Rooney Mara’s erotic story

“SCREEEEEEEEEEECH” And in that moment, I felt my entire life flash before my eyes. The torrent of snow poured down on this cold November night as me and my longtime friend of 10 years Rooney Mara were driving in her newest vehicle that she had bought just a few weeks prior. I’m not a car expert so I had no way of know what brand it was but it didn’t matter now.

*ScreeeeeeechBOOSH* The car had stopped turning but I could hear the sound of the car that had struck us hit what sounded like a wall. How was I still even creating thoughts in my mind much less still alive?

“Uuuuuughhhh.” I panted franticly. I still had my seatbelt on but I could feel the blood running the side of my face.

“Rooney?! ROONEY?! ROONEY?!” I shouted out to her but I could not move but I heard no response from her. I was close to having tears run down my face due to her lack of responses but I had to get out somehow. With a million different thoughts in my head, I’m not sure how I managed to get out but I did and I was barely able to get Rooney out of the car but my midsection felt badly bruised and I have an awful limp.

And the ground is frozen through, and you’re

Driven, like the Snow

Pure in heart

Driven together

And given

Away to the west

A white dress

’til the river don’t run

A black dress

Looking like mine

I spotted the blue truck that had rammed us just moments prior crashed into the wall of the local flower shop. I felt anger initially but the pain immediately blocked that out. I was able to call for an ambulance as the snow begin to stagnate but the weather felt even colder than before. Rooney’s neck had slight scratches but her body was almost instantly covered in bruises, mostly on her back. After what felt like an entirety, the ambulance finally arrived and took us away. I was still responsive but I was beyond terrified for Rooney.

4 Hours in the emergency room later, we got the results of what exactly was wrong with us: the man in the truck was not under the influence of any substances so it ended up being just a freak accident. He ended up getting a dislocated shoulder. I suffered punctured ribs and a mild stinger but nothing too serious. Rooney got it the worst though I while she had woken up, she was in a great deal of pain all over due to her very lithe frame. Rooney had suffered a spinal infection due to the impact of the truck hitting mostly her side (the passenger seat) which meant she would obviously be dead right now if she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

I’ve replayed that entire night in my mind so much that it’s become its own broken record. After that night, I never felt more lucky to be alive. As for Rooney? She changed that night and not for the better. Having a spinal infection made her breathing hard but was extra rough on her because, again, of her small frame. She also became reliant on drugs and upped her drug intake and I’m not talking about prescribed drugs either…

*March 9*

“Rooney?” I asked as I knocked on her door but no response. She had me remove her doorbell the week prior to not have any “intrusions”, which would be impossible as she has shunned many people in her life away anyways. She claims it’s to get “into character” for her next role which, coincidentally, is about a single mother who is a recovering addict but I know there’s more to that.

After a few more knocks, she opened the door wearing a white tank-top and black sweatpants. I then noticed her face and I was taken aback. Normally, it would be her natural beauty that would take me aback but not this time. Her skin tone was not its usual pale self; Instead, it was almost corpse-like. She also looked like she hadn’t got any sleep in sleep in the week since I last spoke to her as it looked as if her bags under her eyes had bags of their own.

“Uhhh hi Rooney!” I awkward offer to her, causing her to half-smile.

“Jesse. Hi.” Rooney replied, sounding incredible tired. “What time is it?”

“It’s 4:40 in the afternoon.”

“WHAT?” Rooney exclaimed perplexed.

“I came to check on you and see your progress on the film was and if you needed any help. Ya know, like old times?” I replied somewhat lying. While I always did help her out with her acting roles, acting the scenes out with readings and/or performances, this time I wanted to check on how she was doing in general. I knew she was still hurting and I obviously understood she needs to still be on meds but…Something told me that her next role as a “recovering addict” was more than just a role.

“Oh, it’s fine.” Rooney said somewhat under her breath as she still sharply closed her eyes, trying not to let the sun hit her face.

“How’s your back?” I asked.

