Dirty Fantasies With Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung, and Emily Browning

I guess you could say that Abbie and I had always had a very strange and complicated relationship.

We had known each other for the longest time and were in fact childhood sweethearts, and long before she ever became a famous Hollywood actress Cornish and I shared a very torrid on-again off-again love affair.

Truth be told I hadn’t heard from her in some time until the day she called me out of the blue and insisted that I fly out to New York City and accompany her to the glitzy red carpet premiere of her latest film “Sucker Punch.”

As expected, Abbie looked absolutely radiant as she greeted me in the lobby of the swanky 5-star hotel, and explained how she had arranged everything down to the smallest detail, including my accommodation for the weekend.

It seemed the studio had arranged for Abbie and her co-stars to share a large lavish penthouse suite on the top floor of the hotel, while she had set up a small but luxurious room for me in the same building.

Greeting each other warmly, we moved to the hotel bar and caught up on old times, but as expected it didn’t take long for the old issues to arise.

As grateful as I was for the opportunity to see her again, I was still perturbed over the way we had ended our relationship months earlier, leaving me standing at the Alter with my dick in my hand before she dropped all communication between us.

As I now sat there berating her and passing her messages from her concerned family back in Australia, the Aussie actress simply rolled her eyes and slumped back into her chair.

“Ugh! I knew this was a bad idea.” she whined.

She just didn’t get it through her stubborn little head that she had hurt a lot of people in her “quest” to make it big in Hollywood (whatever that meant), and in the process had cut any and all connection with her friends and family back home.

“Look, we obviously still have a lot of shit to work through.” I finally said. “Do you want me to leave?”

Abbie laughed.

“You just got here. Besides, what are you going to do? Take your luggage and go straight back to the airport?”

Despite the bad start, Abbie insisted that I at least spend the night at the hotel and then offered to show me to my room upstairs, and once there I invited her in.

Funnily enough, the moment we found ourselves totally alone with one another we looked into each other’s eyes and the lust we once shared was reignited.

In an instant we were all over each other, and she wasted little time unbuckling my pants and taking out my cock.

It was just like old times, with Abbie instantly dropping to her knees before me and taking my fat length into the back of her narrow throat, gagging briefly and sucking me long and hard just like the sexy little cock-sucking slut I had always loved and remembered.

“God I missed your mouth!” I hissed down at her, before I picked her up and practically threw her onto the bed and proceeded to fuck her raw.

“Ugh! God!” she moaned loudly as I nailed her missionary style. “I missed you so much! Fuck me!”

I was only too happily to oblige, as I grabbed her legs and pinned then back against her chest and drilled her wet cunt mercilessly for several minutes, fucking her hard and fast, just the way she liked it.

Afterwards, we sat in bed sharing a cigarette and discussing how much we missed the good ole days, and how now she wanted me to accompany her to the red carpet premiere later that evening.

The event itself was a huge deal, with countless paparazzi and media taking countless snaps and doing impromptu interviews with the cast and crew.

It was there that I was briefly introduced to Abbie’s fellow co-stars and was immediately taken aback by one of the ladies in particular who was an absolute knockout by the name of Jamie Chung.

Right away I was captivated by her beauty and exotic looks.

I guess you could say I had always had a thing for Asian women, but this girl was something else. She just exuded sex and poise, and was one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen in person.

Almost immediately Jamie and I began to flirt with one another and clearly shared a mutual attraction towards each other. Still, despite our obvious attraction we dare not act on it as Abbie’s temper was legendary.

Being a very jealous and protective person as she was, Cornish refused to let go of my hand throughout most of the evening, making her co-stars snicker behind her back.

At one point Abbie even squeezed my hand and joked to me about not getting any funny ideas about her friends, specifically Vanessa Hudgens who she apparently considered to be a tramp.

“If you even look at her sideways tonight, I swear I’ll cut your fucking balls off!” she hissed to me under her fake smile.

“I see you haven’t changed.” I smirked back, as we mingled on the red carpet.

Little did she know that while she was busy keeping an eye on Hudgens, Jamie and I were in fact giving each other the eye from across the room and totally leering at each other flirtatiously.

Ultimately though, Jamie and I were caught leering at each other by Abbie’s other co-star and fellow Australian actress Emily Browning, who immediately flashed me a dirty look.

For a moment I was actually concerned that she might come over and tell Abbie about the incident, but judging from the scathing look Jamie gave her, I was certain that the Asian actress had things well under control and Emily dare not cross her.

