Debbie Reynolds – fucked in Denver dance club

The parts about Debbie wearing extremely revealing clothes in Denver are true. She let guys look up her skirt and down her blouse. They did push her nipple out of her bra. The did pull her skirt up her ass, even when she was commando. The did dry hump the fuck out of her cunt and ass on the dance floor. They did feel her bra-less tits through her sheer blouse and panty-less ass through her thin skirt. She did dance commando in the cage. I chose the name “Steve” because Debbie cheated on me and cuckolded me for two years with my friend Steve. I chose “Bob” because he operated a rafting company and Steve pimped Debbie out to many of his customers. I chose “Shirley” because she was the young neighbor girl I introduced to sex. Debbie did not suck cock or fuck in the dance club. I think!!

I met Debbie, when she was eighteen, in a small mountain town in Colorado. Long blondish hair, almost to her waist. Hazel bedroom eyes. Gorgeous face, with sexy lips and a mouth that looked like it was begging for a hard cock to suck. Big, ski jump, 36C tits. Her aureoles are about two inches in diameter. Her nipples about 3/8″ in diameter and 1/2″ long when aroused. Her waist is 26 inches and her hips 37 inches. Lying on her back, naked, you can see her abs and rib cage. Her pubic mound is extremely prominent, so much so that her clit is accessible without her spreading her legs! She can be fucked without spreading her legs! Her pubic hair is sparse. Her legs are shapely and her ass firm and round, just a tad large proportional to the rest of her body, with the exception of her tits. She has sexy size 6 feet.

Upon asking around town about her I found out that she was a virgin and that a lot of guys have tried to fuck her, without any luck. A few had felt her tits and ass. (After we were married she admitted to putting a shy family friend’s [Mike Mosburn] hands on her tits and letting him feel her tits for about a half hour while she made out with him. She had on a thin stretch knit bra she’d worn for the occasion and let him get his hands under her blouse. She said she like being felt up and usually wore a padded bra and that Mike was the only guy she trusted to play with her nearly naked tits and not rape her or tell everyone in town what she’d let him do, and how much she’d enjoyed it. She had on thin white cotton shorts and a thong and he played with her ass.)

I asked a chick I was fucking (Cheryl Hawkims) about Debbie. She didn’t like her, said she was a cock tease and too good to fuck around. She said there was a rumor that Jack Timer (Debbie’s senior year boyfriend) had gotten Debbie’s cherry but that she denied it. Cheryl loved to fuck. I was one of a few guys that would eat her cunt. Maybe because she fucked so many cocks. I love eating pussy! Cheryl could deep throat me. She had ski jump tits, bigger than Debbie’s. But they hung a little. Debbie’s didn’t. They were perfect. Cheryl liked it up her ass. I’d never gotten into anal. A couple years later I wished I had! Cheryl had long, sexy legs, tall at 5′ 10″, but a flat ass. She was pretty.

I took Debbie out twice before I kissed her. The third time we parked and made out. I got to feel her tits. The fourth time I got her blouse open and bra undone and felt her naked tits. She said no one had ever done that before and it felt good. I told her she had the most magnificent tits I’d ever felt. Two dates later we were on my bed making out. She let me dry hump her and strip her from the waist up and see her with the lights on. She told me to look at her. I told her how exquisite she was and she loved it. I kissed her and felt her tits and sucked them. My hand found its way between her legs. She was HOT and her pussy was gushing! I slipped my fingers up the leg of her shorts and caressed her pussy, lovingly, through her soaked panties. I put her hand on my hard cock and she stroked it through my pants while I stroked her pussy.

The next date we wound up on my bed and I stripped her to her panties. She stripped me to my underwear and we felt each other all over our bodies. With the lights on. She laid there on her back with her legs spread and let me look at her while I felt her tits and cunt. She sat up and stroked my hard cock through my underwear. She slid her hand inside my underwear and stoked my cock, grinning at me. She said, “Like that?” I groaned in appreciation. She said she had no idea guys dicks got so big and hard. I was pretty drunk and out of my mind horny. I started taking my underwear off and Debbie helped me get naked. She told me my dick was beautiful and that she wanted me to look at her pussy. I stripped her panties off and she spread her legs, laying there totally naked for me. She felt her tits and rubbed her pussy, saying it really turned her on for me to look at her naked. Her cunt lips were splayed completely open. Pussy juice oozed from her hot wet fucking cunt and ran down onto her virgin ass hole. We lay next to each other and explored, Debbie stroking me and me feeling her tits and cunt. My finger found her opening and slid carefully in. I’d never been with a virgin before and didn’t want to take her cherry with my finger. I got my finger almost all the way in when Debbie gasped, pressing her cunt into my hand for a few seconds and said to stop. I backed out and masturbated her. She came within a minute. And again. She came four times and begged me to stop, saying she was so sensitive she couldn’t stand it anymore. She asked me how her pussy looked after being finger fucked and masturbated. I told her she had the tightest, sexiest pussy I’d ever seen or felt. She spread herself wide open and held her cunt lips open. She said she loved being looked at naked. She looked at my precum oozing cock. Debbie said she wanted me to take her. I asked if she was a virgin and she said yes. Chivalrous drunk me said we should wait until tomorrow when we weren’t so drunk. We felt each other all over for a while and I took her home.

