A parody of the Harry Potter stories – Harry finds that Quidditch gives him rock star status with the ladies

Harry Potter opened the front door to number four,
Privit Drive and stepped inside. For the first time
that he could remember, Harry Potter actually felt
happy in the home of his Aunt and Uncle. That was
mainly because his Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and their
son, Dudley weren’t at home. His aunt and uncle had
gone out to have dinner with Uncle Vernon’s employer.
Right about now, Harry thought, his uncle was busy
seeing how far he could stick his nose up his bosses

His cousin, the insufferable Dudley, had been out all
day. No doubt he was somewhere busily tormenting some
child much smaller and younger than he. So Harry had
taken advantage of the situation to slip out for some
ice cream. He had to be careful about such things. If
the Dursleys found out that he had any spending money,
they would no doubt steal it from him.

Harry fairly bounced up the stairs that led to his
bedroom. Tomorrow, he would be picked up by Ron Weasley
and Ron’s father. Harry was going to spend a week with
the Weasleys before he, Ron and Ginny, Ron’s sister,
headed back to Hogwarts. Harry was almost at his door
when he heard a feminine squeal come from Dudley’s
room. Harry stopped to listen and then walked quietly
to Dudley’s door.

“You’ve torn my shirt,” the girlish voice said.

“I told you to take it off, you little prick-tease,”
growled Dudley.

“I want to go,” said the girl.

“Not until you suck me off,” said Dudley. There was the
sound of a zipper being pulled and then the sounds of a
struggle complete with more tearing cloth.

Harry was frozen in place with surprise until he heard
a sharp slap and the girl’s cry of pain. He tried to
open Dudley’s door but it was locked. He didn’t
hesitate further. Harry slammed his shoulder into the
door and it popped opened with a loud crack of
splintering wood.

Dudley, standing in the center of his room, looked at
Harry in fright at first, but then his face became
enraged. “Get out of here Potter,” he screamed.

It took a lot to shock Harry. He had seen all sorts of
horrible beasts and magical sights in his short life.
But now he stopped dead in his tracks, mouth agape.
Just inside Dudley’s room, one of the girls from the
neighborhood was sitting on Dudley’s bed. Her name was
Darlene, as best Harry could remember. She was looking
angrily at Dudley and had her arms crossed beneath her
bare breasts. The two fleshy globes set atop her
forearms, nipples jutting ahead defiantly. When Harry
managed to lower his gaze, he saw that she was wearing
a pair of hip-hugging shorts and sneakers.

“Damn you Potter, I told you to get out of my room,”
roared Dudley.

Harry jerked his eyes sideways. As a young boy, Dudley
had been a whiney, lazy, pink blob of a boy. In his
middle teens, Dudley had grown into some of his fat so
that now, he was a whiney, lazy, obese bully.

Dudley had the torn remains of Darlene’s bra and top in
one hand. He was wearing a shirt, but he was naked from
the waist down. Harry couldn’t help but look at
Dudley’s crotch. There, peeking out from between his
bulging belly and fat laden thighs, was the little,
pink head of Dudley’s penis. It was the first erect
cock, other than his own, that Harry had ever seen. He
came to the conclusion, that either he, Harry, was
generously endowed, or that Dudley had practically
nothing at all.

Darlene slipped off the bed and ran out of the room.
“Come back here, you cow,” said Dudley. He took a step
as if to chase after her, but stopped when Harry turned
to face him. “Go hide in your room Potter,” growled
Dudley, “before I tell Mum and Dad about how you
smashed my door for no reason.”

“You’ll tell them anyway,” said Harry calmly. He knew
that he was already in deep trouble with his aunt and
uncle. They would never believe him if he told them
about the girl. They’d never take his word over their
darling little Duddums. But he wasn’t about to let
Dudley push him around.

Dudley stomped forward, throwing out an arm as if to
push Harry aside. Harry didn’t wait for Dudley’s huge
mass to mow him over. He stepped aside and grabbed
Dudley’s blubbery arm. Using his own momentum against
him, Harry propelled Dudley into the already damaged
door frame. There was a satisfying crunch, and a wail
of pain from Dudley. He staggered back and fell onto
his fat ass, clutching his nose. Blood began to seep
from both flattened nostrils.

“Stuff some tissue in your nose,” said Harry, sounding
as if he hardly cared, “it’ll stop bleeding in a few

Harry succeeded in wedging Dudley’s door closed as he
stepped out of the room. He was quite pleased with
himself as he walked the few feet to his door and
entered his bedroom. To his great surprise, Darlene was
there. “I thought that you had gone home,” he
stammered. She stood in the center of the room with one
hand on her hip and the tip of a forefinger in her
mouth. Her mascara limned eyes looked at him through
heavy, blonde bangs.

She took the finger from between her lips and whisked
the hair away from her face. Straightening up and
thrusting her breasts outward, she smiled and said, “I
couldn’t very well leave with my tits wobbling all over
the place.”

Harry looked at the way her breasts stood out firm and
proud from her chest. “I doubt that they would be
wobbling very much,” said Harry. He had to stop himself
from slapping his hand over his mouth. He couldn’t
believe that he had said such a thing. He was usually
tongue-tied around attractive girls.

She smiled at his evident discomfort and said, “Maybe
you could let me borrow a shirt?”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” said Harry. He turned to his dresser
and rummaged through one of the drawers. He pulled out
a faded blue tee shirt that he had outgrown. “You can
have this.” He bashfully held the shirt out at arms
length until Darlene leaned forward and took it from
his fingers. She held the shirt up to her chest as if
she were checking its fit in a clothing store. She
dropped the shirt into one hand, revealing her breasts
once more, and smiled slyly at Harry.

Harry stared at Darlene’s chest. It was the first time
he had seen naked breasts outside of magazines or the
rare glimpse on television. He was mesmerized by the
sight of bare tit-flesh as she walked closer, so Harry
didn’t look into her eyes until she put her arms on his
shoulders. Suddenly, her face was coming closer, and
then she was kissing him.

It wasn’t the first time that Harry had felt lips on
his, but it was the first time he had felt a tongue
slip into his mouth. His dick was suddenly a throbbing,
aching mass in his pants. Darlene’s lips writhed wetly
on his mouth as Harry tentatively flipped the tip of
his tongue against her twisting, fleshly member. His
heart felt as if it were about to burst from his chest,
and he was afraid that his face was about go up in

Harry put the tips of his fingers on Darlene’s bare
waist. He began to return her kiss and was about to
push his tongue into her mouth, when Darlene pulled
back several steps. She pulled the tee-shirt on over
her head, and shook her hair into place. She looked
down at the front of Harry’s pants and a mocking little
smile played on her lips. Harry felt his face grow even
hotter, if that was possible. “Thank you for the shirt,
Harry,” she purred. “You’re a much better kisser than

Harry watched as Darlene tugged her borrowed shirt
tight against her breasts. She looked as if she were
preparing to leave. It had clearly been her intension
to arouse Harry just as she had Dudley, and then leave
him hard and aching. For the first time in his life,
Harry felt some sympathy for Dudley. This girl had
probably teased and aroused the boy until Dudley had
resorted to ripping off her clothes, and now she was
doing the same thing to Harry. That was her prerogative
of course, and she didn’t deserve to be raped because
she exercised it, but it did tend to make her a prick-
teasing bitch. Harry seethed with a mixture of anger
and frustrated sexual passion as Darlene walked by with
an unapologetic smirk on her face.

Darlene was almost out of Harry’s bedroom when her
footsteps slowed, and she came to a halt. She turned to
Harry with a look of fear and amazement. “What are you
doing to me?” she gasped as she slowly walked back
toward Harry.

Harry shrugged and threw out his arms. “Nothing, how
could I be doing anything?” But Harry thought that he
knew exactly what was happening. He was in a highly
emotional state, and subconsciously he was using his
magic. It had all happened before; like the time he had
unintentionally inflated his aunt like a balloon.
Darlene went to her knees in front of Harry. She pulled
down the zipper to his pants, and awkwardly pulled out
his stiff cock.

Harry winced as his erection scraped across his zipper.
He nearly blew his wad when Darlene’s hand began to
move hesitantly back and forth on his shaft. Her eyes
grew big as saucers as her body leaned in the direction
of Harry’s groin. “No,” she whined as her mouth opened.
Her lips slipped around the head of his cock.

Harry knew that this was all wrong. She didn’t want to
be doing this, and he shouldn’t let her. But he
couldn’t move; his legs were so weak they were shaking.
Besides, the feeling in his cock was intoxicating.
Harry had never imagined that anything could feel so
incredible. No wonder the older guys at school made
such a big deal out of fucking and sucking. Darlene’s
tongue touched the sensitive underside of his penis and
Harry exploded.

He felt the viscous globs of cum rolling through his
cock in a succession of creamy waves. To his surprise,
Darlene was actually sucking at his dick like she was
trying to draw a thick milkshake through a straw. She
hungrily gulped down his cum. When the erotic tension
finally drained from Harry’s body, Darlene was released
from his thrall. She fell back and sprawled on the
floor at Harry’s feet. With terrified eyes, Darlene
scrambled out of Harry’s room on her hands and knees.

Harry looked down at his slumping dick and said, “Well,
I’m glad you’ve had your fun, because all hell’s about
to let loose.”

Later that evening, the Dursleys arrived back home and
the house shook as Dudley ran down the stairs to tell
on Harry. Mr. and Mrs. Dursley took turns screaming at
Harry through his locked bedroom door while Harry
calmly packed his things into his trunk. He thought it
best not to wait until tomorrow to leave Privit Drive.
When the Dursleys exhausted themselves and went to bed,
Harry sneaked out of the house. It wasn’t easy, but he
eventually got his trunk and the cage that carried his
owl, Hedwig, to a dark part of the street. Harry stuck
his wand into the inky darkness of the night, and a few
minutes later he was rewarded by a visit from the
magical Knight Bus.

After its usual nerve wracking journey of near misses,
bone cracking stops and breath taking accelerations,
the bus left Harry at end of the drive to the Weasley
residence. It was just after midnight, and Harry was
afraid that all the Weasleys would be in bed. He
thought that there was no point in dragging his trunk
all the way up the drive that night, so Harry hid it
some weeds, then he released Hedwig so that she could
hunt for her dinner.

Harry walked up the drive and was nearly at the
Weasley’s house when he heard a soft, feminine giggle
and a murmur of voices from a clump of nearby trees.
Harry stepped onto the grass at the edge of the drive,
and then quietly moved nearer the trees. He followed
the voices until he saw a couple standing beneath a
large oak in the moonlight. Harry stood motionless and
unseen in the shadows, wondering what was going on.

“Please, Ginny, I need you so badly,” said a young,
masculine voice.

“I can tell,” said a girl’s voice with a giggle,
“you’re about to poke a hole in my tummy with your

Harry almost fell over in surprise. He didn’t recognize
the boy’s voice, but the girl’s definitely belonged to
Ginny Weasley. She was a year younger than Harry, and
he wouldn’t have thought that she knew anything about
cocks, but apparently he was wrong. The boy and Ginny
began to kiss. Harry could hear hot, liquid sounds as
their open lips squirmed against one another. He could
see her hands caressing the back of his neck, and his
hands roaming all over her body, including her breasts
and ass.

“Let’s do it right here,” said the boy, breathlessly.
“It’s warm and there’re plenty of dry leaves on the

“I am not going to fuck you here in the dirt.” Ginny
sounded exasperated.

Harry was shocked at her language, but good for you, he
thought. He could remember when Ginny was so shy that
she could hardly bear to be in the same room with him.
That’s why her next words were even more shocking.

“But I can do something else,” she said in a low,
surprisingly seductive voice.

Harry had a clear view of Ginny as she unzipped the
boy’s pants. She fumbled around a bit, but then she
pulled out his thoroughly rigid cock. The thing stood
erect as a pole from his pants. Harry was suddenly
achingly hard. He wished it was his dick that Ginny was
playing with. He watched as Ginny began to stroke the
boy’s erection with an overhand grip. Her arm moved
methodically. It seemed to Harry that she was entirely
too practiced at this sort of thing.

