Jefferson Darcy goes to a nudie bar and finds Kelly Bundy dancing on the stage

Jefferson Darcy could not believe it. He was at the
nudie bar while Marcy was at work, like usual. When a
new dancer came out on stage. The new stripper was his
gorgeous, blonde, teenage neighbor, Kelly Bundy.

Jefferson had seen Kelly in various states of un-dress
since he had moved in with Marcy, but never like this.
The music blared from the sound system as she stepped
out onto the tiny stage in the middle of the bar.

This was not the usual bar that he would frequent with
his best friend and Kelly’s father, Al Bundy. That was
a pretty tame place compared to this. Over at that bar
the girls wore pasties over their nipples and bikini
bottoms, down below. The nudie bar he was at now was a
lot wilder.

He had first heard about this place when he was working
for the government. Now Jefferson came here on the rare
occasion he had some of Marcy’s money to spend. Today
would be one of those days.

One of the things Jefferson loved about his wife; was
her sexual appetite. Marcy was voracious. They enjoyed
just about any kink that an active sexual mind can come
up with, and then some. Marcy was bisexual, in a big
way. She would often bring home, an ‘old college
roommate’ for the two of them to enjoy. Marcy also
loved role-playing sexual games. The first night she
came into their bedroom dressed as “Kelly’, Jefferson
practically ripped the costume from her body. That
fantasy fuck was one of the hottest nights of their
sexual shenanigans.

Now here was the object of that same sexual fantasy.
Kelly was wearing a loose fitting black leather vest.
It was fastened with only a single button, stretching
the material tightly across her ample tits. A narrow
chain, like you would see on a dog’s leash, cinched her
trim waist. Simple spiked heels covered her feet and
around her hips was one of those short black leather
skirts she was so fond of.

Her long blond hair flowed wildly down her back. She
looked every inch, the tough young bitch. A big smile
covered her face, she was enjoying ever minute of this.

Every eye in the bar was on her as she stepped on the
stage and a lusty yell screamed out from the large
lunch time crowd. One of the things Jefferson really
loved about this bar was how wild the dancers were.
Most of them striped down to a flimsy g-string at the
most. And over in the couch dancing room the dancers
got bare ass naked. Jefferson loved this place.

He had dared Marcy to dance at a strip joint one time.
She had talked him into striping at a club for women,
but she drew the line at striping, so far.

The crowd was hooting and hollering as Kelly swung her
tits and hips. As the music hit a power chord, she
reached in between her firm young titties and undid the
button. The vest only opened part way. Teasing of the
contents that were hidden. Then she spun around;
shaking her leather covered ass to the crowd. The short
mini skirt road up as she danced. Exposing the firm
tone cheeks of her ass. A black leather thong sliced
deeply in-between her cheeks. The crowd roared.

Then it happened. He had been staring so intently at
the crotch of Kelly’s panties; he didn’t notice that
she was looking right at him. That was, until she bent
over at the waist and looked right back at him, with a
big smile on her face. She stood back up and he snapped
back to reality.

Guess it didn’t matter then. The song ended and the
crowd cheered in approval. The next song had a slow
sensual beat. The vest slid down Kelly’s alabaster
arms. They were nicer tits then Jefferson could have
imagined. They sat high and firm on her chest; her pale
pink nipples like strawberry spikes on each tit. Kelly
shook them slowly, to the rowdy crowd’s approval. Then
she spun around and bent over at the waist. Pointing
her firm ass right back at the crowd, Then she reached
back with both hands and grabbed the cheeks of her ass.
She slowly pulled them apart so the rowdies could see
where her asshole was barely covered by the skimpy
thong. The crowd roared.

The song ended and she stood back up and took a curtsy,
smiling from ear to ear. Then she turned to Jefferson
and blew him a kiss.

The usual routine in this bar was that after a dancer
did two or three dances on the stage they would walk
along the bar doing individual dances for tips. The
dancer were right up on the bar, so that when they
squatted down their pussy where usually right above
your hands. This made for an excellent opportunity for
pussy shots and some finger fucking, and the girls
really cleaned up on the tips.

Kelly made her way down the bar. Jefferson was at the
opposite end of the bar from the stage so she would
have to go past 10 or fifteen guys before she got to
him. As Kelly started walking along the bar, a new
dancer took the stage. Jefferson barely took notice; he
was following every move of his bimbo neighbor.

She was cleaning up in tips. Each guy she would dance
for would pass her some money and she would dance for a
minute or two just for him. Some time she would dance
with her thong covered pussy inches from their face.
Other times she would just squat down in front of them
as it was obvious the guy was feeling her up. After
what seemed like forever she stepped in front of
Jefferson, that million-dollar smile covering her
gorgeous face. She spoke.


“Hi, yourself.” She squatted down in front of him. Her
sexual musk hit him right between the eyes. He put his
hands on the bar, right between her legs. Kelly reached
down between her legs and pulled the crotch of her
thong aside. Her hot wet pussy was inches from
Jefferson eyes. She spoke again.

