In the hotel suite with Beyonce

The memory of my encounter with Beyonce was still fresh in my mind even if few months had passed. Every time I thought about how lucky I was, I started to get a boner and I had to masturbate thinking about her sucking my dick or about her asking me to fuck her ass hard. I started to dream about her every night and every morning I prayed she contacted me like she said for a concert ticket and to meet up. With the time passing by I started to lose hope but still counted me lucky for having had sex with her, a thing not many could say. It was already summer when I realized I would probabily never see her again, let alone fuck her. But then one morning after waking up pretty soon, I found a text from an unknown number saying:
“Still want a ticket to my concert and a pass to my dressing room?”
From the number I realized it was probabily a disposable cellphone. Could be Beyonce finally writing me? I tried to play it cool, but soon I was so excited at the idea I started to misspell the answer and had to start again. I gladly accepted her invitation to her concert that would have took place three days later in a city pretty far from where I was living. So I started immediatly to plan my trip but she texted my again: “Don’t worry about the hotel. I got it sorted out. Just be at the side entrance and gave your name and you’ll be good. Come in the dressing room right away.”
When I tried to reply to thank her the number was already disabled. So for a couple of days I lived in so much excitation that everybody from my family, my friend and coworker couldn’t notice and ask why I was so hyped. Obviously I couldn’t say to them that I was probabily going to fuck Beyonce, again, so I managed a lie that would shut up everybody. On the morning of the concert I shaved my cock and balls to be ready for her and then drive for an three hour and a half to the stadium where she was to perform. I was so excited I showed up really early and the side entrance was still closed, so I got something to eat before returning. When I came back, the vicinity of the stadium was in chaotic motion and was still well more than an hour to the concert. I reached the side entrance where an enourmous guy was with some papers and shily said my name. He checked the list and gave me a pass to wear aroung my neck. I was in and so eager to meet up with her that I almost started running to the dressing room. The door to the dressing room was closed so I took a big, deep breath before knocking but before I could do that the door open, to my surprise. Expecting to find her I was really disappointed to find a guy, with the biggest smile on his face, zipping up his pants and going the other way. I was so surprised I didn’t move for some time, until I was pushed aroung by some girl with a lot of make up in her hand. When I finally gathered myself and entered the room, Beyonce was in front of a gigantic mirror getting ready for the show. I showed myself and just get a head gesture. I was so bumped down that I wanted to leave. Then all of a sudden, while I was leaving the room, to go in the front row to see her live, I realized that the guy I saw leaving her dressing room was probabily in there maybe fucking here just the way I supposed to. The thought made me sad. I had conviced myself I was special to her but probabily I was just one of many toy-boy for her when she was on tour. When I took my place in the first rows under the stage tough I got a text from a different unknown number, saying:
“After the concert there will be a limo waiting for you outside to take you to my suite downtown. Wait for me there and you will not regret it.”
And after that the number just wasn’t reachable anymore. I got excited back again, maybe after all I was special indeed. When she appeared on stage, I was so happy that I started smiling and never stopped until I was in the suite. The performance as always was great. She was perfect and only seeing her so near to me made my dick so hard that I had to watch out not to touch the girl in front of me with my boner. See her shaking her ass and winking here and there was just what I needed. When the show was over, I waited a bit to get my cock down before doing what she had texted me and reach for the limo. The driver didn’t spoke to me, just took me to where I was supposed to be but back there in the limo I was pumped up for the night to come. I didn’t know what to expect but for sure it was going to be fun. When the limo stopped in the back alley near a big fancy hotel, I thanked the driver and step out. The limo immediately left, leaving me alone in the alley. I didn’t know what to do. I asked myself: should I enter the main entrance or the side one in front of me? I decided for the second option so I got in and looked around to found an elevator. I imagined the suite would be up almost at the top of the building so I had to use the elevator. I entered and looked around confused on which button press but there was a little piece of paper ducktaped near a button that said:”Suite”, so I pressed it. While the elevator went up I was thinking about what to do while waiting her. I didn’t know how much I had to wait, could been half an hour or half the night, so when the door opened directly on the suit I looked myself around. After the hall there was a big living room with an enormous couch and a gigantic window that showed half the city. The view was really nice and in the distance I could see the stadium where I watched her show. There was little kitchen too whit a full fridge, with plenty of food and champagne. The room was the best room I had ever saw and the bed was bigger the my entire bedroom. For sure we would be comfortable on that. The bathroom was luxurious. A big shower and a hot-tub were the main attraction. In every corner of the suite there was something precious. I was so excited by the suite that I continued going around never stopping. I suddendly remembered about the thing she had texted me a couple of days before, she said she had a place for me to stay. Maybe a room in the same hotel or maybe, even better, she would let me sleep with her after. That would be a dream. Waking up with Queen B by my side would be the best thing ever. Only the thought made me so happy I popped some champagne and start sipping it on the couch, waiting. I lost track of time until I heard the elevator stop. When the doors opened she entered so I stood up and went to her. She smiled to me and said: “You like here?”
