House M.D.: Proving Himself

Taub didn’t notice House limp into the office, he simply continued staring at the new
OBGYN nurse chatting at the nurses station. She couldn’t have been more than twenty-five
with blonde hair and was wearing scubs that did nothing to hide her long legs or slim waist.
She was, strictly physically speaking, out of his league. She was in the prime of her life while he
was most assuredly past his. He was on the wrong side of forty, pudgy, balding, with a rather
large nose, and most assuredly, body image issues.

Images of his wife swam through Taub’s head. A beautiful, intelligent woman that he
didn’t deserve and that loved him despite all of his failings including his rampant infidelities.
She understood his constant need to prove himself, it was what made him a great doctor and
had led him to work under the nefarious Doctor Gregory House but for some reason it was a
personal issue he was still dealing with.

“The great beast awakens,” House growled like a cheesy actor in a monster movie.

Taub didn’t bother to turn around to look at his supervisor. He was caught and he knew
it. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he said as he pretended to stare down at his

“I take it everything is going fine at home,” House said as he shuffled over to the coffee

House’s question wasn’t a question, it was a declarative statement and Taub tried not to
rise to the taunt. “Everything is fine,” he said simply.

House laid his cane next to the counter and began fiddling with the coffee maker,
pretending not to look at Taub from the corner of his eye but obviously looking at Taub from the
corner of his eye. “I only ask because with most men, when things are going fine at home,
where their wives are, then they tend not to stare at the new, winsome nurses,” he said as he
blatantly knocked things around on the counter to make it obvious that he had no intention of
making coffee, “Where as you tend to stare at the new, winsome nurses whenever everything is
perfectly fine at home.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Taub said as he continued trying to ignore
House and failing not to rise to the bait. Yes, he had his issues, yes he and his wife were
working on them, yes he had been staring lecherously at the nurses but House wasn’t the type of
person you opened up to.

Shuffling the items on the shelf around until everything was scattered about, House
grabbed a coffee mug and filled it with water. “How’s your Couples Therapy going?” House
asked smugly as he grabbed his cane and began limping back to his office.

“Busy with paperwork,” Taub said as he continued to fail to ignore House and his
sophomoric verbal jabs. He’d gotten caught looking, nothing wrong with that. Nobody
blamed a guy on a diet for looking at a menu after all.

From the doorway to his office, House turned around and peered down at Taub like he was
a slightly boring science experiment. “That’s right, you’ve got nothing to prove to me,” he said
with a wicked smirk before closing the door and leaving Taub alone with his thoughts.

Taub sighed in frustration and wondered exactly how someone could argue back against
an argument made up completely of subtext. Yes, his therapist had gotten him to admit to
himself that the reason he cheated was to prove to himself that a guy that looked like him could
get an attractive woman. He had spent most of his life traveling from one attractive woman to
the next just to prove to himself that looks weren’t everything and that a guy with enough
intelligence had the same shot with an attractive woman that a guy with enough muscles, or hair,
or money, or fancy cars, or dressed really well, or charming enough, had.

And then, as Taub ran through his list on why he would be a desirable man to women, Dr.
Chase walked in. Dr. Chase was everything Dr. Taub wasn’t: Tall, fit, not just intelligent but quick
and clever, good looking, confident, great hair. Taub always got slightly angry and depressed
whenever Chase was around.

“How’s House?” he asked as he poked just his head through the door.

“Arrogant, self-indulged, ect. ect.” he said not looking up from his pile of random files.

“So he’s just his usual self?” Chase said as he slowly walked into the conference room.

“Any reason you’re looking out for House’s mood?” Taub asked.

Chase sat down at the table where he could keep an eye on the door to House’s office.
“He’s been going on about my bachelor party so I’ve been trying to fly below his radar,” he

“And I suppose he’s already taken over?” Taub said with a smirk.

“Oh yeah,” Chase admitted.

Taub pinched the bridge of his nose as he tried to put off a slowly building headache.
Chase, handsome and smart, was currently engaged to Cameron, beautiful and smart. It just
didn’t seem fair to him. It was a selfish feeling he knew, he was just as intelligent with his own
beautiful wife but he just couldn’t fight off his own depression. He knew that he was Chase’s
equal in everything but looks but for some reason he just couldn’t get over his insecurity.

“So what’s the matter with you?” Chase asked.

“Just trying to catch up on some paperwork,” Taub lied.

“Right, sure,” Chase said with an affectionate slap on Taub’s shoulder. “You’re coming,
right?” Chase asked as he stood up.

“With bells on,” Taub said, never looking up from his fake paperwork.

“See you around. I’m going to go say hi to the new nurse,” Chase said as he left the
conference room.

Taub watched Chase stroll casually and confidentially up to the hot, new nurse and all but
seethed at the sight. It was so easy for him and the way the nurse was responding to him just
proved that Chase could have just snapped his fingers and the nurse would have followed him
any where.

It was then that Taub decide he needed to do it. For some reason he just had to prove it
to himself. Had to prove he was just as good as Chase. Hell, even House with his horrible
attitude and damaged leg had Cuddy chasing after him and she had her pick of just about
anyone in the hospital. He was going to cheat, fall off the monogamy wagon. And if he was
going to fail to be a good man then he was going to go all out failing to be a good man.

Chase’s mention of the bachelor party gave Taub a idea. It would take time to prepare
and set up, a week at most and there was no time like the present. Unlike Chase he couldn’t
just snap his fingers and have women follow him but with time and conversation he was sure
he’d get the job done and do it three times better than he ever had before. He sighed at the
defeat of his morals and stood up leaving his papers scattered about the conference table. He
paid no attention to House as the supervising doctor watched him leave with a self-satisfied
smile on his face.

Since Chase had given him the idea, Taub decided to start with the Australian doctor’s
fiancée, Camren. The slender built doctor had recently dyed her hair blonde and styled her
hair in gently rolling waves. She was beautiful and wore her heart and emotions on her sleeve
which was why she chose to work in the ER. He kept the visit casual and told her he was down
there to double check a order he had signed off on. They chit-chatted for a bit, maybe twenty
minutes which was plenty of times for him to drop a couple of hints. Nothing major, just a
couple of reminders of Chase’s history with women and her history of basically avoiding men like
him. Then he was on his way.

