully visible and obvious to her father.

“Can you hurry along with this meeting father? What if the queen barged in, I will NOT be a happy princess if I don’t get exactly what you promised!” Her impatience was obvious and to make it more so she bent over in front of her father and the councilman, sliding her dress up, revealing her thighs, glimmering with wetness from her over eager pussy.

The advisor stuttered as he noticed the provocative position the princess had taken but tried to resume his focus on the discussion.

“If you truly must keep working then I’ll start with a warm-up” Snow said softly, sliding under the table she reached up with both hands, rubbing at her father’s crotch as well as the advisor, she loved sucking cock, she loved cum, everything about it had her hotter than the badlands to the south (which coincidentally was exactly the land being discussed.)

Snow began to unbutton the pants before her, expertly sliding them down, gasping as the advisors cock popped free, she had always thought her father was the biggest she had ever seen, but she was wrong. The advisors balls hung heavy beneath his thick cock and Snow was amazed at how the veins protruded from the length. When she gripped it she found her hand could barely fit around the girth. Slowly she began to stroke her father and the advisor, giggling as they began to stammer over words, she was surely distracting them from matters of grave importance, but she didn’t care, her pussy was tingling and she felt empty.

Tentatively Snow leaned in, licking the thick, swollen head of her father’s cock before turning and doing the same to the advisor. She was greedy though and within a few seconds she had the advisors cock as deep down her throat as she felt she could manage, spit bubbled up around the corners of her lips, stretched wide to accept the mighty girth. Just as she tried to pull back she heard a moan and the advisor thrusted forward, forcing himself deeper into her throat. With a mighty gag Snow pulled away, spit already dripping from her lips, a string of it connecting her mouth and the bulbous head of her cock. She reached down with the hand that wasn’t busy stroking her father and began softly rubbing at her clit, turning her attention to her father’s cock she easily deepthroated him, sticking out her soft pink tongue to tease at his balls, she knew he loved when she did that.

Snow began taking turns with the two cocks, each time she switched to the advisor he would fuck her throat, hard and fast, despite her eyes tearing up and mascara running down her pale face, she loved it. A familiar feeling began to fill her, little electric waves throughout her body, a wave of sensation rolled over her and she screamed out around the advisors cock as she came hard, pressing against her clit with skilled fingers. Snow hefted up the advisors cock, sucking on each of his balls, swirling her tongue around them.

The advisor began moaning as Snow sucked his large balls, and soon pulled back slightly, thrusting forward, emptying his cum into Snow’s throat, she reveled in the warm saltiness of it, careful not to waste a single drop, massaging at his balls then tugging on his impressive cock, milking him for all he had.

Panting, Snow pulled back. In her eagerness to please her father and his advisor she hadn’t realized how much of a mess she had become. Saliva soaked her thin court gown, making it see through, her stiff puffy nipples clearly visible. Gasping for air she crawled from under the table and stared up at the two men. “Please, I beg you, fuck me, use me like the slutty princess I am!”

The advisor, a tall, broad shoulder man, ruggedly handsome pulled Snow to her feet, emboldened by her begging, he spat at her face and gripped her bottom jaw roughly in his right hand while his left dove between her legs, two fingers teasing at the entrance of her slick cunt. “You wish to be fuc…”

The advisors words were cut off by a shrill scream. “Curse you Snow White, you filthy whore! Never again will you orgasm! Never again!”

The enraged queen was shaking from head to toe, staring at the king and his advisor, and despite her disgusted face she could feel her pussy quivering, dampening in desperation. She moved forward as the advisor dropped Snow to the ground who took off running from the room, a spit soaked mess.

The queen could feel the power flowing through her, her curse had indeed worked, how could it not have, after all, her powers surpassed even that of the magic mirror. “Now, time for a lesson, husband.” Then, turning to the advisor the queen scoffed. “And you, dearest brother, have you not yet learned of my wrath.”