Jenna Jameson Meet Britney Spears

It all started on June 12th, 2002. That was the day that Britney Spears came to Phoenix to perform at America West Arena. I watched from backstage with Britney’s cousin and best friend, Laura Lynne Covington. We thought it went well, just like all her performances. Of course, perfectionist that she is, Britney had her own feelings about it.

After the show, Laura and I were waiting in Britney’s dressing room when she came storming in. Britney was still wearing her outfit from the show, a sparkly black outfit that exposed her bare stomach. The long black coat swirled around her as Britney stormed over to to the table where she had an assortment of snacks. She ignored the hot dogs and crackers and went straight for a package of Marlboro cigarettes.

It turned out that the platform Britney was supposed to ride up in didn’t work, and they had to bring a ladder on stage to get her down. We both thought the show had been great, anyway, but Britney couldn’t deal with even minor glitches.

I was trying to think of something to say to lighten the mood when Harvey Carter, Britney’s chief of security on the tour, stuck his head into the dressing room. He said there was a woman outside who said Britney was expecting her.

Britney exhaled smoke as she made a face. “Ugh, like I wanna meet somebody now. Tell her to go away.”

Laura never could tell me why afterwards, but for some reason she interrupted. “Who is she?”

Harvey looked down at his clipboard. “She said her name was Jenna Jameson.”

Britney’s eyes almost popped out of her head as she whipped around to face him. “Oh my god, Jenna Jameson’s here?”

Of course, I knew Jenna Jameson, just like every red-blooded American male. She’s one of the most famous porn actresses in the business. I’d never seen her adult movies, but I saw her on “The Man Show” and on the E! channel a few times.

I almost thought I’d heard Britney wrong until Laura blurted, “You invited a porn star to your concert, Bit-Bit?”

Britney stamped her foot. “Oh, come on. You know I love her movies. Jenna lives in Phoenix, I had to. I sent her the invite, like, months ago, but I never heard from her. I totally thought she blew me off, until I saw her backstage during the sound check. I couldn’t get away to talk to her, but I was hoping she’d come by after the show.”

Britney ran over to her mirror and began primping her long blonde hair with her fingers.

At that point, I was at a loss for words. I had heard some of the others talking about how Britney liked to watch lesbian porn with her friends, but never followed up on it. Frankly, it was none of my business.

Britney wiggled her fingers at Harvey. “Okay, like, send her in.”

Harvey nodded and left the room. A few seconds later, Jenna Jameson walked into the dressing room.

She looked different in person. She was beautiful, of course, with a Barbie doll face and long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. But instead of the high heels and sexy clothes she wore on camera, Jenna was wearing white sneakers, low-slung blue jeans, and a pink Britney Spears T-shirt. The shirt still had creases in it, so it looked like she just bought it. I could see the edge of a dragon tattoo peeking out on her neck and disappearing under her shirt.

What really surprised me was how short she was. Jenna couldn’t have been more than five-foot-four. Britney towered over her, but only because she was still wearing her high heels from the concert. Without the heels, they would have been the same size.

Jenna looked around the room until her eyes settled on Britney. Her eyes widened as she clasped her hands over her ample chest. “Oh my God, Britney, it’s really you. Oh, I love you, I loved the concert so much.”

I grinned. “Toldja it was great, Britney.”

Britney ignored me, taking both Jenna’s hands in hers and squeezing them. “Oh, thank you. Oh, Jenna, I love you, too. I have, like, all your movies. You are so awesome and you’re so pretty.”

“No, you’re so much prettier than me,” Jenna moaned. “I love your hair.”

I watched the two of them fawn over each other for the next few minutes, trying to keep from laughing at Jenna Jameson, queen of porn, and Britney Spears, ultimate pop star, gushing over each other. It was hard to tell which of them was more excited to meet the other.

The scene was so wild that it took a minute before anyone noticed the tall man who had walked in with Jenna. He just stood there, grinning at the scene.

Jenna slipped her arms around the taller man’s arm. “Oh, this is my fiance’, Justin Sterling.”

Britney laughed and bounced on her heels. “Oh, I totally know you. Like, I saw you in Jenna’s movies.”

Justin laughed and held out his hand to shake Britney’s. “Nice to meet you. I’m a big fan, too.”

“Not as big as I am,” Jenna piped up.

We went around shaking each other’s hands and making introductions. When things quieted down, Jenna produced a pen and her program from the concert. “Could I get your autograph?”

“Oh, sure.” Britney pushed away the program and plucked a glossy photograph from the table. She signed her name on it with a practiced flourish and handed it to Jenna. “But only if I get yours too.”