The next night we kissed for a few minutes, stripping each other. I ate her cunt. She watched me eat her cunt and came, telling me to eat her. She came hard, grabbing my head and fucked her cunt into my mouth. We fucked our brains out. For hours. Fuck, Debbie was the tightest fuck ever, and I told her so. We showered and she sucked my cock. She watched herself in my dresser mirror while she sucked my cock. She was a natural. She ate every drop of my come. She said it was bitterer than she expected from talking to her girlfriends, but liked it. We both got off on watching her suck cock. We watched ourselves fuck in the mirror. After I came Debbie turned her spread open cunt toward the mirror and we looked at her cream pie. Fuck! Talk about nasty! She said, “Look at what you did to me!” Debbie had a sluttish grin on her face. She was the wildest fuck I’d ever had. She told me to finger her cum filled pussy and masturbate her. We watched my cum be forced out her cunt by my finger and spread all over her cunt and clit. It ran down onto her virgin ass hole. She came repeatedly. I held her swollen red cunt open and we could see her clit. Her lips were plastered wide open. Her clit was stuck to her right cunt lip. It was half an inch long and an eighth of an inch thick. Debbie masturbated herself for me for the first time. She said she’d been masturbating since she was twelve, but had never seen her clit before or cum that hard before. She bucked her hips into the air when she came.

We looked at her in the mirror. Her crotch was drenched in cunt juice and cum. Debbie pulled my head into her cunt and I ate her while she watched. I could taste my cum mixed with her cunt juice and liked it. It tasted like fucking!!! Debbie exploded. She grasped my head and fucked her cunt with my mouth, grinding it into my face. My tongue was in her cunt. I stuck it as far into her as I could. She exploded again and screamed with orgasmic pleasure. Her crotch was sliding up and down and around on my mouth. I licked and sucked all of her cunt juice. Her virgin ass hole pressed into my mouth and tongue in her gyrations. I could tell from her gasps that it really set her off. Finally she planted her ass hole onto my tongue. She fucked her ass hole directly onto it. It was covered in cum and cunt juice and slid in easily. She pulled my head into her ass like she wanted my whole head up her ass. She screamed for me to eat her ass. She held me there and I worked my tongue in and out. No woman I’d been with had ever cum so hard as Debbie did then.

We fucked. And fucked. For two more hours. Debbie screamed every time I came in her. She wanted cum in her cunt. I shot off in her until I was depleted. We rested and savored our sex. Debbie sucked my cumcoated prick. And watched herself in the mirror. She said she couldn’t believe I’d cum for her so many times.

It was 2:25AM when we dragged ourselves into Brown’s cafe for much needed nourishment. Mike and Marsha (Mots) Milles were there after being in the White Horse dancing. We sat with them and Marsha could tell, immediately, that Debbie’d gotten her brains fucked out. Marsha had “B” cup bullet shaped tits, with huge puffies. I’d had a hard-on for them from the first time I saw her. Mike loved showing her off and let everyone know he kept her tiny little cunt shaved. He liked fucking her “little girl” pussy. Debbie saw me staring at Marsha’s tits. Marsha had on a stretch knit top that molded to her tits, perfectly, showing their exact size and shape, including her puffies. When we got home she commented on Mike liking to show her off and said I could look all I wanted if it made me horny and I fucked the shit out of her after looking at Marsha’s tits. Which I did. Debbie said she’d been looking at guys’ crotches since she was twelve and it turned her on to see big bulges. The next day half the town knew she was finally putting out. And loving it. Debbie didn’t seem to mind. Half the guys in town were asking her out. She turned them all down. We fucked constantly. I bought her sexier, more revealing clothes than she was used to. She’d always liked guys checking her out and teasing then. It still took her quite a while to become comfortable wearing them. She’d started getting tits when she was ten. She was a large “A” cup at twelve. Boys and men were looking down her blouse at her bra, but she’d never had sexy, revealing bras before. She’d worn short skirts, but with panty hose. I bought her thigh high, stay up by themselves stockings. I hated panty hose. I bought her seamed butt panties and her skirts draped seductively into her ass crack while she danced.

