The Heat of the Night: Althea`s Ordeal

Althea Tibbs had just hung up the phone, she was leaving a teachers meeting in Jackson she wanted to call her husband Virgil to let him know .
Althea was driving listing to some music, when she noticed the gas gauge she would have to stop get soem gas , she pulled into a mom and pops station , she waited no one came out so she went in , then it hit her they was being robbed.

She tried to run but it soon wet black , she woke with a very sore head and she was no longer at the station, se was in a bed room
she could hear voices, but she was tied to the bed , the door opened in walked a tall kid about six teen, he looked built she could see the muscles thru the shirt . he sat next to her ran his hand along her leg going up under her dress,

Althea screamed at him telling him to stop , for that she got slapped,the kid stood ather side Althea was shocked at what he was doing
rubbing his cock thru his pants, she watched as if in slow motion as he undid them pulling down the zipper , he wore no underwear, she didn`t see any hair around his cockhe dropped his pants even his balls were shaven.
She thought what a big cock he had , he grabbed her head, turned her to his cock , telling her to suck it, trying to shake her head free she felt his cock head across her lips .

He jerked her hair she yelled but no sound came out, her mouth was full of his cock
she wouldn`t suck it so he began to move his hips pushing his cock deeper into her mouth, Althea felt it moving towards her thraot
the guy pulled out, told her to suck or he would just fuck her face , she asked him if he would untie her hands , when he did, Althea pushed him away, the guy fell cause of his pants, she quickly untied her feet made it to the door , but was once again cut off by two other kids.

A fat lookin kid pushed her to her knees, once again she heard the sound of zippers, what she seen scared her his ccok was huge, he held it laughing, saying …Say Hello to my friend she tried to crawl away, the other kid hald her,NO! please she begged she watched as he came closer, Open Wide he told her, she felt the thick cock go across her tongue , he rrhead was held the guy began to fuck her mouth.

Althea`s jaw muscles hurt, his cock was just to big, he just kept on sawing back nforth
she gagged as it went down her throat, her nose touching his pubic hair, she could smell the sweat, he pulled out Althea was taking deep breathes , she felt her own zipper of her dress being pulled down, soon she was in her bra and panties , they played with her nipples watching them get hard poking thru her bra ,once again she was sucking the huge cock , she wa s laying down on her stomach
the other kid was behind her licking her pussy , playing with her asshole.

The first kid was watching his cock in hand, he laid next to her ,they positioned her, she felt his cock rub against her clit , she gasped feeling his large cock going in her pussy
he was moving up and down fucking her slow then fast,Althea`s body had betrayed her her pussy was wet her juiced ran down his cock .
she know was holding the huge cock she was sucking, stroking it, she soon felt a apin as the last kid put his cock in her ass.
the fat one said i want to fuck her.

The other two stopped, NO! you`ll rip me apart she screamed , her legs were as wide as hse could get them he held his cock with a quck jabin was in, Althea screamed NNNOOOO take it out but he just continued to fuck her all his weight forcing his cock deep into her
Althea was now ontop . the other two was sucking her nipples . She placed her hand on his chest, and for some unknow reason she began
to fuck him back, she was now sucking the ids cock , they came all over her, she felt his coc swelling she knew he too was ready to cum .
She knelt holding it with both hands working her tongue over the head sticking her tongue into his piss hole , she watch as his pis hole opened and his thick cum came forth
she took as much as she could in her mouth
it ran down between her breast she sucked and lick all the cum, it soon went limp as did the other two guys .

Althea went to the bed room fell onthe bed her pussy was so sore she could barely walk,
she laid in bed touching her pussy lips
she sat up opened her legs she pulled her lips apart she felt how strecht she was she heard one of the guys say ready for some more.
He was holding his hard ccok , he got onthe bed , he turned her over began to lick her ass feeling his tongue in her ass, then she felt his cock going into her ass, se grit her teeth, his cock was bigger than the kid before
she felt her hole strecht, he told her to pull her ass cheecks apart , Althea laid onthe bed holding her asscheecks telling him to fuck her hard.
He groaned as he came inside her ass, she laid onthe bed a fucked slut, she would never be able to fuck Virgil the same, Althea struggled to get up , she had quickly clean up , she made a dash for their car, found they left the keys in it, she sped away.
Back to the gas station, she threw thekeys as far as she could, her tank full, and her pussy too she made her way home .

Virgil was sleep in a chair, she crept by him into a hot shower she washed he pussy it was still sore, she finished went to fix her a bite to eat the twins still asleep,
Days went by She made up excuses for Virgil not to fuck her , she was doing pussy tighten excersies but she wonder if she just wouldn`t like another fat cock .