Jenna patted the pockets of her jeans. “Oh fuck, I didn’t bring any pictures.”

“It’s okay, just sign mine.” Britney slipped another glossy onto the makeup table.

Jenna giggled and carefully wrote her name on the photo. “I’ll write it on your boobs. That way, you’ll know where I wanna be.”

Everyone laughed, although I had to force it a little. It was only then that I picked up on the sexual tension going on between Jenna and Britney. This was more than just a meet-and-greet.

When she handed back the photo, Jenna held up her hands. “Oh, you wanna go hang out with us? I know the best club in Phoenix. It seriously rocks.”

“That’d be like, totally, awesome. Lemme change real quick. You can give Laura directions and I’ll meet you over there.” Britney scurried over to her wardrobe and began unbuttoning her long black coat.

We all left the dressing room and Jenna told us about the AXIS-Radius Nightclub in Scottsdale. By the time she gave the directions for the club and left, Britney had already changed into a pink halter-top and jeans. She also wore her “disguise,” what she wore whe she didn’t want to be recognized; a large pair of granny glasses and a big Chicago Bulls cap. Britney, Laura Lynne, and I slipped out the back entrance into her Mercedes 500SL and left for the club, unnoticed by the throngs of fans out front.

We arrived at the club about ten minutes after Jenna, who had already gotten us a table at the Amber Lounge, the VIP area of the club. I alternated between dancing with Laura and sitting in one of the booths, talking to Justin over beers. Justin had some interesting and occasionally funny stories to tell about the porn industry.

The whole time, Jenna and Britney were on the mahogany dance floor, dancing together non-stop. It didn’t take long for the dancing to turn sexual with Jenna running her hands over Britney’s hips and grinding her butt into Britney’s crotch. At first, Britney laughed and tried to make a joke out of it. After a half-hour, Britney was responding in kind, until the two of them were in each others’ arms, eyes locked, grinding. It was clear that Jenna wanted Britney bad, and the feeling seemed mutual.

After an hour, they returned to our booth holding hands.

Jenna pointed over her shoulder. “We’re gonna go back to my place. I wanna show her my new video. You guys wanna come?”

By then, it was way past midnight. I was exhausted and I told them so, begging off. But there was another reason. From the look that Britney gave me, I could tell she didn’t want company.

Justin said he had to go back to the office to do some editing, and Laura said she had to go home, too. Britney practically ran out of the club with Jenna, giggling all the way.

What happened next, I didn’t see, but Britney told Laura, who told me, so you’re getting it third-hand. But it’s true.


Britney drove Jenna back to her mansion in Scottsdale, where Jenna poured them both a glass of chardonnay and vodka. They drank for a while, chatting about Hollywood and their businesses while playing with her three dogs, until they finally headed for Jenna’s bedroom. Jenna pulled out a DVD with a workprint of her latest unreleased movie and clicked it on.

Jenna crawled onto the bed with Britney and they lay on their stomachs, side by side, watching the women roll around on the screen. It was a film with Jenna Jameson and another porn star, Jewel DeNyle. Their moans and groans filled the room, and both women felt as if the temperature rose by ten degrees.

Jenna shifted over a little more until her arm touched Britney’s. Britney’s skin prickled in goosebumps at her touch.

Britney was transfixed on the screen. Her breathing quickened as she watched the on-screen Jenna lie down between Jewel’s legs and bury her face between them. Jewel DeNyle wailed as Jenna’s tongue flickered over her pussy, and Britney moaned softly.

Jenna’s arm slipped upwards until she was stroking Britney’s forearm. She whispered, “Britney, when you watch my movies, you ever play with yourself?”

Britney couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. “Oh, yeah. All the time. I mean, a lot o’ times, I, like, watch it with my girlfriends and we just laugh and have fun. But then after they’re gone, I’ll watch it again, and I play with myself then.”

Jenna’s fingers slipped up to curling around her neck and stroke her back. “Show me what you do.”

Britney looked down at Jenna’s other hand. It was buried inside Jenna’s jeans, and the bulge moving in circles on the crotch told Britney what it was doing.

Britney slid her own hand up her side until she reached her right breast and squeezed it firmly. Her other hand moved down her thighs to unbutton her jeans, exposing the waist of her panties.

Jenna let go of Britney’s ribs to rub her boob with the hand. Her pants bulged up and down quicker as she watched Britney guide her fingers into her own crotch.

Britney bit her lip as she watched the television, where Jenna pumped her fingers into Jewel’s pussy like a piston. Britney’s eyes felt the haze of pleasure sweeping over her as she fingered her own clit at the same speed.