“It’s a little bit better. Still hard to breathe sometimes whenever I get out of bed.” Rooney replied. “Wanna come in?” She asked me and I accepted. As I entered the room, I noticed Rooney had all the blinds closed and only had her living room TV on. Aside from that, nothing struck me as unusual aside from Rooney’s erratic behavior.

“H-h-hi.” Rooney kept repeating to me with her eyes slightly widened with a grin on her face.

“You OK Rooney?” I ask”Yeah yeah yeah! Can’t-can’t wait to act out this scene! Hi.” Rooney exclaims overconfidently. Now I had a feeling something was up because I’ve never seen method acting to this level and I’ve been around a lot of actors and actresses in my 5 years in the industry. Rooney even in a normal, happy state has never been this excited to act out a scene with me.

“Uh…hi?” I awkwardly retort back to her. We manage to spend the next 10 minutes rehearsing a random scene from the script of her next film without incident. The only thing that bugged me was even with her incredibly noticeable baggy eyes, she rarely ever blinked.

“I’m gonna use the bathroom for a moment, K Jesse?” Rooney scampered to use one of her many restrooms. Still unsure of what to make of all of this, I just sat on the couch and waited…Until I noticed a peculiar little bottle. It was small and it had some…White substance in it.

“No…” I said exasperated, not wanting to believe it. “Cocaine?” I said under my breath. Now, I was worried. It was one thing for her to use cocaine on its own but combine that with her medically prescribed pills and her still recovering back? It was all adding up. I couldn’t play coy. I had to help my friend out and I had to be stern.

“Sorry about that Jes…” Rooney stood dead in her tracks as I held the small bottle of coke in the air.

“So uh, I didn’t know you liked playing Baseball.” I said sarcastically but with a look of disdain on my face. “That’s what it’s called right? Or Snow?”

“It’s not what it looks like Jesse!” Rooney exclaimed as she tried to reach out for the bottle but with no success. “JESSE PLEASE.”

“How long?” I asked her sternly but I still kept my cool.

“Well, I…” Rooney said awkwardly, trying to play coy.

“How…LONG?” I asked once again, becoming annoyed with her trying to dance around this situation. After a long pause, she finally answered me.

“January.” Rooney retorted under her breath. My eyes widened.

“January?!” I whispered. Everything added up. Her erratic behavior plus her constant seclusion, not to mention the state of her appearance. “Look, you know I’ve always been there for you so I’m not going to judge you.”

“The fuck you mean by ‘judge ME’?!” Rooney ordered.

“I didn’t mean…” I tried to reason with her before getting cut off again.

“JUDGE ME?! The fucking nerve of you! You always keep me on a chain like I’m some fucking little girl!” Rooney exclaimed. I did not know what to make of any of this.

“Rooney, calm down and let’s just talk this through!” I replied trying to calm her down as she was pacing back and forth.

“Fuck you!” Rooney shouted at me before crumbling down to the crown in a heap of tears.

“Shhh shh shh Rooney.” I whispered as I helped her up off the ground as we retreated to the couch. After 5 minutes of just getting her to calm down, Rooney began to explain herself.

“I decided to take it after realizing very quickly that the meds I was on at the time weren’t working. They made me dizzy and gave me sleepless nights.” Rooney said to me still with tears in her eyes.

“And Coke would help you with this how?” I asked.

“It helped me focus and eased the pain considerably.” Rooney said rather bluntly.

“But the side effects…” I motioned to her baggy eyes and snowy, unhealthy looking skin which Rooney begrudgingly nodding her head. “But why Coke?”

“I…I honestly don’t even know.” Rooney said under her breath.

“But there’s marijuana!” I answered almost half-jokingly, causing Rooney to chuckle slightly. “Have you talked to Kate by any chance?” I was referring to Rooney’s older sister Kate.

“Not in like a month. We had a bit of a falling out.” Rooney replied bitterly.

“Jeez. You should try and get into contact with her.”

“She hates me. I shunned her away, I shunned everybody away.”

“Why am I still here then?” I reassured her with a slight smile as I rubbed her back.

“Thank you Jesse.” Rooney said to me with a smile as she placed her small hand on my wrist.

