Katarina Witt – Swimming Lessons

It was time again for the world championships. The pool
area was completely deserted except for one lone swimmer,
practicing her routine over and over, determined to get
it perfect.

Fransiska van Almsick. World-class swimmer. World
champion. She continued her laps of the pool with her
thoughts on only one thing, the title of champion once

Her practice was interrupted by the sound of a door
opening and closing at the far end of the pool area.
Glancing over, Franzi noticed a well-dressed woman
approaching. It took a few moments for her to recognize
who it was.

Katarina Witt walked along the side of the pool in the
direction of Franzi. She had a notepad in her hand. Kati
was working as a celebrity reporter, covering
the swim meet.

Franzi smiled and waved Hello. She and Kati have been
friendly for many years, both being sport heroes in their
native Germany.

“What brings you here?” Franzi asked as Kati drew closer
to the end of the pool that Franzi was at.

Kati held up the notepad, “Work,” she replied. “I just
received the assignment to cover the meet and I figured
who better to interview than the best swimmer I know.”

“Thank you,” Franzi replied with a swelling of pride in
her heart. “That is very
kind of you to say.”

“I thought it would be interesting to cover the story
from the practice phase all the way to the final meet. I
hope you don’t mind my intruding on you like this.”

“Not at all, my friend,” Franzi said. “I’m sorry though
that it may be a little boring for you. I have at least
another 2 hours of pool time left and I really should
continue my practice.” With a giggle, Franzi added “If
your paper were waterproof, you could jump in and
interview me as I work out.”

“That is a very interesting concept,” Kati said, “But
while I’m comfortable on the ice, I’m afraid I am not a
very good swimmer. Besides, I have no suit to wear.”

“I have several extra suits in my locker, and how would
it look if I let my reporter drown while I was her
lifeguard?” Both girls laughed.

Kati thought for a moment. “Since you put it like that,
how can I say no. Which way to the locker room? I’ll go
and see if I can find a suit that will fit me.”

Franzi directed Kati where the lockers were and which
locker would be hers. “In the bag at the back of the
locker are the extra swimsuits.”

Kati walked into the locker area and easily located
Franzi’s locker. Reaching in, she found the bag holding
the suits. Picking one that she liked, Kati undresses.
Once she folded everything and placed them on a shelf in
Franzi’s locker, she starts to pull on the suit. A wiggle
here and a tug there, the suit finally forms itself to
Kati’s body.

Glancing in the mirror at the back of the locker, Kati
notices exactly how form fitting the suit actually was.
“Goodness,” Kati thought. Her nipples were clearly
visible through the special material, and her vagina was
clearly outlined. She was glad that she had decided to
keep her vaginal area neatly trimmed. Grabbing up her
notepad and pens, Kati made her way back to the pool
area, enjoying the sound that her borrowed shower shoes
were making on the tiled floors.

Hearing someone approaching, Franzi turned from her
exercising. She let out a slight gasp as she saw Kati for
the first time. An oddly familiar feeling started to
creep into Franzi’s body. Familiar because she knew when
she was becoming aroused. But also odd because she had
never had this reaction for another woman.

Kati, feeling Franzi’s stare, joked “These suits sure
don’t leave much to the imagination.” Nervously
answering, Franzi replied, “No, you sure can’t be modest
and wear one of these.” Try as she might, Franzi couldn’t
take her eyes off Kati. As if in a kind of slow motion,
Franzi watched as Kati kicked off her shoes and dipped
the toes of one foot into the water to check the
temperature, then slowly sit on the side of the pool then
ease herself into the water.

Kati clung to the side of the pool as she made her way
slowly in the direction of Franzi. “Don’t be afraid,”
said Franzi. “As a matter of fact, I’ve decided that I’ve
practiced enough for today.”

Now worried that she may have lost the chance to
interview Franzi, Kati asked her “What are you going to
do in place of the practice?”

“Well , I’ve decided that I’m going to give you a
swimming lesson while we talk. It will be some fun for
both of us.” The feeling of arousal was growing stronger
in Franzi as she approached Kati at the poolside.

Reaching out a hand, she tells Kati to take her hand.
With a gentle but firm tug, she draws Kati away from the
side and out into the open water. As Kati floated towards
her, Franzi reached under her to sort of cradle her.
Kati’s breasts brushed across one of Franzi’s arms as she
did so. A little shudder of excitement rushed through
Franzi’s body.