“Sure, the view is great.”
“Liked the show too?”
“You were so great! Beautiful, sexy, hot and also so good.”
“Thanks. I see you made yourself at home.”
She said that pointing to the open bottle of champagne, so I immediately replied:
“Sorry. I shouldn’t have.”
“Don’t worry. We got everything we want. We just have to ask. Grab me a glass, would you?”
She let herself go on the couch and after a couple of moment I passed her a glass full of champagne. She smiled and so I sat beside her. We talked a bit about me and she was very interested in my life, so I started to think once again about being special to her. She didn’t have to show that much interest in me but she was and I could say she was genuinely interested in knowing more about myself. Since the momente I sat beside her, my cock was rock hard and she knew, it was obvious she knew. After a while I was starting to go crazy but then just when I was about to snap, she said:
“How about we get in the hot-tub?”
Finally the night was going to start. I followed her to the bathroom, looking her hips and her lovely big ass dancing in front of me. As soon we were in the bathroom she started to undress. I was a bit sad that I couldn’t undress her like the first time we met but for sure looking at her moving lusciosly out of her clothes was a great sight. She wore some shorts and a top, nothing epic but still she was Beyonce. Every man on the planet would have paid just to stay near here, let alone see her undressing. After few second she was naked and I was still completely dressed, not being able to do anything at that moment. She looked at me and came closer, kissed me and then turnt and entered the hot-tub. I undressed at the speed of light to join her as soon as I can. When she saw my hard dick she commented:
“I didn’t remember it you were shaved. I like that.”
I smiled at my idea of doing it and that she liked it. The warm water was good on my body and we sat side by side again, I immediately started to gently caress her legs beneath the water while she closed her eyes and enjoyed the water after the stress of her show. She tilted her hair back a little so I started kissing her neck softly and also licking a bit of her hear lobe. She started moning a bit while my hand where busy with her leg and her back. After a few seconds she said:
“I could really use some good pussy eating from you, honey. Do you mind?”
I nodded, happy to do that every thing she asked. I Always loved eating pussy, really loved. Pussy was like a d**g to me, I really couldn’t live without and Beyonce’s pussy was no exception. I wanted to lick her since leaving her room after our first meeting and every day I imagined myself doing it. She sat on the edge of the tub and spread her beautiful thick leg, I went on my knees and started slowly like always. First gently kissing the zone around her gorgeous pussy, then licking that same zone before finally going at her lips and clit. Her smell and her taste was so great I had to stop for a second to tell her:
“I love your taste. Makes me so horny!”
She smiled and pushed my head down, eager to fell my tongue and lips on her. I licked like a man possessed for many minutes until her moning was loud and deep and so I knew she was about to cum. I wanted her to feel her best orgasm ever so, even if I had a cramp on my tongue, I kept going until her breath stopped and she began to feel the power of her pleasure. I didn’t stop licking right away but went on for some more time because after cumming she would so sensitive that every feeling would be so much powerful. She looked me in the eye and smiled, the biggest smile I had ever seen her do. She let my head go so I could sit again while she recovered her breath. She said smiling, almost laughing:
“I didn’t remember how good you were with that tongue. Amazing!”
Hearing her saying that made me even harder because I wanted to please her so bad, to show her I was indeed special but at that point the image of the other guy walking out of her dressing room with his pants unzipped, made me sad, almost angry. I was gelaous of Beyonce? Or was I gelaous of that particolar man because she fucked her before me? I had to ask so shily I turned down my head and asked:
“The man who left your dressing room just before I arrived, who was he?”