“How did you even score it in the first place?” I was very curious as to where exactly Rooney managed to score Coke in the first.

“It’s L.A. Jesse.” Rooney said half-jokingly.

“Rooney…” I continued to ask sternly.

“The Congo.” Rooney replied bluntly.

“The Congo?” I asked back, confused.

“Yeah, The Congo. The nightclub.” Now it made sense.

“Ahhhh The Congo. But HOW?”

“I knew a few people that supplied me for at least a month.”

“A month?”

“Hey, I was conservative in how I used it!” Rooney shot back with a laugh. “But it didn’t come cheap.”

“What are we gonna do about you and this…everything?” I asked with a sigh.

“Rehab?” Rooney replied. “I don’t want to go down this path any further. Please Jesse.”

“Hm yeah that’s the best course of action. But I have an idea on how to spin this still being part of your ‘method’ acting.” I had the idea to have Rooney’s publicist spin this in her favor, considering there were already reports she was going to go “method” for this new role long before the car accident even occurred.

“Doesn’t sound half bad actually.” Rooney whispered as I held her in my arms as she tightly pressed her head against my chest.

*April 5*

Rooney has been in rehab for nearly a month now and today was the day she was going to be released. I have had no contact with her since she was transferred and was waiting with great anticipation to see her once again. I waited outside the facility and there she was: black pants with a white t-shirt and beautiful porcelain skin with wavy brunette hair. She was already looking so much better than the last time I saw her.

“Jesse!” Rooney’s eyes lit up as she ran over to hug me. She slightly grunted as her back was still slightly hurting.

“Rooney.” I said softly as I returned the hug. “It’s so great to see you again!” Not wanting to spend a single second on the grounds of the rehabilitation center, we both entered my truck and drove off to wherever she wanted to go.

“What was it like in there Rooney?” I curiously asked her.

“It was interesting for sure. You know the stigma of these kinds of places where ‘you cannot leave whatsoever’?” Rooney asked me.

“Uh I think so?” I replied.

“Not true. I could’ve left as soon as I entered the detox process. But I didn’t.” Rooney said with a smile.

“What else?” I continued to egg her on.

“First 4 nights were the worst as I had severe withdrawal. Could hardly think, let alone sleep.”

“How did you cope?”

“Lot of jogging, meds, and befriending some of the people in there with circle groups.” Rooney said with a smile.

“Well, that’s…” I try to add before Rooney says with a giggle “Boring? Yeah I know.”

“I was going to say ‘interesting’ but sure we’ll go with that.” I said with a laugh.

“Where are we going?” Rooney asked me.

“I don’t know, where do you want to go?” I asked back.

“Baskin Robbins?” Rooney asked somewhat innocently.

“Sure, I can go for some ice cream.” I reply with a smile. For most of the day, me and Rooney spent the rest of the day catching up with ice cream and a walk in the park. We tried not to bring up rehab and instead opted to reminisce about our days in college.

“Remember when we skipped class to go out for ice cream and we ended up missing one of our exams?” Rooney pondered.

“Yeah, when YOU dragged ME.” I sarcastically replied.

“Oh come on, do you remember anything from Advance Biology Jesse?”

“Advance? I thought it was it was the introductory class?” I asked confused, causing Rooney to laugh. I really did miss this as it’s been so long since we’ve hung out like this.

“What are you planning for your birthday?” I asked.

“Well…” Rooney sighs and pauses for a moment before continuing. “I was able to get in touch with my folks while I was staying in rehab but not a peep from Kate.”

“Oh…Anything I can do to help?” I offered somewhat awkwardly. “Maybe she’s filming a movie or something.”

“I don’t think so. I still feel like complete shit after our argument. To be honest, I don’t even remember what I said to her but I remember that there was an argument and I was a complete cunt to my own sister.” Rooney added with a hint of shame in her voice.

“I’ll try and get in touch with her, alright?” I reassured her leading her to smile. After a few minutes of strolling in the park, we decided to call it a day so I dropped her off at home.

“Thank you for…Everything Jesse. You’ve always been an amazing friend and I’ve taken you for granted.”