The more Debbie fucked and sucked my cock, the more she liked it. She became insatiable. We fucked when we woke up, her sucking my cock to wake me up. She got off on putting my soft cock in her mouth and feeling it grow hard. We fucked on my lunch hour and when I got home from work. And after dinner. And when we went to bed. Beta Max and VHS had just come out and we rented porns. We both really got off on women sucking huge cocks, stretching their mouths to the limit and getting fucked in the mouth while the guy held their heads and rammed into their mouths. She loved cum shots all over their faces. I’ll never forget the first anal sex video we watched. Debbie said that was the nastiest, sexiest thing she’d ever seen. The woman’s ass hole gaped open and cum gushed out. She’d been taken anally and his cum ran down into her spread open cunt. I liked watching it, but wasn’t into it, as I said before. We watched a gang bang video, five men and one woman, and I told Debbie that as horny as she was she’d probably love being gang fucked and that it would probably take ten guys lining up on her for about four hours to satisfy her. That was the first time I saw Debbie blush. Then she turned crimson! The woman in the video did double and triple penetrations. The woman took at least twelve loads of cum. Debbie was incredibly turned on and fucked my brains out. All five of them had fucked the woman one after the other. She said she couldn’t even imagine being fucked that hard and fast and deep by five huge porno cocks up her pussy and getting those heavy loads of cum shot into her. At the end of the video they all jacked off onto the woman’s face, tits, belly and held open cunt. Debbie masturbated while she watched this scene.

We got married in June.

We went to Denver for a weekend, arriving about 7:00PM Thursday evening. I’d researched some motels and found one with mirrors in the rooms that catered to horny couples. It had a good, slightly expensive restaurant, and private, members only, dance club down the street that was a pretty much no holds barred swingers club. I wanted to watch people fuck. And I got off on showing Debbie off. Debbie loved the room.

We fucked at the motel for an hour. There were mirrors everywhere and we watched ourselves fucking, Debbie commenting on how much she liked watching herself fuck and suck. Like the women in the pornos. Debbie wore an incredibly low cut bra and blouse and a mini-skirt when we went out. Her turquoise tulip bra was underwired and had push up, push in pads that started at the middle of the bottom of her tits and wrapped half way up the outsides of them. The pads were covered in satin. The rest of her bra was sheer with small lace rosette appliqué. It exposed her tits right to the edge of her aureoles at the top and the insides of her tits. The pads arced up and were only two inches wide at the widest part, exposing most of her tits through the sheer bra. It was the most cleavage she’d ever exposed and it turned us both on. Looking down her blouse, from just the right angle, I could see inside her bra. Half her naked aureoles were exposed to the edge of her nipples. She’d never let anyone but me see her naked aureole and nipples and said she’d have to be careful. Her panties were matching turquoise sheer lace in the front with the rosettes and totally sheer in the back. String bikini, tiny in the front, showing some cunt hair, and only covering half her hot fucking ass. Her blouse was burgundy, sleeveless and only went down to just above her belly button. It was a wrap blouse and gaped open when she was twirled when she danced. Her wide set tulip bra straps showed out the shoulders of her blouse and her bra showed out the sleeves of the arms holes of her blouse when she raised her arms while she danced. Her blouse was scoop necked, exposing her chest to a quarter of an inch of her bra top when standing upright. Bent over, everyone could see down her blouse to her sheer bra, aureole and nipples. Debbie’s skirt was mini, dark grey, thin satin, see through with the light behind her, mid-thigh, draping into her ass crack. Sitting down, it raised up to just below her pussy. Dancing, with her arms up around my neck, it raised up to the bottom of her ass cheeks. She wore sheer dark grey thigh-high stocking and platform heels that aligned my cock with her cunt while we danced.

We’d had almost two bottles of wine while we fucked. We were pretty fucked up when we went to the motel restaurant. We drank more wine at dinner. The waiter (another Steve) devoured Debbie with his eyes while he served us. He recommended a dance club (the swingers’ club) and said to show the doorman our receipt and we’d get a free membership which usually cost $50 per couple. It was 10:15PM when we got there. We were seated clear in the back at a two person table on a side wall. A guy was seated directly across from Debbie at another two person table, giving him a direct shot up her skirt. Another guy was at a table to the side of our table, giving him a shot up her skirt every time she got up to dance. At 11:15PM the waiter and a friend of his showed up and sat with the two guys at the tables across from us. Our waiter and his buddy had a clear shot up Debbie’s skirt while she was sitting and the other two had a clear shot up her skirt when she got up to dance. We were both drunk and horny by that time. They switched tables for different views of her panties. They took turns dancing with Debbie, looking down her blouse when they came to ask her to dance. They looked up her skirt from about five feet away when she got up.

