Beyonce Knowles lesbian adventure 2. (fan fiction)

Beyonce was stuck in her own personal hell. About a month ago her worst fear was realised and she had lost her anal virginity to another woman, and just like her many, many victims it left her feeling broken, humiliated and most of all submissive. Submissive to the woman who had taken her butt cherry, making Beyonce feel like she’d be that woman’s bitch forever. And it wasn’t a Latina, or another black woman or even a big white woman who had done this to her. No, it was a little white girl named Anna Kendrick, and ever since Beyonce just couldn’t stop thinking about the tiny top. Mostly because every time her fat ass had recovered from the latest brutal treatment Anna showed up to gape her back hole again.

But not this time. Which was a promise Beyonce had been making to herself for the better part of the past month, and while she had failed the last few times to save her poor ass hole from Anna this time was going to be different because she would finally feel like herself again. See, Beyonce hadn’t dared play with any of her bitches over the past month because she was terrified that one of them would notice her butt hole was recovering from a pounding. After all, they knew better than anyone what a recently violated ass hole looked like. But if she kept this up it would be suspicious, so that more than ever before Beyonce needed to pound some ass, and when she did she be able to resist Anna again.

It took a while to choose which lucky bitch was in for the ass pounding of a lifetime, but ultimately Beyonce settled on one of her favourites… Scarlett Johansson. Oh yes, despite playing many kick ass women in her films, perhaps most notably The Black Widow in the Marvel franchise, Scarlett was one of the most submissive bottoms Beyonce had ever had the pleasure of owning, and she easily had one of the best asses in the entire world. It was almost as round and as juicy as her own big booty, and Beyonce had countless memories of making those big meaty cheeks jiggle for her as she used the A-list actress’s most private hole as her own personal fuck hole.

Looking forward to doing that again Beyonce was quick to make arrangements with Scarlett as soon as her ass hole had recovered from Anna’s latest visit. Normally her bitches came to her, but Scarlett swore she couldn’t get away from filming her latest project, so Beyonce reluctantly went to her as she had her heart set on gaping The Black Widow’s butt. That turned out to be a big mistake, as when she got up to the hotel room and knocked on the door she simply received a text telling her to come in, only it wasn’t from Scarlett. It was from Anna! Which made Beyonce fumed with rage. Partly at being outmanoeuvred, but mostly because of what this implied.

After debating it for a few long minutes Beyonce cautiously opened the door to the hotel room, immediately hearing the tell-tale signs of sex once she stepped into the soundproof hotel suite. She then closed and locked the door behind her before heading into the bedroom, only to find that her suspicion had been proven right, and Anna was not only fucking Scarlett, but fucking that fat ass of hers. Specifically Anna was on her back looking up lustfully as Scarlett anally rode her, the little brunette no doubt captivated by the sight of the blonde’s big boobs jiggling in front of her face while Beyonce was treated to the sight of Scarlett’s fat ass jiggling like a bowl of jelly.

It was a sign which should have made Beyonce flip out like the big green guy in Scarlett’s superhero movies, but instead Beyonce was overwhelmed by jealousy. Or more accurately a different type of jealousy than she was used too. Because suddenly she wasn’t mad that Anna was butt fucking her bitch, she was mad that it wasn’t her big butt that Anna was fucking. Fuck, Beyonce wanted it to be her big meaty cheeks to be jiggling right now as she rode Anna’s dick with her ass hole. And it was pretty clear that Anna knew it, given the way that a second later Beyonce was forced to notice her top grinning at her, which made Beyonce blush furiously.

“Oh hey Beyonce, so nice to see you again. I was just telling Scarlett here about how we’re such good friends that you let me use your bitches however and whenever I want. Isn’t that right?” Anna grinned wickedly, “Which is so nice of you, because you know just how much I love fucking submissive little sluts up the ass. Mmmmm, especially when they have a nice, big, fat ass, like this one right here.”