“Anytime Rooney.” I replied with a hug and a smile as she tip-toed and kissed me on the cheek, taking me by surprise. It would still take some time but I think Rooney was on the right track to recovery.

Like a voice in the wind blow little crystal down

Like brittle things will break before they turn

Like lipstick on my cigarette

And the ice get harder overhead

Like think it twice but never never learn

*April 14*

Within the past few days since I last talked to Rooney, I tried getting in touch with Rooney’s sister Kata Mara but to with no success aside from her representative emailing me that Kate was “currently filming a new TV series”, which she was. Nonetheless, Rooney did make up with her parents over the phone but were not able to visit her for her birthday as they were in Italy vacationing. I personally was annoyed as I felt Rooney could’ve used some quality time with her parents in her time of recovery but alas that wasn’t meant to be.

Unbeknownst to Rooney, I had spent the last several days hunting down the model of the car she had purchased around the time the accident happened to buy for her birthday. I spent hours trying to remember the model, from the tire size down to the exterior. Mercifully, I finally located it: a navy blue Ford Falcon XR6. “She is going to LOVE this.” I said to myself as I finalized my appointment to meet with the salesman about the car.

*April 15*

I purchased the car for $58,000 but it was worth every penny as the car drives like a dream. To make finalize the inevitable reveal, I parked the car in my garage and covered it with a tarp like a blanket. Yes, I was very excited about this present.

*April 17*

Today was Rooney Mara’s birthday and I was now nervous about her gift. I had no clue how she would react but I had a feeling she would gravitate towards it with open arms. I took it upon myself to call her to wish her a happy birthday but no answer. After a few more attempts, I gave up and decided to leave her a plain old birthday message. I didn’t hear from her through most of the afternoon until I heard a knock at my door.

*Knock knock knock knock*

“Rooney?! Uh Happy Birthday!” I exclaimed somewhat confused as Rooney showed up at my doorstep as we hugged.

“Thank you Jesse.” Rooney said somewhat blasé. Birthday’s were never a favorite time for her.

“Have anything planned for today?” I asked.

“It’s me remember? I’m not a party kind of girl.” Rooney replied plainly.

“Hmm true. What do you want to do then?”

“I honestly don’t know. Maybe dinner and a movie at home?” Rooney sighed.

“Where to?” I asked with a smile causing Rooney to look at me confused.

“Huh? You want to hang out with me on my birthday?” Rooney asked innocently.

“It’s your birthday and I’m your friend. Two+two together…” I replied jokingly.

We spent a few hours just having lunch and driving around town, talking while we were out. Driving in her car, by the way.

“I got you a gift.” I stated to her.

“Oh?” Rooney replied, eager to hear my answer.

“Yup. But I won’t tell you where or WHAT it is.” I retorted with a wink.

“Is that a test?” Rooney playfully questioned.

“I don’t know; IS it?” I said with a chuckle.

Rooney decided to play along but not to the point where she asked me 20 questions about what it could be. She definitely seemed to be in much higher spirits since exiting rehab, which brought a smile to my face. Her brunette hair was in a little bun, her porcelain radiating from the hit of the sun, and her smile was absolutely perfect.

The day began to wine down as we departed to my place. We decided to buy a little cake and order some take out food. What a party indeed. We decided to watch some TV to kill time by watching some movies on Starz and to our surprise, one of Rooney’s movies was currently airing.

“NO CHANGE IT!” Rooney shouted in embarrassment.

“Why what’s wrong?” I asked her.

“It’s one of my old movies! CHANGE IT PLEASE!” Rooney pleaded. The movie in question was Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, her first movie.

“Wait a minute, isn’t this Bloody Mary?”


“Didn’t you have like less than 5 seconds in this movie? Kate was the star.” I answered back somewhat playfully.

“Yeah but…” Rooney stopped.

“Then there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll change it to something else if you’d like.”

“Thanks Jesse. It’s just that I don’t like looking back on my past works. I like to move forward.” Rooney responded.

“Fair enough. Let’s see what’s on Showtime.” I changed the channel to Showtime and sure enough, another film of Rooney’s was playing: it was Carol, her Oscar nominated film. Rooney immediately groaned.