“Oh Ginny, that’s wonderful,” said the boy. The couple
maneuvered their faces about until they could manage an
awkward kiss while she continued to jerk him off.

Harry’s hand crept to the front of his pants. He
gripped his dick and wondered if he couldn’t get off
too. After all, it wasn’t as if the young couple was
aware of anything other than themselves. But just then
the boy said, “I’m cumming, Ginny, faster, do it

Harry saw Ginny’s arm pick up speed, but apparently she
wasn’t fast enough. The boy brushed her hand out of the
way and grabbed his cock. He began to beat his meat at
a furious pace, and a second later Harry saw two
squirts of cum fall to the ground through the

The boy put away his cock and gave Ginny a quick kiss.
“That was wonderful, but you know there’s a lot more
that we can do.”

“I know,” said Ginny, looking at the ground. She was
suddenly back to her old, shy self.

“When we get back to school, maybe then?” said the boy
in a questioning tone.

Back to school, thought Harry in surprise. Was he a
Hogwarts student? And what was he talking about? It
sounded like more than just sex.

“I told you I’d think about it,” Ginny said.

“All right then, I better go,” the boy said with a
sigh. “We can talk later.” He gave Ginny another peck
on the cheek. Ginny murmured a good-bye, and then the
boy stepped back onto the drive and strode away. In the
full moonlight, Harry recognized the boy. It was Angus
McKrewl. He was a seventh-year on the Slytherin
quidditch team. At school, they said that he was a
really great keeper, but that he didn’t get to play
very often because he refused to suck up to Lucious
Malfoy, Harry’s sworn enemy, and de facto leader of the
Slytherin team.

Harry didn’t move for several minutes until he was sure
that Angus was well and gone. Ginny had walked away in
the direction of the Weasley’s house. Harry followed in
her wake, although she was nowhere to be seen when he
entered the house. The magic spells that protected the
Weasley home knew Harry, so there was no alarm when he
slipped inside and fell asleep on the sofa in the

Harry was discovered by the Weasleys the next morning.
Mrs. Weasley immediately insisted that Harry eat an
enormous breakfast. “I know why Dumbledore is adamant
that you stay with the Dursleys,” said Mrs. Weasley
after Harry had explained � only in very general terms
� why he had fled from his relatives, “but they are
really such dreadful people.”

After breakfast, Harry and Ron retrieved Harry’s trunk
from the end of the drive. Harry looked meaningfully at
the copse of trees where Ginny and Angus had been
making out the previous night, but he didn’t dare say
anything to Ron about it. Ron would have gone ballistic
and probably would have tried to kill the boy. They put
Harry’s trunk in the bedroom of Fred and George, the
Weasley twins. They were off on holiday.

Hermione arrived at the Weasley’s house the next day.
She moved in with Ginny, and then the two girls, plus
Harry and Ron, spent the rest of the day catching up on
all the latest gossip.

The next day Ron was scheduled to go shopping for
clothes with his mum and Harry. The boys decided to get
in some quidditch practice beforehand. They got on
their brooms and zoomed about above the Weasley’s
garden. After Harry scored about ten imaginary goals,
Ron cried out in frustration, “Just how in the hell do
you keep getting by me?”

Harry came up beside Ron as they slowly flew above the
garden. “Well,” said Harry, “I do have a better broom,
but you could be making those turns more quickly.”

“How?” asked Ron.

“Look,” Harry said loudly as he flew off, “you lean
over and then flick the tail around as you accelerate.
You have to trust the speed of the turn to bring you
upright once more.” He demonstrated the turn by looping
around Ron and then approached him from behind.

“Lean, flick and accelerate,” said Ron as he put the
words into action.

Unfortunately, Harry wasn’t paying attention. The next
thing he saw was the end of Ron’s broom as it smacked
him between the eyes.

“Harry, I’m so sorry. Are you alright?” said an anxious
Ron as he hovered over Harry’s face.

Harry looked up. He had managed to get near ground
level before he’d rolled off his broom and collapsed
onto the green grass of the garden. He took a quick
inventory of his body parts. “I think so,” he said.

“You’re getting an awful bump on your forehead,” Ron
said. “We better let Mum have a look straight away or
she’ll be angry.”

A few minutes later Mrs. Weasley was tut-tuting over
Harry’s injury. “Those brooms will be the death of one
you boys yet,” she said as she leafed through a book of
common remedy spells. Finding something appropriate,
she waved her wand over Harry’s head as she murmured an
incantation. “How’s that, dear?” she asked him.

Harry felt a cool sensation on his aching forehead and
some of the pain went away. “Much better, thanks,” he

Mrs. Weasley pursed her lips and studied Harry’s face.
“I believe that you should stay here and rest,” she
said firmly. “Ron and I won’t be long with our

“Okay,” said Harry. He figured that watching Ron try on
clothes wasn’t going to be much fun anyway.

“Now go upstairs and have a lie down. Hermione and
Ginny are here if you need any help,” said Mrs.

“Alright,” said Harry. He watched as Ron and his mother
walked into the fireplace and disappeared into the flue
network through a blaze of green flames. He trudged up
the stairs and headed for his room. He was just passing
Ginny’s room when he heard voices.

“Not even with Harry or Ron?” Ginny was saying in a
doubtful voice.

“No, of course not, especially not them,” said Hermione

“Not even a kiss?” said Ginny.

“Well of course I’ve kissed other boys,” Hermione said,
“just not that way.”

Harry’s ears perked up. He was suddenly distracted from
the pain in his head. He crouched and looked through
the ancient keyhole in the door. He could see part of
Ginny’s room, but nothing of the two girls. Abruptly he
remembered something that the Weasley twins had shown
him once upon a time. He quickly and quietly went to
the twin’s room where he was staying.

The twins did a small business in novelty items and
devices used for practical jokes. Harry opened their
closet and slid aside a secret panel to reveal their
stash of merchandise. They had to keep the stuff hidden
from their mother. Harry prodded around the boxes until
he found the one he wanted. Key-Opticizer, it said on
the box. Harry opened it and pulled out a very strange
looking pair of glasses.

The lenses had been replaced by a soft plastic looking
substance that bulged outward and then tapered down to
a meter long tube. At the end of the tube was an eye in
the shape of a keyhole. Harry hurried back to Ginny’s
room, tip-toeing the last few steps. He fitted the end
of the tube into the keyhole and put on the glasses. He
had to wiggle the tube a bit to get the eye in place,
but then Ginny’s room jumped into view.

Ginny and Hermione were standing beside a wide bed,
facing one another at arms length. “Don’t worry,” Ginny
was saying, “it’s easy.”

Ginny stepped forward and placed her fingertips on
Hermione’s hips. On reflex, Hermione put her hands
lightly on Ginny’s forearms. Ginny tilted her head and
inched closer. Holy shit, she’s going to kiss her,
thought Harry, and then she did. Ever so softly and
hesitantly, Ginny’s lips met Hermione’s. They froze for
an instant, and then Ginny began to move her head and
lips in a proper kiss. This went on for several seconds
then they parted.

“You’re never going to learn how to snoggle properly if
you keep your lips locked down like that,” Ginny said.
Hermione sighed, nodded and presented her face once
more. They embraced and this time Hermione kissed back.
Harry’s dick swelled in his pants and began to throb.
He reached down and gave it a squeeze.

Ginny’s tongue licked at Hermione’s lips, and then
slipped inside her mouth. Instantly Hermione followed
suit. Now their tongues flashed back and forth as their
lips twisted and turned against one another. Ginny slid
her hands onto Hermione’s ass cheeks and pulled her
closer. They kissed until both girls were flush and

“That was amazing,” Hermione said when they came up for

“I know,” said Ginny. Her hands came away from
Hermione’s ass, but the girls didn’t separate. Ginny
reached up and cupped Hermione’s breasts. Hermione bit
her lower lip and watched Ginny’s hands as they
caressed and stroked her tits. She tentatively traced
the outline of Ginny’s breasts with her fingertips.

Ginny kissed her once more. She grasped the hem of
Hermione’s tight t-shirt and pulled it over the girl’s
head, revealing the rounded cups of her flesh-colored
bra. Ginny kissed the flesh above the softly bulging
cups and rubbed her thumbs over Hermione’s nipples. The
girls looked into one another’s eyes as they explored
their bodies with their fingertips. Harry was beginning
to learn what the term erotic meant. He gasped when it
was Hermione’s turn to strip away Ginny’s top. She
wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts weren’t large, but
they stood out nicely.

Ginny gave Hermione another deep kiss as she unbuttoned
the girl’s jeans and pulled down the zipper. In a
flash, she pulled the jeans down around Hermione’s
ankles and gave her a push. With a squeal and a laugh,
Hermione fell onto the bed. Ginny finished pulling off
her jeans and tossed them aside. There was much
giggling as Ginny tussled with Hermione’s panties until
they finally joined her jeans on the floor.

Now both girls were on the bed. Ginny was still taking
charge of the action over the older Hermione. She
leaned over Hermione, kissing her and fondling her
breasts. Slowly, her hand moved down Hermione’s smooth
stomach until she was pressing on the girl’s pussy
mound. Hermione whimpered softly. Ginny got off the bed
and took the time to get rid of her pants. When she
crawled back over Hermione there was much full body
contact with arms, legs, lips and hands rubbing and
caressing their nubile forms.

Ginny positioned herself between Hermione’s legs,
kissing and fingering her inner thighs. Ginny’s lips
brushed at her pussy. Hermione leaned back and closed
her eyes as Ginny closed in on her clit and gave it a
tender kiss. Hermione writhed slowly on the bed as
Ginny’s tongue and lips became more insistent.

Hermione began to make low moaning sounds. Her back
arched with each moan. The moans became louder as Ginny
continued relentlessly to lash her tongue over
Hermione’s clit. Finally, Hermione’s voice broke
roughly and she grabbed at her tits as she came. Her
orgasm quickly peaked, and then her moans became softer
as the waves of passion subsided. Ginny slipped her
body upwards until her tits were available to
Hermione’s lips. She kissed Ginny’s breasts as her
hands roamed all over the girl’s body. Ginny curled
against Hermione with her pussy rubbing against
Hermione’s hip.

Hermione grew bolder and dipped her fingers to Ginny’s
flowering vaginal lips. Now it was Ginny’s turn to moan
softly. She buried her face in Hermione’s shoulder and
put her hand on Hermione’s hand. Ginny guided her
fingers with ever increasing fervor. In seconds she was
shuddering through her orgasm. The girls kissed and
hugged for another minute and then their erotic
adventure dissolved into a fit of giggles.

“That’s so fucking hot,” Harry whispered to himself. He
gathered up the Key-Opticizer and went back to his
room. With shaking hands, he made sure that the Key-
Opticizer was securely stored in its hiding spot. He
lay on his bed and fumbled his cock out of his pants.
Visions of Hermione and Ginny flashed through his
imagination as he frantically jerked off. In seconds he
was shooting his wad into a handful of tissues.


Two weeks into the school year, Dumbledore, the
headmaster at Hogwarts, made an announcement one night
at the evening meal. “As you all know,” he said from
the teacher’s table of the dining hall, “at the
beginning of the year there is an informal quidditch
team made up of sixth and seventh year players. I
believe it usually referred to as the Senior team.
Usually, this team travels to other schools in Europe
for exhibition matches. However, this year there will
be a change. Some of the wizard schools in America have
taken up the sport. They have put together a team from
the best of their players and wish to play a team from

There was general, derisive laughter at that statement.
“We’ll beat them a thousand to nil,” cheered a voice
from the Hufflepuff table. Other calls and cheers
erupted from the dining hall.

“Now, now,” continued Dumbledore, raising his hands
for silence, “as usual, we can expect our American
cousins to be enthusiastic, if not highly skilled. The
match will be played at the Bunra School of Magic. It
is somewhere on the east coast in the states. Its exact
location is, of course, kept secret. This year we have
at least two players for each position on the Senior
team, except at seeker. So, in order to round out the
team, Madam Hooch and I have made an addition.”