As Kati felt Franzi cradle her, she too got a strange
feeling inside her body. Her nipples hardened as they
brushed along Franzi’s arm.

Franzi told Kati “Just relax and let me support your
weight on my arms.” Franzi took advantage of this and
looked Kati up and down, admiring the beautiful body that
she now held in her arms. Her gaze though, kept returning
to Kati’s bottom. It was so round and firm. The twin
globes on perfect display in the skin-tight suit.

Franzi couldn’t help herself. She had to know if Kati’s
bottom felt as good as it looked. Still supporting Kati
with her left hand, Franzi brought her right hand from
under Kati and placed it on the small of her back. “Now
kick your feet and move your arms like you are swimming,”
Franzi instructed.

Kati started to move her arms and legs as Franzi held on.
Slowly, a hand made it’s way down Kati’s back and came to
rest. The rhythmic movement of Kati’s butt cheeks caused
Franzi to begin rubbing them up and down, side to side.
They felt glorious to her touch. Franzi, not sensing any
protest from Kati, grew a bit bolder and lengthened her
stokes to now include the upper part of Kati’s thighs,
drawing her hand right up to the cleft where swimsuit
dipped between them.

A new sense of excitement rose inside Kati as she felt
Franzi’s hand tracing the outline of her bottom and
thighs. Though her mind was asking why she was feeling
this excited, her body was responding. Her legs parted
slightly. Moments later, she felt fingers moving up the
inside of her thighs. She silently encouraged those
fingers to keep exploring.

Franzi moved her fingers lightly up Kati’s inner thigh
with a feathery touch, not wanting to rush to quickly and
scare her off. Stroking and circling, her fingers finally
came in contact with Kati’s suit covered crotch. Franzi
ran a finger up and down the well-outlined slit and felt
Kati shudder.

She pressed her finger harder as she rubbed up towards
Kati’s clit. Feeling the nub, she moved a second finger
along the slit. Kati’s legs parted even further, feeling
lightheaded from the direct stimulation to her clit. Her
hips arched back, encouraging Franzi to explore further.

Franzi’s thumb traced the edge of Kati’s suit. Finding
the seam of the suit, Franzi worked her thumb under the
material, hooking it and pulling it to the side. Both
girl’s hearts skipped a beat at the unmistakable feeling
of flesh finding flesh, as Franzi’s fingers now were
rubbing Kati’s naked pussy. Kati moved her hand back,
looking for and finding Franzi. Feeling her leg, Kati
started her own exploration. Her hand moved immediately
to the bottom of Franzi’s suit and snaked under the tight
material. Feeling Franzi’s bare skin in her hand brought
new senses of excitement to Kati.

Franzi ran her fingers the length of Kati’s pussy,
slowing briefly each time she reached her clit to give it
a bit of special attention. Franzi drew her fingers back,
to the opening of Kati’s vagina. She began to apply
pressure, inserting the tip of her middle finger. She
felt Kati’s fingers dig into her ass cheek as she slid
her finger in a bit deeper. Franzi started to work her
finger in and out, slow and deliberate, rubbing the walls
of Kati’s vaginal canal as she did.

Kati, wanting to get herself better access to Franzi,
squirmed a bit to get Franzi to stop momentarily. She
then turned herself over on to her back so she was facing
Franzi. With a bit of a wicked smile, Kati asks Franzi,
“What swimming style can you teach me if I lie like

An equally wicked smile crossed Franzi’s lips as she
replied, “Well, I could teach you the backstroke. But we
must remove these shoulder straps of your suit so your
arms will have free movement.” With that, Franzi reached
up and grasped a strap and pulled it off Kati’s shoulder.

Kati shrugged and pulled her arm free. Then Franzi pulled
the other strap down and peeled the now free top of the
suit down to her waist and gasped at the sight of Kati’s
full, firm breasts topped with beautiful, stiff nipples.

An inspired Kati reached up and pulled the straps of
Franzi’s suit off of her shoulders and slid the top of
her suit down to expose her twin lobes. “Magnificent,”
Kati sighed as she placed a hand on one of Franzi’s tits.
Grabbing on of the nipples between her fingers, she
pinched it and twirled it, causing Franzi to coo, “Oh

While all this was happening, Franzi was slowly walking
them both into the shallow end of the pool. Kati felt her
feet hit the bottom of the pool as Franzi released her
grip. She stood and faced Franzi. Their lips touched,
gently at first then growing more urgent as tongues
sought each other, swirling together. Kati wrapped her
arms around Franzi’s neck, kissing her like she had
kissed no other person before, with more urgency than she
had ever felt. Little whimpers of joy escaped her throat.