“OH FOR FUCK SAKE…” I immediately changed it to something else. I burst out laughing as we just decided to not watch any TV for the remainder of the time. We had our cake and dinner and were going to call it a night but not without giving Rooney her present.

“Soooo about your present…” I said coyly.

“Whaaaaat about it?” Rooney retorted coyly.

“I think it’s time to show you what it is.” I stood up and beckoned her to the garage as she slowly stood up with a slightly confused look on her face.

“Did you build some secret sex dungeon or something Jess?” Rooney said jokingly.

“NO! What kind of fucking animal do you think I am?!” I replied before laughing.

“OK, now close your eyes.” I said to her, shaking in my shoes with glee.

“OK, I’m convinced you have a sex dungeon built in there.” Rooney said plainly.

“NO NO I promise it’s not.” I reassured her as I turned on the lights in the garage. “OK, keep covering your eyes.” I started to remove the tarp. “NO PEAKING.”

I finally removed what remained of the tarp to reveal the Falcon, causing me to grin from ear to ear as I finally prompted Rooney to remove her hands from her eyes.

“OK, now you can look.” I said as Rooney finally removed her hands from her eyes.

“Happy birthday!” I exclaimed as Rooney looked dumbfounded.

“Jesse I…Wow.” Rooney whispered looking at me.

“Good wow or bad wow?” I asked worried.

“Good wow. I can’t fucking believe it Jess. Is this the…” Rooney was ready to ask finish her thought before observing the vehicle so I finished her thought.

“Yes, it is.” I confirmed to her. It was indeed the same car she had purchased days before that fateful accident on that freezing November night.

“Holy fucking shit, this is the SAME model. How much did it cost?” Rooney asked me but she cut me off in excitement.


“Never mind that it’s the thought that counts!” Rooney gleefully belted. “Jess, I have no clue…What to say.”

“I know. Your expressions alone are enough of an answer.” I replied with a soft voice and a smile. Her reply was a simple hug. Well, a TIGHT but simple hug. I smiled as I looked down at her but her next move is what caught me off guard. After handing her the keys to the car and suggesting she take it out for a drive, she jumps on me and wraps her legs and arms around me.

“Awww you’re welcome Rooney.” I said as I hugged her back. But she never let go. In fact, she practically squeezed me. Trying to loosen grip, I struggled to walk out of the garage but managed to do so Rooney still wrapped around me. Rooney then looked up me with those innocent looking light blue eyes and placed her lips to mine, completely throwing me off nearly causing me to fall backwards. Her lips were so soft and had a strawberry taste to it but I couldn’t return the kiss. I didn’t know how to react.

“Jes…Jesus Rooney what has gotten into you?” I gasped as we retreated to the couch.

“Thank you for everything. The push that helped me enter rehab, the present, and just being a fucking great friend. This is kind of my way of ‘thanking’ you.” Rooney replied with a wink as she tried to kiss me but I briefly paused her efforts.

“And I think the hug would’ve sufficed!”

“Oh for fuck sake Jesse, you’ve wanted to fuck me since the day we met in college.” Rooney immediately snapped back at me angrily. Girl was always very direct, I had to give her that.

“Fuck, she’s right.” I said in my head.

“I know I’m right.” Rooney whispered to me as she brought her lips to mine. How the hell was she able to read my mind?! Guess we really did know each other well. Rooney was practically gnawing at my mouth so I had to act fast. In one swift motion, I grabbed Rooney’s lithe body and turned her over and pressed my lips towards hers, causing her to moan as she wrapped her left leg around me as she began to unbuckle my belt, causing me to chuckle.

“Little excited now are we?” I playfully quip, to which Rooney looked at me with an insatiable look as she resumed kissing me. Rooney continued to devour my mouth as I gently rubbed her back. She continued to play with my belt with her small hands but she couldn’t seem to get a proper “handle” on it so I decided to help her out. I slowly unzipped my pants allowing Rooney to pull them down to reveal my black boxer briefs containing my semi-erect hard-on.