Taub’s next stop was to the hospital administrator Cuddy. She was basically built in
opposite of Camera, dark hair, curvy body and kept her emotions on a tight leash. Except
where she and House were concerned. Everybody in the hospital knew that they both had a
thing for each other and as they visited he made sure to drop an innuendo about it. Or two.
Their visit was shorter than Camren’s but they weren’t as close, not that he and Camren’s were
bosom buddies but they at least had worked under House. He wished Cuddy a good day and
made his way to his next stop.

House called her 13 due to the fact that when House had held, basically auditions, for a
new team of doctors to work under him she had been the thirteenth candidate. The auditions
were where he had met the beautiful, and more importantly bisexual, Doctor Remy Hadley. 13
wore her sexuality on her sleeve the same way Camren’s wore her emotions and for what he had
planned that was very important. Their visit lasted the longest and he dropped several hints
and innuendos to her as they complained about working under House and spent most of the
conversation laughing. As their shift ended they wished each other a good night and headed

The next day Taub repeated himself. He visited Cuddy to subtly remind her of her
frustrations with House and basically as a female in a mostly male profession. He visited
Camren to remind her of her own lack of sexual experience compared to Chase. And he then
visited 13 to remind her of how great it is for a woman like her to be a sexually liberated bisexual.
He did this every day until the end of the week and then waited through the weekend as Chase’s
bachelor party grew nearer.

Monday morning he made his rounds again but added the looming party into the mix, not
to remind the women of it exactly, just to get them thinking about the things that were thought
to happen at bachelor parties. And then Tuesday he made the invites. He invited each of the
three women to his apartment for a small get together, just the workmates, for a casual evening
before the big party coming ever closer. Of course each woman said yes and he was set. Later
that night at home he told his wife he was having a work party and that it would be terribly dull
and she eagerly volunteered to go visit a friend. Then he waited for Friday night.

After work on Friday Taub stopped by a upscale liquor store and stocked up on several
bottles of their finest wines before heading home. His wife was already gone by the time he
arrived and he quickly got their apartment ready. He set out more snacks than were needed
for just him and his three guest to keep up appearances that he was expecting all their work
friends, not just the females. And then, an hour later, there was a knock on his front door.

Cuddy was the first to arrive and he poured her a glass of wine while they waited for the
rest of their guests. “So where’s your wife tonight?” Cuddy asked.

“Off with a friend for the weekend,” he said trying to sound a little bit solemn about it.
When there came a second knock he opened the door to find Camren.

Taub poured Camren a glass and the three of them chit-chatted for a little while until 13
joined them. By now Cuddy was on her second glass of wine and 13 jokingly said that she and
Camren were going to have to play catch up. He made sure the conversation stayed away from
their male co-workers as he poured the drinks and 13 and Camren indeed caught up. The first
bottle of wine was quickly drained and Taub opened the second as they all sat and visited in the
living room.

His plan was off to a good start as Taub made sure to keep the conversation away from
where their male co-workers were and they started on the second bottle of wine. He snuck
away momentarily to start his stereo and dim the lights slightly while the women continued
talking and laughing. They were all three on the large, comfortable sofa while he sat in the
matching chair. The sofa could easily sit four but he didn’t want to seem too pushy. At least
not yet so he sat back down in his chair.

The three women barely paid attention to how much wine they were drinking and how
much Taub wasn’t as they relaxed and joked together, not realizing how much, or what, their
lone male co-worker was adding to the conversation. It was nice just to have some girl time
together as they waited for the rest of the men and they began to barely notice Taub except for
the few times he joined into their talk. And with their second bottle of wine already half-way
drank they relaxed more and more.

Taub turned the conversation towards Camren’s upcoming wedding and he added his own
to the mix. He talked about when and how he and his wife had met and what it was like dating.
Camren agreed with him on all the romantic points and he continued on to when he and his wife
had gotten engaged and the slender, slightly tipsy doctor agreed at all the work it was taking to
plan the wedding. And then he started talking about all the work that went into maintaining a
marriage and Camren started looking a bit less excited. Cuddy and 13 told her that she and
Chase would be fine together and what a great couple they made and the slightly nervous doctor
started to cheer back up.

Agreeing with Cuddy and 13 that everything would be fine with Camren and Chase, Taub
turned the conversation to 13 next. He pointed out how great it must be to be a bisexual
woman since it would double her chances at finding a suitable companion, for whatever her
intentions. Cuddy and Camren joined in, playfully teasing her and she teased them right back.
Taub was entirely self-satisfied at giving himself a perfect opening to steer the conversation
towards where he wanted it to go. There was no awkward verbal innuendo in him bringing up
which gender was better in bed in her opinion. It went off without a hitch.

“Ohhhh, good question,” Cuddy agreed, “Come on. Who’s better?” She leaned forward
to listen intently. She wore a semi-relaxed business outfit, red skirt with a matching jacket over
a white blouse. She had her hair down creating soft, dark waves framing her face.

“Oh no. I’m not going there,” 13 said with a laugh as she rolling her eyes and holding the
hand not holding her wine glass up. She was dressed more casual than the other two women
with tight, denim jeans and a simple purple button-up shirt.

“Oh come on,” Camren giggled, “We’re all adults here.” The upcoming bride was wearing
tight slacks and a conservative top with small frills of lace at the sleeves and collar.

13 looked over at Taub as if he could offer some help with the embarrassing question.
“Don’t look at me,” he said with a chuckle, “I’m not getting involved in that question.”

Cuddy and Camren kept pressuring 13 about who the better kisser was and it slowly
started more sexual which was when Taub thought it was time to interject. He didn’t want the
prospect of sex to turn comical which it would have if he didn’t interrupt. “We’re all science
minded people. I’m sure we can apply simple, dispassioned logic to this scenario,” he offered.

“Oh, good idea,” Cuddy said, “Like a science experiment.”