Britney glanced over at Jenna, who was furiously rubbing her own pussy under her clothes. But Jenna kept her gaze fixed on Britney’s hand, mouth open slightly and moaning softly.

Jenna looked up and met Britney’s gaze. She swallowed before whispering, “You ever made love to a woman?”

Britney bit her lip as she looked into Jenna’s eyes. “No. I mean, just once. Me and Laura. When we were kids. But we just, like, kissed on the lips and rubbed each other’s pussies.”

Jenna reached up to squeeze her own breast, making it bulge against her shirt and bring the nipple into sharper relief. “But you wanted to do more, huh?”

“Oh, yeah.” Britney looked away, back at the screen, where Jewel’s hips bounced up and down in orgasm. “I mean, like, I think so. Maybe not with Laura, but…”

“With me?” Jenna reached out and brushed her fingers over Britney’s shirt, then cupped one of her breasts.

Britney closed her eyes as her nipple hardened from Jenna’s touch. “Oh, yeah.”

When she opened her eyes, Jenna was leaning in and they kissed. Britney felt her hunger deepen as she wrapped her arms around Jenna’s neck. Their lips mashed against each other. Jenna pushed her tongue deeper into Britney’s mouth. Britney sucked on it.

Jenna broke the kiss and reached out to tap the remote control, turning off the television. She smiled as she reached down to peel off her Britney T-shirt, exposing her full breasts. They were round and firm, the edges of her implants clearly visible, and the nipples stood out against her pink skin.

Britney reached out and stroked them gently. “Oh, wow. Your boobs are so soft. I thought they’d be harder from the implants.”

“Let’s see yours.” Jenna reached out to peel Britney’s shirt over her head.

Britney’s breasts stood out from her chest, the nipples already firm and red.

“Oh, they’re so beautiful, more realistic than mine.” Jenna’s hands teased the nipples to even greater life, circling the tiny buds with her fingertips.

Britney groaned under her breath as the pleasure moved through her. “I had my implants…reduced…”

Jenna leaned in close to suck on one of her nipples while her other hand drifted down Britney’s stomach. Her fingers slid into the waist of Britney’s jeans and over her soft pubic hair.

As Jenna’s fingers slipped deeper into Britney’s slit, Jenna murmured, “Touch me.”

Britney moaned as Jenna entered her body, then guided her own hand into Jenna’s panties. Her fingers paused briefly when she found Jenna’s slit, moist against her fingertips, but hairless.

Jenna looked up from Britney’s tit with a coy smile. “I use laser- hair removal. It’s the business. Nobody wants to see a bush these days.”

Britney’s voice came in gasps as she felt Jenna pushing her fingers in and out of her. “It’s so pretty.”

Jenna drew her hands up and guided Britney to lie down on the bed. She slipped her hands down Britney’s hips to meet at the belt, which she unbuckled, and pulled down Britney’s jeans. Britney savored the look on Jenna’s face when she saw the aquamarine thong she was wearing.

“I wore it for you,” Britney whispered.

“I love it.” Jenna slipped her thumbs under the waistband and dragged it down Britney’s thighs.

Britney gasped as Jenna planted her hands on the inside of Britney’s hips and pushed her legs open. Jenna lay down on her stomach between Britney’s legs, and Britney looked down at the heart tattooed on Jenna’s right butt- cheek. Then Jenna locked eyes with her as she opened her mouth and enclosed Britney’s waiting slit with it.

Britney cried out as Jenna’s lips and tongue began to glide over her sensitive lips. She ground her hips into the bed in circles as Jenna’s expert mouth formed suction on her. Her hands gripped the blankets as Britney lay back, struggling to maintain eye contact with Jenna, while her back arched in ecstasy.

When Jenna released her mouth from its grip on Britney’s pussy, Britney frowned in disappointment until Jenna slipped two fingers into her depths. Britney grunted as Jenna pumped her hand in and out, fucking her with quick movements.

“Oh, Jenna, you’re so good,” Britney gasped. “Just like I knew you’d be.”

“And you taste so sweet,” Jenna said in a hoarse voice. “Just like I knew you would.”

Jenna ducked her head to run her tongue in circles over Britney’s swelling clit. It drove her over the edge and Britney’s hands clutched the bed hard as the orgasm rippled through her. Britney bucked and wailed as she came, her inner walls clamping onto Jenna’s fingers again and again.

As Britney began to soften, Jenna drew away and slide up her body. Britney took her hair in hers, pulling Jenna up to her mouth and they kissed. They shared the taste of Britney’s juices on Jenna’s lips while quivering in excitement.

