Noa Tishby sexdoll

For Jacob, Noa Tishby was the most beautiful woman on

To say that he was an enthusiastic admirer of Noa Tishby
would be the understatement of the year, he was obsessed
with her.

He was, of course, an honored member of her official fan
club. He was a member of scores unofficial fan clubs. He
spent hours every day, talking with other fans,
comparing notes, exchanging her pictures; he spent even
more time every day trying to catch every mention of her
in any media on earth.

He even lost his wife because of this obsession-since
that obsession only grew worse with time, until his wife
finally had said that she had enough of being a fifth
wheel to his sexual fantasies about Noa Tishby. In that
she was wrong- at that stage Jacob never had fantasies
about Noa, at least not sexual ones- it would seem to
him a blasphemy. After all, she was the most beautiful
woman on earth!

The fantasies came later on-after his wife had left,
especially after that TV movie where Noa had sex with
her partner. Since then he not only regarded Noa as the
most beautiful woman on earth but also the sexiest one.
The sight of her exposed boobs made Jacob’s dick jump to
attention, and he nearly fainted during the filmed act,
but when he attempted jerking, he found it impossible.
He went breathless even thinking about Noa’s tits, not
to say fantasizing about touching them! (I guess that’s
what they mean when saying that she is a breathtaking

Have you ever tried to jerk when you can hardly breathe?
And it was the same every time he tried to fantasize
about Noa, whether pulling at his dick, alone, or when
fucking a random girl or woman that he had picked-up. No
wonder, she was for him the most beautiful woman on
earth, a sex goddess, not less.

Even when he succeeded overcoming his shortness of
breath, he couldn’t make it because when he imagined Noa
responding, calling in her throaty voice. “Yes! Yes!” He
just went hyperventilating, and his erection crashed
down, and all sex was over. That happened too often,
even with the most beautiful girls, so probably his wife
had been right leaving him after all.

So all these years Jacob had been reduced to having sex
only when he was so much loaded with alcohol, or so
high, that he couldn’t think at all, just fuck and fuck
and fuck, and that only with whores that he had picked
up in desolate bars.

It all changed suddenly, when Jacob had read an article
on life-like sex dolls. He mused how beautiful would be
a doll with Noa’s looks and, as always when thinking on
Noa, his dick went up. This time when he had imagined
how soft and nice would her tits be, he did not lose his
breath, nor did he when he fantasized about the taste of
her mouth. He didn’t even hyperventilate and he just
jerked on and on, turning beet red when feeling, in his
mind, the supple softness of her round butt.

His hand went faster and faster and his cock went
burning red, and then, as he was imagining the pat-pat
noise of his loins hitting the doll’s ones, he came with
a roar, at last spewing loads of spunk, one after the
other, all the pent-up spunk of the last years. It took
him full five minutes to gather his breath, and half an
hour to clean the key board of his computer, and the
screen, and the desk and whatnot his spunk reached even
the overhead ventilator!

Now his life has changed. He could freely dream of Noa’s
doll , the doll mind you, not the real goddess- and jerk
and fantasize that he was fucking that unbelievably hot
and ready cunt, and fondle those supple globes, and jerk
and jerk and jerk. As long as it was the doll-it wasn’t
taboo, only when he thought of the real Noa he would
freeze and loose his breath.

After a few happy months of masturbating with the
imagined Noa Tishby’s doll, Jacob started to feel that
it wasn’t enough, that he wanted more. No wonder, his
right hand was really a poor substitute to the most
beautiful woman in the world! And then he thought:” Why
not? Why, he could ask the company to make him a doll
like that for real!”

It was easier said than done. It took him three months
of research to find a reliable producer that agreed to
make a doll in Noa’s image, and that was proficient
enough to really do it-It was a tall project after all,
to make a lifelike doll of the most beautiful woman on
earth! And then the real work just begun.

Finding Noa’s measures and images turned out to be quite
a project. The face was easiest: Jacob had only to send
the company some ten reliable pictures, taken from every
direction, that’s all. He had more than enough pictures
on hand. Her hair was more difficult, and it took
several attempts and samples sent to and fro to hit the
exact tone, and the exact texture.

The legs and hands were also not an easy task- he had to
measure on scores of pictures the exact proportions, and
translate them to feet and inches. The most difficult
were her hidden treasures. Jacob installed on his
computer a program that produced 3D images from measures
that had been fed to it.

It took months of measurements and lots of trial and
error, and of course a lot of money, until he was
satisfied with the results. He even bought silicone
implants, in order to feel if the choice had been good
and the amount of spunk that went on them was enough to
fill another implant in itself! At last he was done and
has even received a contract and a promised date, and
then, just two weeks before the promised date, Jacob had
received a call from the company.

They had just finished developing a program to make
their dolls talk and wouldn’t he, Jacob, install it in
his doll? Since he was their much appreciated client,
they would do it for a symbolic price of a couple
thousand dollars.

What are a couple thousand dollars compared to the
satisfaction in having the most beautiful woman on earth
beg you to fuck her? And compared to what he had already
invested it was really not so much. Jacob gladly agreed,
and provided the company with a recording of an
interview with Noa Tishby. They would compose the words
and sentences from it.

It took some moth more for the overseas transport, and
finally the container has arrived. Trembling with
anxiety, Jacob has opened the box with shaky hands. The
most beautiful doll inside opened her mouth and said :
“At long last! It’s time that somebody releases me from
this cramped coffin! You are Jacob, I presume?!”


A couple of weeks later the management of the XXX
company held an urgent meeting: Jacob had complained to
them that the Noa Tishby doll wouldn’t have sex with
him. She said, so he said, that being the most beautiful
woman in the world, she doesn’t have to have sex with
any slob that wanted to fuck her.