“I’m not sure about that,” 13 said with a chuckle before giving Taub a queer look.

“No, no. It’s a good idea,” Camren said, agreeing with Cuddy, “We can treat it like an
experiment. We have a good cross section here after all.”

Taub didn’t quite catch the strange look 13 was giving him as he answered, “Well, I

Cuddy scooted over next to Camren which pushed her farther into 13 and patted the small
section of cushion left over. “Come sit over here,” she told Taub who appeared to think it over.

“If you insist,” Taub said and moved next to Cuddy, the four of them tightly pressed
together. Cuddy was the one who appeared to be taking charge so he looked to her and so he
asked, “What’s next, boss?”

Cuddy looked back and forth to make sure she had everyone’s attention before taking
another drink of wine and then setting her glass down. “Well, obviously 13 will have to kiss
Camren and then you. Then we repeat the experiment by me kissing 13 and then you to test
the results. Agreed?”

13 started to object a moment before Taub interrupted her, “If you say so, boss.”

13 cocked an eyebrow at Taub as she said, “I’m not too sure about this…”

Cuddy shooed away 13’s objection. “It’ll be fine. Camren, go ahead,” she said.

Camren looked back and forth between 13 And Cuddy and Taub before surrendering her
own opinion. “I suppose,” she said before taking a drink of wine and setting her glass down.
She turned to 13 And smiled nervously. “Are you ready?” she asked.

13 glared at Taub for a moment before turning her attention to Camren. “Are you sure
about this?” she asked.

“It’ll be fine,” Taub said, a little worried about 13’s hesitation and the way she would look
at him, “It’ll be for science, right, boss?”

“Exactly,” Cuddy said as she grabbed her glass and held it high for a toast, “It’s for

“For science,” Taub agreed and clicked glasses with Cuddy.

“If you say so,” Camren agreed with a small, drunken slur to her voice as she shrugged and
looked back over at 13.

“Are you sure about this?” 13 asked the drunk woman again in all seriousness.

“If you are,” Camren said as she leaned forward and puckered her lips.

13 gave her own shoulder shrug before leaning forward and cupping Camren’s face. She
caressed the other woman’s lips with her own before licking lightly across them. The blonde
doctor opened her mouth slightly and 13 slipped her tongue in, caressing the other woman’s
more hesitant tongue. Sealing her mouth she thoroughly and passionately explored Camren’s
welcoming mouth, drawing her slender body forward slightly before breaking the kiss. “There.
How way that?” the doctor known as 13 asked.

It took Camren a moment to recover, her eyes fluttering open. “Wow,” she gasped

Cuddy laughed and clapped her hands. “Good job,” she told the other two women
before turning to Taub, “It’s your turn.”

Taub looked from Cuddy to 13 who was just staring at him defiantly, a small smirk on her
freshly kissed lips and he realized she wasn’t nearly as drunk as he would have hoped. He
looked at her with a questioning look to which she just shrugged. She was wondering how far
he’d press his luck but after all the work he’d put in already and how far he’d gotten he had no
choice but to move ahead with his plan. He leaned forward, carefully watching 13’s hands in
case they suddenly turned into fists. He had to lean over Cuddy and felt her body pressed
against his side as he moved in closer.

13 kept the defiant look in her face as she leaned forward, pressing her body against
Camren’s as she got closer to Taub. She cupped his head and leaned in close to his ear so that
the other two women couldn’t hear her. “Make it look good but if I feel tongue I’ll bite it off,”
she whispered. She felt him nod in her hands and then she moved her lips against his. They
pressed their mouths together and moved their jaws around to simulate a deeper kiss and heard
the other two drunker women hoot and clap before they broke the kiss.

“So which is it?” Cuddy asked energetically, “Are boys or girls better?”

Taub watched 13 cock an eyebrow at him. She was wanting to see how far he could go
on his own. He motioned his head to indicate to 13 her wine glass and she picked it up and
pretended to take a sip followed by him doing the same, encouraging the other two to follow
suit which they did, taking much deeper drinks than either 13 or he did. “I thought we were
using control groups,” he said, “That means, Dr. Cuddy, that it’s your turn.”

Cuddy giggled and acted coy as if she hadn’t been encouraging Camren in kissing the other
doctors. “Oh, I couldn’t,” she said bashfully.

“You’re the one that said it was for science,” 13 said as she gave her boss a sultry stare.

“And you’re in a safe space,” Taub said as he gave her a reassuring caress on her knee. He
may not be able to do “sultry” like 13 could or “charming” like Chase but he had a knack for
making women relaxed around him. “We’re all academic doctors here,” he added. The dark
haired administrator looked from 13 to him and then laughed, giving him a playful pat on his
shoulder. Suddenly, before she could think any more he leaned forward and gave her a quick
kiss on the lips.

13 watched Cuddy break the kiss with a laugh that she and Camren joined in on. “Boo…”
she said playfully, “I gave him a much better kiss than that.” She nudged Camren closer to the
other two and said, playfully and keeping the mood light, “Camren, show him how I kissed you.”

The blonde doctor didn’t have time to say or do anything before 13 pushed her towards
Taub who was suddenly pressing his lips against her over Cuddy between them. He cupped her
face in his hands and she was kind of shocked at how smooth and soft they were. Even softer
than her own and she moisturized often due to the alcohol gel in the hospital drying out her skin.
And his lips were almost as soft as his hands. She slid her lips across his for a moment before
his tongue slipped into her mouth. And, truth be told, he was a decent kisser. Maybe not 13
good but definitely better than average.

“Now that’s a kiss,” 13 laughed. She leaned over, above the kissing couple pressing
Camren farther into Taub, as she reached for Cuddy. She managed to reach above and behind
the kissing blonde haired doctor to the dark haired doctor and brought the hesitant woman
closer to her. The hospital administrator allowed herself to be tugged over, allowing Taub to
press closer into his kiss. Cuddy didn’t resist and let 13 to kiss her, their lips pressed together as
the more slender doctor continued pulling her closer before sliding her warm, moist tongue
inside of her mouth.