“They need another seeker, I bet you get picked,” said
Ron Weasley who was sitting at Harry’s elbow.

“I hope so,” said Harry, “I’ve never been to America.”

Dumbledore was saying, “…and so we have named Harry
Potter to fill the second seeker spot.” There was
general applause and cheering at that announcement,
except from the Slytherin table. “In addition to the
team itself, students who are academically eligible
will be invited to come along to support their fellow
students. Also, each member of the team will be able to
invite a friend to accompany him on the trip regardless
of their academic standing,” continued Dumbledore.

When the announcements ended and the students
dismissed, Harry was surrounded by Gryffindor students
who congratulated him and hinted that they would like
to be the ones to go to America as his guest. Harry had
already figured out that Hermione would be able to go
based on her high marks, and that he would be asking
Ron to go as his guest.

Tom Smith, a member of Hufflepuff and the other seeker
on the Senior team came up to Harry and said,
“Congratulations Harry, could we talk in private for a
bit? It’s team business.”

“Okay,” said Harry, and they moved away from the other

“I’m the captain for the Senior team,” Tom said in a
low voice.

“Really,” said Harry, “I didn’t even know that you
elected captains for that team.”

Tom gave him a grin like he was revealing a juicy
secret to a friend. “There are a lot of things about
the Senior team that stays within the team. For
instance, we have a meeting room that no one except
team members know about.” Harry wondered about that, he
expected that very little got past Dumbledore, but he
didn’t say so to Tom. “We’ll be having a team meeting
tonight at nine o’clock. There’s a sort of initiation,
but don’t worry, I’ll be there to lead you through it.”
He told Harry how to find the room.

“Okay,” said Harry. “I guess I can be there.”

“Good, see you then,” said Tom. He gave Harry a
friendly slap on the shoulder and then hurried off.

A few minutes before nine that night, Harry made his
way through the myriad of passages at Hogwarts. He
traveled down unfamiliar hallways until he came to a
bust sitting on a pedestal. The bust was of some sort
of devilish being with ears that grew into horns, and
it had a sharply pointed goatee on its chin. As Tom had
instructed, Harry twisted one of the horns while he
grasped the being’s nose and gave it a quarter turn to
the right.

Harry jerked his hands away when the stone softened in
his hand and seemed to turn flesh. It looked at Harry,
and then craned its head to the right and left as if to
make sure that there was no one else in the passage.
When the being turned back to Harry, it gave him a wink
and smile and then its features froze into stone once

The wall immediately behind the bust disappeared and
Harry tentatively walked into the small, bare space
that had been revealed. With a thud, the wall
solidified behind him. Harry began to wonder if this
some sort of practical joke. He jumped a bit when Tom
Smith simply walked through the room’s far wall.

“Good, you’re right on time,” said Tom. He pulled his
wand from his robe and approached Harry. “The first
part of the initiation is to enable you to walk through
this wall. We don’t want any unwanted visitors and this
wall is solid unless you have this charm.” He mumbled
something and then tapped Harry on the top of his head
with the tip of his wand. “Now just follow me.” Tom
turned and disappeared back through the wall.

Harry went through the wall as if he were walking
through a mist of water. He entered what looked like a
quidditch dressing room. There were a number of wooden
cubicles set around the room and most of them contained

“Pick out a spot, Harry, and take off your clothes,”
Tom said casually as he took off his robe and began to
untie his shoes.

“Take off my clothes?” said Harry in surprise.

“Don’t worry,” said Tom with a grin. “You’re going to
love this.”

Moving slowly, Harry began to remove his clothes. Out
of the corner of his eye, he saw that Tom was
completely nude in just a few moments. Tom had his arms
crossed and was impatiently tapping his fingers as he
waited for Harry. Harry hurried and finished
undressing. He couldn’t help but notice that Tom’s dick
seemed to be getting hard.

“Great,” said Tom, “now just follow me.” He went over
to an empty cubicle and tapped its edge three times
with his wand. He turned and winked at Harry. “Tap
three times and come on in.” Tom stepped through the
cubicle and disappeared.

Harry wondered what in the hell was going on. The
Senior team was going through a lot of trouble to hide
themselves. Secret rooms with secret charms, and what
was this nude business? Initiations could be rude
events. Oh well, he thought, he had his wand with him.
He could face whatever it was. Taking a deep breath, he
approached the empty cubicle, tapped its side three
times and stepped through.

Harry emerged through a proper door on the other side.
He found himself in a spacious room at least ten meters
on a side. The room was windowless and only dimly lit
by a scattering of candles set on wall sconces.
Comfortable looking chairs and couches were scattered
about. In one corner was a table laden with all sorts
of snacks. But the most eye catching part of the room
was its occupants. The rest of the Senior team, plus
some other students, were there and they were all
naked. They all clapped and cheered as Harry stood
there looking around.

Tom stepped up to Harry’s side and addressed the crowd.
“Thank you, everyone. I’m sure that you all know Harry,
and I’m sure that he will get around to speaking to all
of you in due time. Now you can all go back to
whatever, or whomever you were doing. Laura and Rachel
please come up and help me in our initiation of Mr.

Harry watched as the crowd broke up mostly into
couples. Not five feet from where he was standing, a
girl took a seat while a boy very casually stuck his
hard cock into her waiting mouth.

Two girls walked up to Harry and Tom, like the rest
they were completely nude. Harry had never used the
word voluptuous in a sentence in his life, but that was
the word that came to mind as the girls neared. They
were tall with full breasts and hips and their skin was
flawless, plus their hair was full and lustrous. Harry
had seen these girls around school, but he had never
imagined that they were concealing these bodies
underneath their school robes.

He suspected that their figures may have had some
magical enhancements, but that thought was overwhelmed
by a wave of lust as one of the girls snuggled up
close. She put her arm through his, pressing one of her
generous breasts against his bicep. She looked at him
with dreamy, cobalt blue eyes just before she licked at
the shell of his ear. Harry didn’t know which part of
his anatomy was filling with hot blood more quickly,
his flaming red face or his fiery red cock-head.

“This is Rachel,” said Tom, gesturing to the girl on
Harry’s arm. “And this is Laura.” He nodded to the girl
who had taken his dick in hand, and who was stroking it

“Hi,” said Harry in a strained voice.

Tom smiled at him. “You’re no idiot, Harry. You can see
what were doing here.”

Harry looked around the room. There were two couples
sampling the fare at the food table, but all the rest
were draped over the furniture, caught up in one sex
act or the other. “Uh, yeah,” said Harry, hardly
believing what he was seeing.

“So just enjoy yourself,” said Tom. “I’ll have one more
thing to show you in a few minutes.” Laura knelt before
Tom and licked him from balls to cock-head. He took his
dick in hand and pushed it softly into her mouth. She
began to suck him off with long smooth strokes.

Harry just stood there; his body was rigid with
indecision. When Tom had mentioned an initiation, Harry
had thought that he would have to endure a spanking, or
a mouthful of maggots, or face down a dragon. But this
was truly frightening – a sexy, willing girl was
fawning all over him, and he didn’t have a clue as to
what he was supposed to do.

Rachel took him in hand, literally. Her hot, soft flesh
felt heavenly as it stroked his dick. “That’s very
nice,” said Harry, trying to speak normally and
failing. She smiled knowingly and squatted down before
Harry. Her hand sped up and before Harry could blurt
out a warning he was shooting cum all over her breasts.
When his dick stopped spurting, she milked one last
glop of the creamy stuff out of his cock. She stood and
gave Harry a soft kiss while she rubbed his semen into
her gleaming breasts as if it were skin cream. Harry
took a couple of long breaths as the tension drained
from his body. His dick felt depleted as its once
rampant condition faded.

“Well that didn’t take long,” said Tom, grinning at

Harry looked and saw that Tom was still fully erect;
his partner, Laura, was on her knees, still sucking at
his cock-head and jacking him at the same time. “I
guess I wasn’t ready for this,” said Harry. He felt
like huddling in a corner until this so called
initiation was all over.

“No one is,” said Tom. “Now hang on just a minute,
Harry,” He closed his eyes and in a second Tom was
softly grunting out his own orgasm. Laura opened her
mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. Tom rewarded her
by coating her tongue, mouth and lips with a copious
amount of cum.

Laura stood as she wiped Tom’s creamy semen from her
lips and licked it off her fingers as if it were a
dollop of misplaced pudding. Tom wrapped an arm around
her waist and gave her a deep kiss. “Thanks, babe,” he
said to his partner.

Harry figured that it was only right that Tom might
taste some of his own cum during that kiss, but he had
to fight down his gag reflex just the same.

“Okay,” said Tom to Harry very matter-of-factly.
“Here’s the best part of all. Being young chaps, we
could just wait a few minutes and then we’d be hard and
ready to go once more, right?”

“Uh, right,” said Harry, although, except for a couple
of times, he couldn’t remember ever masturbating more
than once a day, much less twice in the same hour.

“And even then, it’s not the same as that first rush of
pleasure,” continued Tom.

“I guess not,” said Harry. He was beginning to get an
idea of where this was headed.

“Right, so this is where the magic comes in,” said Tom.
“Now take your wand, Harry, and do this spell. Believe
me, you won’t get this during any regular class at

Harry looked down. He was surprised to see that he had
been holding onto his wand the whole time. Tom took his
own wand in hand and put its end just above the base of
his shrunken cock. “Move your wand like this, and say
novus erectus.” As he spoke, Tom drew his wand across
his cock as if he was bowing a violin.

Harry did the same, muttering the phrase as he waved
his wand as Tom had demonstrated. He assumed that he
would get another erection, and he did. But he wasn’t
prepared for the rush of sensuality. Suddenly, he felt
as if he hadn’t lost his load in a week. It was like
one of those erections he got in the middle of the day
for no reason, an erection that left him yearning for
some privacy and a clean handkerchief.

“Nice, isn’t it?” asked Tom with a leering grin.

“It’s fantastic,” said Harry.

Tom checked his watch and said, “OK Harry, you’re on
your own for the next thirty minutes and then we’ll get
the team together and actually talk quidditch.

“Okay,” said Harry in a long sigh as Tom walked away.
He didn’t know what to do without Tom’s direction, but
then Rachel came to his rescue.

“Come on, Harry, I’m not through with you,” she said as
she took his hand. They walked between couples who were
in various stages of passion, until they found an
elegant looking old divan. Rachel lay on her back and
splayed her legs wide open. Harry could only stare,
mouth agape, at his first real pussy. He had thought
that he was immured to surprise for the evening, but
once again he felt out of his depth. He could feel his
erection wilting as he stood there in indecision.

Rachel gave him a smile and curled her finger,
signaling Harry to come nearer. He crawled between her
legs on the divan. That much he knew to do. Rachel
caressed the side of his face with her fingers and
said, “Don’t worry, Harry, I’ll take you in hand.” With
a giggle, she actually wrapped her hand around his
dick. Harry was instantly hard once more. He closed his
eyes in ecstasy as Rachel guided the head of his cock
into her pussy. The feel of the hot, silky wetness was
almost too much to bear. He plunged his dick into that
piece of heaven as hard and as fast as he could go.
After three strokes he was cumming again.


“Alright everyone, playtime is over,” Tom’s magically
amplified voice boomed through the room. “Let’s get
cleaned up. Quidditch players back in here for the

Harry turned his gaze in the direction of Tom’s voice.
Sweat dripped off his face onto Rachel’s breasts. He’d
recharged his dick five or maybe it had been six or
seven times in the last half-hour. His back ached and
his arms trembled from his libidinous labors. He
vaguely remembered Rachel calling out his name a couple
of times, but he had been lost in the joy of his first

Harry felt something tapping his arm. He looked down to
see Rachel pushing lightly at his forearms, urging him
to climb off her porn star body. “Time to go,” she

“Oh, yeah,” said Harry. With a protest from his aching
body, he climbed off the divan.