To emphasise her point Anna slapped Scarlett’s ass nice and hard, making those big juicy cheeks jiggle from the force of the impact. It was extra noticeable because Scarlett had completely ceased her bouncing and looked behind her with horror and apprehension in her eyes as she realised she had been caught by her Black Mistress, giving up her bitch hole to another woman without permission from Beyonce. Again Beyonce should be mad, and she should beat both the asses of Scarlett and Anna bright red before giving them the rectum wrecking of a lifetime, but instead she felt compelled to submit and do whatever Anna wanted.

After a few long seconds Beyonce settled on a middle ground. She couldn’t turn the tables, not now. She wasn’t mentally strong enough yet. If she tried Anna might ass fuck her right in front of Scarlett, or at least show her the pictures on her phone of Beyonce’s gaping butt hole, and Beyonce couldn’t afford anyone else knowing about her humiliation. But if she played along with Anna then maybe she would get to top Scarlett just like she wanted to, and then after regaining a bit of confidence, and ideally sodomising Scarlett into unconsciousness, she could finally put Anna in her place, and then all would be right with the world. Besides, she was taking a suspiciously long time to respond, and she just couldn’t imagine denying Anna anything at that moment.

“Yeah, that’s right.” Beyonce finally replied hoarsely, then adding somewhat more confidently, “I just wished you let me know that you wanted Scarlett tonight, then I could have gone after another bitch and you could have had her all to yourself.”

“Nonsense, there’s plenty of fat ass to go around.” Anna roughly smacked Scarlett’s ass again, and only playing into Beyonce’s hands even as she reminded the singer of her submission.

“Well, if you’re up for sharing…” Beyonce grinned, heading for the toy draw.

“Oh I am, but before you get a strap-on why don’t you make this bitch eat your ass? Mmmmm, you know how much I’d love that.” Anna said, making her command sound like a suggestion.

For a few long moments the two tops stared at each other in a little battle of wills, then Beyonce grumbled, “Yeah, whatever.”

“Great.” Anna beamed at her black bitch, before turning her attention to her white bitch, “Get in doggy. Mmmmm, I wanna butt fuck you like a bitch.”

Anna emphasised her words with a hard slap to Scarlett’s ass which had the woman who regularly played bad asses yelp pathetically and then open and close her mouth for a few seconds like she was trying to decide whether to say yes Mistress or not. Correctly guessing that this would upset one or both of the other women in the room Scarlett nodded and slowly lifted herself up and off of Anna’s dick before getting down onto all fours beside her. Which of course made Anna grin wickedly, although not quite as widely as when she got behind her prey and inspected her handiwork, Anna able to stare deep into Scarlett’s rectum via the gaping crater which used to be her ass hole.

The plan was to get here before Beyonce, but Anna’s calculations had been off a little. The advantage of that was that she’d had two glorious hours of slamming Scarlett’s big booty, and she had clearly used those hours to their full advantage given the way that the other movie star’s back hole was gaping. And little did poor Scarlett know that was just a warm up. Oh yes, when Anna was done with that ass Scarlett would be lucky if she could ever sit down again, the thought making Anna chuckle wickedly as she quickly and easily slid the full length of her cock back inside Scarlett’s butt and began sodomising the other actress again, both women moaning with delight in the process.

It was mostly luck which had allowed her to spring this honey trap on her latest conquest, and honestly if she had guessed wrong and Beyonce had chosen another bitch Anna would have been more than happy with pounding Scarlett’s perfect ass all night long. Scarlett had the kind of curvy figure Anna was obsessed with, and the jiggling of her big boobs and fat ass as she violated her most intimate hole had been enough to entertain Anna for hours in the past, and that was definitely true for tonight. But they weren’t the big boobs and fat ass Anna truly wanted to see jiggle for her, which was why she was so glad that Beyonce had fallen into her trap.

Watching the obviously already a little deflated Beyonce step into the room and then silently break down even further was a thing of beauty, and something which almost made Anna laugh out loud. But she didn’t want to give the game away to Scarlett, so she controlled herself, and just enjoyed watching a beautiful range of emotions cross Beyonce’s face, ending with momentarily acceptance of her fate. Then Anna had two of the most beautiful and famous women in the world bent over in front of her. Granted, one was making the other eat her ass, but it was still a breath-taking sight, one Anna cherished for several long minutes as she continued sodomising Scarlett.