She smiled probabily soften by my shyness and replied:
“He is a guy just like you. I just sucked him off. Cum makes my voice better. Don’t worry he didn’t even see me naked. You are the only one in the world who I let fuck me, beside my husdand.”
I felt so ashamed and foolish just asking her that. But knowing that he was just a system to get her voice ready, strangely calmed me. I was in a swirl of emotions that my head was spinning, maybe was the hot from the tub or maybe just the word she said:
“You are the only one in the world” .
I wasn’t going to think about the last part: she had an husband she had to fuck him sometimes. They had a daughter together after all. After her reassurance I was trying to regain my composure to continue that special evening when she said to my ear:
“Do you mind if I thank you for eating me so well?”
I was speechless. I had goosebumps hearing her sexy voice speaking so close to me. I stood up and turned to her. She was already on her knees with the water just above her perfect breasts. I reached for both to touch them and suddendly the feeling of our firts time together resurfaced in my head. I was on the highest cloud possible and when she started to suck my cock I went even higher. Her eyes where locked with mine and her lips and tongue was doing the best job ever. Her right hand was at he base of my shaft and the other on my right butt cheek squeezing and feeling my ass. I layed my right hand beetween her hair to keep them away from her mouth. I would had loved to take a pic of that moment but obviously wasn’t possible. I hadn’t imagined nothing better to start that night and we had a lot of things still to do. At one point she got even lower and while stroking my hard cock, she licked and played for a little bit with my balls, making me so happy and harder. Her tongue was everywhere I wanted it and her oral skills was just about perfect and in line with my taste. When she returned to lick my cock’s head, I jammed both my hand in her hair and slowly made her take it as deep as she could. It was a bit of a stretch because she always had been in charge but I had to do it. It was one of my dream and her doing it without questioning and looking right in my eyes while doing it was just the best thing ever. Everything with her was just the best thing ever. She was great and I had such a crush on her since she was still singing with the Destiny’s child. At that time I dreamt about a fourway with the three of them but the main focus was always on Beyonce. The pleasure from her sucking was so strong that a couple minutes later I was on the edge and she realized it. She kept stopping right on time. She was playing with me but I really couldn’t be mad at her. She was so beautiful and I was going crazy. I wanted to cum on her face as I did the last time but I really wanted to resist and fuck her right away. At last I had to say to her:
“Please let me cum on your face!”
She smiled and kept using her tongue and lips on my cock till I was ready to explode. I grabbed my cock, squeezed a little bit to build a nice thick, long jizz and when she was ready a let go. One of the biggest cum load of my life squirt out of my cock and went over her open mouth and to her cheek, the second one finished on her forehead and the third on her lips. The last big one gently deposited itself on her chin. She smiled at me and licked a bit my red cock’s head just before saying:
“I dream every day of your hot, tasty cum on my face. I just love it.”
She smiled and got up while I was recovering my breath. She left the tub and went to the mirror, looked to herself and smile again before turning to me and ask me:
“Do I look pretty with cum on my face?”
“You look more beautiful than ever.”
She happily giggled and then entered the enourmous shower .I joined her in the shower a couple of moments later .She had already got rid of the sign of my facial and so we started to kiss and feel each others body. She was so thick and sexy and feeling her so close to me and be able to reach and grab her ass or tits whenever I wanted to, made me even happier and on the verge of crying for happiness. After we cooled down, we gently dried each other and just before we were about to exit the bathroom to go to bed, she said:
“What about a little sexy game, honey?”
“For sure. Which one?”
I knew some sexy games but I didn’t want to propose one because I wanted her to ask me. I realized that my purpose for the night was having fun, yes of course, but almost as much important was to make her happy and made the night unforgettable and make sure she would call me another time.
“I’ll go in the other room and hide three object, the first one you’ll find you can use it while we fuck, ok?”