“That was some hot fuck, Harry,” she said. Her voice
was level but Harry could see the laughter in her eyes.
He hoped that he hadn’t made an ass of himself. He
wanted to ask Rachel about his performance, but she was
already headed for the queue that was forming outside
the door to the locker room. He sat down heavily onto
the divan, deciding to rest for a minute as the room

“Hi, Harry,” said a soft voice from his rear.

Harry turned to see a pair of sculpted thighs. His eyes
traveled upward across flawless skin to a flat tummy.
Then he beheld a pair of full, perky breasts overlaid
by a cascade of thick red hair. At the sight of all
that red hair, Harry’s eyes jumped up to the face of
Ginny Weasley. “Ginny,” he said, thoroughly shocked,
“what are you doing here?”

She giggled and pointed at Harry’s red, drooping cock.
“Apparently, the same thing as you,” she said in a tone
that dared him to accuse her of anything.

Harry couldn’t keep his eyes off Ginny’s body. “But,
but how?” he asked. He didn’t dare mention it, but this
wasn’t the body he’d seen through the keyhole back at
the Weasley home.

Ginny knew exactly what he was talking about. “Isn’t it
great?” she said as she spun around, giving Harry a
glimpse of a spectacular, heart-shaped ass. “I
especially love these,” she said as she cupped her
breasts with her hands.
“The girls showed me how make over my body with
different spells.”

Harry glanced over at the girls still in the queue. He
had to admit that there didn’t seem to be a blemish or
a displaced fat molecule on or in any of the feminine
bodies. Just then, Harry saw Angus McKrewl come up
behind Ginny and put his arms around her waist. “Hello,
Potter,” he said dryly.

“Hello,” said Harry, but then he turned his attention
back to Ginny. “Your brothers and parents would have
dying fits if they saw you like this.”

Ginny opened her mouth to say something, but Angus
spoke first. “It’s none of your business, Potter. She’s
with me.”

“Well, she’s my friend and I say she’s too young to be
in here,” said Harry, raising his voice.

“She’s old enough to enjoy a hard cock in her quim,”
fired back Angus.

Harry leapt up from the divan in a rage. “You Slytherin
scum,” hissed Harry. His wand had never left his hand
throughout the evening, and now he began to raise it
toward Angus’ face.

Ginny grabbed Harry’s arm and managed to squirm out of
Angus’ embrace at the same time. Thrusting Harry’s arm
back down to his side, Ginny said to him, “I came here
of my own free will, and I’ll make love to whomever I
please.” She whirled on Angus and put a finger in his
face, “Harry’s my friend and he’s just looking out for
me.” She shivered in disgust and stalked off, literally
showing the two boys her backside.


The next day, Harry paid the price for his night
before. There were consequences to forcing his dick to
so many orgasms in such a short period of time. His
cock looked as if someone had given it a few whacks
with a rubber mallet. It ached with every step he took,
the shriveled, sickly red thing looked and felt
inflamed every time he took it out to pee. He vowed to
take things more slowly the next time, if there was a
next time.


Traveling to America by train didn’t seem the least odd
to the witches and wizards of Hogwarts. The Hogwarts
Express had been reconfigured into a series of Pullman
type cars so that the students and teachers would have
somewhere to sleep when they arrived in the states. Of
course the cars were divided into boy’s cars and girl’s
cars, but during the day the sexes were allowed to
mingle. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were sitting in
the boy’s compartment when the train pulled out.
Instead of going to London however, the train took a
branch and pulled into a tunnel.

“We should be there in about three hours,” said
Hermione who, naturally, had researched everything
about their trip.

“Why can’t we just pop over there?” said Ron, looking
at the inky darkness outside the window.

“The train’s too big,” said Hermione, “besides, it’s
convenient for us to have it to sleep in.”

“I suppose,” said Ron. He unlatched the window next to
his seat and lowered it. Although the train was
vibrating and swaying as it always did when it moved at
speed, there was no rush of wind through the open

“That’s weird,” said Ron. He put his hand out the
window. It disappeared up to the wrist as if dipped
into a vat of black oil. Suddenly, Ron clutched at his
forearm with his free hand and screamed in pain. There
was a horrible grimace of agony on his face.

“Ron!” Hermione screeched. Ginny clamped her hands over
her mouth, and Harry scrabbled for his wand.

“What’s the problem?” asked Ron as he calmly pulled his
undamaged hand back into the compartment.

“Oh, Ron,” said an exasperated Ginny. She’d seen
entirely too many jokes like that from her brothers.

“You nearly scared me to death,” said Hermione. She
gave him a shot to the shoulder that left Ron wincing
in real pain.

“Good one, Ron,” said Harry, clearly amused.

Hermione huffed, “Come on Ron, it’s time we took a walk
about the train.” She and Ron were proctors. It was
their job to keep an eye on the other students. Rubbing
at his sore shoulder, Ron followed her out the
compartment door.

An awkward silence filled the small space. Harry hadn’t
spoken to Ginny since she had told him off about Angus
that night. “Ginny,” he began hesitantly, “I’m sorry if
I made you mad about…you know…at the team meeting.
I just…”

“It’s alright, Harry. I knew what I was doing, but
Angus did turn out to be a real ass. I broke up with
him,” she said quietly.

“Oh,” said Harry.

“He seemed so nice for a while, but in the end I was
just a convenient pussy for him when no one else was
around,” she said.

“Well, it’s his loss if he didn’t appreciate you,” said

She gave Harry a look that said thanks for trying to
console her. “You know, I heard something funny about

“What’s that?” he asked.

“A friend of mine said that he was bragging to one of
those Slythern whores that he was going to get rich
betting on the quidditch match.”

Harry frowned and said, “I guess you could make some
money that way, but I think it would be hard to find
anyone willing to bet on the Americans.”

“Oh no,” Ginny said, “he was the one betting on the

“Really?” said Harry in surprise. “Why would anyone bet
with him against his own team? It doesn’t make sense.”

“Well, I don’t think that he was doing the actual
betting. I think Malfoy and his cronies were doing it,”
Ginny said. “And I think they were getting really good
odds too, like eight, nine and ten to one.”

Harry thought for a minute and then shook his head. “I
still don’t see it,” he said. “I suppose he could play
badly and try to throw the match, but substitutions
will be allowed. I’m sure Tom, he’s the team captain,
or Madam Hooch would just bring him out of the match if
he was really screwing up.”

Ginny could only shrug. “They must be up to something,”
she said.

There was a tap on the compartment door and then it
slid open to reveal Tom Smith. “Hi Harry, Ginny” he
said. “We’re going to have a meeting of the team in a
few minutes, just come down to my compartment.”

“The whole team, in your compartment?” asked Harry.

“You’ll see,” said Tom with a wink.

“Well,” said Harry uncomfortably when Tom left. “I
guess I’d better see what this is about.”

“It couldn’t take long; you’ll be packed in there like
sardines,” said Ginny.

“Yeah,” agreed Harry. He left his compartment and made
his way down the car to Tom’s. When he entered, Harry
was surprised to find the place empty except for Tom.

“Just keep moving on into the bathroom,” said Tom.

“Huh?” said Harry.

“You’ll see,” said Tom with a laugh. He put his hand on
Harry’s shoulder and steered him toward the bathroom

Harry had that walking through a mist sensation as he
entered the tiny room. He blinked his eyes, and then
abruptly he was somewhere else. It was as if he was
standing in the hidden dressing room back at Hogwarts,
although he could still feel the vibration and sway of
the train.

“Hi, Harry,” someone said from a corner of the room.
Harry turned and saw one of the team members
undressing. “One more bit of fun before the match,” he

“Yeah, I guess so,” said Harry. He could feel his dick
swelling at the thought of this unexpected but pleasant
surprise. He undressed and then went through the
routine of tapping on the side of the cubicle with his
wand and entering into the room beyond. For a few
seconds he wondered at the powerful magic that must be
involved to pull this off, but then he was distracted
by the sights, sounds and smells of his fellow students
screwing away on the various pieces of furniture.

Harry was quickly aware that he was a single in a room
full of couples. He tried to be nonchalant as he walked
toward the refreshment table. He couldn’t help but
notice a threesome on a nearby couch. It was Roger
Queen, one of the senior beaters, and two girls. Roger
was a pudgy guy with a sad, round face and entirely too
much body hair. He hardly seemed to be the type to hold
the attention of two beautiful girls, but that was
certainly the case.

Roger was on his back with one of the girls riding his
cock, while the other divided her attention between her
two partners. The girl being fucked had a look of
amazement on her face. Her mouth was stretched wide and
her eyes stared unseeing into the distance. Harry
realized that she was having some sort of incredible
orgasm. It went on and on until the girl collapsed on
top of Roger, gasping for air. Immediately, the other
girl began to pull her partner off Roger. It looked as
if she couldn’t wait to hop onto Roger’s cock.

“Oh, Harry,” squealed a voice from Harry’s rear.

Harry turned to see three naked girls jiggling across
the room in his direction. Even for a horny teen boy
blinded by hormones these girls didn’t look quite
right. They had gone too far with the body sculpting
business. Their inflated breasts were rounded into
balloon like appendages that bounced with each step.
They each had the same shade of blonde hair which was
too evenly colored. Without highlights, their
identically cut tresses looked like plastic wigs. Even
their lips hadn’t escaped the magical touch; they were
entirely too full.

The shortest of the girls took Harry’s arm. “Hi Harry,”
she said seductively. “Are you here with anyone?”

“Uh, no,” Harry said, sounding uncertain if he should
admit it.

The next tallest girl took his other arm. She smiled at
him with brilliantly white teeth. The tallest of the
three boldly grabbed his dick and stuck her tongue down
his throat. Harry found himself being led to a nearby
group of rugs and pillows that had been tossed on the
floor. He was hustled onto his back, and the shortest
girl immediately straddled his hips. She stuffed his
stiff dick into her surprisingly wet pussy.

Immediately, she began to bang her groin against his
with a purpose. Harry turned his head to see the other
two girls kissing and fondling one another. That
reminded him of Hermione and Ginny going at it back at
the Weasley home. The memory was simply too vivid and
Harry popped his wad in a rush of cum.

“Oooo…that’s it,” said the girl and in a second she
was off his cock. Without hesitation, her wand appeared
in her hand and she was incanting the rejuvenation
spell over Harry’s slightly wilted dick. He didn’t even
have time to react to that invasion of his privacy
before the tallest girl climbed aboard. She was even
more enthusiastic than the first girl. Harry wondered
if her globular tits might not snap off given the way
they jerked up and down on her chest. He didn’t have
much time to ponder that question because she also had
one very tight snatch. In less than two minutes she had
Harry shooting off more strings of hot boy juice.

He pretty much expected the changing of the guard this
time, and the girls didn’t disappoint. He had a new
hard-on and another partner in short order. Well,
thought Harry, if all they want to do is to milk the
cum out of me, then I’ll just lean back and enjoy it.
So that’s what he did. As the middle-sized girl rode
his cock, he relaxed as much as he could under the
circumstances, and watched as the shortest girl buried
her face between the tallest girl’s legs. She and Harry
had practically simultaneous orgasms. And just like
that the girls disappeared, leaving Harry sweaty and
with a limp dick draped over his leg.

“What the hell was that all about?” he murmured as he
staggered to his feet. He was suddenly very thirsty so
he once again headed for the refreshment table. As he
approached, he saw Roger Queen standing at the table.
He was munching on a sandwich and he smiled at Harry as
he came near.

“I see the titty-trio got you to punch their tickets,”
said Roger.

“Huh?” said a confused Harry.

“Those three,” said Roger, nodding in the direction the
girls had departed. “They’re quidditch groupies.
They’ve been out to fuck every guy on the Senior team.”

“Oh, I see,” said Harry. He looked around as he picked
up a cup of pumpkin juice and drank deeply. “At least I
hooked up with someone. I was about to get worried.”