Camren looked up from her kiss with Taub to 13 and Cuddy kissing and it looked really,
really sexy. “Wow,” she gasped out, breaking her kiss to get a better view and distracting Cuddy
and 13.

“Wow is right,” Taub agreed as Cuddy broke the kiss and looked around sheepishly.
Keeping the momentum of the moment moving he cupped his supervisor’s face and kissed her
again. At first she was a bit hesitant and he feared that her nervousness would stop what he
had planned so hard to start. But his own skills soon had Cuddy responding to his tongue
sliding across her lips and she opened her mouth slightly to let him in

With Cuddy responding to Taub on her own, 13 again cupped Camren’s face and kissed her.
The blonde haired doctor responded immediately and let the dark haired doctor slid her tongue
inside of her mouth. She kept one hand on the other doctor’s shoulder before sliding her hand
down to Camren’s hip, drawing her in closer and letting her press her chest against the other

Taub had one arm around Cuddy’s shoulders as they kissed with his free hand on her firm
thigh. She had one hand on his shoulder and her other hand on top of his hand on her leg.
She eagerly welcomed his tongue into her mouth and then began using her own tongue to
caress the inside of his mouth.

With one sober doctor on one end of the couch and another sober doctor on the other
side, they moved themselves and the two drunk doctors around to get everybody in a better,
more accessible, position. They were all now reclining back in the couch, nearly laying down
and not so tightly pressed together. 13 had made it clear that Taub was not getting anywhere
with her and he would respect her boundaries as they both took advantage of the two drunk
doctors together. It was a equitable agreement that made sure everybody got what and who
they wanted.

It was now easier to lean forward for Taub to kiss Camren and 13 to kiss Cuddy. It was
obvious to him now that 13 was the more sexually confident one of the two of them so he let
her take the lead and followed her example. When she began unbuttoning the dark haired
woman’s top he did the same, exposing the blonde’s small, bra encased breasts.

With her top open to reveal her larger, bra encased tits, 13 slipped her hands inside to
caress Cuddy’s smooth, soft skin. She purposefully teased her supervisor and rather than
simply grab at her breasts she used her thumbs to trace the areas where her bra met her tan
flesh. Cuddy began gasping and moaning into her mouth as the dark haired doctor pressed her
nearly exposed chest up to encourage her to remove her bra.

As she moaned lustfully into his mouth and ran her fingers through his thinning hair, Taub
pulled the cups of Camren’s bra down to reveal her hard nipples. He licked down her graceful
neck to her chest, his lips kissing around her darkened areola but never touching them until he
had her gasping for more.

Leaning over Camren to get to Cuddy’s more prestigious chest, 13 pulled the woman’s bra
straps down her arms freeing her tits and leaving the bra down around her abdomen. She
cupped each firm orb, lifting them up, her nipples hard and pointed. She sucked one hard
nipple while rolling her thumb around the other, making the administer moan in pleasure before
switching breasts. She released her hold of Cuddy’s chest allowing Taub, who was leaning
across the supervisor’s lap, to sit up as well.

While 13 kissed Camren and fondled her small breasts, Taub moved down to Cuddy’s chest.
Although he didn’t realize it he did the exact same thing to her that 13 had done. He cupped
her large tits and brought them up to his mouth, sucking on one hard nipple while thumbing the
other before switching. She groaned out above him as he released her tits, nuzzling between
them as he hands slipped up to her shoulders. He slid her clothes down her arms and she
helped by pulling her arms out of the sleeves leaving her completely topless with her bra still
wrapped around her abdomen.

Camren helped 13 in taking off her top and bra leaving her completely exposed as well.
The bisexual doctor smiled at the sight of her topless co-workers and the look of passion on their
faces. She licked up the blonde doctor’s petite chest until they were kissing again pressed chest
to chest. She smile when Camren began helping her with her top until they were both topless,
pressed chest to chest, their hard nipples sliding back and forth across their sensitive flesh.

While Taub squeezed Cuddy’s large tits with his hands, testing how pliant and firm they
were, Cuddy had begun fondling his hard prick through his pants. His hands reached down
between her knees and then slowly up between her thighs. He had originally thought that his
supervisor had been wearing stockings but he felt no elastic at the tops of her legs, just warm,
soft skin.

Camren squeezed 13’s ass through her tight jeans while the dark haired doctor lifted
herself up. The blonde doctor kissed and nuzzled against 13’s flat stomach before the horny
bi-sexual doctor leaned over towards Cuddy and Taub.

Leaving his hand between Cuddy’s thighs with his thumb rubbing up and down over her
panties, Taub leaned over towards the topless, horny Camren. He immediately trapped a hard
nipple between his lips and began lashing it with his tongue while using his free hand to start to
unfasten her tight slacks. He felt like he was in a strange game of sexual Twister and was sure
that he was stretching his muscles in unusual and weird ways but the awkwardness and aching
positions was worth it as Camren’s delicate hand joined their supervisor’s in massaging his
aching cock.

13 barely managed to reach Cuddy’s chest as she leaned over Taub but she managed to
latch onto on of the dark haired professional’s large, firm tits. Her back and thighs began to
ache as she sucked on her boss’s breast and she knew that she and Taub were going to have to
change up everyone’s positions again.

The slender, topless bisexual doctor moved away from Cuddy and grabbed the bottle of
wine and practically poured it down her supervisor’s throat to keep her alcohol levels up before
moving back and doing the same to Camren. She moved Taub off the couch completely and
then moved the other two women around until they were both sitting side by side. Camren
and Cuddy both had dopey grins on their faces and 13 knew that they were walking a fine line
between drunken fooling around and black out drunk. She hoped for black out drunk without
them passing out but as she stared at the two women she was caring less and less which it was.

As 13 began stripping Cuddy of all of her clothes Taub did the same to Camren until both
women were completely naked on his and his wife’s couch. He noticed 13 still moving around
from the corner of his eye and turned towards her as she stripped naked herself. She had a
willowy figure with a high and tight ass and small breasts capped with hard nipples and he
unconsciously licked his lips as he surveyed her naked body. She smirked at him and wagged
her finger at him to make sure that he knew that she was off limits and he nodded his head In
agreement. He was perfectly okay with just watching as the other two women sat up and
embraced her.

