Dream a little Britney dream

Exhausted from my flight to New York City, it was nice to
finally be back in L.A. and in my own house. I needed
sleep, but I wasn’t tired so I decided to surf the
channels to see what was on. I finally stopped and found
something on E! to watch, but just as I tuned in, it went
to the commercial. I was about to change the channel when
the new Britney Spears Pepsi commercial came on.

“Just enjoy the ride, don’t need a reason why…” Britney
sang as she pranced around in first a Pepsi warehouse,
then on top of a stage with the huge Pepsi logo blazoned
above her in neon lights.

I was amazed at how sultry she looked during the
commercial. I had never dug the “teen queen” music thing,
and hadn’t paid much attention to Britney’s rise to fame,
but I could tell now that she was not only naturally
beautiful, but like many women I have encountered, even
through the small screen she oozed this innocent

The show returned, and I tried to pay attention, but I
kept finding myself thinking about Britney. Talk about
good advertising, I was also thirsty for a Pepsi.
Glancing over at the clock, it was 12:30 and I could feel
my eyes growing heavy. I watched the show to it’s end and
started to drift off to sleep, although not before
Britney appeared on television once more…

Suddenly, I was in a dark auditorium, in front of me
above a stage was the huge Pepsi logo I had just seen on
TV. The place was abandoned and there didn’t seem to be a
soul there, or so I thought. I listened carefully and
heard the unmistakable sound of a woman in high heels.

I seemed to float towards the stage as I moved towards
it, and that’s when I realized I was dreaming. But it
wasn’t like most dreams I have had. I seemed to be in
control of my actions and what was going on around me.
Not wanting to wake up, I was all of a sudden up on the
stage, walking around, trying to find the lady in heels.
It seemed to be coming from my right, so I headed over
that way. That’s when I saw Britney.

Standing in the wings of the stage, she was sipping on a
bottle of water. Her outfit was the same as what was on
the commercial: torn blue jeans with suspenders coming up
to her shoulders, and a white midriff shirt that seemed
to cling to her young, teenage form by some force all
it’s own. Britney was looking straight at me as she drank
from her water. Finishing the bottle, she wiped her lips
with the back of her hand sultrily, taking the excess
moisture and rubbing it into the top of her more than
ample cleavage. I knew right then what kind of dream this
was going to be.

Not saying a word, Britney beckoned towards me with her
hand. I seemed to float on air as I moved towards her. We
moved further back into the stage, most of which was
still dark, although the glow from the radiant Pepsi sign
cast a dim yellow light that seemed to lead the way as we
walked. Britney took a sharp right and disappeared
through a door, so naturally I followed her.

We were then inside of the same warehouse that had been
shown on the commercial, and Britney stood a few feet in
front of me with her back turned. She was now wearing the
same overalls that she had on during the shoot, but even
the bagginess of them could not hide her gorgeous ass.

I walked towards her and finally stood in front of her.
The zipper on the overalls was pulled down to her navel,
and the sides of her breasts radiated heat as she
breathed in and out slowly. Her eyes were closed and her
mouth was open as she breathed shallowly, her pink lips
pursed as the air escaped them.

I reached out my arm to touch her, feeling the smooth
fabric of the cotton overalls. Britney sighed contentedly
as my hand moved up from her left arm to her shoulder and
then slowly began snaking it’s way down past her neck to
her breast. I slowly slid my hand underneath the cotton
material and felt her warm flesh beneath my fingertips.

Her skin was incredibly smooth and to feel it in my hand
was something else. I used my other hand to slowly pull
open the overalls. Britney wasn’t wearing a bra
underneath, so that when I pulled back the top of her
shirt, her breasts became free in the air and bounced a
little with that natural sag that only real breasts have.
If they were fakes, they had to be the best fakes I had
ever seen.

Britney’s breasts now hung loosely outside the overalls,
the edge of them pulled around to the edge of each
breast. Her nipples were hard and pink and quite small
for such large breasts. Her skin was the same rich golden
brown as the rest of her body.

I couldn’t help the urge to take a breast in each hand
and fondle it, so I did just that. Britney moaned
hoarsely as I touched her, rubbing her nipples back and
forth on the palms of my hands. Britney shook her head
and her long blond hair came free, billowing over her
shoulders and neck.