“Little excited now are we?” Rooney recites what I had just said to her moments earlier, though her tone was more needy and sultry while mine was more playful and fun as she was referring to the growing tent in my briefs. There was hardly any verbal contact between us, if heavy panting and breathing constitutes as “verbal contact.”

“This is nuts…” I groaned as Rooney began to rub my crotch.

“Shhhhhhhh don’t ruin it!” Rooney whispered.

“What do you mean?” I playfully whisper back.

“Let’s not talk too much during this, OK?” Rooney asked with a smile as I nodded.

After a few seconds of rubbing my cloth-covered crotch, Rooney instantaneously brought my briefs down, nearly tearing them in the process as my still semi-erect member was now free. When flaccid, it stood a solid 5″ and when fully erect, it was about 8″ but it was more size than length. In this spontaneous frenzy, I hadn’t considered if the size of my member would be too much for her but the lustful expression and shit-eating smirk indicated, nay out right told me she more than approved.

Rooney began to slowly jerk my rod, causing me moan lightly as she slowly continued to pump her small hand against my throbbing cock.

“You wanted this.” Rooney whispered seductively as she looked at me innocently as she slowly increased her pumping.

“I thought you said no talking?” I whispered to her as I closed my eyes.

“I said ‘let’s not talk too much’. Doesn’t disqualify all verbal contact.” Rooney replied with a wink as she continued to add more pressure and speed to her pumps, causing me to moan more loudly. Getting bored of her pumps, she immediately brought her tongue to my cock, licking the base of it quickly as she giggled at my sensitivity.

Rooney intertwined from drawn out licks to very quick licks, causing pre-cum to ooze from my cock which Rooney immediately brings her sweet mouth towards it, sucking the very tip of my stiff cock savoring my taste.

“Mmmmmmmhhmm wow.” Rooney moaned as she removed her tongue from me. “You taste…Surprisingly good.” Rooney returns to jerking me off and places her mouth back on the tip, now sucking me off. Rooney continuously bobbed her head up and down on me for like a solid 2 minutes. I felt that I was ready to burst at any second and Rooney could sense it too as she smiled through the blowjob. Always sedulous in her actions, she continued to pump me while kissing my cock, wanting me to cum.

“Ohhhh shit I’m gonna cum!” I blurted out as I inhaled ready to reach my climax.

“No no no.” Rooney devilishly whispered to me as she stopped her actions completely, leaving me confused.

“What?” I say confused, wanting to be released.

“That’s not my ‘thank you’ Jesse. Think of that as my ‘hug’ before saying ‘thank you.” Rooney began to strip as did I, remove my plain red T-shirt and before you know it, there stood Rooney completely naked in my living room as I could see her hairless mound glistening, calling out to me.

“What about your back? I don’t want to hurt you.” I said to her, worried I might hurt her considering I was 6’0 tall and had a physically fit frame compared to her 5’3 and lithe frame.

“Hmmmm you’re right.” Rooney replied. “How about this…” Rooney was ready to explain as she sat on my lap. How about I ride you and you let me know when you’re about to cum. Alright?” Rooney had a devious smile on her face as she gave me a quick kiss on the lips as I lifted her up and carried her to my room, hoping to not trip over anything on the way there.

“Careful now.” Rooney exclaimed. Finally, we arrived to my room as I gently set myself onto the bed as Rooney slowly lowered herself on my cock, soliciting a moan from her lips in the process. “Oooooh. It’s quite big.”

“You sure you’re alright?” I awkwardly asked, still looking out for Rooney.

“You’re talking again.” Rooney whispered sweetly. I immediately stopped talking as she methodically began to gyrate her hips against me, really wanting to get me off but not too soon. Luckily, my impending orgasm from a few moments had long since subsided giving me enough time to really enjoy what was about to happen.

“Mmmmmm…” I moaned under my breath so Rooney couldn’t hear me, taking her advice to heart. The bed began to squeak as Rooney continued to rock herself against me, using my chest for some extra leverage.

