JAG: Cottage on the Cliff

They had left the world of military protocol far behind

John and Sarah pulled into the driveway of their remote
cottage, far from the prying eyes of the world, on a
cliff overlooking the East China Sea.

“We’re here.” John said, cutting the engine and letting
her absorb the atmosphere. “What do you think?”

“Oh, John…it’s beautiful!” she smiled, her hand resting
gently on his thigh.

Before her lay a traditional Japanese cottage, complete
with Okinawan “shisas”, Japanese spirit guards, looking
benignly from its red-tiled roof.

Touching her lips to his, Sarah gently stroked the firm
line of her lover’s jaw, feeling the passion rising
within her.

“Let’s go inside,” she said heatedly, “I want to see

The cottage was like something out of a Japanese
fairytale. It was square in design, with a small,
intimate garden, a traditional “fukushu-en”, nestled
quietly in its heart.

Sarah heard the soft trickle of water, and turned to see
a delicate lava-stone waterfall flowing gently into a
luminous pool of water lilies and oriental Koi. It was
the kind of place that offered rest to the weary soul,
and sustenance to those in love.

“It’s perfect,” she breathed, her hand buried intimately
in his, “how did you know it was here?”

“I was on leave a few years back, and saw it standing all
alone on this remote cliff. I swore that if I ever had
anyone to share it with, I’d bring them here.”

“And am I the first?” she probed, gently, dreading what
he might say.

He nodded in affirmation, his eyes speaking volumes, “And
the last, Sarah,” he vowed.

Quietly, in the hush of the garden, he drew her against
him, his hands exploring the contours of her body,
offering the intimate promise of things to come. Passion
clouded his steel gray eyes as he pressed his lips to
hers, parting them, plunging his tongue deeply into the
sweet, dark interior of her mouth.

“Let’s see the rest of the cottage.” he said brusquely,
his voice throaty and sensuous. “There’s a lot more I
want to show you.”

Slipping their outdoor shoes off at the entryway, John
and Sarah began to explore the open, airy rooms in their
new home, his hand ever caressing the gentle curve of her

Finally, after quickly perusing the rest of the house,
Sarah opened the sliding panel, which separated the
bedroom from the rest of the world. She was surprised to
see a large American-style bed dominating the space.

“This was already here?” she questioned.

“I know it doesn’t fit,” he answered sheepishly, “but I
figured that we’d be spending most of our time…you
know…here, and I wanted us to be comfortable. I had the
owner deliver it this morning.”

Sarah crossed the room and stretched luxuriously across
the silken coverlet. “Well…it IS comfortable…did you
have anything else in mind.” she teased, her eyes heavy-
lidded and receptive.

“Just this.” he replied, stretching out beside her, the
hardened jut of his maleness pressing intimately against
her hip.

Sarah inhaled sharply, surrendering herself to the
sensuous abandon of his touch, feeling her breasts
straining against the soft fabric of her lacy

“I think you’re overdressed.” he said huskily, his
fingers fumbling with the buttons of her blouse.

Slowly he exposed her well-formed breasts and gazed
hungrily at the dusky rose of her nipples.

“Sarah…you’re so beautiful.” he rasped. “I can’t stop
wanting to touch you…here,” he gently kissed her lips,
“…and here…” he tasted the hollows of her throat,
“…and here.” he said, drawing the tip of her breast
between his lips.

Sarah felt a silken cord begin to twine itself throughout
her body, joining the object of his attention to the
heated offerings below, like a puppet on a string.

John lowered his hand, and began to stroke her inner
thigh beneath her skirt, sliding ever upward until it
came in contact with the brief wisp of silk between her

Insinuating his finger beyond the elastic, he gently
probed her moist triangle.

She breathed raggedly, her hands tugging at his
waistband, trying desperately to reach the firm, hard
contours of his flesh.

With great reluctance, he detached himself from her,
taking with him the heated presence of his body, leaving
her chilled and wanting. Then, standing beside the bed,
he began to disrobe.

This was one of Sarah’s favorite moments.

Mesmerized, she watched as one by one his clothing
dropped to the floor, the firm muscles of his body
defined by the shadows and light filtering through the
large window behind the bed.

The pile at his feet grew, until there was only one piece

“Let me…” she pleaded, her palms aching for the touch
of his heated flesh. “Let me finish up…”

Slowly, she rose from the bed, and sliding her skirt and
panties over her hips, she followed them to the floor,
kneeling between his well-muscled calves.

