Catfight between Emma Ross and Jessie Prescott

It happened during Emma Ross’s rebellious period. Emma was downstairs in the living room arguing with her nanny Jessie Prescott. Jessie grabbed her shoulder pushing her towards the stairs but one of her rings snagged Emma’s blouse ripping it exposing one of Emma’s bra covered breasts . You will pay for that this was my favorite shirt Emma screamed as she grabbed Jessie’s shirt and pulled it off over her head giving Luke Ross a view of Jessie’s bra covered globes. Oh you will pay for that you spoiled rich blonde brat and put Emma in a head lock.

Emma went around in a circle bent at the waist exposing her red thong covered pussy. Jessie stop I’m sorry she cried but Jessie’s response was , not yet your not but you will be as she twisted and tossed Emma face down onto the floor and sat on Emma’s lower back. Emma sobbed as she felt Jessie pull her skirt off of her and rip what remained of her blouse off of her young body. Please stop Jessie Bertram is watching. Jessie yelled you ain’t seen nothing yet keep watching Bertram.

Everyone watching were frozen not believing what was happening. Jessie tore off Emma’s bra then her thong but she was not done yet as she lay down on Emma’s body got her in a hold and rolled over and with Emma on top sat up behind her. Holding Emma’s arms above their heads she put her strong legs over Emma’s and forced them wide apart. Emma’s naked shaven pussy now fully exposed to all those watching Emma cried out when Jessie holding tight lay down bending Emma’s body taut pushing her naked tits out and pulling her nether lips wide open.

Think of the view your giving them you rich slut kets start you down the path we both know your destined for. Jessie yelled to the room , it will cost twenty dollars to anyone that wants to feel or taste this young sluts slit. No Jessie Emma screamed but Ravi and Luke already had twenties out and Bertram pulled out a hundred dollar bill. What will a hundred buy he asked. Jessie laughed and said go a head and fuck her. Emma sobbed as Bertram approached them pulling out his eight inch stiffening cock. No Jessie I’m still a virgin but Jessie’s response only crushed her Hope’s when she said you won’t have that cherry much longer.

I’ve dreamed of this for years princess as he dropped to his knees and brutally shoved his cock into her dry vagina. Emma screamed as his first thrust tore through her hymen stealing her virginity from her then he continued pumping into her as her blood lubricated her cunt it became easier for Bertram to fuck her. As she was being fucked Emma rammed her head back into Jessie’s forehead knocking Jessie out. When Bertram finished and got up Emma rolled off of Jessie and started stripping her. When Jessie was naked she looked at Luke and said go ahead take her brother.

Luke quickly stripped and began fucking Jessie yelling oh yes she is so tight. Emma turned to go but stopped when she saw her adopted brother Ravi and his pet lizard Mrs. Kipling between her and escape. I don’t think so dear sister you have teased me for years now you will give me a taste of that beautiful body of yours. Emma whimpered when Ravi stripped exposing his hard fourteen inch long , three inch broad monster cock. No Ravi that will ruin me I cannot take that my pussy will be ravaged. Yes it will sister but if you cooperate I can make it easier on you.

Okay she whispered what do you want me to do she asked. First finish stripping and get down on your hands and knees. After she had complied she felt Mrs. Kipling’s tongue flicking out caressing her vagina and anus she soon became wet her juices running down her thighs. Ravi gently moved Mrs. Kipling out from between Emma’s legs and taking her place he eased his engorged member into her pussy slowly moving in and out of her slowly inching deeper giving her cunt time to adjust to his girth it took him twenty minutes but he was finally seated in her balls deep.

Emma moaned as he began moving in and out each thrust taking minutes to complete. She felt stuffed as she saw his cocks activity displayed on her abdomen the head of his cock sliding up and down her stomach. He finally reached full speed pumping into her as she felt an orgasm building in her groin. She moaned in both agony and ecstasy as she watched Luke fucking Jessie which he had been doing for at least thirty minutes. Jessie had finally woken up and when she realized what was happening had given and was now thoroughly enjoying what she had resisted for years.

Luke’s enthusiastic pummeling of her pussy as Bertram was shoving his cock down her throat and Mrs. Kipling was flicking her hard engorged nipples with her tongue. Emma watched as multiple orgasms rocked her nannies young body and felt her own body responding as she climaxed so hard she passed out. When she finally woke up there was a party going on around her people from her school dancing around the apartment. She and Jessie were ensconced as the centerpiece in the living room their naked bodies on their hands and knees held in place by ropes and chains.

The party went on for weeks as Jessie and Emma were put through every kind of sex act dreamt of and a few new ones. When finished both women were exhausted , so sore they could barely move , and soon found out they were both pregnant and having twin girls that turned out to be Luke’s and Ravi’s who continued to fuck them daily and occasionally Bertram and Mrs. Kipling would join in the fun.