Hot Night with Lauren Cohan

It was the middle of the night as I landed in San Diego and stood waiting in the lobby for my famous step-sister to pick me up. As it turned out, Lauren had apparently hit it big on a hit TV show called “The Walking Dead” but was now having “issues” with several overzealous fans.

It seemed a few of the guys were getting aggressive with her on social media and making all kinds of menacing statements, enough to make her paranoid, and almost consider cancelling her Comic Con appearance.

This of course was all news to me as I’d been living in Australia for the past few years and had barely stayed in touch with anybody back in the UK. In fact the mere idea that Lauren had “fans” made me chuckle considering how awkward she was growing up.

In truth, the part time kick-boxer was more than capable of taking care of herself, but it was our folks who insisted that I make the trek out to San Diego and keep her company over the next few days.

As I now stood there recalling our last time together, I was absolutely floored by the ravishing beauty who emerged from the elevator and greeted me with an enthusiastic hug.

“You made it!”

“sis..?” I said somewhat surprised.

I honestly couldn’t believe how good she looked. Lauren didn’t look anything like her usual (tomboy) self.

Judging by the huge grin on her face it seemed she too was pleasantly surprised by my appearance, as it had been almost five whole years since we’d seen each other in person.

With the formalities out of the way, we grabbed my luggage and went back to her hotel room where I was surprised to see she’d been given the first class treatment.

“Whoa, this is you?” I said while looking around. “Are you sure you’re an actress, and not some high class hooker or something?”

“Ha! You wish.” she commented as we stepped into the lavish apartment.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for us to pop open a bottle of wine and get settled in as we caught up on news and gossip.

“I have to admit, I was feeling a little nervous about flying out here but now that you’re here, I feel so much safer.” she added, before leaning over to give me a friendly peck on the cheek.

“Hey-hey, enough with the sentimental shit.” I quipped. “Don’t think, drink!”

Lauren agreed.

We soon caught up on old times, with the topic of conversation turning towards sex and relationships, and our wild past together, specifically the times we’d mess around and “experiment” on each other in our teen years.

This mostly consisted of sharing a fleeting kiss here and there, or feeling each other up under the pretense of “wrestling” in her bedroom. While most of this would be considered mundane in today’s day and age of online pornography, at the time of the events it was extremely taboo.

In fact in her youth, Lauren was quite the limber little minx, who constantly loved to roll around on the floor and “play-wrestle” on a nightly basis. I also recalled another time in which she was feeling particularly randy one evening, and after a heated session of grab-ass she essentially masturbated in front of me!

“—what! No I didn’t!” she laughed loudly.

“You think I’d make something like that up?” I chuckled. “It’s not something you forget.”

“ugh, you’re such a liar.”

We both knew it was true.

“I swear to god if you ever tell anybody about that I’ll kill you!” she grinned.

“What are you kidding, why would I tell anyone about that. It’s one of my favorite memories.”

I then remarked how fortunate she was that in our day there weren’t any smart phones otherwise I probably would have snapped a few pictures for posterity’s sake. We laughed some more and finished off an entire bottle of wine before we finally prepared for bed.

It was only now that I realized there was just one bed in the entire suite, so I tried to be a gentleman and offered to sleep out on the sofa, but Lauren flatly rejected this and insisted that we share.

“Just don’t get any funny ideas okay,” she grinned cheekily. “I know what you’re like.”

It was while I stripped down and prepared for bed that Lauren emerged from the bathroom clad in nothing but a knee-length shirt. Just from the pokies she displayed I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, and the lack of panty-line confirmed that she was totally naked underneath.

We ultimately climbed into bed together and just lay there in the dark whispering till 2am. Ultimately Lauren stopped replying to what I was saying and I thought I heard snoring.

The next time I awoke I wasn’t sure what time it was but it was early enough to illuminate the bed. The first thing that annoyed me was finding a mouthful of hair, before I suddenly froze up and realized Lauren and I were spooning in the middle of the bed!

To make matters worse it appeared that Lauren’s t-shirt had hiked up around her hips during the night, leaving her smooth round ass pressed firmly against my cock. Sweat now formed on my brow as my head filled with lewd thoughts and my body was frozen stiff!

Try as I might I just couldn’t extricate myself from her booty and instead proceeded to gently grind my hips against her derriere. With Lauren still sleeping soundly beside me, I continued to grind my cock against her sex for several minutes before I finally rose up on my elbows to get a better look at her butt.