She said in a naughty way. The idea immediately made me euforic. I was curios on which object could it be. As she left me alone in the bathroom to go hide the objects, I started wondering on which object I wanted to find. The first that came to my mind was so sort of dildo, vibrator or buttplug, anything I could double penetrate her with. Filling her holes at the same time would have made her happy and for sure me too. Also a pair of handcuffs to secure her hands behind her back while fucking her ass would have been nice. I was so eager to go on that little treasure hunt that I walked restlessly in the bathroom, waiting for her to call me. I could hear her moving in the next room but I could really think only about her body and what I could do to it to make her cum, in the hardest way possible. When a couple of minutes later she called me with her amazing soothing voice, I opened the bathroom door and entered the bedroom. She was on the bedroom naked with only a pair of black stockings on. She looked like a goddess, she was there lying down on the bed with her hair gently resting on the pillow. I was shocked by her beauty and for a moment I forgot that I had to search for an object and wanted to go to her and start fucking right away with no more foreplay needed. But she smiled to me and said:
“Search for them. You can use only the first you’ll find.”
First place that came to my mind was under the bed. I lifted the blanket but there was nothing there. Next I went to closet and beetween her clothes I found nothing. It was a huge room so there were planty of places to hide something. In the first drawer of night stand there was nothing, so I checked the second and there there was a little glass buttplug. All I wanted was there. I grabbed and smiled to her. She smiled, happy with my finding or so it seemed.
I climbed to bed with her, rock hard and ready to get in her. She reached for the buttplug and took it to her mouth, licked the top and then she said:
“Since you fucked my ass last time, I played with this little friend every time I could. I stretched my asshole while fingering myself so often, dreaming of your hard cock in me. Now fuck me honey!”
How I could I say no to her. I opened her legs, caressing her in the meanwhile and then I pointed my cock right to her pussy, glowing from the moist of her juices. I gently pushed the cockhead beetween her lips and immediately felt my dick sliding in. She was so wet and ready for me that for a moment I felt so happy I totally forgot about the man I crossed outside her dressing room earlier that evening. I went as deep as I could and felt her pussy twitch around my shaft. I started slowly going back while she was sucking the buttplug and looking at me. For a moment I wondered what were the other object. I had always been very curious and not knowing often was too much for me, but not that time. That time I wanted to fuck Beyonce at my best and leave her with the greatest memory possible and of course I was going to enjoy that chance. I started picking up the rhythm and she started immediately to moan harder and harder. She was enjoying it but she couldn’t stop licking and sucking her buttplug, after a couple of minutes she had the all thing in her mouth and she was playing with her clit with one hand and with the other whe was twirling and pulling her nipples. She was completely sucked in by the pleasure of sex that for the first time I felt like I was in charge. At that moment if I had asked her to put the buttplug in her ass, she would have done it no question asked, but again I was there to make her feel great so I shut my mouth and increased a little bit more the rhythm. The view of my shaved cock sliding in and out of her was really great and both of us were shortly attracted to it. In an moment she was on the edge, I could tell by her eyes, they were full of pleasure. She came moaning, almost screaming but her voice was muffled by the buttplug that was still in her mouth. Only when the orgasm was finished she took it out, with multiple strings of saliva following it. She also left her nipples and clit go and heavy breathing she closed her eyes and turned her head on the pillow for a moment. I looked at her and I could not resist the idea of licking her again, maybe focusing on her butthole that time. So I dive, head first, beetween her legs and licked her clit, making her tremble, then I immediately went down to her asshole while she lift her legs higher, almost to back her head to better expose it to me. I immediately licked it and then let my tongue go in every direction. I felt one of her hand on my head, grabbing my hair almost to let me know she liked it. Her asshole was almost hypnotising me, I could not take my eyes away from it. I was going to put in a finger while from above I saw the buttplug appear and slowly but surely making her way inside her asshole. She was telling the truth about playing with her ass, it was clear it was much more stretched than the last time. When it was all in, I returned to lick her pussy while taking control of the object inside her and gently moving it in and out just a little bit. The buttplug was little, for sure not big as some I had seen in some porn movies, but still I was really happy she could take it so easily because that would mean that my cock was going to slid in almost as much as easily. After a short time I backed away a little bit and looked down to her, gently stroking my cock to that perfect view. She realized after a moment what I was doing and immediately went on all fours, looking behind to me and saying:
“I want you to fuck me hard, make me cum with that thing in my ass!”