Reclining on the couch, Taub watched the three naked women kiss and rub their bodies
together. His prick was throbbing painfully in his pants and he rubbed himself through the
material as 13 and the other two women leaned back farther into the couch. As his new
partner in crime ran her hands over the other two women his took his pants off, freeing his
straining prick. He took his tie off but left his shirt off because compared to his three guests he
wasn’t exactly as fit as them.

Moving Cuddy and Camren’s heads together, 13 got them to start kissing one another as
she moved down lower, kneeling in front of them in the floor. They began running their hands
over one another and she saw Taub doing the same to them. He was licking at Camren’s small
tits while Camren was fondling Cuddy’s larger breasts. She found herself thinking about how
the sneaky little bastard had set them all up and kind of commended him for it. He certainly
knew what he was doing and it was no wonder he was always cheating on his wife. He had his
pants off and she saw his prick for the first time. It wasn’t overly large by any means but maybe
a bit over average and with his average looks he’s have to be sneaky and smart to pull this and all
of his other affairs off.

Taub wrapped Camren’s hands around his prick and got her to start tugging on him as he
waited for 13 to make the next move. He and her were pretty much the perfect wing-men for
each other and he found himself wondering what else they could accomplish together. He
moved from Camren’s chest upwards until he was in a 3-way kiss with her and Cuddy and heard
the blonde doctor moan lustfully as she jacked him off. He looked down and saw 13 had
moved over Camren’s lap and knew it was time to move to the next step for him.

Moving one of Camren’s slender legs on top of one of Cuddy’s thicker legs, 13 moved
between the blonde doctor’s spread thighs. The other doctor’s pubic hair was trimmed down
nearly and 13 could see the wetness dribbling down from her pussy to the cushion of the couch.
She kissed lightly around the delicate labia and heard Camren groan out in pleasure above her.
She then licked up one delicate pussy-lip and then the other before snaking her fingers in and
lightly pinching them between her fingers. The blonde doctor began writhing under her fingers
and tongue as 13 licked and kissed her dewy labia, slipping her tongue in and just barely teasing
the entrance to the other doctor’s hot cunt.

Camren’s tit lay forgotten in Taub’s mouth as he peered down her body at 13 between her
legs. The light haired doctor gasped drawing his attention back to what he was doing. His
cock laid in her hand but she was to engrossed in what the dark haired doctor was doing to pay
much attention to him. He pulled himself away from Camren’s naked body, moved around 13’s
naked body, and sat down next to Cuddy’s naked body. She had her head down at Camren’s
chest sucking on a small tit while she too watched between the slender doctor’s thighs. He
grabbed his supervisor’s hand and wrapped it around his shaft while he bent down and began
sucking on her large tits, squeezing them between his fingers as he watched what was
happening between Camren’s legs as well.

Slipping her tongue just past the entrance to Camren’s dripping pussy for a moment before
switching, 13 moved over to Cuddy. She heard her supervisor groan in anticipation as she
moved her thick thighs apart and slipped between them, her labia completely shaved with just a
hint of pubic hair above her slit. She purposefully left the blonde doctor gasping for more and
she had hoped that Taub had picked up on it. She smiled into the dark haired doctor’s drooling
pussy as she watched the dumpy doctor move around them again on his way back over to
Camren. She began licking around Cuddy’s cunt as Taub bent down and began once again
licking at the blonde doctor’s chest and slid his hand between her still spread legs. As she
began using her tongue to tease their supervisor’s tangy hole, Taub kept Camren going by lightly
fingering her drooling cunt. She had to admit the innocuous little guy was a great wing-man.

While 13 was busy in the floor between Cuddy’s legs, Taub moved Camren around until
she was slightly bent over Cuddy’s lap. One of their boss’s hands found it’s way between the
blonde doctor’s legs and began fingering her as they kissed deeply. He moved around 13’s bent
body again to the other side of the couch by Cuddy and knelt on the cushion, his groin at eye
level with the two kissing doctors. Gripping his prick by the base he moved it forward and
rubbed it against their lips forcing himself between them. It was a gamble who would go first
or even if they’d go for it at all but luckily Cuddy opened her mouth and took the first inch of him
inside her.

Looking up the length of Cuddy’s naked, horny body, 13 watched her supervisor slowly
start sucking on Taub’s cock. He had kept his shirt on and she could guess why, out of the four
of them he was the most plain looking but with his top on his prick was poking out of the bottom
of it and blocking the view of Cuddy blowing him. She could see the dark haired
administrator’s head bobbing back and forth but couldn’t really get a good look and then when
Camren went back to sucking on her supervisor’s tits and massaging the large orbs, she lost sight
of everything.

When 13 went back to Camren’s pussy, the blonde doctor moaned out as the slender
doctor used her tongue along with Cuddy’s fingers and Taub used the time to pull his prick out of
his supervisor’s mouth and slid it into Camren’s. Below him Cuddy began fondling his balls as
his blonde co-worked began sucking on his shaft. He had to rock his hips, fucking her mouth to
get more than a few inches of himself inside of her and he knew his back would be paying for the
off angle in the morning but he was far beyond caring right now as her tongue massaged along
his sensitive rod.

Looking up the length of Camren’s heaving body, sweat gleaming on her skin, 13 could see
the off angle they were all in and decided that they need a new position. She motioned for
Taub and he nodded in agreement without either of them needing to speak. And she realized
just how oddly in sync they were. They were going to have to spend a lot more weekends

Taub continued fucking Camren’s mouth for a few moments more as Cuddy fondled his
balls before he pulled away. He grabbed the bottle of wine and fed it to the two drunk women
while 13 moved them around on the couch. The slender, bi- sexual doctor was leaning against
the arm of the couch with her slender thighs spread and Cuddy was down on her hands and
knees between her legs. Camren was behind Cuddy with her ass high in the air just waiting for
him to join them. He took a moment to just enjoy the sight of the three women locked
together with Cuddy’s lips sealed around 13’s pussy and Camren’s lips sealed around Cuddy’s.
He might not have been a supermodel but he could really pull off a night to be remembered
when he put his mind to it.