At this point my cock was so hard it actually twitched inside my boxer-briefs, so I reached down the front to ease some of the discomfort and almost moaned when my knuckle made indirect contact with her soft bare bottom!

I now began to entertain ever more devious ideas and debated whether or not to just jack off all over her butt or actually get up and kiss her butt with my mouth.

“Maybe if she stayed passed out I’d be able to do both.” I surmised.

But the fear that we all know was still in the forefront of my mind, namely – what if she wakes up and freaks-the-fuck out!

So, unable to resist, I thought I’d at least try the “least invasive” action in my mind and softly ran my fingertips over the curvature of her hips, and down across the apex of her ass. Whether she was actually asleep or not at this point I didn’t really care, as I now caressed one of the most succulent round asses I’d ever seen.

In my probably-not-so-reasonable state of mind (still drunk) I now pawed at my step-sisters soft buttocks for some time before I finally found the nerve to pull my body away from hers and leaned over to gently kiss her booty.

“God I miss this ass.” I whispered softly to myself, before I pulled away the sheets and slowly dragged my lips across the crack of her butt.

To my delight Lauren simply cooed and arched her back but still continued to snore.

“—okay fuck it.” I hissed. “Her body is practically begging for attention.”

With that said I gently pried her cheeks apart and was delighted to see that she had gotten the “full wax treatment” recently, her sex pink and perfect, and completely hair free. I gently massaged her lips with my fingertips as I used the other hand to keep her cheeks pried open.

Still. No response from her other than her steady breathing. I guess I really didn’t have any idea what that signified, if anything, but I kept going and figured I’d have my fun for as long as possible.

I then got the bright idea to actually stick my finger up inside her, and proceeded to lick my forefinger in preparation while still debating if I was willing to go that far.

It was just as I proceeded to lube up my finger that I noticed some body lotion on the night stand, which I grabbed and smeared all over my finger and barely pushed the tip against her smooth hole.

Surprisingly enough it went in just a little, while at the same time I thought my cock was going to explode!

I grew braving by the minute and started to probe and massage the inside of her sex, and actually fingered her at a pretty decent pace. Not hard, mind you, but I was definitely finger-fucking Maggie Greene now.

“Grr.” I mused. “-what about two fingers sis. You think you can handle that.”

The bed now reeked of her pussy as I started the tip of my middle finger along with my already inserted forefinger. Slowly, I began to push both of them in and soon found myself knuckle deep inside my famous actress sister.

“Wow.” I panted under my breath. “I need to calm the fuck down. Now I’m just asking for trouble – for her to catch me.”

But despite this risk, I got on my hands and knees above her body and decided to go for it.

“Fuck it – it’s now or never!” I thought. “For better or for worse, I have to do this.”

Still on my hands and knees I slowly lowered my hips so that just the tip of my purple-headed organ barely touched that wonderful hole. Slowly, I began to push forward and buried my wick, but unlike my fingers it didn’t seem to insert quite as easily.

Thinking quickly I applied a generous amount of moisturizer before I attempted to enter her again. This time I pushed in a little harder and watched the head of my dick ultimately pop inside her sweet little cunt.

I kept still for a while before I slowly eased out and gently pushed forward again, this time further. I continued in this fashion for several minutes until I ultimately found myself balls deep inside Lauren Cohan!

“Fuck.” I grunted inwardly as sweat poured off my body. “After all these years – I’m finally inside you!”

“JUST GO FOR IT!” my libido screamed. “We both know she wants it. Just fuck the shit out of her already!”

But common sense and decency now clashed with my desire as I eased my cock in and out of her tight clam, picking up the pace to gradually fuck her promptly on the bed.

To my delight Lauren did not wake but instead moaned into the pillow. I was now fucking her more intently but wasn’t pounding her as hard as I could, as I was still debating whether or not to abort.

As much as I wanted to I knew that drilling her hard and fast on the mattress would definitely rouse her awake and I couldn’t risk her freaking out and putting a stop to something I’m sure we both wanted for so many years.

Despite this internal conflict it only took another 4-5 minutes until I felt that familiar tingling in my nuts and knew I was about ready to pop. I now found myself with a new dilemma – fill her cunt with semen or pull out and shoot ropes all over her glorious ass!

But as it turned out common sense prevailed and I pulled out just in time to hop off the bed and rush into the bathroom to shoot my load all over the tiled floored.