Beyonce resented being outmanoeuvred, and she was really worried that Anna had coaxed her into receiving a rim job because the tiny girl planned on butt fucking her in front of one of her favourite bitches. Such a thing should be horrifying beyond belief, but to her shame Beyonce found herself obscenely turned on by it, so much so she couldn’t guarantee that she would be able to resist obeying if Anna ordered her to spread her cheeks for her strap-on. Hell, technically she had already bent over for her, and ironically even though she had come here looking to pound some ass Beyonce was suddenly feeling an almost overwhelming desire to get her ass pounded.

Not even shoving her fat ass in Scarlett’s face could fully put her back into a dominant mood, because while it bought back memories of making her bitches literally kiss her ass it also reminded her how enthusiastically Anna had eaten her big ass before fucking it. And how she had been forced to eat Anna’s ass. But Scarlett did a good job of moving from cheek to cheek, like the little ass kisser she was, and even when she moved onto eagerly lapping away at Beyonce’s butt hole the whimpers of pleasure she let out reminded Beyonce that this was a pure bottom doing this to her, and maybe if she was lucky Scarlett’s perfect ass would be enough to distract Anna from her own.

Feeling emboldened by that thought Beyonce started shaking her ass in Scarlett’s face, making it harder for her bitch to do her job. And to breathe. Then when this didn’t receive any backlash Beyonce reached back, grabbed a firm hold of Scarlett’s pretty blonde hair and shoved her face as deep as it would go into her fat ass, smothering Scarlett with those big meaty cheeks. Which of course got more whimpers of delight out of her submissive little bitch, and looking back even Anna giggled with sadistic glee, which pushed Beyonce into just rubbing that face in her ass and vice versa while beginning to dish out her normal verbal encouragement.

“Yeahhhhhhhh, eat that ass bitch! Eat it!” Beyonce ordered between happy moans, “Oooooooh fuck, get that pretty little movie star face deep in my fat fucking ass! You don’t need to breathe, you don’t need to breathe bitch, you just need to eat my fucking butt! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, I love the feeling of a pretty little white girl like you shoving her tongue right up my big black booty. Especially when it’s right before I’m about to destroy your tight little bitch hole and gape it wide open, mmmmmm, and in your case make those big pale butt cheeks jiggle for me. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, I can’t wait. I can’t wait to fuck you in the ass like the little bitch you are, just like my little friend is doing to you right now. But first you clean my ass out, oh yes, you fucking butt cleaning dyke bitch. Ohhhhhh yessssss, worship your Black Mistress’s big black booty!”

Just like that Beyonce felt like she was back to her old self. At least for a little while. Of course it be much better if she was fucking some booty. But then, was Anna really willing to share? Scarlett really was a sweet piece of ass, one Beyonce only shared with her closest friends. Hell, even her husband couldn’t fuck Scarlett’s fat ass. Scarlett was off-limits to him, and all other men and most women, but Anna had taken Scarlett’s big butt without permission was threatening to make it 100% hers given the way that she was so skilfully fucking it, just one glance at Anna making Beyonce jealous of Scarlett and wanting to take her place instead of wanting to punish the bitch like she should.

Then Anna further stole Beyonce’s thunder by beginning to provide commentary, “Yeahhhhhhh bitch, eat that ass! Eat that big black booty while I fuck your big fat white butt! Mmmmm, that’s so hot! I just love the sight and the feeling of big meaty cheeks jiggling for me while I’m nailing some chick in the ass. Ooooooh yeah, and yours are so fucking juicy Scarlett. Mmmmm, so good. Your big fat white ass look soooooo good jiggling for me while I pound it. Mmmmm, it’s like you have an ass made for fucking. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, fat asses were made to be fucked and fucked hard, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Fuck this big piece of ass of yours and make you cum like a bitch with a dick in your ass! And you’re gonna eat Beyonce’s butt while doing it. You hear me Scarlett? Oh yeah, I’m making The Black Widow my bitch!”