“FUCK.” Rooney briefly exclaimed out loud, making it known she was really enjoying this and give her reaction to my reaction to this event, she knew the feeling was mutual.

I briefly opened my eyes and notice her lovely (but messy) hair was covering her equally as lovely face so I reached out and brushed it away from her to reveal her now sweaty face smiling and moaning in complete ecstasy. Reacting fast, I grabbed her by the head and pulled her down for a deep kiss as I began to thrust upward.

“MMMMfuck.” Rooney moaned through the kiss as I continued to thrust into her, lightly smacking her ass in the process, causing her to moan more. “Again!” I complied as I gave her a firmer smack on her bottom. “ONE MORE TIME.” I gave her one more hard smack, which ended up leaving a red hand print on her pale derriere. With all of this, I found my proper orgasm quickly approaching as my panting grew quicker. I reached out and began to play with Rooney’s clit with the sole intent of making her climax before me.

“Fuckin’ cheater!” Rooney giggled as she started to bounce on my cock. After a few seconds of bouncing on me, I surprised her by turning her over and thrusting into her. Wrapping both of her legs around my waist, I continued to pound away as her moans continued to grow with each thrust. Soon enough, Rooney came with a loud gasp but I almost didn’t notice as I continued my thrusting.

“Shit…” I groaned as I felt my orgasm build up too and Rooney could sense it too.

“Cum Jesse. Please cum!” Rooney begged as she began to play with her clit as I felt her vagina wall tighten around me and that was enough to push me over.

“FUCK!” And with an audible groan, I swiftly pulled out of Rooney and jet after jet of cum unloaded on her stomach with the highest target hitting her right shoulder. After the last few drops of cum were extracted from me, Rooney lifted herself from the bed, albeit somewhat hesitantly as she didn’t want to strain her back too much, to give me one last deep kiss, which I happily returned.

“Thank you, Jesse.” Rooney whispered to me and I simply nodded and smiled. As Rooney was getting herself cleaned off, I scampered to the living room to retrieve our clothes.

“Want to take the Falcon out for a ride in a bit?” Rooney offered as we continued to get dressed.

“BUT I AM SOOOOOOO TIRED.” I playfully added back, causing Rooney to chuckle before I nodded.

“Nice but I get to choose the tunes…Boyfriend.” Rooney added with a playful wink before departing to the garage.

“HOLD ON.” I made her stop in her tracks, thinking I was going to comment on her “boyfriend” comment. “Don’t pick any shit tracks please.” Rooney immediately laughed before heading back to the garage. We both entered the car and Rooney started it up, loving to hear that specific engine roar again.

“YES!” Rooney gleefully exclaimed as she kissed me on the cheek. “Fucking great birthday gift Jess! And…Oh yeah, music!” Rooney then turned on the radio and connected her Bluetooth to it and played her MP3s on the radio.

And the mist will wrap around us

And the crystal, if you touch it…

And the cars

Lost in the drift

Are there

And the people that drive

Lost in the drift

Are there

And the cares

I’ve lost in the drift

“Is that The Sisters of Mercy?” I asked.

“Driven like the Snow.” Rooney replied. “Love this track!”

“A little depressing no?”

“If you say so. It personally speaks to me Jess.”

“If you love the idea of the defilement of purity, sure Rooney sure!” I sarcastically replied.

“Given what’s happen to me over these past several months, it’s fitting.” Rooney replied with a smile. Even a depressing song like this one that was currently playing wasn’t enough to bring her mood down today.

“Where to?” I asked.

“How about just a drive through town?” Rooney quickly retorted as I simply said “of course.”


*10 Months later*

I became the cinematographer for Rooney’s latest project after the previous DP left due to late production start plus scheduling conflicts, officially beginning my career as a cinematographer. Speaking of that film, the film was a surprise hit at the box office and was a critical favorite, garnering 3 Oscar nominations including Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing, and Best Actress for Rooney, her third nomination. She didn’t win that night but that didn’t bother her as Award ceremonies are not her thing.

As for us? I proposed to her after months of jokingly suggesting we should elope and Rooney said yes on the condition that we don’t try for a child. But she has been known to change her mind before…

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