“How about we go someplace private, you wanna lap
dance?” A lecherous grin covered his face. He stood up.
She hopped off the bar and took Jefferson by the hand.
Kelly led him through a curtained doorway to a room
about the size of the bar. Her there were several
couches spread widely apart. There were already 5 or 6
guys getting private dances back there. Each of the
women was naked and some of the guys were half-dressed.
One guy was naked and it looked like they were fucking.

Kelly led Jefferson to the far end of the room, and sat
him down on a couch. A new song started. It was a fast
song the Jefferson instantly recognized, as Kelly was
sensuously and slowly writhing in front of him. She
turned her back to him and put her hands on her hips.
Then she ever so slowly peeled the black thong down her
hips; the temperature was rising in between them.

Kelly then turned around and slid up to Jefferson. She
stopped inches from him, then reached for his hands and
placed them on her hips. Looking right at Kelly’s
crotch Jefferson could see the wisp of some dark brown
pussy hair spilling over the top of her thong. Sliding
his thumbs into the waistband of the thong he jerked
them down Kelly’s legs and they lay at a puddle at her
feet. She daintily stepped out of them and kicked them
aside. She was now completely naked except for the
chain around her waist.

Jefferson hooked his thumbs into the dog leash and
pulled her sexy young neighbor onto his lap. Her white,
hot pussy landed right on top of his cock. He almost
came, right there. Kelly had her knees on either side
of Jefferson’s thighs; her pussy was radiating heat
directly to his crotch. Kelly leaned closer and their
lips met briefly. She softly whispered into his ear.

“Ya know, Mr. Darcy, I’ve wanted you like this, since
we first met.” Jefferson moved his hands up to her
ample tits and rolled her nipples between his fingers.”

“Me too,” he whispered back. His cock felt like it was
going to burst out of his pants. Kelly seemed to sense
this and slowly started to jerk him off through his
pants. She started talking again.

“Before you came along, Mrs. Darcy and I had a very
special relationship.” This was news to Jefferson. But
that explained a lot. Kelly then eased down Jefferson’s
zipper and unbuckled his belt with barely a sound. His
cock strained against his shorts. Kelly stood back up
and pulled Jefferson to his feet. They both stood there
with big lecherous grins.

The song ended as Kelly pushed Jefferson’s pants and
shorts to the floor. She gasped out loud in
appreciation. Now she knew why Mrs. Darcy kept Him
around. Jefferson had the biggest Cock Kelly had ever
seen. Even bigger then her Father’s, who’s she had seen
on more then one occasion. But that’s another story.

Another song started as Kelly pushed Jefferson back
onto the couch; she then turned her back to him, spread
her legs and sat on his lap. The giant prick, sticking
obscenely up from in between her legs. She dipped her
fingers into her hot dripping pussy, licked them and
then gently grasps his cock. Slowly, gently, she began
jerking him off as she bought her lips to his ear and
once again whispered to him.

“Marcy and I have had a lot of wicked fun together.”

“Me too,” he groaned into her ear. Kelly was holding
Jefferson’s rock hard prick against her pussy. She
would gasp, each time his cock head rubbed against her,
oh so sensitive, clit. Kelly continued.

“Did Marcy tell you haw we use to dress up in each
others clothing and pretend we were the other person.”

“Me too,” Jefferson gasps. Then he added.

“I just can’t wait another second to fuck you.” As he
raised her up by the waist and position her white, hot
pussy over his cock head.

“Me too,” Kelly sighed as his cock slid part way into
her pussy.

Kelly ground her pussy against Jefferson’s prick, but
he was too big. After grimacing once in pain, she
pulled off of him. The look of disappointment in
Jefferson’s eyes was priceless. Quickly Kelly got up,
faced Jefferson and sat back down on his lap facing
him. Then she reached around and positioned Jefferson’s
giant cock at her asshole. After two tries. He slipped
right in.

They both sat there and sighed at the sensations. They
Kelly slowly pulled up on her hunches, then slowly
down. Then up, then down. Each down stroke taking more
and more of Jefferson into her ass. Till suddenly, she
felt his balls slap her ass. He was all the way in.
That’s when they really started fucking.

Jefferson drove his cock deeper and deeper into her
ready rectum. Kelly loved anal sex. She had ever since
the first time she had tried fucking and her first cock
slid into her butt hole instead of her vagina. Now she
preferred it. She was in heaven, when Jefferson bought
her back to reality as he shot a huge load up her ass.
She came as the first squirt scolded her sphincter.

For awhile they just sat there, till his withering
prick slid from her stretched out asshole, his cum
slowly leaking out of her rectum.

Kelly stood up and kissed Jefferson gently. Then bent
over, picked up her thong and put it back on. Jefferson
just sat there with a big shit-eating grin on his face.
Kelly turned to him and said.

“Hope we can get together and fuck, more often.” Then
she walked through the curtain back out to the bar.
Jefferson thought to himself.