Scarlett was a little taken aback by just how much her Black Mistress was letting Anna get away with. Some of her words were downright blasphemous, not only sounding like she was ordering the superior woman around, but even implying ownership over Scarlett. It was almost enough to make Scarlett speak up and point out that she was Beyonce’s bitch, not Anna’s. But that would involve pulling her face out of her Black Mistress’s yummy fat ass without permission, which was unthinkable. It might also bring an end to her latest butt fucking, which was an unbearable thought for a shameless ass whore like Scarlett Johansson.

So Scarlett just did what she did best, kept her mouth shut, or more accurately keep quiet, and concentrated on the perfection in front of her. Which was unusually difficult, because while Scarlett had done this before it was very rare that her Black Mistress shared her with anyone, and certainly no one would have sodomised her so skilfully. Hell, Anna might even be a better butt fucker than her Black Mistress, although she never admit that out loud of course. Luckily she had been trained to please her better at all costs, and things got a little easier when she was able tune Anna out so her entire world became the big juicy ass in front of her, and the big fat cock pounding her fat ass.

While it didn’t compare to the joy of being sodomised by her Black Mistress getting the honour of kissing that big black booty was always a treat as it was further proof of Scarlett’s submission and a really twisted way to bring someone pleasure. It was something she had happily done for hours without a cock in her ass, and as much as Scarlett wanted to know the joy of her Black Mistress inside her ass again she’d honestly be content with doing this all night. Or at least until she was butt fucked into unconsciousness, which really didn’t feel like it would be long considering just how long Anna had been fucking her in the ass, or how many orgasms she’d had. Luckily being Beyonce’s little white bitch increased Scarlett’s stamina no end, and she was already craving another orgasm.

Which was also triggered when Scarlett switched from gently lapping away at her Black Mistress’s rosebud to trying to push her tongue inside that big black booty, and actually succeeding for once. Normally she could barely get her tongue in, but now it was like rimming one of Beyonce’s other bitches. It was almost like her Black Mistress had been ass fucked. But surely that was impossible. Was it? No, this was her Black Mistress Beyonce Knowles, the most dominant woman Scarlett had ever known and butt busting top to countless women. Sadly it just wasn’t possible, although as Scarlett began thrusting her tongue in and out of her Black Mistress’s butt hole she couldn’t help fantasise about how amazing it would be to see super top Beyonce Knowles getting a taste of her own medicine.

Beyonce was desperately trying not to think of the same thing, although at this point it was less imagining it than it was trying to stop herself from remembering it. But how could she not when she was bent over and being anally violated while behind her little Anna Kendrick was thrusting a strap-on in and out of an ass hole. It actually kind of felt like Anna was sodomising her through Scarlett, which was both hot and deeply disturbing. But not as much as the thought of super submissive Scarlett Johansson being technically the second woman to fuck her butt, even if it was with something much smaller and softer than Anna’s cock. Which should have been a relief, but instead she found herself jealous of Scarlett for having her ass filled with Anna.

“So, are you ready for a turn with this slut’s ass, or are you not finished with her tongue?” Anna suddenly asked, awaking Beyonce from her thoughts.

“Wha, what?” Beyonce mumbled, making it clear she was lost in her thoughts, before trying to regain a shred of her usual dominance, “I mean yes, mmmmm, thanks for loosening her up for me, but I’ll take it from here.”

“Now Beyonce, don’t be greedy.” Anna softly scolded the woman who was meant to be her top, “We agreed we’d share, remember?”

As Beyonce hadn’t yet pulled her butt away from Scarlett’s face it was unlikely the submissive white girl heard this exchange, but just in case Beyonce agreed with this as quickly as she could, “Sure, whatever.”

Which of course made Anna chuckle with delight, which in turn made Beyonce blush. Or possibly more as the case may be, because seriously, what the hell was wrong with her? Why couldn’t she stand up for herself against such a tiny and weak white girl when she should be fucking her in the ass right now. Overwhelmed with anger and lust Beyonce pulled her ass away from Scarlett’s face, straightened up and turned around to at least give Anna a piece of her mind, only to immediately lose her train of thought when seeing how confident and sexy Anna looked sodomising Scarlett. It was a vision which Beyonce found impossible to tear her eyes away from even as she slowly retrieved a strap-on, attached it to herself and covered it with lube.