“Sarah…” he warned, “you know you make me crazy when
you do that.”

“I know…” she whispered, gently exposing the last, and
most prominent vestige of his body. “I think it’s only

The sight of his erection took her breath away. Would she
never cease to be caught up in the beauty of his proud,
massive maleness?

Gently, she cupped her hands around the shaft and touched
her tongue to its straining tip, feeling its satiny
hardness against her lips.

“Sarah…” he warned. “Not yet…”

Silently, she drew its head into her mouth, filling her
completely, suckling the tiny drops of moisture that
heralded his imminent release.

“Sarah!’ he cried raggedly. “Stop!” and dropped heavily
to the floor, his thighs capturing her between them, his
pulsating organ throbbing insistently against her belly.
“Let me catch my breath.” he gasped, pressing her close,
his hands cupping the fullness of her buttocks. “I’m like
a teenager around you. Years of control…all shot to…”

Sarah placed her hands behind his neck and pulled him to
her, his words lost in the sigh of the wind in the world
outside as she teased his lips apart and stole his very
breath away.

Gently, he lowered her to the floor, on a nest made of
discarded clothing, and placed his knees between hers.

“Sarah…” he breathed, her name like an aphrodisiac,

His body pleaded for fulfillment, but still her needs
were foremost in his mind. Softly, he inserted his
fingers, first one then two, and probed the silken
triangle at the joining of her thighs. Then, bringing his
thumb into play, he began to massage the hardened nub of
her passion until her cries filled the room, pleading for
him to complete their joining and satisfy the emptiness
within her.

Unable to restrain himself any longer, he plunged his
engorged sex into the warm, wet interiors of her vagina,
then paused, briefly, to allow her to adjust to his
massive intrusion.

“Don’t stop!” she cried, arching her hips to meet him.
“Please…” she uttered mindlessly.

Determined to retain control for her sake, John tried to
distract his mind from the warm, wet play of her muscles
around his straining sex. As usual, with the woman
beneath him, it was an exercise in futility. Sarah could
drive him over the brink with a simple glance, what
chance did he have to distract himself in the throes of

Finally, Sarah won out, and John began to lose touch with
the discipline he so treasured. Restraint abandoned, he
began to thrust deeply within her, the massiveness of his
erection sliding maddeningly across the distended nub of
her passion.

Her release imminent, she wrapped her legs around his
strong hips, as though to draw him bodily within her and
leave nothing behind.

John plunged ever deeper…faster…harder until her
cries shattered the stillness and she felt herself driven
to the brink of insanity on a wave of shuddering

Satisfied, John threw back his head and lunged,
once…twice, then again as he filled her body with the
proof of his passion, and breathlessly joined her on the
edge of the unknown universe.

Wordlessly, they embraced, side by side on the mangled
mat of their clothing, trying to regain some semblance of
control. John felt the warm jagged gasps of her breath
escaping her lips, caressing the flat hardness of his
nipples, and began to feel a familiar stirring between
his legs. Oh, lord, he thought…not already.

I haven’t got the strength. I’m going to end up in
traction… Clasping Sarah against his chest, John picked
her up, limp as a cloth doll, and placed her beneath the
covers of the unused bed. Then, for the sake of his own
preservation and hers, he headed into the bathroom for a
cold shower.

9:00am The Next Day
Cape Hado
Okinawa, Japan

John and Sarah had made love all through the night. Now,
in the light of day, they realized that neither had given
any thought to sustenance of the more culinary variety.

They were starved.

Stiff but exhilarated, John pulled on his pants and
headed for the kitchen. He had arranged with the owner to
hire his wife to take care of the domestic requirements
of their stay on Cape Hado, and had been assured that all
would be in readiness for their arrival.

John glanced around the kitchen, glad for the modern
renovations which had obviously been added to this part
of the primarily traditional household.

The floor was covered with natural gray stone tile,
scrubbed to immaculate perfection. The refrigerator,
stove and microwave were done in black, offset by heavy
granite countertops, glowing pristinely in the morning
light. The owners had left nothing out.. .everything was
ready and waiting for their use.

John opened the refrigerator, preparing himself for the
worst. What he found was a delight to the senses. The
owner’s wife had gone “all out” to make their stay
pleasant, and had even cooked supper and left it in the
refrigerator for them to reheat.