Roger chuckled. “I wouldn’t think the famous Harry
Potter would have to worry about getting laid,” he

“Believe me, my reputation scares off far more girls
that it attracts,” said Harry. “You seemed to be doing
alright. It looked like those girls couldn’t wait to
get a piece of you.”

Roger chuckled and then looked around as if he was
searching for eavesdroppers. “Harry, I owe you a favor,
so I’m going to let you in on a little secret.”

Harry thought back to one of his potions classes. Roger
did indeed owe him a favor. The students had been
working on a particularly volatile potion when Harry
had glanced over at Roger. The young wizard had been
bent over his caldron, carefully stirring in exactly
the wrong ingredient. Harry had grabbed Roger’s robe
and jerked him backwards just as a great gout of flame
had erupted from the caldron. Harry had saved him from
severe disfigurement or worse.

“What’s that?” asked Harry.

Roger picked up his wand and jiggled it above Harry’s
dick as he said the word sibioso in a quavering tone.
Harry felt a tingling at the base of his penis. He
looked down where he could swear that the base of his
dick looked thicker. Looking up at Roger, he said, “I
already know how to keep an erection.”

“Oh this isn’t for you,” said Roger, “at least not
directly. Do you feel that tingle?”

Harry nodded.

“When a girl plunks down on your willy, that spell sets
up a sympathetic vibration in her clit. It absolutely
drives girls wild. How else do you think a guy who
looks like I do gets babes like the ones you saw me

Harry could only smile in sympathy at that remark. He
picked up his wand and practiced the spell until he got
it right. He thanked Roger and then began to think
about finding some girl on which to use his newfound
power. That was when he heard Tom Smith’s voice coming
from the other side of the room.

“Okay people, time to stop whatever and whoever you’re
doing and gather ’round,” Tom said in a magically
amplified voice. There were groans of disappointment
and sexual completion from various points of the room,
but soon the quiditch players and their friends began
to wend their way in his direction. Harry was the last
to arrive. He stopped behind a couple of young ladies
at the edge of the group.

“Sorry to stop everyone’s fun, but we’ll be arriving at
Burnra in a few minutes. I just want to go over our
schedule for the next two days,” said Tom. He began to
rattle off times and activities.

One of the girls in front of Harry turned, and upon
seeing him, she gave him a big smile. “Hi, Harry,” she
said in a whisper.

Harry immediately recognized Rachel. She was the girl
who had given him his introductory blowjob on his
initial trip to the Senior’s meetings. “How’s it
going?” he said in reply.

She stepped closer and whispered in his ear, “I’m still
a little horny, and I think you are too.”

Harry had to admit that between the buzzing in his cock
due to the spell that Roger had given him, and Rachel’s
naked eroticism, he was as hard as ever. “Yeah, I guess
so,” he managed to say in a throaty whisper.

Rachel turned and simply bent over. She steadied
herself by placing her hands on a nearby chair, and
then she looked expectantly over her shoulder and
winked at Harry. After swishing her ass in his
direction a couple of times, Harry didn’t need any
further encouragement. He stepped up and plugged his
cock into Rachel’s creamy cunt. He grasped her hips and
held her tight against his groin. His cock felt weird
as the tingling became a wavering buzz that seemed to
be searching for just the right frequency. After a few
seconds, the buzz settled down to a low frequency
inaudible hum.

There was a gasp from Rachel and she began to grind her
ass against Harry. He looked down and saw her stuff a
knuckle in her mouth to keep from crying out loud.
Harry smiled, Roger’s spell seemed to really work. In
only a couple of minutes he felt Rachel’s pussy spasm
in orgasm. Harry looked around. There were plenty of
couples still fondling and groping at one another, but
he and Rachel seemed to be the only ones fucking.
Rachel came again. Tom’s voice took on the tone which
meant that he was finishing his remarks. Rachel seemed
to be in constant orgasm, and she was becoming more
vocal. People were beginning to stare and grin.

“Everything alright back there, Harry?” asked Tom.

“Uh…yes…fine,” said Harry, his face turned as red
as the head of his blood engorged cock. Rachel moaned
out loud and some people in the crowd snickered. Harry
jerked his cock from her pussy with an audible pop.
There was some laughter from the crowd, but Harry
noticed that some of the girls were giving him
interested looks.

“Okay then,” said Tom, “let’s get back to our
compartments, try not to leave all at once.”

Harry made sure that Rachel was all right, and then he
dressed and made his way back to his compartment. Ginny
was still there. She said, “Well, that did take a

“Yeah,” said Harry, “lots to talk about.” He was saved
from further explanations because
Ron and Hermione chose that moment to return. As usual,
they were arguing like an old married couple about
something. Harry and Ginny could only grin at one

“I just don’t think that you should be risking your
money like that, Ron.” Hermione was saying.

“It’s safe as houses,” said Ron. “There’s no way the
American’s can beat our team. Isn’t that right, Harry?”

Harry shrugged. “That’s what everyone says, but you
never know. Just how are you risking your money?”

Hermione whirled to face Harry and said, “He’s bet a
thousand Galleons on the Senior team.”

“A thousand?” gasped Harry. “Where did you get a
thousand Galleons?” With a house full of children, the
Weasleys were effectively working class poor.

“Well, when you win I won’t have to show any money at
all, will I?” Ron said defiantly, as if the matter
should be plain as day.

Hermione growled deep in her throat, clenched her fists
and stuck her head out at Ron just like she did every
time she felt that he needed to be straightened out.
But her scolding was nipped when the train emerged from
the tunnel and there was a sudden onslaught of sunlight
beaming through the compartment window.

The train pulled to a stop at a platform full of
students. Many of them were carrying signs that
welcomed the Hogwarts team. “Wow, look at that
reception,” said Ron.

Hermione bit at the chance to lecture once more. “If
you had bothered to look at your itinerary, then you’d
know that the Bunra student’s are going to show us
around their school.” She grabbed Ginny’s hand and
pulled her up. “Come on, Ginny, you and I will go
together.” Ginny stumbled out of the compartment as she
fought to follow Hermione’s hurried exit.

“Well, let’s go then,” said Harry. He didn’t feel like
telling Ron that betting an enormous sum of money,
which he didn’t happen to have, was a perfectly
boneheaded thing to do. They reached the platform and
walked down the line of students who were smiling in
welcome. Harry spotted a pretty blonde who seemed to be
unoccupied. “Hi,” he said as they approached, “I’m
Harry Potter, and this is my friend, Ron.”

“Hey there,” said the girl in a bright, bubbly voice.
“My name is Charlie.” She shook their hands in turn.
“It’s so nice to meet you.” Charlie had a full face
with cheeks that dimpled as she smiled. Her fair, thin
hair wafted about in the cool breeze. “So, why don’t we
get started? I guess you can see that we’re on the
athletic fields.” She gestured at the surrounding area.
“In fact, your train is on the baseball diamond.” She
giggled. “But you guys will be gone by Sunday, so it
doesn’t matter. Over there is the quiditch field or
pitch or whatever you call it. The locker rooms are
under those closest stands.”

Harry looked into the near distance and saw the steeply
sloped stands of the quiditch grounds. He could just
make out the scoring hoops on one end. “Yeah, I see,”
said Harry.

“There’re some other fields for football and soccer,
but you’re not interested in that, are you?” she asked.

“Not really,” said Ron.

“Well, let’s walk on up to the school then,” said
Charlie. She led the way off the platform at a brisk
pace. They were soon on a walkway that took them up a
tree covered hill. The school was surrounded by gently
sloped mountains. The sun shone down through the crisp
fall air as Harry and Ron followed Charlie’s nicely
shaped backside up the hill.

In a few minutes they were walking through the campus
proper. The school buildings were situated amongst
towering oak trees. The buildings had been built from
native stone and none of them were more than two
stories high. It was nothing like the soaring castle of
Hogwarts, but Harry thought the campus had a quaint
look all its own. After Charlie had pointed out
numerous classroom buildings and dormitories, they
turned a corner and a spectral figure in homespun
clothing and a tricorn hat leaped out from behind a
nearby tree. At first, Harry thought that the man was
carrying a stick.

But then the man lifted the stick and set one end
against his shoulder. He gazed intently down the sticks
length at Ron. With a sickening feeling, Harry realized
that the man was aiming a weapon at Ron. Suddenly,
there was a blinding flash, a terrific roar and a huge
plume of smoke filled the air. Ron shrieked and jumped
back, while Harry jerked his wand out of his jacket.

“Hey, no, stop!” cried Charlie as she jumped in front
of the figure.

Harry slowly lowered his wand as he saw that the oddly
dressed man was a ghost, a ghost with a musket. Ron was
busily patting down his chest as he checked for a
bullet hole, but he was obviously unhurt.

Charlie shook her finger angrily at the ghost. “John
Smathers, you know better than that.”

“But they’re Britishers,” said the ghost with a hollow
Scottish burr. He calmly went about the business of
reloading his weapon.

“And they’ve been our allies for almost two hundred
years,” said Charlie. “You know all this.”

“Aye, but they’re not to be trusted,” John said. “You
never know when they might sneak in for an invasion.”
He gave Harry and Ron an evil look and then shouldered
his musket and disappeared through a nearby wall.

“I’m sorry about that,” Charlie said to Ron.

“No worry,” said Ron. “I only had a small heart
attack.” He dramatically clutched his hands to his

Charlie laughed. “How about some lunch?” she asked.
“I’ll make it my treat.” She led them into a large
single story building. “And this is our cafeteria,”
said Charlie once they had entered. “Are you hungry?”

“I’m starved,” said the ever hungry Ron. They joined
one of the serving lines, and shortly, kitchen elves
were cheerfully piling their trays full of food. In
stark contrast to the grand dining hall at Hogwarts,
the cafeteria at Bunra was wholly utilitarian. It was
simply a long, low-ceiling room full of tables each of
which could accommodate two to eight diners.

They took seats at a table pretty much in the center of
the room. They ate while Charley gave them a brief
history of the school. Harry looked at the various
students in the room and something occurred to him.
“Charlie, I see very few students carrying books.”

“That’s because we use these,” said Charlie. She
reached into the satchel sized purse that she had been
carrying around and pulled out a rectangular black box.
It was the size of a thick textbook, but looked as if
it were made of plastic. Charlie opened the box.

“It’s…it’s a computer?” said a surprised Harry as he
saw the familiar screen and keyboard configuration.

“Well, it looks like one,” said Charlie, “but it’s all
magic of course. It’s called an ibbum � don’t ask me
why. This holds all of our textbooks and most of the
books you can find in our school’s library.”

“It looks like a what?” said Ron, sounding confused.

“A computer,” explained Harry. He turned to Charlie.
“Never mind him, he’s not used to muggle electronics.”

Charlie looked at Ron, “It’s like having a whole stack
of books stuffed into one place, although it also takes
the place of some spells and magical items. Like, you
can go back and see any lectures that you’d seen and
wanted to review.”

“You mean like a pensieve?” asked Harry.

“That’s right,” said Charlie.

“That’s brilliant,” said Ron as he leaned close to
Charlie and tentatively poked at the keys of the ibbum.

After eating, Charlie parted company with Harry and
Ron. “Don’t forget, there’s a dinner and dance back
here at seven o’clock,” she said as she left.

“There’s a dinner and a dance?” Ron asked Harry.

“I’m sure it’s in the itinerary that we never looked
at,” said Harry dryly.


Harry and Ron made their way back to the train. Harry
had quidditch practice scheduled for the afternoon. He
was about to leave when Hermione came into the
compartment. She was carrying an ibbum in both hands as
if it might shatter at the slightest bump. “You’ll
never guess what this is,” she announced breathlessly.

“It’s an ibbum,” Ron said casually.

Hermione looked disappointed for about a second, but
then she said eagerly, “Yes, isn’t it wonderful?”

“Hermione, only you would think that having thousands
of school books at your fingertips is a good thing,”
said Ron. “Look, Harry has practice. Do you want to
come along and watch, or do you want to stay here and
play with your toy? Where did you get that thing,

“It’s not a toy,” she said as she took a seat and
opened the ibbum. She clearly intended to stay put.
“And our guide from this morning let me borrow it until

“Well, fine then,” Ron said. He and Harry left for the
quidditch field.