Jenna brushed her lips over Britney’s cheek until she came to her earlobe. Jenna nibbled on the lobe as she whispered, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Oh, yeah,” Britney moaned.

Jenna took Britney’s earlobe in her mouth and bit down on it. As Britney gasped, Jenna growled, “Tell me you want it.”

Britney settled back on the bed, tension stiffening her limbs as she whispered, “I want it, Jenna. I want you to fuck me.”

Jenna drew back with a dark smile on her lips. “That’s what I like to hear. Open that drawer, and bring me what’s inside.”

Britney rolled over and crawled to the bedside table. Jenna admired the curves of Britney’s smooth ass and gave it a smack with her palm. Britney jumped, but the pain only made her more excited. Britney quickly opened a drawer and pulled out its contents; a long, black plastic dildo with black straps attached. Britney turned and held it out to Jenna without a word.

Jenna smiled and slipped the dildo on like a pair of black panties, leaving her with a huge black cock jutting up between her legs. Jenna settled on her knees and held the dildo up with one hand.

Jenna snarled, “Suck it, bitch.”

Britney crawled on her hands and knees to Jenna and took hold of the dildo with both hands. She looked up at Jenna as she slid the dildo into her mouth. She began to draw her head back and forth, taking it into her lips in slow strokes.

Jenna’s mouth curled in a snarl as she looked down at Britney. “Yeah, that’s it. Eat my cock, bitch. Suck it.”

Britney shoved her own hand between her legs to sit on her fingers as they played with her clit. As she sucked, Jenna began to grind her hips forward, pushing the dildo deeper into Britney’s mouth. Then she leaned over to turn the television back on.

The video had progressed to the point where Jenna and Jewel were both fucking a brunette that Britney didn’t recognize. They each took turns pounding a dildo into the brunette’s pussy while she moaned and wailed in pleasure.

Jenna pulled the dildo out of Britney’s mouth with a pop and shoved her shoulder. “Get on all fours, Britney. Turn to face the TV.”

Britney obeyed instantly, turning herself around to face the television. She got on her hands and knees, her breath coming in short gasps as she watched the lesbians rolling on the screen.

Jenna’s hands roamed on Britney’s ass cheeks, kneading and prying them apart to expose her delicate slit. “I know you like to watch me fuck. You’re such a dirty little bitch watching porno movies and playing with your pussy, aren’t you, Britney?”

“Oh, yeah,” Britney moaned as she watched the brunette quiver in orgasm.

On the screen, the video has changed to Jenna wearing a strap-on and pounding into the brunette from behind. The strap-on was the exact same one Jenna wore now.

She gasped as Jenna’s dildo touched the entrance of her pussy. “Tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me,” Britney cried out. “Please fuck me, Jenna.”

She cried out again as Jenna’s dildo rammed into her wet pussy. Britney took hold of the blankets on the bed and clutched them for dear life as she felt the dildo push in and out of her.

Jenna’s hands slid up her back until they grabbed hold of Britney’s long blonde hair. Jenna jerked on Britney’s hair like reins as she pounded into her. Jenna’s hips thrust hard against Britney’s trembling ass as she fucked her.

Britney wailed as the plastic cock drove into her, watching Jenna do the same to the brunette on the screen. “Yeah, fuck me, Jenna. Fuck my little white pussy.”

Britney’s arms gave out, causing her to fall onto her face on the bed. Britney lay there with her ass pushed up against Jenna, limp from the pleasure.

When the orgasm came, it hit Britney like an earthquake, making her quiver against the bed. Her hands held onto the bed tightly. Britney screamed as her pussy clamped at Jenna’s dildo, devouring it, sucking it in.

As her climax began to fade, Jenna leaned over Britney’s back and planted gentle kisses along her spine.

“Oh, Britney,” Jenna moaned. “You don’t know how long I wanted to do that to you. I’ve wanted you ever since I saw your first video.”

Britney opened her eyes a little to watch the brunette being kissed by Jenna and Jewel on the TV screen. “Me, too.”


Two weeks after their first night together, Britney invited Jenna to the opening of her New York restaurant, Nyla. Jenna arrived at the restaurant, but Britney’s security refused to let Jenna near Britney’s table. Britney’s publicists were afraid to let her be photographed with a porn star. When Jenna called Britney later, they had a furious argument over it. Jenna wanted Britney to come out in the open and be with her, but Britney refused. They never saw each other again. In interviews, Jenna denied that she ever met Britney.

But in private, Britney still talks about their first night together.