13 wrapped her fingers through Cuddy’s long, dark hair and used her hold to guide the
woman around between her lewdly spread thighs. She rolled her hips up grinding herself
against her supervisor’s mouth as the older doctor licked up and down her slit. She looked
down the length of Cuddy’s naked, horny body at her thick ass high in the air. Behind the up
thrust curve of the doctor’s ass she could see the top half of Camren’s face as the blonde doctor
licked the brunette doctor’s cunt. And behind Camren’s own up thrust rear-end was Taub
guiding his cock into the slender woman’s waiting hole.

Taub ran his hands over the satin flesh of Camren’s ass as he nuzzled her drooling cunt
with the tip of his prick. She groaned into Cuddy’s dripping hole causing the supervisor to
moan into 13’s bald cunt and causing the bisexual doctor to moan out herself. In essence he
was fucking three women all at once. He held into Camren’s slender hips and pushed himself
forward into her gooey hole. Despite the amount of lubrication her body was producing her
pussy was tight and gripped down on his shaft like a fist. He groaned himself as her hot vaginal
walls parted around him, enveloping his cock. She kept a firm hold on Cuddy’s ass as she
rocked herself back to take more of him in as he pressed himself forward until he was buried
inside of her.

Despite having been bed partners with far better looking men, 13 enjoyed watching Taub
fucking Camren. He wasn’t moving very fast, letting everyone work out a single rhythm as he
grunted and moaned. He pushed himself forward which pushed the blonde doctor forward
which pushed the dark haired doctor forward and she raised her hips to meet the single thrust.
She kept a hold of Cuddy’s hair with one hand while playing with her tit with the other, teasing
her hard nipple with a self-satisfied smile on her face.

As Taub fucked Camren he saw the smile on 13’s face and returned it before returning his
eyes to Camren’s heart shaped ass. He kept a firm hold of her slender hips as he fucked in and
out of her, her juices coating his cock and balls and running down the insides of her thighs. He
slowly increased the pace until his hips began smacking against her ass and his balls slapped up
against her pussy-lips. He ran his thumbs between her tight checks, caressing her puckered
little asshole and causing her to shiver in pleasure.

13 began writhing on the couch, her slender thighs squeezing Cuddy’s head as her orgasm
rose up inside of her. Her teeth ground together, the muscles in her jaw bulging as she palmed
her tit, squeezing it as she came. She groaned out and shuddered in pleasure as her
supervisor’s tongue lapped up her gushing juices.

Taub held himself still as he watched 13 cum. The sight of the beautiful woman’s body
twitching and shivering in the throes of orgasm was nearly too much from and he concentrated
on not cumming so soon.

As her orgasm receded, 13 stretched her naked body like a languid cat. She caught Taub’s
eye and grinned wolfishly at him as she got her breath back. The pudgy doctor was holding
himself still and she could tell he was busy trying not to cum yet. Cuddy was still licking up her
cum and she rested a bit as the dark haired woman finished cleaning her. She sat up and pulled
Cuddy forward, kissing her and tasting herself in the other woman’s mouth.

Taub and Camren groaned as he slowly pulled himself out from her hot, slender body. He
and 13 seemed to be in the same wave-length and he knew that the horny, bisexual doctor was
going to do next. After she broke the kiss with Cuddy they began repositioning the two drunk
doctors until Camren was in her back in the couch with Cuddy between her spread legs. The
hospital administrator immediately wrapped her arms around the other doctor’s slender legs
and began driving her tongue in and out of her wet hole. Taub stood next to 13 as their boss
eagerly went down on Camren without any instruction.

13 giggled as she and Taub watched Cuddy and Camren, she completely naked with cum
and saliva stained thighs and Taub with his throbbing erection wet with Camren’s juices sticking
out from the bottom of his shirt. She looked over at him and whispered, “You picked out some
great wine.”

“The wine was good but my unexpected partner was better,” he told the beautiful naked

“It was your plan,” she whispered.

“And you pulled it off beautifully,” he murmured back. They nodded at one another, each
one acknowledging the other one’s sexual prowess before joining the two women fucking on the
couch. He got behind Cuddy as 13 straddled Camren’s gasping face. He knelt behind the dark
haired doctor’s up turned ass and ran his hands over her thick flesh.

13 had one foot in the floor on one side lf Camren’s head and her knee on the couch in the
other side. The blonde doctor immediately wrapped her arms around her thighs and dragged
the bisexual doctor down to her gasping mouth. Struggling to keep her balance against the
horny other woman, 13 giggled for a moment right before Camren’s lips kissed her pussy. Her
giggle quickly turned to a deep throated moan as the other woman shoved her tongue inside of

Watching as Camren practically attacked 13’s pussy, Taub slid the first inch of his prick
inside of Cuddy’s gooey cunt. She moaned into the blonde doctor’s own pussy as he kept a
steady pace and slowly filled his boss’s tight hole. His eyes were locked on the seal that the
dark haired doctor’s pussy made around his cock, entranced by the sight. It was one thing to
chest on your wife and it was a different thing to cheat on your wife with a co-worker but it was
a while different thing to cheat on your wife by having a 4-way and fucking your boss.

13’s eyes fluttered in pleasure as she rode Camren’s beautiful face. Her co-worker’s
tongue was buried deep inside of her, wiggling wildly, exploring the depths of her horny hole.
Any second thoughts she had at taking advantage of two drunk women, co-workers, friends even,
were long gone. Her hips rocked back and forth across the blonde’s eager mouth as she
groaned out in lust. She palmed and squeezed the other woman’s small tits, rolling her nipples
between her fingers as she stared at Taub’s prick stretching Cuddy’s frothing cunt.