John heaped two plates with steamed rice and teriyaki
chicken and quickly warmed them in the microwave. Then,
placing them on a black lacquered tray, he grabbed two
containers of commercial spring water from the
refrigerator and headed back for the bedroom.

The succulent aroma rising from the tray brought Sarah
instantly awake.

“Food!” she exclaimed, ravenously. “I thought we were
going to live on love…”

“We are… it just works better on a full stomach.”
laughed John, spreading the feast before her.

“After we eat, lets go into town and see what there is to
see…how does that sound?” he offered.

“You mean, you’re going to let me out of this bedroom at
some point?” she teased.

“I think we could work something out…” he smiled
lasciviously, his fingers tracing the curve of her naked
breasts over the top of the silken sheet. “Would you like
to negotiate?”

“Would it include food?” Sarah pleaded, placing a sliver
of chicken on her tongue and daring him to take it from

“It could.” he gazed heatedly, his mouth covering hers,
claiming his prize. Then feeding her another piece to
replace the one he’d stolen, he added, “It’s a buyer’s
market. You have me at your mercy.”

Slowly he placed the tray on the nightstand, and tugged
the covering from her naked breasts.

It was noon before they remembered to eat.

1:00 P.M
The Following Week
The Village of Hado, Okinawa.

Hado was a remote fishing village on the rocky East China
seacoast. The people who inhabited the area were
primarily fishermen, and spent their days either on the
sea, or in the traditional pastimes inherent in the local

Visitors were rare in Hado, and John and Sarah felt
secure that their romantic interlude would go unnoticed
from the military and the world at large. This time was
theirs alone, and they were both unwilling and unable to
part with even a single stolen moment.

Lovingly, the two strolled the streets of the small
village, stopping here for fruit, there for fresh shrimp,
and stocking up on Sarah’s favorite, Okinawan andagii,
sweet deep-fried dough, similar to American donuts.

As they headed back toward the Jeep, Sarah noticed an
announcement for a performance of classical Ryukyuan
dance, to he held at the community center the following

“Let’s go.” she pleaded. “It’s over 600 years old, and I
hear it’s truly beautiful. I’d really like to see one
before I leave Japan.”

Though dance recitals were far from a favorite pastime to
the stalwart colonel, Sarah was. For her, anything was

It was her reference to leaving Japan that gave him

Sarah noticed his abrupt change in mood, and shared in
his desperation. Only 4 more days, and they would be
saying good-bye. She longed to stay with him, at any
price, but John had remained adamant on that topic.

“Sarah,” he’d said, his face a mask of pain. “I can’t ask
you…I won’t allow you to give up everything you’ve
worked so hard to achieve, just to be with me. Believe
me…sooner or later you’d look back and see what you’d
given up…and you’d hate me.” he paused. “You’ve got
everything in front of you…law school…a career you
love…I won’t hold you back.”

She’d tried to reason with him, but John hadn’t become a
Marine colonel by being easily swayed. In the end he’d
won out, or in Sara’s estimation…they’d both lost.

Sarah dragged John through the many shops along the
waterfront, buying trinkets to save, and memories to
treasure. Finally, as the evening sky began to darken,
and the flames of the setting sun lit the western sky,
the couple headed home to share another night of passion
in their cottage on the cliff.

It was evident that the landlord’s wife had been by, for
Sarah found the bed had been freshly changed, and supper
was once again waiting in the refrigerator.

“Look at this, John! I don’t have to do a thing!”

“That’s the idea, my love. I didn’t ask you here to be my
maid, you know.”

“Oh,” she smiled suggestively, “and exactly what IS my
role around here?”

“Anything you want it to be.” he said seriously. “I want
to make you happy.”

“Hey! I bought you a present today.” he said, changing
the subject. “Come on into the bedroom, and I’ll give it
to you.”

“Come into the bedroom and I’ll give it to you?” she
repeated. “If that’s your best pick-up line…it needs
work.” she teased.

“Well, how about this, then?” he responded, pressing his
body close behind her…caressing her breasts…trailing
moist kisses down her neck. “Any better?”

“A definite improvement,” she sighed. “You’ve been

“Let’s go into the bedroom.” he suggested huskily. “I
think I have homework to do.”

John turned her around to face him, cupping her buttocks,
pulling her tightly against his arousal.

“John.” she gasped, pressing her hips into the fullness
of him. “I can’t get enough of you.”