I reached forward and spanked her asscheeks both at the sametime, she smiled so I pushed my cock in her and this time as soon as I was in I started fucking her hard. Immediatelly reached her hair and pulled while fucking her with one hand on her ass, lightly spanking her. Her voice was already broken from pleasure as soon as I was fucking her so I hoped she would cum soon and then let me fuck her ass. Then all of a sudden I asked her:
“You like having both your holes filled, don’t you?”
“I love it. It is the first time I had both filled at the same time. In these months I imagined it a lot. It is so great!”
I reached my max speed in the middle of her sentence and she laughed while looking back at me. Then she added:
“Right there. You making me cum again!”
I fucked her like she wanted for a couple more of minutes and she came for the second time, screaming her pleasure and praising my cock. I took it out and looked at her ass plugged and her pussy red and wet. I reached for the buttplug impatiantely and pulled it out slowly, ready for some ass fucking. She was ready too because shw turned to ask me:
“Want my ass?”
“I want it so bad!”
“Fuck it, please fuck it! Fill my ass with that nice cock of yours!”
I gently pushed it in. It just went in like nothing. No problem at all. I was happy and excited about thinking her playing with her ass, just for me. I grabbed her ass and spread her asscheeks wide to better see my dick getting in an out. It was really easy to take it out and put it in again. Her asshole would remain open for me. That was so hot! I started fucking her gently, like the one time months before, but soon realized she could take much more then bedore. So I started picking up speed, depth and force. Every thrust was more powerful then the one before. She was gadly taking it up her ass and smiling to me while I spanked her. I was really happy and for sure she seemed to be as happy as me. In my mind I wanted to fuck her all night but her ass felt so amazing arounf my cock that soon I was going to cum. I could not resist and stop, it was the best sensation I had ever felt so I kept going, wanting to cum in her ass. I didn’t say anything to her and just took her by surprise when she felt my cum filling her. She turned her as I grabbed her hair and thrust one more time as deep as I could. After a couple second to let all my cum fill her ass, I took it out and collapsed on the enormous comfy bed. She layed down and panting she told me:
“That was a lot of cum!”
“Thinking that I jerked off this morning thinking about this…”
“You fucked me so well, honey. But i have to go the bathroom now.”
She left me there, on the bed, naked with half a boner and she walked swaying her hips to the bathroom. I smiled noticing that she had her asscheeks pretty red from my spanking and I could almost see the perfect shape of one my hand. After a couple minutes, she returned, sat on the bed and asked me:
“Want to stay here for the night?”
“Sure. If you want me to.”
“sleep with me and tomorrow morning we got round 2.”
She winked saying it. She went under the sheets, kissed me goodnight and went to sleep, almost like we were a couple and sleeping beside her was Jay, her husband and all that was a normal thing. I went to sleep naked too,with Queen B beside me. For an hour I couldn’t sleep, I was there looking at her and shaking my head in disbelief. I was sleeping with Beyonce and she seemed into me almost as much as I was into her. It was a dream, it had to be a dream. I was so lucky. When finally sleep came to me, it was around 3 am and I was so tired. I slept well until I woke up feeling something wet on me. I opened my eyes and under the sheets, aroung my pubic region there was something going up and down and I soon realized that she was giving me a blowjob. I moved the sheets to see her and she smiled, never stopping, already having made me hard with her tongue. I closed my eyes, still a little bit sleepy and for a couple of minutes I let her suck it, thinking about what to do: let her suck me till I came and then fuck her in an hour or so or fuck her right away? I dindn’t know how much time we had and I was not sure of which time it was. So I took another minutes to think but in the end I had to ask:
“Want to fuck?”
“As you want. I can blow you. I want to taste your cum this time.”
“How much time do we have?”
“Till 4 p.m., I have an interview at five.”
That was good news so I decided to let her suck it. I wanted to see her swallow my cum for so long. I put one of my hand on her head, through her hair, and let her suck deep and fast. I was going to cum really soon but I wanted a better view so I got up and she sat on her knees on the bed. She sucked looking at me, like in the best porn movies, and then I was ready. I felt my cum starting to come up and by my sound and face I was preety sure she knew what was going to happen. So I came really hard in her mouth. She sucked for a moment more and then let my cock go. She smiled and showed me her mouth full of cum. She swallowed and remained there, looking at me and happy. I was so lucky, the luckiest man in the world. And there was much more time.