Sweat rolled down Taub’s face as he fucked Cuddy as deep as he could. After all, she was
his boss and he wanted to impress her. He angled his prick this way and that, listening to her
moaning into Camren’s cunt for signs of her enjoying one angle over another. When he
thought he had her erogenous zones fixed he picked up speed, his cock thrusting hard inside of
her, his hips slapping her fleshy ass and causing ripples along her firm skin.

“Oh, oh, oh…” 13 grunted as she used Camren’s mouth. She squeezed and kneaded the
other woman’s small tits as she rolled her hips back and forth, riding her face. She held off on
her orgasm for as long as she could, knowing how Taub would want to end their time together
by the way he kept tickling the other two women’s puckered little assholes and she wanted to
see it. He seemed to be doing fine with Cuddy judging by the sounds the dark haired doctor
was making which meant that she needed to concentrate on Camren.

Probing Cuddy’s tiny little rosebud of an anus with his thumb, Taub watched 13 climb off
of Camren’s face and on to the floor. The bisexual doctor bent her head down with their
supervisor’s and he could see her fingers sliding underneath the blonde haired doctor’s ass. He
smirked to himself when Camren began panting and moaning more loudly as he guessed that 13
was fingering her ass the same way that he was thumbing Cuddy. They really were the perfect

Using a combination of Camren’s slick juices and Cuddy’s saliva, 13 began pushing slowly
against the rosebud entrance to Camren’s tight little ass. She moved two fingers back and forth
like a small cock, lightly probing the blonde doctor’s back door. She could hear the other
woman moaning louder as she slowly penetrated her up to her first knuckle. Camren was
pretty much dripping like a faucet and 13 used her slick juices to slip her fingers in deeper and

When Taub managed to slip his thumb inside of Cuddy’s right ass she squealed out into
Camren’s gushing cunt. He was afraid that he’d pushed things too far but 13 immediately
began kissing their brunette supervisor and calming her down while his thumb rested inside of
her. She began rocking herself back against him, fucking herself against his cock and then
rolling her hips up to meet his thumb and he silently thanked 13 for the assist. He pulled his
prick out halfway as he plunged his thumb in as far as he could before reversing and pulling his
thumb out while sliding his cock in, groaning out in pleasure as he double-fucked his boss.

13 had two fingers buried in Camren’s ass making the beautiful doctor cry out in lust.
The other woman was sitting up on her elbows, her slender body shining with sweat as she
watched what was happening between her legs. Cuddy popped up for a moment to let the
bisexual doctor kiss her, tasting the other woman’s juices on her tongue before diving back
between the blonde doctor’s spread thighs. 13 wiggled her fingers a bit causing Camren to cry
out before sawing her fingers in and out of her tightly clutched ass.

Taub thrust his cock hard and deep inside of Cuddy’s drooling pussy as he slid both if his
thumbs in and out of her ass. He slowly stretched her rosebud open until he was sure he could
get at least the first few inches of himself inside of her before giving her a try. He looked down
at 13 who was staring up as him with a devilish grin as she nodded her head at him. It was
always nice when a co-worker had your back. He settled himself just barely inside of Cuddy’s
pussy and got himself ready. Then he quickly pulled his thumbs and cock out of his boss and
shoved his prick into the open entrance to her ass. Her head shot up from between Camren’s
lewdly spread thighs as she cried out at the intrusion, her body shivering as she came.

Momentarily entranced by the sight of her supervisor taking Taub’s cock in her ass, 13’s
pussy throbbed in need. She peered over the naked line of Cuddy’s body to her up thrust
rear-end, her ass stretched tightly around her partner in crime’s girth. The sight of Taub fucking
their boss while cheating on his wife on their couch may have been the hottest thing she had
ever seen and she had experimented quite a lot starting in high school.

Despite ass fucking his boss while cheating on his wife with a 4-way, the way 13 was
watching him in rapt attention was perhaps the hottest thing Taub had seen. He may not have
had a shot at fucking the beautiful bisexual doctor but the look on her face as she stared at what
he was doing was the hottest thing to him right now.

The sound of Cuddy chanting “Shit, shit, shit…” while Taub began fucking her ass broke 13
out of her trance. The hospital administrator was on her hands and knees, her tits dangling
beneath her as she pushed herself back against Taub’s repeated thrusts into her round rear-end.
She helped Camren move around until she was kneeling face to face with their supervisor. She
slipped one hand over the top of the blonde doctor’s heart shaped ass and her other hand below
the brunette doctor’s thrusting body. She slipped two fingers back into the slender woman’s
rear-end and used the fingers of her other hand to strum the thicker doctor’s hard clit.

With his wing-woman working on the women, Taub held himself deep inside of Cuddy just
enjoying the feel of his boss wrapped around his cock. Her chanting “shit” over and over again
had changed to her chanting “Oh” over and over again and he took that as a good sign as he
began fucking her again. It was the most she had said since they had started their little sexual
escapade and he guessed that it just took her a while to finally let herself go. Camren on the
other had was still quiet and he guessed that she was too busy concentrating to say much. Not
that he minded.

Feeling that Camren was close to cumming, 13 eased her pace to keep the blonde doctor
right at the edge of orgasm, saving it for Taub. She kissed the slender doctor deeply before
kissing Cuddy, both drunk doctor’s moaning and groaning passionately into her mouth. Her
own hungry pussy throbbed with the need for release but both of her hands were busy while
Camren and Cuddy were both using their hands to hold themselves up. She had already gotten
off with Cuddy and she wanted to do the same with Camren’s tongue.

Taub could feel Cuddy’s body begin to seize up like a clock spring and knew he had on the
brink. He thrust himself into her tightly clutching ass, holding her against his hips as her orgasm
washed over her. Her entire body shook and her muscles twitched like she had touched an
exposed wire. She cried out in pleasure as her juices gushed out and dripped down onto his
thighs and then down into the cushion. He was seriously going to have to clean them before
his wife came home.