Reaching up with her hand, Britney moved mine from her
right breast down to her hard, firm stomach. Her fingers
interlocked with mine as she guided it to the zipper of
her overalls that rested just below her belly button. I
took the zipper in my hand and gently began to pull it
down. When it reached its end, I could see that Britney
was wearing just a small pair of light purple panties
that did little to cover her moist, aroused pussy.

Britney gave me a small push on the shoulder that I took
to mean to step back, for which I was more than happy to
comply. Spreading her legs slowly, Britney made a scene
of removing the overalls. Wiggling out of them past the
shoulders, she slowly pulled them down her arms one
sleeve at a time until finally dropping it and letting it
hang just below her narrow waist.

I saw her upper half for the first time unclothed and was
astounded by her beauty. The yellow light that I had
followed here in the first place was now shining brightly
behind her, and Britney’s body began to perspire just
enough to glisten in the radiant heat of the light.

Britney placed her hands on her hips and then slowly slid
them down her firm thighs and underneath the pant portion
of the overalls. Hooking her thumbs on the outside of the
material, as well as on her panties, she bent forward
(her breasts swung softly as she did this and from my
guess she had to be a strong C cup) and pulled the
remains of her outfit from her body. Standing back up,
Britney moved one arm up to her right breast and began to
tweak and tease her right nipple while she used the other
hand to slowly slip one finger at a time until she had
three, into her pussy.

The only piece of clothing Britney now had on was a pair
of knee-length black leather boots which made her look
far sluttier and much older than one would have first
thought. Continuing to work her fingers out of her
sopping wet twat, Britney was rocking back and forth on
her feet as she thrust her pussy up in the air to an
imaginary lover. It didn’t take long for her to cum, and
when she did it was a violent orgasm. Crying out loudly
in ecstasy, I saw Britney’s glistening, naked teenage
body shudder and tremble as a torrential orgasm poured
from her cunt.

Lifting the hand she had been masturbating with up from
her pussy, she began to smear the cum into her tits as
she played with them. Now I saw her beautiful young
snatch for the first time and it was almost enough to
take my breath away. Covered lightly in blondish-brown
hair, it was shaved all around except for a small little
v-shaped butterfly pattern directly above her opening.
Her pussy was flushed from the excitement of her
fingering and it was a delicate pink color. Her clit hung
slightly from her opening, very much aroused and dripping
small droplets of cum to the ground below.

Taking a step towards her, I glanced down and saw that my
was not wearing any pants, and that my very hard cock was
pointing straight out from my body like an arrow. Moving
my hand down, I began to stroke it as I moved towards
her. Finally standing just inches from her small,
glistening body, I moved my dick along the inside of
Britney’s thigh as I teased her with it.

Britney’s eyes never looked away from my own as I
continued to tease her. Her face was one of pure lust and
sexual desire as her she tried in vain to thrust her
pussy towards me, trying to snag onto my dick and pull it
in. But I would have none of it and just when Britney
almost got the tip in, I would move my hips and pull it

Britney began whimpering now and I realized that despite
her initially being in control, I was now running the
show. Hey, it was my dream after all. Deciding to spice
things up a bit in this fantasy and make it even more of
a turn on for myself, I smiled down at Britney after
almost thrusting inside of her one final time. At first
Britney looked confused and a little hurt that I wasn’t
giving her the fucking she so clearly needed, but then
she understood what I wanted.

Since I was calling the shots in this dream, all I had to
do was think of what I wanted to happen and then it would
appear. Closing my eyes (yes, you can close your eyes in
a dream), I imagined that I wasn’t the only one in the
room with Britney but that some of the backup dancers
that appeared in the commercial were with us as well. It
worked all too well.

Opening my eyes, I saw Britney, now completely naked, on
her knees. All around her stood 5 or 6 guys, in very good
shape and from what I recall now, looked just like the
dancers on the commercial. All of them had stripped down
and were holding or stroking their cocks right by
Britney’s face as she looked around trying to decide who
to go after first. A tall black guy was on Britney’s far
left and when she saw his huge cock (admittedly larger
than my 9 inch); she sunk her entire mouth around it.

A blond haired guy saw that Britney was distracted and
made a move for the sweet teenage pussy while Britney was
on her hands and knees giving the black guy the blowjob
of a lifetime. I stepped forward to stop him, as I wanted
to be the first one to feel her warm cunt on my cock. He
obliged and moved his way up to her mouth where two other
dancers were feeding the hungry Britney their cocks.