Ron took a seat in the stands as Harry went to join the
other players. After changing into their robes, the
team met at the center of the quidditch field as Tom
Smith had called for a team meeting. “Okay,” he said,
“as you can see, we have a number of people in the
stands to watch us practice, including a bunch of guys
from the other team. So let’s keep things slow and
simple during practice. There’s no point in giving away
our best plays.”

After a few minutes of practice, Harry wasn’t worried
about giving away anything to the watching Americans.
Clearly, the Hogwarts players should have spent more
time at practice than screwing. It wasn’t that they
were bad. It was simply that they were used to being
leaders on their own teams, and it was difficult for
them to blend together.

After practice, Harry and Ron made their way back to
the train. Harry showered and dressed in his usual
jeans, sweatshirt and trainers. “When do we go to this
dinner and dance?” he asked Ron, “I’m starving.”

Ron checked his watch. “Any time, I guess,” he said. “I
wonder where Hermione and Ginny got to?” As if on cue
there was a tap at the door, and the two girls appeared
when Ron answered. Hermione was wearing a narrow skirt
that extended well below her knees. Her blouse had
three-quarter sleeves and the collar was turned up.
Ginny was wearing capris with a sleeveless top and a
kerchief knotted at her throat. “What in the world are
you two dressed for?” asked Ron.

“It’s a theme dance,” said Hermione in a tone of
exasperation she frequently used with Ron and Harry.
“You’d know that if you had just read…”

“the itinerary,” Ron and Harry finished with her.

“Well…yes,” said Hermione. “We’re supposed to be
dressed like students from the fifties or sixties.”

“Actually, jeans are fine,” said Ginny, gesturing at
the boys as if she and Hermione might as well give into
the inevitable.

“Oh, I suppose so,” said Hermione, “let’s go, we’re
going to be late as it is.”

They made their way through the gathering darkness
toward the cafeteria. The pathways and walks were lit
with a soft golden glow from lights suspended overhead
in the tree branches. They entered the cafeteria a few
minutes later. The place had been transformed. The
tables had been replaced by a series of booths. A sign
made of the magical world’s version of neon tubing
welcomed the Hogwarts students and the American
quidditch team. At the far end of the room a band
played from atop a low stage. Students were dancing to
a song that their grandparents would have found

“It’s lovely,” said Hermione.

“Let’s find a seat and eat,” said Ron, leading the way
into the noisy room.

They took their seats at an empty booth, and almost
immediately three elves appeared at their side. One elf
precariously balanced a tray overburdened with platters
of food over her head. Another elf leapt on top of
their table, while a third elf began to pass up the
platters of burgers, hotdogs and fries. Plates,
silverware, napkins and condiments flew through the air
and ended up in front of Harry’s group. When the elf
jumped to the floor, Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny
clapped their approval; not a drop of soda had been
spilt, nor a crumb of food dropped. The elves bowed,
their foreheads touching the floor, and then they
scampered away.

“It’s really good food,” said Ron. His words were
barely intelligible through a mouthful of hamburger.
The group ate as they watched various couples make
their way to the dance floor. As his plate of food
began to dwindle, Harry began to dread the moment when
the girls would begin to hint that they would like to
dance. He jumped a bit when he felt a hand on his

Tom Smith was standing there, after greeting everyone
he said, “Harry, have you met the American team?”

“No, not yet,” Harry said.

“They’re sitting all together over here,” Tom said,
pointing somewhere on the opposite side of the room.
“Why don’t you come on over?”

“Can I come too?” asked Ron, eagerly.

Tom shrugged. “Sure, would you ladies like to come
also?” he asked Hermione and Ginny.

“No, thanks,” said Hermione.

“I’ve already met them,” said Ginny.

“You have?” Ron said in surprise. “When?” She just gave
her brother a smile and a shrug that told him to mind
his own business.

Harry and Ron followed Tom across the room to where the
American team was seated. They were easy to pick out.
They were all wearing the same thing: white shirts,
sweaters embroidered with a golden snitch, white pants
and even white socks and shoes. Evidently, they were
trying to look like a group of college athletes from a
bygone era. Harry noticed that there were no girls on
the team. In fact these guys were pretty manly men.
They all looked as if they could have come from
American football teams. Tall, fit and ruggedly
handsome was the general description for any of them.

Tom introduced Ron and Harry to each of the players.
Each player seemed determined to deliver a hearty
handshake. Harry’s hand was beginning to ache from all
the bone crunching clinches when he came to the last
player. “This is Gary Johnson, the team captain,” said

“So you’re the famous seeker I’ve heard so much about,”
said Gary as he gave Harry’s hand another vice-like

“Well, I do my best,” said Harry. He massaged his hand
once it was freed from confinement.

“So what position do you play,” asked Ron once he had
been introduced to Gary. And then they were off into
the world of quidditch. Harry stayed with the group for
a few minutes and then he excused himself. He knew that
Ron could talk quidditch as long as anyone would
listen, but he, Harry, could only take so much. He
wandered back to the table where Hermione was working
with her borrowed ibbum.

Hermione closed the ibbum and stored it in her bag at
Harry’s approach. Before he could sit down, she grabbed
him by the arm and with deliberate determination
steered him toward the dance floor. Resistance, he
decided, was futile. Feeling incredibly self-conscious,
Harry did his best to move his body in time to an old
Beatles tune. When the song ended, Hermione squeezed
his sore hand and said, “Thank you, Harry. That wasn’t
too painful, was it?”

“Only a bit,” said Harry, rubbing at his hand.

They took their seats at the table once more, followed
shortly by Ginny who was escorted by one of the
American quidditch players. Apparently, they had been
dancing too, although Harry hadn’t seen them on the
crowded floor. The player thanked Ginny, and then left.
In fact he almost ran into Ron as he made his return.
“What did he want?” Ron asked, referring to the

“Never mind,” said Ginny.

Ron glared at his sister for a second, but then his
face cleared and he said, “I’ve been talking to those
blokes, and they don’t know crap about quidditch. I’m
going to double that bet I made,” he declared.

“Oh, Ron, no,” said Hermione. But he had already turned
and left. “That’s another thousand galleons that he
doesn’t have,” she said with an air of doom. “Why
didn’t you say something, Harry?”

Harry gave a massive shrug. “I didn’t have time to say
anything, he practically disapparated. Besides, you
know how he is about money.” Ron and Harry were best
mates, but Ron could be jealous of Harry’s wealth and
notoriety. Harry was careful not to trigger those

“Why don’t we just tell him our suspicions about Angus,
Malfoy and that whole Slytherin bunch. They have to be
up to something,” said Hermione.

“I tried,” said Ginny. “But Ron just gave me a big
lecture on how betting worked. He claimed that the odds
on the Americans were huge, and that there had to be
some people betting on them to even things out. I’m not
sure I understand it all, but apparently that’s why he
has to bet so much money � he won’t get much return if
he doesn’t.

“Oh, I understand the math,” said Hermione. “It’s the
involvement of those Slytherin assholes that I don’t
like. Something’s up besides illegal bookmaking.” She
gave Harry a hard look.

Harry threw up his hands. “I agree, but how am I
supposed to…” He was cut off when, once again,
someone put their hand on his shoulder. He looked up
and saw someone familiar. It took him a second to
recognize Charlie, his guide from the previous

“Harry,” she said with a bright grin, “I’ve been
looking all over for you.”

Charlie was wearing a bright orange miniskirt that
stopped scandalously short of mid-thigh. Her top was of
a rib-knit material with white and navy stripes. It
clung provocatively around her breasts. She had on
white, calf-length boots, plus hoop earrings and
bracelets that matched the blue in her blouse. Not only
was she dressed radically different from their previous
meeting, but now her blonde hair was nearly waist
length, plus she was wearing a considerable amount of
makeup. It made her look older and sexier. Her face was
flushed and she was wearing a silly grin. Harry
suspected that she had been drinking.

“Hi,” said Harry. He tried to introduce Hermione and
Ginny, but Charlie was already pulling on his arm.

“Come on,” she urged, “let’s dance.”

“Well, alright, I guess,” he said, standing. It seemed
to be his night to be tugged at by females. When they
reached the dance floor, the band segued into a slow
tempo song. The couples on the floor flowed into one
another’s arms, and Charlie didn’t hesitate to follow
their lead. She slid her arms around Harry’s neck and
buried her breasts against his chest.

Harry didn’t mind at all. He put his hands on her
waist, not far from actually grabbing her ass. His cock
began to swell in his trousers; he wondered if Charlie
would notice. She even smelled good from a heady mix of
perfume, shampoo and a hint of alcohol. But despite the
assault on his senses, Harry couldn’t get Ron
completely out of his mind. Could the Americans really
be that good? Suddenly inspired, he leaned away from
Charlie so he could look her in the eye. “You haven’t
seen the American team practice, by any chance?”

Charlie’s eyes opened in surprise. “Quidditch? I know
that’s not what’s on your mind.” She ground her hips
against his, giving his cock a massage.

Harry managed to say, “I can hold two thoughts in my
head at the same time, even in the presence of such

Charlie laughed. “Well said.” She looked at Harry
thoughtfully for a few seconds. “Their team arrived
only yesterday. They had a closed practice.” She waited
until the anticipation on his face began to fade into
disappointment, then she said, “But some of my
girlfriends wanted to see what was going on, so we
snuck in under the stands and watched. You know, those
guys are cute, but give me baseball or football where
the guys wear those tight pants. Now those are sports
worth watching,” she finished, with a teasing grin.

“Really?” said Harry, brightening considerably. “Could
you tell me about it, or better yet, use the pensieve
feature of your ibbum to see it?”

“I guess I could do that,” said Charlie. “Of course,
we’d have to go to my room.”

“Uh…okay,” said Harry. “Is that a problem?”

Charlie laughed and shook her head, “Not at all.” She
and Harry left the dance. They walked only about fifty
yards and they were at the entrance to a dormitory.
Charlie led the way down a long hall until she stopped
at a door. She placed her palm against the door and a
second later there was a click; the door swung open.

Harry followed Charlie into the room. It smelled of
perfume, powder and other pleasant feminine scents.
There were two beds as well as dressers and wardrobes.
Candles lit the room in a soft glow. Charlie turned her
back to Harry and lifted her hair away from her blouse.
“Help me with this zipper,” she said.

“Zipper?” asked Harry, his voice climbing.

“Yeah,” said Charlie, “you know…it’s the gadget with
the interlaced teeth…”

“I know what a zipper is,” said Harry. He took hold of
the tab and slowly pulled. “I’m just not sure what it
has to do with looking at your memory.”

Charlie shrugged out of her top and tossed over the
back of a chair. She gave him a sultry smile and said,
“You didn’t think it was going to be free, did you?”
She proceeded to pull off her boots and wiggled out of
her skirt. She frowned at Harry. “It’s not polite to
allow a lady to undress alone. Besides, you’re about to
burst out of your pants as it is.”

Harry looked down to see his erection tenting the front
of his jeans. “Oh, right,” he said. He began to pull
off his clothes with shaky hands. He was suddenly
nervous. This wasn’t an orgy where more than willing
girls were throwing themselves at him. Here he was
supposed to…he was supposed to…damn, he realized
that he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. He did
have the presence of mind to use the sibioso spell on
his dick while he was undressing. At least he’d have
that going for him.

Harry turned and looked at Charlie. She was lying on
her bed, looking very soft and very curvy in all the
right places. He lay beside her and said in a husky
voice, “I’m not exactly experienced at this.”

“You can start by kissing me,” she said softly. Harry
kissed her lips tenderly, not daring too much. “More
like this,” said Charlie, and she crushed her mouth on
his, sticking her tongue in his mouth.