Anna also kept her eyes on Beyonce, smirking when the other woman was ready and telling her, “Good girl, now lay down so Scarlett can get on top of you.”

There were very few people in the world who could give Beyonce a command. Even directors and producers were very careful when giving her instructions, always making them sound like suggestions instead of commands, but here was this tiny little white girl doing it like it was nothing. And the crazy thing was Beyonce not only obeyed without hesitation, but had to stop herself from saying ‘yes Mistress’ or something equally embarrassing. Which even got Scarlett to briefly give her a funny look, but it was replaced with a devastated look as Anna clearly pulled her cock out of her ass. After that Scarlett only cared about that one thing, getting another cock up her ass, so she too quickly obeyed Anna’s command.

Luckily for them both Scarlett’s rectum had been thoroughly loosened by Anna, so the voluptuous white woman was easily able to line herself up with Beyonce’s dick and then swallow it with her battered opened back door with one slow but steady movement. Scarlett then savoured that feeling for a few long seconds before beginning to bounce up and down on Beyonce’s dick, giving the black woman a taste of what she had been missing. Oh yes, this was Beyonce’s favourite thing in the world, her big black cock deep inside a beautiful and famous white woman’s bottom in a sign of total dominance, and in this case she was getting to see Scarlett’s big boobs jiggling in front of her. Sadly she only got to enjoy that for a moment before Anna got involved again.

“So Scarlett, are you already for me and your Black Mistress to share your ass?” Anna asked sometime after she kneeled down behind the other white girl.

“Ohhhhhh yessssss, share me! Share my ass!” Scarlett moaned with delight, shamelessly pleading, “Mmmmm, I love getting my ass shared. Please Anna, my Black Mistress, share my fucking butt hole! Shove a second cock in my bitch hole so you can really share it! Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, double fuck my big fat slutty white ass like the total anal whore I am!”

“Well, since you asked so nicely.” Anna chuckled, before ordering, “Hey Beyonce, be a good girl and spread Scarlett’s cheeks for me. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, make it easier for me to double fuck this big fat booty. Oh yeah, I love wrecking big fat asses! Oh fuck!”

Anna grinned with delight as she watched the mighty Beyonce reluctantly do what she was told, reaching around Scarlett and spreading those big meaty cheeks to give Anna the best possible look at that already cock stuffed ass hole. Given that she was kneeling behind her prey Anna had gotten a pretty good look anyway, but she had admittedly been preoccupied with those big meaty cheeks bouncing as Scarlett anally rode the dick like a good little submissive bottom. Oh yes, it had been a glorious sight which Anna could have stared at all night, but that was definitely true of Beyonce spreading Scarlett’s cheeks, which was why she paused to savour the moment, both before and after she pressed her own cock against that already stretched open forbidden hole.

Eventually though she pushed forwards, nice and slowly so she could make it as easy as possible on Scarlett, and of course again to savour the moment. Honestly it was more the former than the latter, Anna feeling like she was literally drooling as she forced a beautiful woman’s butt hole to stretch even wider than before, causing even this shameless ass whore to whimper and cry out in pain as her anal ring was stretched well beyond normal. Which was really saying something, because Scarlett Johansson was one of the most popular anal whores in Hollywood, which was only right, because in Anna’s opinion any woman with an ass this fat and fuck-able should be getting sodomised on a daily basis.

That thought caused Anna to glance over at her favourite fat assed bitch and give her a beaming smile, which in turn caused Beyonce to blush slightly and glare angrily at her. Of course Scarlett didn’t notice, as she was too busy letting out an extra loud cry as her butt hole finally stretched wide enough for the head of Anna’s cock to slowly slide deep into the blonde’s bowels. Anna looked away from Beyonce’s beautiful face just in time to see that even more beautiful sight, the tiny brunette then letting out a chuckle of delight as she savoured that sight and the moment of the double anal penetration before pushing even further forward, causing more of the dildo to slide into Scarlett’s fat ass.