Franzi cupped Kati’s ass and pulled her to her. She
started to slowly grind her mound into Kati. Sliding her
hands up from her ass, Franzi found the sides of Kati’s
lowered suit and pulled it down further, sliding it over
her ass cheeks and down her legs. She felt Kati step out
of the suit as it fluttered down her legs. Kati released
her arms from Franzi’s neck and did the same with her

Naked flesh touched naked flesh. The girls rubbed their
tits together. Hands snaked down bodies, each looking for
the same thing. Franzi’s fingers found Kati’s neatly
trimmed pubic hair and continued on their way, up between
her legs.

Franzi shuddered and fought to stay standing as Kati’s
fingers made their first contact with her pussy. Her hips
hunched forward to meet those fingers. Her legs parted to
allow those fingers to probe her. Her clit poked out from
its hood, hard, aching to be touched.

Kati loved the feel of Franzi’s clean shaved mound. She
felt her hips thrusting forward to meet her touch. What
her fingers found next was Franzi’s clit. She was amazed
at how hard it was. She parted her fingers and rubbed the
hard nub between them, while running the fingers along
the puffy, swollen lips of Franzi’s pussy. Franzi’s head
threw back and her mouth opened, letting low, guttural
moans escape her throat.

“Ohhh…Ohhh…Mmmm…” she moaned.

“So…Good…feels so…good…” she gasped as she felt
herself surrendering to Kati’s touch.

Kati replaced her fingers with her thumb, rubbing the
clit up and down. Her fingers found the opening of
Franzi’s pussy. She pushed one finger in, feeling muscles
grip her, pulling her finger deeper in. Kati was amazed
at how tight Franzi felt. Kati slid another finger to the
open pussy and pushed it in to join
the first one. The muscles were like a hungry child,
sucking her fingers deeper, squeezing them.

Her body started to quake as Kati moved her fingers in
and out and her thumb continued to rub the swollen clit.
Her hips began to buck, in rhythm with Kati’s stroking.
Her breathing was now short, quick gasps of air mixed
with the sounds of pleasure. “Mmm… yes… yes…
aiee… aiee… yes…” Her hips started to move fasted
and faster as she felt the orgasm building.

“Kati… don’t… don’t stop… please… yes… yes…
so… good… so… so… oohhhhhhhhhhh… nnngggg…”

Her hips now bucked wildly on Kati’s hand and fingers,
the orgasm taking control of Franzi’s body. Franzi
reached out and wrapped her arms around Kati, drawing her
closer as she drove her pussy hard against Kati’s hand,
humping and grinding, grinding and humping. Kati felt
Franzi coming as her hand became warmer than before. And
the muscles in Franzi’s pussy were milking her fingers.
She never felt anything like this before. It excited her
beyond anything she had ever known before this.

Franzi cupped Kati’s face in her hands and drew her in,
pressing her lips to Kati’s. Franzi pushed her tongue
into Kati’s mouth, seeking her tongue. Kati instinctively
began to return the kiss, her tongue seeking Franzi.
Tongues swirled together, caressing one another. Franzi
started to slowly walk Kati back, towards the long,
sloping steps that lead into the shallow end of the pool.
Franzi broke the kiss as they reached the steps.

Taking Kati by the hand, Franzi led her out of the pool.
Kati willingly followed her, having already physically
and mentally surrendering herself to whatever Franzi may
have in store for her.

Franzi reached down and grabbed a large pool towel and
spread it out on the tiled floor. The towel was very
thick and almost as large as a blanket. Franzi led Kati
on to the towel and then kneeled down in front of her.
She reached up and placed her hands on Kati’s exposed
tits, pinching and gently twisting the nipples between
her thumb and fingers. She placed a kiss on Kati’s
stomach, just above her bellybutton. Franzi’s tongue
trailed down her stomach as her hands rubbed their way
down Kati’s sides to the remaining half of the suit that
Kati wore.