Harry responded eagerly, playing with her tongue.
Shortly, they were both panting and the sound of wet
kisses filled the room. His hands seemed to move of
their own volition; he found her full breasts and began
to tweak her nipples. Charlie gurgled in pleasure in
the midst of their kisses. Her hand swept through his
hair, and then she raked her nails down his back.
Harry’s fingers trailed down Charlie’s flat tummy and,
to his surprise, dipped into her pussy. He rained
kisses all over her heaving tits as he finger-fucked
her hot cunt. “Oh Harry,” she moaned, “I’d say you know
exactly what to do.” She pushed her pussy mound against
his palm.

Harry was delighted that he could please Charlie so
well. He was especially delighted when she threw a leg
over his torso and rose up above him on the bed. She
grasped his cock and stuffed it into her eager pussy.
Harry knew that he would blow his load in just a few
strokes, so he grabbed Charlie by the arms and pulled
her close. He wanted the sibioso spell to work its
magic. Within seconds was murmuring, “Mmmm…that feels
nice.” Within a minute she was grinding her pelvis
against his. “Oh fuck, Harry, that’s…that’s amazing.
How are you doing that?”

Harry didn’t bother to respond. He released Charlie
from his grasp, and she put her hands on his chest to
push herself up. “Uhhh…uhhhh,” she moaned as her eyes
rolled back, and Harry felt her vaginal muscles spasm
and release in orgasm.

“Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming again,” Charlie whined.
She began to whip her hips up and down on Harry’s steel
hard erection.

Harry bit his lip, trying to hold himself back, but it
was no use. He took a deep breath and then held it as
the cum rushed through his dick and spurted into
Charlie’s receptive cunt. For her part, Charlie managed
two more orgasms before Harry’s spent cock began to

Charlie fell over sideways onto the bed. “That was
amazing,” she whispered into Harry’s smooth chest. The
couple caught their breath, and then Charlie rolled off
the bed. “I guess you’ve earned this,” she said with a
giggle. She opened her ibbum which was lying on a
nearby desk. After tapping at its keys, she held her
thumb down on an oval shaped button. Her face screwed
up in concentration for a few seconds then she turned
back to Harry. “Okay, just hit enter and you can see
what I remember about that practice. I’ve got to go
pee.” She wrapped a robe around herself and disappeared
out the door.

Harry padded over to the desk and took a seat on the
edge of a chair. He pushed the enter key and Charlie’s
memory immediately popped up on the screen. Unlike his
experience using Dumbledore’s penseive, where he could
walk about and see what he liked, using this ibbum,
Harry could only see what had fallen into Charlie’s
field of vision.

At first he saw a m�lange of female backsides and
passing scenery, then Charlie’s attention turned, at
least sporadically, to the quidditch field as seen from
beneath the stands. Finally, he got to see American
team flitting about on their brooms. They were
impressively fast. Well, that was no surprise, the
Americans would be expected to have excellent
equipment. And they sat their brooms incredibly well,
using both hands to handle the quaffle and bludger bats
even while cutting through turns.

Harry wondered how they were managing to do that until
one of the players came nearly to a stop in front of
Charlie. That was when Harry saw that the Americans
were using some sort of saddle on their brooms. Now it
was obvious; they were guiding and holding onto their
brooms using their legs and knees. That left both their
hands free. It was a huge advantage. The Hogwarts team
would be forced to rely on their defense. Something
they hadn’t counted on, nor were they very good at.

The door opened and Charlie swept back into the room.
“Well, did you learn anything?” she asked, looking over
Harry’s shoulder.

“Yeah, a bit,” said Harry as he stood.

“I hope you’re not looking for another round,” she
said, looking at Harry’s naked state. “You were great.
I may be walking funny for days.” Harry chuckled. He
assumed she was kidding, but he fairly glowed with the
implied compliment. Hastily, he dressed.

Charlie stretched luxuriously and kissed Harry goodbye
at the door. She had decided not to return to the
dance. Harry took his time covering the distance back
to the cafeteria. He walked along with his hands in his
pockets, head down, feet shuffling through the fallen
leaves. His mind swirled with thoughts of what to do
about Ron mixed with the American’s practice session,
all overlaid with the memory of Charlie’s soft body
against his and the electrifying feeling of her pussy
wrapped around his cock.

He came to a stop when an idea popped out of his
subconscious. He examined it closely. Sometimes his
imagination could add two plus two and come up with the
square root of pumpkin juice. After giving the matter
some thought, he saw that there were several ifs that
had to fall into place, but it would be fun to see if
he could pull it off.

Entering the dance, he saw that Ginny and Hermione were
sitting at their table. He caught Ginny’s eye and
motioned her over. “Where did you disappear to?” she

“Charlie let me see her memories of the American’s
practice,” Harry said. “It’s given me an idea that may
help Ron.” He quickly outlined his plan. “So, do you
think the girls would go for it?” He was referring to
the girls who were eager to show up at the orgies.

“A chance to party with those American hunks?” said
Ginny with a grin. “I think they’ll go for it, but what
about getting back on the train? It’ll be after curfew
when we return.”

“If you’ll talk to the girls, then I’ll talk to
Hermione. Since she’s a proctor she should be able to
arrange it.” said Harry.

“Good luck with that,” said Ginny.

“Yeah, thanks,” said Harry. They went their separate


“Hi,” said Harry as he slid into the booth opposite
Hermione. She was once more engrossed in her borrowed

She glanced up. “Hi, where did you and Charlie get
to?” Harry told her about viewing Charlie’s memories of
the quidditch practice. He judiciously left out the
part where he fucked her.

“So do you think they have a real chance to win?” she
asked, referring to the Americans.

“I’m afraid so,” said Harry, “but I have a plan.”

“Oh, what is it?” she asked, suddenly interested.

“You need to do a couple of things for me, but I can’t
tell you the whole plan,” said Harry. Hermione’s face
began to cloud up. He rushed on, “Come on Hermione,
it’s not like I’m going up against Valdemort. Besides,
you don’t want to know everything.”

“Meaning it’s something I wouldn’t approve of,” said

“Of course that’s not it,” said Harry with mock
sincerity, and a grin on his face. “Come on, it’s all
in aid of Ron in the end.”

“Oh alright,” she said with a sigh, “what do you want
me to do?”

“Some of the Hogwarts students will be out after
curfew. You’ll need to let them back on the train.”

“Anything else?” she asked, her disapproval showing

“First, you’ll have to get Ron away from the Americans,
and then you’ll have to keep him occupied. No
proctoring either. He can’t know that Ginny and I and a
number of Hogwarts girls aren’t on the train.”

“Girls…what in the world…oh never mind,” said
Hermione. “You and Ron are practically joined at the
hip. How am I supposed to do all that?”

“Hermione, Ron and I might be best mates, but you two
are a couple. You two just won’t admit it. Go ahead and
wrap yourself around Ron, you’ll keep him occupied all
right,” said Harry.

Hermione blushed and looked as if she were about to
protest. Harry held up his hand and said, “And right
now would be a good time to start. The dance is about
to end and I need to talk to the American captain
without Ron hearing.”

“Oh…oh, alright,” said Hermione. She stood and
stalked off.

Harry started to follow her at a distance, but Ginny
walked up. “I think most of the girls are ready to
party, but I have to tell them where and when.”

“Okay,” said Harry, “let me go speak to the American
captain. What’s his name?”

“Gary Johnson,” said Ginny.

“Right,” said Harry. He walked toward the booths where
the American team had been sitting. As he approached,
he could see Ron trying to say something to Gary even
as Hermione pulled him toward the dance floor. Harry
smiled. He could tell by their body language that Ron
and Hermione were arguing even as they walked together
hand in hand.

“I hope Ron wasn’t too obnoxious,” said Harry as he
walked up to Gary.

“Oh, hi, Harry,” said Gary, once again shaking Harry’s
hand as if he was trying to draw blood. “No, Ron’s
great, he really knows his quidditch.”

“Yes, and he’s not afraid to share his knowledge
either,” Harry said with a laugh. “Listen, I was
wondering what your team was doing after the dance?”

“I don’t know. We’ll probably have a few beers. They’ve
stuck us in an old dorm on the edge of the campus by
ourselves. Why don’t you come by?”

“That sounds cool,” said Harry. “Maybe I can persuade
some of the girls to come too.”

Gary grinned mischievously. “Now you’re talking.” He
told Harry how to get to the dorm.

An hour later, Harry entered that dormitory. Following
the sound of voices he came to a common room full of
overstuffed furniture and the American quidditch
players. Plus, he was relieved to see, a number of
girls from Hogwarts. Ginny had claimed that she would
take care of the female contingent, and she had.

“Harry,” called out Gary Johnson as he strode across
the room. He managed to crush Harry’s hand once again,
but then he slapped a pain numbing, ice cold can of
beer into his palm. “I have to hand it to you, Harry,
these girls are amazing.”

Harry looked around and once again appreciated the
magically enhanced bodies on those females. Even in the
relatively brighter lights of the common room, verses
the dimmer lighting at the dance, the girls looked
fantastic. Every guy in the room was drinking in their
flawless skin, luxurious hair and fantastic figures.

“Are you sure it isn’t Hogwarts School for Models?”
Gary asked with a chuckle.

“Oh, we left the pretty ones at home,” Harry said in an
offhand manner.

There wasn’t an instant orgy, but things got loose
fast. There seemed to be an inexhaustible supply of
cold beer, and it wasn’t long before the boys and girls
paired off. Ginny came to Harry’s side and wrapped her
arms around his waist. “Is it working?” she whispered
in his ear.

“Things are moving along, not quickly, but moving,”
said Harry. “Oh this looks promising,” he said, as he
watched the big titted trio of girls descend on Gary.
They maneuvered him into a nook and proceeded to take
advantage of the handsome American. They were every bit
as aggressive with him as they had been with Harry.
They rubbed their overstuffed hooters on Gary as their
hands roved all over his body. The smallest of the
girls knelt and pulled his stiff cock into the open. As
Gary watched in wide-eyed amazement, she deep-throated
his erection.

After a few minutes of getting his tonsils swabbed by
the other two bimbos, Gary thrust his hips forward and
emptied his balls. He slumped and sighed in post-
orgasmic relief, but the girls were far from through
with their victim. One of the tonsil-swabbers produced
her wand and performed the novus erectus spell. Gary’s
eyes practically popped out of his head. Obviously, he
wasn’t familiar with its effects.

Harry sighed in relief. That was exactly what he had
been hoping for. He felt Ginny’s breath on his cheek,
and then she was kissing him long and hard. “What are
you doing?” he asked her when they came up for air.

She nodded behind Harry to the rest of the room. “We’re
beginning to look a bit conspicuous just playing

Harry turned and saw that things in the room had
proceeded apace. The Hogwarts girls had worked their
seduction. Lips were being kissed, breasts and crotches
fondled. He even heard a few gasps and moans of
passion. Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny and
surrendered to her avid kisses.

Harry’s hands wandered over Ginny’s generous curves.
Her breasts pillowed on his chest. She was as well
endowed as most of the girls in the room. Between hot
kisses, Harry watched as the trio continued to work on
Gary. They reignited his erection a second time so that
the tallest girl could ride him to orgasm. Then they
deserted him just as quickly as they had attacked.
Harry reluctantly broke away from Ginny’s embrace; he
had to take advantage of the situation.

Walking casually over to Gary, Harry said, “Looked as
if you were having fun there.”

“That was amazing,” he said, still a bit breathless.
“What kind of spell were they using on my dick? Do you
know how to do that?”

Bingo, thought Harry. “Oh sure,” he said. “Would you
like for me to show it to you?”

“That would be fantastic,” Gary said.

“No problem,” said Harry. He proceeded to teach the
novus erectus spell to Gary. In a few seconds, Gary had
yet another raging hard-on and his eyes were casting
about for another feminine form to use it on. “Be sure
to tell your mates,” said Harry. “They’ll want to be in
on the fun. Consider it a little gift from my team to

“Yeah, thanks,” said Gary. Somehow, to Harry’s immense
relief, Gary forgot his rock-crusher handshake. He
walked away, his dick swaying from side to side.

