Zooey Deschanel and Rooney Mara have a fun weekend

Rooney Mara was in town filming scenes for a movie.
She arrived a couple days early, so she decided to
spend the weekend hanging out with her friend Zooey
Deschanel. The two were sitting on the couch, in
their pajamas, watching TV.

“So, I think they want me to play Huntress,” Rooney

“Cool,” Zooey said. “Del Toro’s thinking of me for
Zatanna, so we may end up on-screen together at one

“So, is this what you usually do on the weekend?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“That’s cool. I guess I don’t really mind. Never been
a big fan of this town.” She took a swig of water.

“Well, if you’re bored, we could have sex.”

This caused Rooney to spit out the water. After some
sputtering, she said, “Okay, I know you’re joking,
but did you have to wait till I was drinking
something to say that?”

“Okay, maybe I did that on purpose, but I’m not
joking. C’mon, you did that movie where you fucked
James Bond just for the hell of it.”

“That was a movie. Do you have a towel?”

“So, you’ve never even thought about it, ya know,
doing the lesbian thing?”

“I�Maybe a couple times, but…”

“So, where’s the harm in trying it?”

“I… I dunno.”

“Look, lemme just…”

Zooey scooted closer to Rooney, placed her finger-
tips under her chin, and guided her face towards her.
Rooney had a look of uncertainty on her face, but it
faded once their lips touched. The two made out there
on the couch. Both their hands were busy, rubbing
each other’s bodies, and running through each other’s
hair. Rooney was unsure before, but knew now she
wanted this.

Rooney lay back, and Zooey started unbuttoning her
top. Rooney’s chest rose and fell as Zooey pulled her
top open, then leaned down, and started licking and
sucking on her hard nipples. “Uhm…” Rooney closed
her eyes and bit her lip. She always liked to play
with her nipples before she played with herself, and
Zooey sucked them just right. Rooney was already
getting very wet.

Rooney put her hands behind her head, and Zooey
happened to notice, “Your pits…”

“Yeah, I prefer not to shave unless I have to. You
don’t mind, do you?”

“No. Actually, it’s… kinda…” Zooey leaned in, and
started licking Rooney’s armpit slowly.

“This is weird,” Rooney thought, as Zooey alternated
between licking her pits, “but kinda hot.”

Eventually, Zooey moved down, kissing around Rooney’s
navel. By this point, Rooney was so hot, she was
ready to take matters into her own hands, and start
rubbing her snatch through her pajamas. Fortunately,
Zooey saw how she was twitching, and pulled her
bottoms off, got down on the floor, and stuck her
tongue into Rooney’s hot, wet twat. “Mhm!” Rooney’s
brow furrowed, at this sudden, welcome relief.

After getting her so turned-on, having Zooey eating
her pussy now felt just incredible, so much so, it
didn’t take long for Rooney to cum, but Zooey didn’t
stop there, probing deeper and deeper into her
snatch. Rooney pinched her nipples hard as Zooey
went, until the second orgasm hit, causing her to cry

At this point, Zooey came up. “Wanna take a shower?”
Rooney smiled and nodded.

A few minutes later, the two were in the shower.
Zooey held Rooney from behind, kissing her neck and
nibbling her earlobe, causing her to moan happily.
Zooey’s hand moved down between Rooney’s legs, and
started fingering her twat, and rubbing her clit.
Rooney again came quickly, smiling after.

Afterward, they lay on Zooey’s bed, still somewhat
damp from the shower, making out. Rooney started
squeezing Zooey’s tits, and sucking her nipples.
“Mmm, that’s nice.” Rooney kissed down Zooey’s
stomach, and Zooey spread her legs open obligingly.

This was Rooney’s first time eating out another
woman, but based on Zooey’s moans, she was doing a
pretty good job, licking around the rim of her moist
hole, working her tongue in deeper, while rubbing her
clit with her thumb. When she came, Zooey let out a
high-pitched squeal. Rooney kissed her way back up,
and they made out for a few more minutes, before
falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Rooney woke up first. She watched
Zooey sleeping, and remembered the night before, and
she smiled. She then had an idea, and scooted down.
She wanted to give Zooey a pleasant awakening. Rooney
started to lick Zooey’s pussy. In her sleep, Zooey
smiled and moaned. Slowly waking up, she looked down,
and saw Rooney eating her.

“Good morning.”