Nevertheless, we all soon ended up at the premiere after party and it was there that Jamie and I finally found a secluded place to talk and get to know each other better.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” she quipped in a mocking kind of way, almost teasing me.

“Oh, she’s around here somewhere.” I replied, as I joined the striking Korean on the small balcony.

Despite our awkward beginning, Jamie and I quickly continued to flirt with one another with her commenting on my large sleeve tattoo and claiming how she had been seriously considering getting some ink for herself in the last few weeks.

Admiring my custom design, the leggy actress then placed her hand on my forearm and skimmed her long fingernails across my skin, making the hairs on my body stand on end.

“I really like it, it’s unique.” she purred seductively.

The entire time as she did this, she simply stared into my eyes as if she was looking right through me.

I had never experienced such raw sensuality in all my life, and I had to stop myself from just grabbing her roughly by the shoulders and pinning her up against the wall and fucking her where she stands.

Meanwhile as this went on and we continued to absentmindedly talk about tattoos and body art, before I knew it I had agreed to accompany her around town to look at various sketches.

Jamie apparently wanted to take me to a few parlors in the city to gauge the workmanship and make sure she wasn’t getting ripped off.

Realizing what I was agreeing to, I finally interrupted her mid-sentence and reminded her about my girlfriend’s jealous streak, but to my surprise Jamie simply brushed it off and smiled.

“Well, she doesn’t have to know everything?”

I was absolutely floored by her audaciousness.

“I mean, I can keep a secret if you can?” she teased.

I had to admit that despite knowing how wrong it I then was handing her my private cell phone number and arranging to meet her by the park early the following morning.

“Are you sure about this?” she ultimately smiled. “I don’t want to be stood up.”

I simply grinned and reassured her that I would definitely be there, rain, hail, or shine.

Later that evening, we all headed back to the hotel with Abbie and her co-stars extremely drunk. In fact, the ladies were so heavily intoxicated that they were hanging off one another for dear life to stop each other from falling to the floor.

It was during this time that as we stepped into the elevator that I was taken aback by Abbie’s drunken demeanor, as she playfully reached down and grabbed at my cock in front of her friends, and bragged to Vanessa about how huge I was.

To my amusement Hudgens immediately flashed me an appreciative smile and suddenly seemed very interested in me.

“Is that so?” Vanessa smiled through blood shot eyes.

“You have no idea,” Abbie giggled.

“Well if you need a hand with this one, let me know.” Hudgens playfully quipped, before flashing us a sexy wink.

Minutes later, Abbie and I separated from the group and headed back to my room to fuck.

With Jamie and Vanessa still fresh on my mind I really let her have it, not even bothering to shut the front door as I simply bent her over the large sofa and fucked her good and hard while still clothed.

There I literally ripped her panties from her hips and plunged my hard cock into her ass, and pounded that sweet ass of hers while I pulled on her blonde hair causing her to grunt loudly as I brutally fucked her butt.

In truth it had only been the second time I had ever taken her ass, but considering the special occasion I thought it appropriate, and Abbie clearly didn’t object.

The very next morning I awoke nice and early beside my former fiancé and carefully slipped out the door to meet with her sexy co-star.

With the entire morning ahead of us, Jamie and I took in a few sights around the city before we made our way to the more seedy side of town and looked at a few tattoos.

There I was taken aback as the Korean actress happily raised her shirt and jacket and exposes most if not all of her long lean abdomen as she went on to explain what she wanted and where; a tiny heart shaped tattoo on the side of her hip bone.

Still reeling over the sight of her hard body, we left the tattoo store and noticed an adult book shop across the street.

To my amusement Jamie giggled and insisted that we go inside and see if there was something she could buy for the girls as a kind of prank gift, and I was only too happily to oblige.

Inside, we perused the isles as she went on to confess her love of porn, claiming that she watched a lot of smut in her spare time between modeling assignments and shooting films.

It was there that we also noticed several guys leering at her intensely, and feeling self conscious the striking actress latched onto my arm and held my hand, claiming that it made her feel more safe and secure.

I had to admit I actually felt my cock stir in my pants as we innocently embraced one another in the seedy store and pretended to be attached.

She really was a head turner (and out of my league to be honest) and just pretending to be involved with such an exotic beauty was a great ego trip. In fact I couldn’t stop smiling.