Harry felt a hand on his zipper. Ginny smiled at him as
she opened his pants. “I’m sticking with you,” she
said. “Those guys will be satyrs once they find out
they can have a never ending erection.”

Harry grinned as his cock quickly grew to rigid
hardness in her hand. “That’s the general idea,” he
said as he flexed his hips and thrust his dick against
her fingers.


Ron couldn’t believe the way Hermione was acting. She
could be friendly enough, sure. At times she could be
downright daring. But most of the time she was a data
spewing, worry-wart, know-it-all. Albeit, a very pretty
know-it-all. Heaven knew she’d been the center of his
masturbatory fantasies a thousand times. But fantasies
were often best left as fantasies.

The reality of Hermione acting like some sort
of…well, like some sort of girl, was daunting. For
the last hour she had laughed and giggled at his jokes,
stared into his eyes and caressed him with her finger
tips a dozen times. The scariest thing was that she
hadn’t pointed out any interesting facts or corrected
him once at all. Maybe she was possessed.

The dance had come to an end. He and Hermione were
walking back to the train. She had wrapped her arm
through his, and now they were strolling shoulder to
shoulder, her breast pressed securely against his
elbow. Ron had the stiffest, most aching erection that
he could remember. Their slow pace along the leaf
covered walkways was agony.

He couldn’t wait until he was alone in the cubbyhole of
his bathroom on the train. There, he could beat his
meat to the memory of Hermione’s soft breast. That was
the most he could hope for, wasn’t it? He turned his
head slightly and caught the wildflower smell of
Hermione’s shampoo. When had he grown a head taller
than her? She suddenly seemed positively fragile. Damn,
his dick hurt.

“Nice night,” said Hermione.

“Uh…yeah,” said Ron. He suddenly realized that they
were alone. They had managed to lag behind all the
returning students. “I wonder where Ginny and Harry got
off to?”

Hermione steered them off the walk towards a statue of
some wizard or another. She leaned back on the base of
the statue and drew Ron near. She took his hands in
hers and put them on her hips. Looking up into his
eyes, she said, “I think they left the dance together.”

Ron stared down into her big brown eyes. “Who?” he
asked. Hermione smiled and then pursed her lips
slightly. She lifted her face.

Ron was hardly experienced when it came to kissing
girls, nevertheless he couldn’t misread this
invitation. Shaking with anticipation, he softly,
cautiously put his lips on hers. For several seconds
both teens were frozen in place, then Hermione took the
initiative. Her lips nipped at Ron’s upper lip and then
the lower. When her tongue got into the act, Ron
thought that he was going to cum in his pants. At first
the moist tip merely tickled the rim of his lips, but
then she pushed on into his mouth.

Ron couldn’t believe it. The feel of Hermione’s tongue
on his was electric. Somehow, he knew not to press
matters to much. He’d seen boys who practically chewed
at their girlfriend’s faces. Almost casually, he
explored Hermione’s mouth with his tongue. He was so
lost in the kiss, he actually jumped when he felt her
hand grope at the front of his jeans. “Wha…what are
you doing?” he asked incredulously.

“You don’t like it?” she said as her palm ran the
length of his erection.

“I like it,” said Ron, “but we’re kind of in the open
here.” He looked around to see if, indeed, anyone was
watching them.

“Over here then,” said Hermione. She grabbed the
waistband of his pants and pulled him around the statue
until they were hidden in a dark shadow. Not
hesitating, she pulled down his zipper and seconds
later she had his hot cock exposed to the cool night

“Oh, Hermione,” moaned Ron. He fully expected to wake
up from a particularly nice wet-dream now, his pajamas
stained by a big wet spot. But it was no wet-dream.
Hermione began to tug at his cock. Her strokes were
awkward and uneven, but that hardly mattered because
Ron blew his load almost instantly.

A soft squeal of surprise escaped Hermione’s lips when
his dick swelled and a half-dozen shots of creamy cum
leapt from its tip and fell to the ground. “Oh fuck,
shit, yeah,” whispered Ron breathlessly as the hot cum
rocketed through his dick. He had to steady himself on
the base of the statue as he milked the last drops from
his softening penis and then put it away. He gave
Hermione a quick kiss. “That…that was amazing,” he
told her.

Ron and Hermione resumed their slow stroll back to the
train. Ron didn’t know what to think. Hermione still
clung to his arm. Thankfully, she hadn’t become all
chatty, planning out their immediate future in minute
detail. They reached the train and went to Ron and
Harry’s compartment. Neither Harry, nor Ginny, nor
anyone else was there. An elf, or perhaps a bit of
magic had turned the seats into two narrow bunk beds,
complete with crisp, white sheets and soft woolen

“I wonder where Harry got to?” said Ron as he checked
his watch. “It’s almost curfew.”

“I’m sure he’s fine,” said Hermione. She put her arms
around his neck and pulled his face down for a hard

Ron was stunned, but he responded eagerly. There were
no tentative pecks on the lips this time. Tongues were
exchanged immediately as they slipped and slid
together. For a second, Ron wondered what had gotten
into Hermione, but then the thought was driven from his
mind by a wave of sexual heat. His cock was steel hard
and eager once more. Before he knew it, he had placed
his hands on the twin globes of Hermione’s firm ass,
and now he was pressing her hips to his, grinding his
hard-on against her supple body.

When they broke the kiss, both teens were panting.
“Maybe we ought to sit down,” she said.

“Oh…okay,” said Ron. He figured she wanted things to
cool off. Well, that was alright. The evening had
already been pretty amazing. He sat on the lower bunk.
There was enough headroom for him to lean back against
the compartment wall. He was surprised as hell when
Hermione practically crawled on top of him. Somehow,
her narrow skirt had ridden above her knees; Hermione
was showing a provocative amount of thigh.

She resumed their deep, wet kisses. Her hands roamed
all over his chest and shoulders, occasionally dipping
down to give his rock-hard cock a squeeze. Ron didn’t
know where to put his hands. Did he dare risk grabbing
some tit? She didn’t seem to mind his hands on her ass.
His free hand was sort of hovering in indecision when
Hermione took it and put it on her hot thigh. He began
to have thoughts about cum filled pants once more. The
next time her hand found his cock, he humped his hips
upward, trying to encourage another hand-job.

“Uh, uh,” she murmured into his mouth between wet,
sloppy kisses. “It’s my turn now.”

Her turn? Ron didn’t have a fucking clue, but Hermione
took him in hand. She slid his hand up her smooth thigh
until he was entering the exotic, mysterious realm that
existed between a girl’s legs. Hermione twisted and
shifted about until her skirt was around her hips. She
spread her legs.

“Put your finger here,” she instructed a dazed Ron.
“Now back and forth…lower…now not so hard…oh,
that’s good…yes, just like that.”

Ron’s finger twitched back and forth on Hermione’s
panties. His finger kept bumping over something � he
assumed it was her clitoris. That was what got girls
off wasn’t it? “Is this alright?” he asked.

“Mmmm…yeah, just don’t stop,” Hermione said softly.

Ron did his best to keep his hand right where it seemed
to be achieving spectacular results. Not that it was
easy. Hermione’s hips swayed first one way and then
another. One second she was thrusting against his palm,
and the next second she was pulling away. His hand, and
then his arm, and then his shoulder began to ache, but
he was damned if he was going to risk changing

“Oh, Ron. Oh, dear,” Hermione whined in a very un-
Hermione like tone. Her ass practically came off the
bunk as she heaved upward. “Harder,

Ron thought his arm was going to drop off, but he bit
his lip and did as he was told. After all, he was
eliciting from Hermione the most erotic moans and oh’s
and ah,s that he’d ever heard. It went on for what must
have been a full minute, and then she fell back on the
bunk, panting and smiling.

After a moment, Hermione stood. She pulled her skirt
back into place and smiled at Ron. “That was fantastic,
now don’t move, I’ll be right back.” She disappeared
into the compartments tiny bathroom.

Ron massaged his aching arm, grinning all the while
about his good fortune. He couldn’t believe this was
happening. He couldn’t wait until he could tell Harry.
Or really, could he tell him anything? And just where
in hell was Harry, anyway. The door to the bathroom
slid open and Hermione reappeared. Ron feared that she
would be back to her businesslike self and take her
leave. Instead, she smiled provocatively as she crossed
the short space between them. “And now,” she announced,
“it’s your turn again.” Ron felt a warm surge of pre-
cum escape his steel-hard cock.


“Shhh,” shushed Harry for the twentieth time in the
last ten minutes. He was leading the group of Hogwarts
girls back to the train, and they were well past
curfew. Ginny was in the van, making sure that none of
the sex-addled girls wandered away. He was trying to
approach the train quietly, but the girls seemed to be
incapable of being such. Everything was quiet now,
except for their footfalls. Then he heard some whispers
and then the giggles began again. He timed one more
shush so that they arrived at the train in relative
silence. He tapped on one of the carriage doors, and
was immensely relieved when the door slid open to
reveal Hermione. She stepped out as the other girls
began to board the train.

“Everything go alright?” he asked.

“No problems,” she answered.

“Did Ron miss me or Ginny?”

“Not particularly,” Hermione said.

Harry studied Hermione. She seemed very calm; he might
even call her stunned. “Do I want to know what went on
between you two?” he asked.

“I don’t think so,” she said with a wistful smile.

Harry dodged a well aimed bludger and swerved his broom
sharply into the path of one of the Americans. Harry
smiled smugly to himself as the American grimaced in
pain when he had to jink upwards sharply to avoid a
collision. The match had gone pretty much as he had
thought it would. At first, the Americans had managed
to take a slight lead in the scoring. They had used the
superior speed and turning ability of their brooms to
their advantage. But Harry had warned Tom Smith that
this might happen and so Tom had put the Hogwarts’ team
on the defensive from the outset. As the low scoring
match dragged on, the Americans lost their drive.

Of course that had been Harry’s intention all along.
The previous evening, Harry had watched as the American
team had taken full advantage of the novus erectus
spell. He and Ginny had seen the Americans produce
orgasm after cum spewing orgasm. And now they were
paying the price. He could just imagine how those
brooms, despite their saddles, felt when they jammed
against the sore and inflamed testicles and cocks of
the American players. Not that he was immune. Ginny had
coaxed the cum from his balls several times. As a
result, he was making very wide, very gentle turns. He
wasn’t going to make any sudden lunges for the snitch
if he could help it.

In the end, Hogwarts won the match by a thin margin.
Harry hoped that the close call would scare Ron and
teach him a lesson about betting on sure things. If
not, he was sure that Hermione would preach it to him
word by excruciating word.

Once the final goal was scored, both teams landed and
they had the obligatory after match congratulations and
handshakes. Harry’s hand was mauled once again, but he
also received several smiles and conspiratorial winks
from the Americans. Apparently, they appreciated
everlasting erections more than a meaningless win at

Harry was walking back to the locker room when he heard
someone call his name. Turning, he saw a tall figure in
wizard’s robes striding across the pitch. “Professor
Dumbledore, I didn’t know you were here,” Harry said.

Reaching Harry, Dumbledore said, “I just popped across
to see the match. Not the finest display of skill I
must say, but at least we won the day.”

“I know,” said Harry. “Did you see the brooms they were
riding?” They talked quidditch for a minute, and then
they resumed their walk across the pitch.

“So, how has your experience with the Senior team
gone?” asked Dumbledore.

“Fine, Professor,” said Harry.

“Good, I thought that you might be to young for the
team, but your captain, Tom Smith, tells me that you
took to the uh…oh let’s say perquisites, very
nicely,” Dumbledore said with one of his enigmatic

Harry stopped in mid-stride. He stared at Dumbledore as
several things became clear to him. Dumbledore knew all
about the Senior team’s meeting rooms at Hogwarts. He
was undoubtedly the one who kept them hidden. And, of
course he was the source of powerful magic that made
that room possible on the train.

“As you know,” continued Dumbledore as if he’d said
nothing of consequence, “not all learning takes place
in the classroom. You of all people should know that.”

“I couldn’t agree more, Professor,” said Harry.