“Morning.” Rooney said this, then continued licking

Brow furrowing, Zooey said, “Go to my closet.”
Curious, Rooney got up, and opened the closet door.
Inside she found a strap-on dildo. She pulled it out,
and held it up. “Yeah, that’s it.” Rooney, put it on,
then kneeled on the bed in front of Zooey, and
inserted it in her pussy. “Yeah…” Zooey moaned as
the dildo penetrated her. Rooney started thrusting
into her, causing her boobs to bounce. “Eeyuh-ah!
Fffuck meee!” Rooney went faster, causing Zooey’s
titties to bounce even more. “Fffuck! Oh, fuck!”
Finally, Zooey came, letting out a high-pitched cry.

Pulling the dildo out, Rooney looked down at Zooey,
catching her breath, and got an idea, which caused
her to grin evilly. “Lift your ass up.”

“Huh?” Zooey saw the smile on Rooney’s face, and got
worried, but lifted her ass up anyway. As Zooey was
expecting, Rooney pressed the tip of the dildo
against her asshole, and pushed it in.
“Ooohhh…fuuuck!” She could feel the dildo push its
way in through her entire body, and that was before
Rooney started thrusting into her.

“Yeah, you like that, bitch?” Zooey let out a
strained, throaty groan in reply. “I can’t hear you!”

“Yes, I like it. It… feels good.” Zooey started
furiously rubbing her clit with her middle finger.
Her ass loosened up quite a bit as Rooney went, and
she felt the orgasm approaching fast and strong. When
she came, she screamed like she was being tortured.

Lying there, practically wheezing, she looked up at
Rooney, and said, “Give me that.” Rooney took the
strap-on off, and handed it to Zooey, who sat up, and
pushed Rooney face down onto the bed.

Zooey put the thing on now, then leaned down next to
Rooney’s ear. “Now, let’s see how you like it,
bitch!” she whispered, then pushed the dildo into
Rooney’s ass, and started fucking her.

Rooney let out the same throaty groans that Zooey
did, as the toy went deeper and deeper into her ass.
“Ooh, fuck! Oh, God, yes!”

“Yeah, that feel good, you little whore?”

“Yes, yes, it feels really fucking good!” Rooney
struggled to get her hand under her, so she could rub
her pussy.

“You know what I wish?”

“What? What do you wish?”

“I wish this thing was real, so I could cum inside
your asshole.”

“If that thing was real, I’d lay out in front of you,
so you could cum all over me, just cover me, face to
pussy.” Rooney groaned most of this.

“Oh, well, I can do something about that. It wouldn’t
be cum, but it would be warm and wet. Speaking of
which,” she grabbed Rooney’s hair and pulled hard,
snapping her head back, “are you gonna cum for me
like a good little girl?” Maybe or maybe not
coincidentally, Rooney came, and came hard at this


Sometime later, Rooney laid out on the bathroom
floor, while Zooey stood over her, straddling her

“You ready?” Rooney nodded in reply. Zooey leaned
back, bracing herself against the towel rack, then
held open her labia, and started peeing. As she
promised, it covered Rooney’s whole body. Zooey stuck
out her ass to pee on Rooney’s pussy, and then arched
her back to hit her face. “Yeah, you like how that
tastes?” Rooney was too busy furiously working her
clit to answer, but she definitely liked it.

After Zooey ran dry, she got down on the floor, and
she and Rooney again made out. As they kissed, Zooey
reached up to the sink for the strap-on, which she’d
taken in with her. Zooey quickly put it back on, and
again proceeded to sodomize Rooney with it. Rooney
groaned with pleasure as Zooey fucked her ass with
the toy.

After a while of this, Rooney got up on top of Zooey,
and rode the dildo with her ass. She suddenly became
aware of the need to pee, but, between the pleasure
of her ass being fucked, and already being peed on,
she started peeing on Zooey. “Oh, Jesus!” Zooey
smiled and laughed, even as it hit her in the face.
Rooney actually came while peeing, which was a first
for her, and one she definitely wanted to reproduce
in the future.


Rooney now lay out on the floor again, and once again
put on the dildo, so Zooey could ride it with her
ass. “Fffuck! Ohfuckfuckfuck!” Rooney grabbed Zooey’s
hips, and thrust into her. “Ohgodohgod!” In spite of
her pussy not even being touched, Zooey came very

After, the two lay on the floor, kissing, exhausted,
covered in sweat, not to mention each other’s urine.

“We need to take a shower,” Zooey said.

“Yeah, we do,” Rooney agreed.

“Wanna order a pizza?”

“Yeah, two actually. I’m fucking starving.”

The two got up, a little stiff and sore, and moved
toward the shower.

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