Naturally I also found it hard to hide my budging erection, and noting this Jamie simply smiled and pretended not to notice but we both knew she could see it.

To her credit she didn’t embarrass me but instead surprised me by suggesting that we go to the back of the establishment and check out one of the private “video booths.”

“Have you ever been in one of those booths before?” she smiled, as she explained that it had always been a fantasy of hers to go inside.

Against my better judgment, I reluctantly agreed before Jamie and I went to the back of the store and looked inside to find a vacant cubicle. Inside we slipped some coins into the slot and snickered to ourselves as a small screen flickered with vintage 90’s porn.

To my delight, Chung seemed to be genuinely intrigued by the video and clearly enjoyed the scene, at one point even critiquing it.

“Oh wow, what a shame.” she giggled, “Look how small his dick is.”

While I chuckled she then added, “I hope for Abbie’s sake you’re much bigger than that?”

“I should hope so,” I snickered.

“So, have you ever masturbated in a place like this before?” Jamie wondered, as I was suddenly wracked with an overwhelming sensation of guilt and without warning I opened the door and left the small space, surprising both her and I in the process.

“We should probably get back to the hotel now?” I stammered, as the Korean beauty simply looked at me dumbfounded.

As we left the adult store my head was now awash with mixed emotion, as I was partially relieved yet disgusted with myself for letting such a perfect opportunity to screw around with Jamie go by.

In fact, I could see that the actress herself was clearly disappointed and somewhat confused, wondering if she had said or done something to make me do such an about-face.

My behavior thus far made absolutely no sense.

One minute I was totally flirting and coming on to her and the next I literally rejected her obvious advances and ran out of the room rambling incoherently. The poor girl had good reason to feel angered and confused.

It was several minutes later as we made our way back to the hotel that I finally stopped her in the middle of the park and tried to explain my strange behavior.

“Look, I have to tell you something.” I confessed. “I’m really, really attracted to you. I mean, I can hardly control myself around you.”

The actress simply blushed as I went on.

“But in saying that you don’t understand how guilty I feel right now, being here with you while Abbie is asleep in my bed this very moment. It’s just not right.”

To my surprise, Chung seemed to understand and completely agreed, claiming that although my feelings for her were definitely mutual she had been debating with herself all morning if she would in fact go through with having sex with me.

“And?” I almost stammered. “What conclusion did you finally come to?”

“Well, I guess it’s just not meant to be?” she shrugged, “Am I right?”

While I questioned her logic, her next remark only tormented me further.

“I mean, I don’t know many guys who would have controlled themselves as well as you did back there.” she claimed.

“Well, I…”

Jamie then added, “Most guys I know would have just whipped out their dicks and made me blow them.”

I suddenly felt my blood boil with regret as she described the scene we could have, should have shared.

“I’m glad to see that you’re not like the others.” she continued, before leaning over to treat me to a sweet peck on the cheek.

“Well whoopee!” I silently berated myself. “Feel better now? You idiot! What the hell is wrong with you?”

“You’re probably right though,” Jamie then stated with a grin, “We shouldn’t have started up in there.”

“No? And what not?”

“Because we probably would’ve never left that booth,” she claimed. “And would still be having sex this very minute.”

While I shook my head with regret we finally arrived back to the hotel and separated at the lobby, as Jamie announced that she was going back to her room to take a long and relaxing shower.

Although she didn’t say it in so many words, it was clearly implied that she was now feeling extremely frustrated from the porn and missed opportunity to get laid, and was going to get herself off.

With that in mind I watched as she sauntered off in the direction of the elevator and flashed me one last seductive smile before the doors shut in from of her and I counted the floor numbers on the wall.

“Honestly,” I hissed at myself. “What the fuck am I doing? What have I done?”

Shaking my head, I took the stairs and glumly returned to my room only to find that Abbie and the rest of her co-stars were already gone, and were apparently scattered around Manhattan doing various interviews and promotional appearances for the film.

Thinking quickly, I turned on the TV to find my girl standing in the middle of Rockefeller center whilst being interviewed by the Today Show crew.

With the entire ordeal with Jamie still fresh in my mind, I paced in my room for several minutes before I finally headed down to the bar in the lobby, trying in vain to busy my overactive, and over stimulated mind.

“Great,” I snickered to myself. “So not only did I fuck up a perfect opportunity to get laid, but now she’s upstairs getting off while I’m down here drinking by myself?”