In turn Scarlett let out noises like she was being gutted like a fish, but she never complained. Nor should she. She was a bottom with a big fat booty that was made for fucking. Hopefully Beyonce was taking notes, because very soon it would be her doing whatever her top wanted, even if that meant taking two big dildos up her butt. Not that Anna could focus on Beyonce right now when her cock was owning Scarlett’s fat booty, sliding inside that slutty little shit hole alongside Beyonce’s cock, making it absolutely crystal clear that the woman famous for playing a superhero was nothing but a filthy little ass whore with a big fat butt made for fucking.

Scarlett was very proud of that fact. True, she didn’t want it getting out to the general public, but within the circle of Beyonce’s bitches, and perhaps more importantly within Beyonce’s friends like little Anna here, she was more than happy to be known as a total anal whore with an ass made for fucking, as it meant getting more of the treatment she craved. Which included double anal, an extra nasty act which not all of Beyonce’s bitches could take but Scarlett couldn’t get enough of it. Oh yes, she craved the feeling of a second cock sliding in alongside the first within her most intimate orifice, stretching her painfully wide and confirming beyond a shadow of a doubt she was one of the biggest anal whores on the planet.

Maybe the best part was when the second top’s thighs came to rest against her meaty cheeks, announcing that Scarlett had taken the full length of both cocks up her fat ass like the submissive little ass whore she was. Thankfully when Anna buried every single inch of her big dick inside Scarlett’s rectum she waited a few long seconds before officially starting the double butt fucking, giving Scarlett a chance to savour being completely double stuffed like that. Sure, Anna was no doubt doing it for her own pleasure, but Scarlett still appreciated it. Almost as much as when Anna started pumping back and forth, causing both dildos to slide in and out of Scarlett’s ass hole, officially starting the double ass fucking.

Even though Anna went nice and slowly and Scarlett had done this many times before her back hole and back passage were stretched so wide open that even she felt pain to begin with. Or more accurately discomfort. Either way the slow sodomy and her natural sluttiness caused that unpleasant feeling to soon fade away and be replaced by the kind of pleasure which Scarlett craved above all else in this world. The type that she would do anything for, no matter how humiliating. Oh yes, if Scarlett Johansson lived for being fucked up the ass then a double ass fucking was pure paradise for her, and why would anyone want to stop paradise? In this case, the answer was when the need to cum just became too overwhelming.

She held back for as long as she could, but ultimately Scarlett found herself begging, “Harder! Please my Black Mistress, fuck me harder! Ohhhhhhh fuck, destroy my ass! Wreck my big fat ass and leave it gaping for you. Please, I need it fucked! Mmmmm, oooooooh yessssss, I need my ass hole slam fucked hard! Please Anna, my Black Mistress, ohhhhhh, I need you both to fuck my big fat white ass as hard as you can and make me cum! I need to cum, mmmmm ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, I need to cum soooooooo bad. Mmmmm, but don’t do it for me, ooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk, use my ass for your pleasure. That’s what it’s for. That’s what I’m for. Just please my Black Mistress, oooooooh yessssssss, fuck me, oh Anna, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!”

“Okay, I think that will do.” Anna said, “Beyonce, let go of those cheeks, mmmmm, let’s get down to some serious ass pounding.”

Although Beyonce removed her hands from Scarlett’s butt cheeks fairly quickly it was several long minutes before Anna finally gave Scarlett what she so desperately wanted. In the meantime Scarlett became frantic with her begging, trying to keep it up for as long as she could once Anna finally started increasing the pace but she just couldn’t. The anal pounding she received was just too good, Anna building up from a slow and gentle rhythm to a brutal rectum wrecking in what felt like a matter of seconds, and it only seemed to get harder. Or maybe that was her orgasms. Honestly it was so hard for Scarlett to tell that at point. Or to do anything except scream hysterically and cum, and take it like the bitch she was.

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