Sarah began to head toward the bedroom, but John held her

“I can’t wait.” he breathed. “I want you now…here.”

John kissed her deeply, drawing the breath from her body,
making her senses reel. Quickly, he pulled her blouse
over her head, then reached around to unhook her bra.
Dropping it on the counter as he lowered his grasp to her
buttocks and lifted her onto the hard, granite surface.

“Here?” she gasped. “What if the landlady comes by?”

“She won’t,” he rasped, “Trust me.”

Gently, John pressed her down on the smooth countertop,
then reached beneath her skirt and removed her panties.

Sarah felt the chilled stone surface against her back.
Her nipples hardened, goose flesh consuming her body as
John parted her thighs and raised the edge of her skirt
up to her waist, exposing her to his gaze.

“Relax,” he coaxed, as he stepped between her
outstretched legs, and consumed the full, hard buds of
her breasts with his hungry lips. “No one’s coming but

Sarah felt his hands stroke the insides of her naked
thighs, sending shivers through her body. John watched as
she arched her neck, her eyes closed in passion, then
slowly inserted his thumbs into her moist epicenter,
opening her fully, intimately, causing shudders of
anticipation to wrack her being.

Slowly, maddeningly, he dipped his head, probing
sensually between his thumbs, teasing her flesh with his
fiery tongue until he felt her climax building within
her. Then, deepening his “kiss”, he began to paid homage
deep inside her throbbing vagina, shattering the remnants
of her reserve and flooding her being with cataclysmic

Sarah grabbed at his hair, urging him ever inward as she
planted her heels on the edge of the counter, raising her
hips to meet his thrusting tongue.

Finally, overcome by his sensuous assault, she
surrendered unconditionally, and screamed out in
passionate abandon.

Quickly, John opened his pants, freeing his straining
member, and plunging it with one stroke into her wet,
quivering core.

“Oh, John! ” she moaned, “Oh John…oh John…”

Over and over he thrust his heated erection into her hot,
wet vortex, as she climaxed repeatedly on the cold
granite surface of the counter.

John watched her face as she came, again and again,
holding his own release at bay as he plunged
deeper…harder…faster, transforming his love into a
mindless sentient creature, screaming his name into the

Finally, unable to deny his own flesh for a heartbeat
longer, he began to drive powerfully between her thighs,
deeply into her wet, clutching core, joining her wordless
aria as he spent itself within her.

Drained and wet with perspiration, he lay his face on her
breast, gasping for control, then silently lifted her in
his arms and carried her into the bedroom.


And so the nights had passed…each clinging to the
other…desperate to waylay the inevitable… until
finally only one remained.

As they lay together in their big American bed, Sarah
knew the their time had fled too quickly, and pleaded
again with her lover for the reprieve that only he could

It had been their only point of contention over the last
two weeks, and John, knowing better the ways of the
world, had been unswayable. He not would take her dreams
from her, leaving, instead, a poignant regret over things
that might have been. He could not be the one to steal
the bright and shining life that lay before her.

And so they had lain in the big bed a final time,
touching, stroking… each reluctant to complete the act
that would spell the end of their time together. Finally
John had bundled her naked form in a large quilt and
carried her out on the cliff overlooking the sea.

There, above the eternal surge of an endless tide, he had
entered her gently, and made slow, passionate love to her
beneath the canopy of heaven. The silvery moonlight
reflected in his tears, as time lost all meaning and he
shared her final flight to the stars… filling her body
one last time with the proof of his love.


Dawn had found them wrapped in each other’s arms gazing
sadly at the eternal revolution of time and tide by the
cottage on the cliff, the rising sun a glaring reminder
that while the world would go on without them, the
fleeting concerns of mere mortals could not.


Silently he’d driven her to the terminal at Futenma, each
lost in their own personal agony, afraid to speak lest
their words cause the world to come shattering down
around them.

There on the runway, with a brief salute to appease the
gods of protocol, he had touched her face one final time,
then turned and walked silently away into his solitary

It was only after she had boarded the waiting plane that
she allowed the tears to flow unheeded down the pale
ravages of her face. And it was only then that she
remembered the poem that had been mounted on the wall in
the cottage on the cliff. Hauntingly, it translated:

Even after we part
Should fate have it so,
We will be like flowers
Linked together,
never to be torn apart.

“Good-bye, my love,” she whispered, “until we meet