With mixed emotions I helped myself to a few shots of bourbon before I finally convinced myself to go upstairs and see if she wanted any company. I still wasn’t sure if I would go through with screwing around, but I just had to give myself a second chance.

Unfortunately for me I soon discovered that the penthouse suite was off limits to the general public, and that you needed a special security card to gain clearance to her floor in the lift.

This now infuriated me, and made me more frustrated and determined to see her than ever.

With that said, I caught the elevator up to highest floor possible before I rushed to the fire escape and took the stairs two steps at a time.

I was actually surprised at how quickly it took me to cover the six whole floors, and when I finally arrived to the penthouse level I found the exit unlocked so I slipped inside and approached the luxury suite, my heart pounding hard in my chest.

Taking a deep breath I knocked on the door with trembling hands, still unsure just what I would say or do if and when I saw her. I guess I just had to see her again, talk to her and get her out of my system.

With my patience running thin, I knocked on the door again but still did not get a response.

I waited an extra minute before I leaned on the handle and found it unlocked and peered inside. There I found the place deserted, but moreover I could hear the low humming sound of the shower in the foreground.

Closing the door behind me, I quietly moved in the direction of the bathroom and carefully peeked inside to see the girl in question.

Taken aback by the incredible scene, I simply stood there dumbfounded for a moment as I marveled at Jamie Chung’s naked form, the shape of her flawless round ass and her lean sculptured back as she casually lathered her remarkable figure behind the frosted glass.

As amazed as I was, I was even more taken aback when I suddenly heard her speak without looking at me.

“What took you so long?” she stated, before she finally glanced over her shoulder and smiled seductively.

Almost instinctively I marched toward her, and in one fell swoop I kissed her hard on the lips and took her into my arms. Without a moment to lose, Jamie instantly lifted her legs and wrapped them firmly around my hips as we kissed.

Despite her weight, I held her up and pinned her up against the tiled wall behind her, and kissed her madly as we rushed to unzip my pants.

Releasing my cock, I finally impaled the gorgeous Asian starlet against the wall and we fucked in this incredible position for some time before I finally took her by the hand, and still naked and dripping wet, dragged her over to one of the large beds.

There, I quickly disrobed as Jamie immediately took charge and crawled up on top of me and began to ride me aggressively, leaning back with her legs spread wide while in the cowgirl position.

I simply lay there moaning involuntarily as I watched my length disappear inside her tight Asian poon repeatedly, before I placed my fingers over her engorged clit, taking her breath away and sending her into the stratosphere.

Jamie shrieked out loud and trembled wildly as she was wracked with a toe-curling orgasm, her sweet tight cunt coating my prick with her juices.

Meanwhile, something in the corner of my eye caught my attention and we both looked over to see Emily Browning standing in the bedroom doorway, clutching some shopping bags with her mouth agape.

“What the hell?” she mouthed, before she dropped her bags and made a run for the exit.

Without thinking, I immediately jumped off the bed and chased on after her and caught the redheaded actress at the front door, blocking her exit.

“Get out of my way!” she yelled, trying her hardest not to stare at my dangling penis, still shiny and wet from her sexy co-star.

While Emily and I proceeded to argue and grapple with one another, I looked over to see Jamie confidently strut over to us from the bed and boldly confront her roommate.

“I swear to god Emily, if you even think about opening you little mouth so help me!”

“Oh yeah?!” Browning snapped back. “What are you going to do about it, you whore?!”

Suddenly, the leggy Korean grabbed the demure Aussie by her hair and pulled her towards the bed.

Snapping around Jamie remarked, “Just give us a minute to talk, okay?”

I simply nodded as I watched the athletic sexpot dominate the smaller and more pale Australian.

I took this opportunity to help myself to a drink from the bar, and could hear the ladies yelling and carrying on for several moments… before the room suddenly fell silent.

Listening intently, I then heard what sounded like soft moaning and whimpering emanating from the room, and intrigued I went over to see what was going on and instead gasped with surprise as I found Jamie nestled between her co-stars legs, eating her out!

“Holy shit!” I let out involuntarily, as my mind tried to comprehend just what I was seeing.

To my amusement, Emily was clearly ashamed by the sudden turn of events but could not stop herself from moaning, or resisting.

Thinking quickly, I exchanged a knowing glance with Jamie before I marched over to where the ladies were and abruptly stuffed my hard cock into the Emily’s mouth, silencing any doubts she might have about the impromptu encounter.

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