Kelly Ripa fucked in the park

Kelly Ripa rose early Saturday morning and had a light breakfast with her twenty four year old daughter Lola. Then the two decided to go for a run through the local park. They dressed at Lola’s insistence in matching pink running shoes and short socks. Short pink sports skirt and an abdomen baring pink sports bra. The beautiful pair of women made their way through the park along the marked pathway until they reached a sign pointing down an alternate path that by its appearance was rarely used. Lola said let’s go this way and began running down that path. Kelly called after her but Lola was already out of sight in the surrounding brush. Kelly sped up soon catching up to Lola just in time to be confronted by six young men that blocked their path stopping them then moved to surround them. The young men laughed as one reached out a hand and palmed Lola’s young breast.

Lola slapped him which he then grabbed her and ripped her bra off of her exposing her firm young breasts. She gasped and Kelly moved to interposed herself between Lola and the one man. Three of the young men grabbed Lola and pulled her to the side as the other three cornered Kelly. The six young men dragged Lola and Kelly through the woods far off the trail to a clearing they had set up with beds. First they stripped Lola and tied her spread eagled on a bed. Running their hands over her youthful body eliciting moans from her.

Then once she was secured all six men turned to Kelly stripping her till she stood completely nude. Her nipples immediately hardened in the cool air and the men positioned her on the other bed. The six took turns fucking the two women although the first on Lola broke her cherry. The six each had a turn with the two women and then they dressed. They released Kelly and told her that two of them would stay with Lola and Kelly would go with the other four to the local mall. They brought out a new outfit for Kelly. She dressed in a red pair of high heeled shoes dark silky stockings and a very short black skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks.

Then she put on a sheer white button up blouse that left her back and sides bare and her nipples and aureoles showed through. The four men walked Kelly to the mall and followed her down the concourse from the food court. As Kelly walked through the light crowd someone finally recognized her and a crowd gathered around her. The four men joined the throng and undercover of the crowd began stripping her. Soon Kelly stood at the center of the crowd naked. That’s when she felt the first man enter her pussy pushing thru her pussies lips as another invaded her anus. Kelly sobbed as she was raped by every man in that crowd.

She felt her pussy lips spread wide by someone’s hand and then something was inserted into her something that felt alive. She moaned and thrashed falling to the ground as the creature stimulated her vagina bringing her close to an orgasm but never allowing her to peak. She lay on the ground as she was filmed while she desperately rammed her whole hand into her cunt trying to remove the creature. She brought herself to multiple orgasms as her attempts to grab the creature failed.

Kelly sobbed realizing that what her fans were seeing would ruin her career. Kelly was shocked when her twenty one year old son stepped out of the crowd knelt down and shoving his hand into her grabbed the creature but then began fist fucking her to an orgasm when she sprayed the crowd and screamed out his name. What really shocked Kelly was when Lola stepped out and knelt across from her brother and both used their hands to bring her to orgasm. She screamed when the two took the snake out of her womb and invited the surrounding crowd to continue to fuck her.

Before leaving Lola leaned down and whispered to her that she had replaced her birth control with sugar tablets three weeks ago. Kelly was fucked by many men that day and a few women. Kelly’s husband divorced her but her children remained with her. Enjoying bringing strange sexual partners home to have sex with her. Many times she was forced to go out in public in clothes that exposed her body and with devices shoved into her body stimulating her sexually. During one live show Kelly had an orgasm in front of the shows audience showing her pussy as a vibrator shot out of it. Her children took her many times to the park where she was sexually assaulted by her fan.

The worst trip was when they had her wear a long trench coat and she was naked beneath it. They smeared her groin and asshole with peanut butter and released her near a pack of wild dogs that inhabited the park. The pack chased her and caught her in the middle of a group of people enjoying the park. There in front of the crowd the dogs took turns licking her body and fucking her to climaxes. One large bear like chestnut furred dog licked her cunt like his life depended on it. After it was all done she adopted that dog taking it home with her. She cried as her body shook with pleasure and humiliation. After that she became the most popular talk show host in the history of television.