Walking behind her, Britney knew that I was there and I
saw her glance back at me through the corner of her eye.
As I drew my dick towards her wet opening, Britney
wiggled her ass a little, signifying that she was more
than ready. Moving the head of my shaft outside her moist
and dripping pussy lips, I slowly eased myself into her.
My god was she tight. Clearly not a virgin (I didn’t
think that she was) but obviously not that experienced in

I heard Britney moan on the blond haired guys cock as I
sank into her dripping snatch. When I had half of my
shaft inside of her, I pulled it out quickly. This caused
Britney to drop the dick she was cupping in her hand and
turn her head around and say “What the fuck?! Get that
thing back in meeeeeeeeeeeeeUGGHHHH!!!”

Britney wasn’t able to finish what she was saying, as
half way through I slammed myself back into her very
hard, getting all 9 inches of my cock inside of her at
once. The feeling was indescribable. The soft velvet feel
of her pussy muscles spasming and contracting all around
me as she breathed and moaned and writhed on my cock made
this a dream I would never forget.

I was really hammering into her now, but when I had
rocked her so hard the first time, it forced her mouth
over and down the shaft of a nearby dancer, who was more
than happy to have it there. Britney Spears was now
taking at least 16′ of cock into her body, at least 7 in
the mouth and 9 in the her tight teenage cunt. It took
her some time to get used to it, but then Britney was
really enjoying herself.

The dancer in the front, excited from the sudden feel of
having his entire manhood shoved down Britney’s throat
couldn’t hold out for long, and I saw him pull it out of
her mouth and start to spray a massive load of cum all
over her face. Most of it landed on her cheeks and lips
but a sizeable amount spilled out and down onto her
breasts, dripping down to her nipples.

Britney only had a moment’s notice to catch her breath,
because as soon as the first guy got out of the way, a
new guy was quick to slip his meat down her throat.
Britney gobbled it up like a true slut, sucking and
slurping it down loudly. I knew all of this excitement
wouldn’t keep Britney dry down there and it turned out I
was right. Reaching my hand down to slip a finger in as I
continued to glide in and out of her effortlessly, my
hand came back sopping wet and covered in her juices. I
dripped some of the excess onto her asscheeks and then
moved my head up to her mouth. Britney diverted her
attention from the cocks just long enough to lick my hand
clean of her own juices.

The sight of this turned me on to no end and I felt my
balls surging and ready to explode with cum. Bucking my
hips into her one last time, I arched my back as I
sprayed jet after jet of my hot seed into her hot and
tight cunt. Britney came at roughly the same time around
my dick, and I could feel her whole body shake and twitch
violently on top of me.

The guy in front of her was now also cumming and I looked
in his direction just as he squirted his load on to
Britney. It wasn’t a big as the first guys, but that
might have been because most of it disappeared down
Britney’s throat.

Pulling out of her, I saw that my dick was still rock
hard. I was about to shove it back into her for a second
go around, but then I got another idea.

“Ok, you. Over here by me,” I pointed to the black guy.
He walked over to me and I was more than a little
surprised at the size of his cock. I told him to stand
beside me while I got this all planned out.

“Britney, lay on your back and let this guy get
underneath you. Don’t put your dick in her yet though,” I
said to them. Both were eager to comply, Britney
especially. When she smiled, the cum that she had just
been drinking fell in a small trickle out of the side of
her mouth.

Britney’s tits bounced happily as she spread her legs out
over the black man’s wide legs and put her hands up above
his shoulders, her blond hair rubbing onto his chest. The
black guy I could clearly see wanted nothing more in the
world than to shove his dick right into this teenage pop
star, but he managed to maintain control.

“Ok, the rest of you: whoever she can’t get in her mouth,
I want you guys to come stand all around her and jack
off. I want to see how much of a cum-loving slut she is,”
I said.

Two guys moved up to Britney’s face and got on their
knees as they took turns letting her lick and suck their
cocks like lollipops. I could see sections of Britney’s
hair clumped together by the stickiness of the cum. Her
makeup was smeared on her face, her lipstick especially.
Despite my initial thought that she was an innocent
temptress, she couldn’t have looked much sluttier than
right then.

I gave a cue and the black guy did just what I asked him
to. With one sudden movement, he spun Britney so that her
huge breasts were crushing into his chest, her pussy was
instantly impaled on his shaft and her pert little ass
was sticking straight up in the air just like I hoped it
would be.