All the women had on sexy revealing outfits. Some of the women were being felt up. The men weren’t bothering to hide their hard-ons. They were grinding their crotches together. Women were getting their asses humped when they entered and exited the dance floor.

At the midnight break we went to our car and smoked a joint. Debbie was horny and sucked my cock. I fingered her to three orgasms. Her cunt lips were spread wide open, ready to fuck. She smelled of wanton sex. We commented on how much they could see of her. She said there was no way for her to keep them from seeing up her skirt. I told her they’d already seen her panties and she might as well not worry about it. Debbie said she’d shit if anyone she knew ever saw her like this, or if she ever ran into these guys again. She’d dirty danced and slow danced with them while I danced with various women. She said they all had hard-ons and pressed their cocks into her crotch. She said our waiter had a huge curved cock and it lined up perfectly with her cunt with her platform heels. She said he must not have underwear on because it went between her legs and she could feel it on the entire length on her pussy and clit. And that it was all she could to keep from humping into it.

At the 1:00AM break we smoked another joint. She asked if I’d noticed they were taking her hand in their hands holding it next to her right tit when they slow danced. She said they were pressing the backs of their fingers into the side of her bra and moving it around, trying to feel her tit. She said she let them do it because they could only feel her bra pad, mostly. They occasionally ran their fingers across the whole outside of her tit. And they pushed into the side of her tit a lot. She said one of them was always dancing right next to her, on her left, looking at her chest when they did it. Debbie said they were running their hands across the top of her panties, which was at the top of her ass cheek, right at the top of her ass crack, and feeling to the sides of her panties. She thought they were trying to figure out what kind of panties she had on. Then she said they’d all danced with her right in front of their tables and had slid their hands down her ass half way and she’d pulled their hands up. They’d moved their hands around the top of her ass. She thought they wanted to show each other how much of her tits and ass they could feel. She wanted me to watch them try to feel her up. To watch her tease the fuck out of them.

I disappeared into the crowded dance floor and watched them dance when we went back in. Sure enough, our waiter was pressing his fingers into the side of her tit while one of them, dancing a foot away from her, looked down her blouse. He slid his fingers almost to her nipple and back to the side. Fuck! He’d pulled her blouse open and pushed her tit out of her bra, exposing her entire aureole, nipple and all, to his buddy. His hand went over half way down her ass, right in front of the other two guys watching at the tables. She pulled his hand up while he ground into her cunt. As she pulled his hand up he slid her skirt up, eventually exposing almost her entire ass through her sheer panties, five feet away from the guys at the tables. They took turns on her, dancing and grinding into her cunt and exposing her tits and sheer panties to each other while I watched, hidden in the crowd.

We were both totally fucked up and turned on. Our eyes met. Debbie arched her back and pressed her cunt into Steve’s hard curved cock. I could just imagine how his cock felt on her horny spread open, just finger fucked cunt. Debbie’s entire cunt with a hard thick curved prick pressing into it, moving to the music and rubbing into her clit, sticking out of her up turned, prominent pubic mound. Debbie watched me watch her be molested. They all felt her tits and ass, exposing her nipples and ass. They dirty danced and humped their hard cocks into her cunt and her ass crack. She shoved and ground her cunt and ass into their hard cocks while I watched. Everyone watched. Debbie watched other couples grind their crotches together while Steve ground his hard curved prick into her cunt.

We got back to our room and attacked each other. I told her how sexy she looked and how proud I was to be with the sexiest women in the club. Debbie said the guys had felt her tits and ass. And seen her panties up her skirt. She asked if that turned me on as much as it did her. I told her I almost came in my pants. She said every guy she danced with had a hard-on. I said I couldn’t blame them, that I had one all night. We fucked! She said she knew some of the guys were talking to each other about her after she danced with them. And, that it was a good thing none of them knew us. She said she’d love to have heard what they were saying about her. I had her put her bra and blouse on and showed her how they were showing her naked nipple to each other and told her she needn’t worry about other men seeing her nipples any more. She just about shit and wanted to know why I didn’t tell her. I told her I couldn’t get to her and they’d obviously been looking at her naked aureole and nipple for over an hour already. She couldn’t believe they’d done that to her without her knowing. Her nipples were hard as rocks. She devoured my cock while I savaged her tits. I told her what an incredible cock sucker she was and how she had the most perfect tits in the world and how I couldn’t blame them for showing her tits to each other and feeling them. She asked if I was mad about them seeing her nipple. I said “No, of course not!” I told her about them sliding her skirt up her ass and showing each other her practically naked ass. She put her skirt and panties on and I slid her skirt up while we watched in the mirror. We slow danced and she ground into my cock, asking if I’d be pissed if Steve wouldn’t let her back away from his cock and made her cum. I told her it wouldn’t be her fault and I could just imagine the guys watching her have a monumental orgasm right in front of them. We both laughed.