13 and Camren watched Cuddy’s body as she shivered and shook with the strength of her
orgasm. Taub might not be the most attractive guy in the world or have a overly impressive
prick but he sure knew how to use it. 13 and her accomplice lowered Cuddy down as she
relaxed, his prick exiting her well fucked was with a lewd pop, and decided how best to position
Camren. They looked over the naked, horny, blonde haired doctor like two hyenas sizing up a
antelope before moving in on her.

When they were done, 13 was sitting on the arm of the couch with her slender legs spread
wide, Camren was on her knees with her head between 13’s thighs and her tight ass high in the
air. Taub was kneeling behind Camren holding her taunt ass-cheeks far apart staring down at
the wrinkled star that he’d exposed. And Cuddy was behind Taub on the other side of the
couch recovering from her orgasm and watching the other three with bleary eyes.

13 ran her fingers through Camren’s silky smooth hair before tugging her between her
thighs. The other woman immediately began licking at her hungry cunt causing the horny
bisexual doctor to growl in pleasure.

Taub ran the top of his prick over the slick, stretched entrance of Camren’s tight ass before
pushing himself just inside of her. When he had two solid inches in he released her cheeks and
gripped her hips, clenching his teeth as he began pushing himself forward.

Groaning out in lust, 13 stared between her spread legs at Camren licking her burning cunt.
Her eyes traveled down the blonde doctor’s graceful back to the inverted valentine of her ass
and Taub’s cock stretching her open.

Grunting in pleasure with sweat rolling down his face, Taub’s eyes crawled over Camren’s
tightly clutching ass to her bowed spine below him. His eyes continued up to the back of her
head, her face pressed tightly in the juncture of 13’s spread legs as the blonde doctor licked at
her pussy. His eyes slid up the bisexual doctor’s sweat slick body, her chest heaving as she
painted in lust, her back arched, her small tits out thrust.

13’s eyes locked with Taub. Yes, Camren was far better looking than the out of shape
middle-aged man but this wasn’t about just him. What they were doing with and too their
co-worker was about them. Her fucking the blonde’s mouth and him fucking her ass. Sure,
this had been his plan but she doubted it would have gone nearly so well without her and
without him she never would have thought of it on her own. Their bodies began to move as
one: Taub driving himself into Camren pushing her forward, Camren being shoved against her
13’s hungry cunt, and 13 rolling her hips up to eagerly meet Camren’s mouth.

Despite have a gorgeous, horny women writhing about in front of him, Taub couldn’t look
away from 13’s eyes. From his periphery he could see their sweat slick bodies, their flesh
gleaming in the dim light, Camren’s ass on full display, 13’s small breasts heaving, but he only
had eyes for his bisexual partner in crime. Despite this supposing to be just a flung he felt a
true connection with his co-worker as they fucked the blonde doctor. It seemed to be more
intimate than anything he had ever shared with his wife.

Both 13 and Taub grunted and gasped loudly as they fucked Camren, the slender doctor
body rocking between them as they fucked her. They barely heard their co-worker as she
began gasping for air and shivering for release as her orgasm began rolling through her. The
blonde doctor cried out in pleasure into 13’s dripping pussy, her ass clamping down on Taub’s
cock as he drove into her again and again.

“Uh, uh, uh…” 13 groaned out as her own orgasm began to rise up inside of her, her eyes
remaining locked with Taub’s. Camren’s tongue had gone into spasms inside of her and
fluttered like a wet butterfly around her pussy and clit. Her juices practically exploded out of
her, covering her co-worker’s beautiful face.

His eyes remained locked on 13’s face as she and Camren came. He fucked the blonde
doctor’s tightly clenching ass as she twitched and writhed underneath him. He could feel
himself about to erupt and began pushing in and out of Camren harder and faster, groaning with
the need for release and to cum with his partner.

As she began to relax, 13 recognized the look on Taub’s face and knew that he was about
to cum. “Hold… hold on,” she gasped as she struggled to climb off of the arm of the couch with
weak muscles, her thighs twitching off and on as the last of her orgasm flowed through her.
But despite the desperate look of need in her partner’s panting face he held himself still and
waited for her.

She didn’t really think anything about grasping Taub’s prick and pulling him out of
Camren’s ass. For 13 Is wasn’t really sexual touching him at all. She stood him up beside the
couch and moved Camren and Cuddy around side to side again, their heads resting together.
She slid around her new wing-man and wrapped both of her arms around him, grasping his prick
with both hands. Looking over his shoulder she aimed his prick down at the two drunk women
and began fisting his dick.

Taub of course had hand-jobs before but this was different. Half an hour ago he would
have jumped at the chance to be yanked off by 13 but this wasn’t really sexual to him and he
could tell it was the same for her. It was more like two partners taking turns with the same tool.
His beautiful, naked wing-woman had her naked body pressed against him and jacking him off
but it didn’t really register as erotic to him. As far as he was concerned it could have been him
fisting his prick and cumming on Cuddy and Camren’s up turned faces.

From behind Taub’s grunting, nearly naked body, 13 watched as the thick, white load
arched through the air and splashed against her co-worker and boss’s faces. It was the closest
she’d ever get to being able to plant a money shot like that on two women and it raised all sorts
of interesting questions for her and Taub’s futures together. Her own naked body throbbed in
desire as the two women giggled and began licking her load off of their faces and Taub began to
soften in her hand.

13 released her hold on him and Taub turned around to look at her. It was kind of an
awkward moment and neither one of them really knew what to do. Congratulate one another?
Fist bump? High five? Almost like she was reading his mind she answered.

“I think the first thing we need to do is get the girls cleaned up,” 13 giggled. It was
obvious to her that what she and Taub had done, as well as their future relationship, was going
to be new ground for both of them.

“I’ll go get some towels,” Taub said before heading towards his bathroom still without
pants on. “You think they’ll remember any of this?” he asked, now slightly worried. His wife
had often chided him on not thinking things all the way through and not being prepared to take
the consequences of his actions. This would be one of those times.

“You have any tequila?” 13 asked as she started trying to separate the two well fucked and
giggling doctors.

“Liquor cabinet in the study,” he said as he returned with a stack of towels and washcloths.

13 smiled at her new wing-man. “Then I think we’re both going to be fine.”