All of this happened in a split second before anyone
except for me and the black man knew what was going on.
Britney was the most surprised. Her open mouth that had
been used to suck cock was suddenly flipped in a circle
and her mouth moved like a rotator in a washing machine
all over one of the dancer’s shaft. Because her attention
was diverted to what was happening in her mouth, the
black guy had no trouble working all 11 inches of his
meat into her in one fell swoop.

Gasping first in pain then in sheer bliss from feeling so
fulfilled, Britney’s cries echoed through out the
warehouse. I used her surprise to my advantage. My dick
still wet from her juices and my own cum, I positioned
the head at the entrance to her asshole and pushed in. I
got about 3 inches in before her natural reflex of
contracting her sphincter muscles kicked in.

Britney cried out now in total pain, but I smacked her
ass lightly and said to her “Look Britney, I’m going to
do this if you want me to or not. My suggestion is you
relax and let me do it and then you might enjoy it more,”
I was surprised at how ruthless I was acting in this
dream. But still, I sort of liked it…

Britney’s expression of pain changed to one of trust as I
continued to work myself into her. Even quicker,
Britney’s face became enveloped in lust as I moved
rhythmically in and out of her ass. The black man was now
pounding her for all he was worth and it was getting
harder and harder to keep time with him, Britney’s ass
cheeks jiggling from the rocking we were giving her.

Britney’s mouth had found the two cocks once again,
although now it appeared that each guy was trying to
stuff their cock into her mouth at the same time. I could
see Britney’s cheeks bulging wide as she tried to take
both dicks into her mouth, but it was no use. Finally she
gave up and just started sucking on one at a time.

The guys who had been left to their own satisfaction I
knew couldn’t hold out much longer. Turns out I was
right. Watching Britney take turns on two guys while two
other guys penetrated her from her remaining holes was
more than enough to cause the guy standing right beside
me and parallel to the small of Britney’s ass to dump his
load all over her. The guy across from him also began to
shoot, and their combined flood of cum spilled out all
over Britney, trickling down her ass crack on to my

The black man also couldn’t hold out any longer and began
to pull Britney harder and faster onto his cock. Groaning
loudly, he flooded her insides with his sticky cum. I
felt a torrent of the juice that had been collecting
inside of her spill out onto my legs. The two guys at
Britney’s head were also very close. One of them had
Britney by the hair as he held her mouth down over his
cock completely.

I could see her fighting off her gag reflex to keep from
choking, but it didn’t matter because the man gripped her
hair tighter and shot his wad straight down her throat.
Swallowing it all, Britney pulled her mouth off of the
dancer for a brief moment. Unfortunately for her, that
moment was the same as when the other man had began to
come and Britney was suddenly hit in the face with a
great gob of sticky, white cum all over her lips and

The last man still without coming, Britney now focused
her attention solely on me as I worked myself in and out
of her ass. The friction of her tight hole and the speed
at which I was fucking her was incredible and it added a
whole new feeling to this anal sex. Closing my eyes to
savor the feeling of this, I opened them again and
realized we were alone again.

This time all of the dancers were gone (although Britney
was just as messy as before) but now we were on top of a
white sheeted 4-post bed, fucking like there was no
tomorrow. My dick was still buried inside of her ass, but
where we were now seemed to be so much better and more
peaceful. I started to slow my pace down a little and
take my time fucking her, realizing that even though I
had treated her like a dirty slut, the sex seemed better
when we were alone again.

The thought of that alone triggered my orgasm. Pressing
Britney down to the bed, I climbed on top of her and
humped her ass rapidly as I held her on the soft, white
sheets. Her tits were pressed against the bed and were
obviously very aroused, as when I would shove into her
and her breasts would push down, she would cry out in

I couldn’t take it anymore, so with a few quick final
thrusts, I shoved into Britney and let my load loose deep
within her bowels. I must have shot for almost a minute
inside of her body before finally pulling out.

When I pulled out of her however, I was startled by the
sound of a buzzer beeping. It was my alarm clock going
off. Grudgingly, I slowly woke from my dream and reached
over to turn it off.

It was 8:00 AM and I knew I had to get up – I had a 12:00
contract negotiation with Denise Richards over an
upcoming film. As I crawled out of bed, I felt
revitalized and energized for the day. If only every day
could start out with a dream like that one, then I
wouldn’t have a care in the world.