Kati trembled with a new found excitement. Anticipation
gripped her. Her body was responding to Franzi’s touch.
She laid her hands lightly on Franzi’s head, stroking her
hair, silently sending the message to continue. Kati felt
fingers grip the sides of the suit, drawing it down over
her hips and down her thighs. She felt the suit hit the
top of her feet and she stepped out of it. She heard
Franzi whisper “beautiful” to herself. Kati knelt down,
facing Franzi. Again, their lips met, this time with more
urgency, tongues wildly wrestling one another.

Franzi reached around and grabbed Kati’s ass cheeks,
squeezing and rubbing them. She ran a hand down between
Kati’s legs, reaching for her pussy from behind. Franzi
ran her fingers up the length of Kati’s pussy and back
down and then up into the crack of Kati’s ass. Kati
shuddered again at the feeling of Franzi caressing her.

Franzi broke their kiss and looked into Kati’s eyes. Her
look said all that needed to be said. Kati lowered
herself to the towel. Kati, lying on her back, gazed into
Franzi’s eyes and saw lust and desire in them.

Franzi stood for a moment and removed her suit, kicking
it to the side. She lowered herself to her knees. She
placed her hands on Kati’s drawn up legs and slowly
parted them, exposing Kati’s pussy to her. “Do you know
how beautiful you are?” , Franzi said to Kati as she felt
her skin begin to flush red from an inner heat that rose
throughout her body. “At this moment, no more beautiful
than you look right now,” Kati replied.

Franzi lowered herself, lying on top of Kati. She looked
deep into Kati’s eyes and then brought her lips down to
Kati’s. Their tongues again met and began to swirl
together. Both girls let little moans escape their
throats. Kati ran her hands up and down Franzi’s back,
finally resting them on her ass. She thrust her pelvis
up as she pulled Franzi towards her.

The tops of their pussies met. Electric like shocks
coursed through both of them. Their clits touched one
another. Kati spread her legs further apart to allow
Franzi the best access to her. Franzi started to grind
her pussy into Kati. She felt Kati’s juices coating her
own pussy. Kati thrust her hips upward to meet Franzi.

Her body responding, Franzi pushed herself up with her
arms, which gave her the ability to apply even more
pressure, grinding her pussy harder and harder. Kati
gripped Franzi’s ass with her hands and pulled her in
even more as she bucked her hips upward with more

Her pussy was on fire now as she felt the beginnings of
her orgasm start to build. Kati rolled her head from side
to side, little moans of pleasure escaping her throat.
“Ohhh yessss,” Kati moaned as she drew closer to release.
Her bucking hips settled into a rhythmic humping.

Franzi sensed that Kati was about to come and drove her
own pussy harder into Kati. She was pussy fucking Kati to
orgasm. “Oohhh fuck! Fuck Me! Make me come!” Kati
growled. “Yes!! That’s it. Fuck…me! Oh so good. So
fucking good…” Kati felt the explosion start deep
inside the core of her body. Shock waves of pleasure
rippled down to the spot between her legs. “I’m cumming!
Oh!Oh… cummmiiinnnggg!” Kati screamed as drove herself
feverishly against Franzi.

Franzi told Kati, “That’s it baby, cum for your Franzi.”

The heels of Kati’s feet drummed a beat on Franzi’s ass.
Kati’s body stiffened as her orgasm reached its peak.
“Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh. YES!!” Kati screamed. Her body dropping
limp now.

Franzi looked down at Kati lying beneath her, beads of
sweat glistening on her body, and smiled. “Are you okay
Baby?” Franzi inquired.

Kati looked up at Franzi and smiled back. “That was the
most incredible feeling I have ever experienced in my
life” she said as she wrapped her arms around Franzi and
pulled her down towards her. Kati planted her lips on
Franzi’s. “Thank You,” she whispered to Franzi, and
kissed her again and again.

The girls laid together for a few minutes, kissing and
whispering little things to each other, Kati basking in
the afterglow. Franzi glanced at the wall clock. “My
goodness, the time sure has flown by. It’s almost time
for my pool time to end.”

Kati jokingly protested for a moment then realized she
hadn’t got the interview that had originally set out to
get. Kati voiced her concern to Franzi. “I wonder how I’m
going to spin this into a story that I can submit to the
magazine,” she said.

“After we change, we can go to the restaurant and I can
give you a proper interview,” Franzi said. “But,” she
continued with a little twinkle in her smile, “we will
need to meet several more times in order to make sure you
get all the information you need.” Kati giggled and
added, “And don’t forget my swimming lessons…”

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