The next morning we fucked and planned our Friday evening escapade. We went shopping and bought Debbie a thin, semi-sheer white spaghetti strap top and mini-skirt outfit. Her blouse exposed the top of her big, wide set, outward pointing tits to the top of her aureoles and about an inch of the insides of them clear to the bottom of her tits. The color of her aureole and nipples was obvious. It draped seductively between her tits and around the outsides, displaying the full height and width of her tits. Her period was starting Monday and her aureole had swollen, puffing her aureole to twice their normal size (and sensitivity). It went down to two inches above her belly button. The slightly sheer mini-skirt barely went to mid-thigh. With light behind her you could see the silhouette of her legs through it. It draped into her ass crack. We’d found a pussy pink stretch knit, sheer g-string that molded to her pussy. Debbie modeled it in front of the mirror in our room. Half her cunt hair was exposed. Debbie danced in front of the mirror. Her tits jiggled seductively. Her skirt rose up to her g-string, exposing her thighs to the point where they curved inward toward her pussy, making a fucking gap with her thigh-high stockings squeezing the tops of her thighs. We watched in the mirror while we slow danced, me holding her hand in mine, pressing my fingers into the side of her braless tit. She asked how her tit felt. I said, “Naked.” I easily worked her blouse to the outside of her naked nipple. She said it was going to be an extreme turn-on, knowing that they were feeling her braless tits and seeing her naked nipple this time. We fucked. We went shopping again and bought her pair of really tall, black, spike heels and “tall” shear black, stay up by themselves, thigh-high stockings. They went clear up to her crotch and the bottom of her ass cheeks, squeezing her thighs, creating an even larger gap between the top of her thighs and her cunt. Debbie commented that Steve’s big curved porno cock was really going to be able to stroke her pussy the way her stockings squeezed her thighs open. She modeled the outfit and I bent her over the end of the bed, pulled her skirt up, g-string aside, and fucked the shit out of her.

We went to dinner and our waiter, Steve, from the night before, got an eye full of tit. We had a couple glasses of wine and Debbie was loose. As was I. It was 9:00PM. Steve gave us our receipt and said he’d see us there. He saw Debbie’s sheer pink pantied pussy when she got up to leave.

At the club we went to the booth at the back of the dance floor with the same two men at the tables across from it. Two more guys, that our two friends obviously knew, sat at another table close by a while later. They ordered us a round of drinks. I told the waitress, “Scotch on the rocks.” There weren’t many people there yet and we had the whole and back third of the dance floor to ourselves. Debbie danced with the two guys from the evening before. Her braless tits bounced and swayed and jiggled. Her skirt twisted with her hips, rising to the bottom of her crotch, showing the tops of her thigh high stockings. She sat back down with me and asked how she looked. I said, “Fuckable!” We slow danced, our crotches glued together. The guys kept drinks cumming to our table. We were both pretty drunk. She danced a few more fast songs with them and a slow song came on before she got back to the table. I was dancing and watched her partner steer her to the back corner of the dance floor. Two of the guys, dancing, blocked my view of her, except for part of her head. Occasionally I could see her smiling face. Once I saw her upper torso from the side and it looked like the guy she was dancing with’s hand was at her tit level, a slutty grin on her face. The guys blocking my view, whose faces I could see, were grinning. Then I saw them looking down at her ass level, grinning lewdly. I immediately wondered if she was getting her tits and ass felt. I knew Debbie was pretty drunk and how much she liked being felt up. I also knew how well her tits and ass felt. I was struck with jealousy. I also felt an INCREDIBLE ache in my hard fucking cock! Fuck. Was Debbie being felt up? Where did he have his hands? My cock involuntarily ground into the crotch of the girl I was dancing with. She pressed back into me. Debbie went back to our table and bent over, reaching for her drink at the back of the table. We could see the bottoms of her tits and ass.