Catching my breath, I then took this opportunity to fire up the shower and cleaned up the mess while trying to come to terms with what I had just done.

“Fuck-Fuck-Fuck!” I hissed. “—what the hell is wrong with me!”

I’d always had some very unhealthy feelings towards my sexy step-sister but this was something on an entire new level. Not only had a taken advantage of her in her sleep but I had actually fucked her!

As I stepped out of the shower I began to wonder if I could genuinely look her in the eye again, as I heard her slowly stir awoke on the bed.

“Rob..?” she mumbled softly. “Are you up already.”

“Yeah babe. Want me to make you some breakfast?” I offered.

“Mm. That would be sweet. Thanks.”

Considering how action packed the morning had been, the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I was mostly amazed by the turn out and sheer size of the crowd that greeted her.

It was only now that I understand why Lauren had been so hesitant to attend Comic Con by herself, considering the thousands of fans who consistently yelled out her name and insisted she stop to take a photo or sign an autograph.

Fortunately for us she had arranged for me to obtain a VIP pass which allowed me to accompany her to every event around the exhibition hall, including the meet and greets and panel appearances promoting her show.

In fact at one point I blushed as she pointed me out to her fans from the stage and announced to everybody that I was single and looking to for a girlfriend.

“And yes ladies he’s available!” Lauren giggled to the crowd. “—but just be warned, if you want his number you’ll have to go through me first.”

Thankfully my sister didn’t elaborate too much on our relationship so as far as everyone knew I was either a good friend or her bodyguard. It was only later that night that as we headed back to the bar in the lobby of our hotel that I noticed just how affectionate she was towards me, even more so than the night before.

Amusingly enough I wasn’t the only one who appeared to notice this as everyone seemed to be under the impression that Laurie and I we’re a couple. This at least had the desired effect as no one had the guts to approach her while we were together.

But as brilliant as her scheme had been, Lauren really seemed to be strangely comfortable in the role of the dotting girlfriend, to the point where I had to comment on her flirtatious behavior.

“You know, people might get the wrong idea about us.” I remarked while enjoying my beer.

“—that’s kind of the point isn’t it?” she giggled back.

“But I doubt that’s what mom and dad had in mind when they insisted I join you this weekend.”

“Well I won’t tell them if you won’t.” Lauren winked before we celebrated with another shot of Sambuca.

As playful as this back and forth banter had been, I was then floored by her next comment – which seemed to come clear out of the blue and seemed totally motivated by alcohol.

“—unless of course you feel the need to fuck me again!”

I was absolutely floored.

Just hearing these words leave her mouth caused me to literally choke on my drink and cough out loud. But as shocking as this was, Lauren merely giggled at my reaction and flashed me another playful wink.


“You heard me.”

There was now no doubt about it. Not only had my sister been awake the entire time as we had sex, but she apparently approved!

With that said, the actress was then interrupted by a text message and claimed that she now wanted to go visit an old friend. At first she asked me to stay at the bar and wait for her, but then changed her mind and invited me along.

With several drinks in our system, we made our way across the convention center and cut across the park where I was surprised to see a makeshift marquee, and was promptly introduced to a very sexy young redhead by the name of Molly Quinn.

Right away I was taken aback by Quinn’s appearance as she was scantily clad in a loose fitting silk shirt, daisy duke short-shorts, and what appeared to be knee-high leather boots.

As it turned out the actress was in the middle of an impromptu meet-and-greet which unfortunately for her no one had bothered to show up. The actress was less than impressed and claimed to be bored – wanting us to keep her company, to which my slightly inebriated sister was only too happy to oblige.

She then asked Lauren to fill in for her for a few minutes while she quickly ducked across the street to take a toilet break.

“You guys can hold down the fort for a few minutes right?” Molly requested, before my sister suggested that I accompany her.

“—just make sure she doesn’t get hassled on the way.” Lauren claimed.

“Is that okay with you?” I asked Molly.

“Sure.” she shrugged. “I could do with the company. Let’s go!”

I looked back at my sister only to find her smiling shrewdly at me, no doubt delighted with her match-making skills. Had she planned this all along? Was she trying to set me up with her friends?

“Don’t be too long.” Laurie added for effect. “I want to go to bed early tonight.”

As she spoke, my sister flashed me another knowing look, reminding me about the fuck we had shared earlier that morning. My head was spinning, as things at San Diego were definitely going to get a whole lot more interesting over the next few hours.