Celebrity Training – Megan Fox

“How did I get myself in this situation?” wondered Michael Bay. AT 47 years of age he seemed to have it all. He had a loving wife. He had a very successful career as a film director. He was one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Yet Michael Bay had a big problem.
“The bitch is blackmailing me” he explained to the mysterious office worker who called himself Smith.
It was not the first infidelity Bay was guilty of. Young starlets who want to make a good impression on film makers are nothing new to the Hollywood scene. Bay was not the first director to have slept with a young actress, nor would he be the last. And a beauty like Megan Fox did not come around every day.
But this bitch was smart. She made a little film of her own, videotaping Bay coming on to her and then having sex with her. Now she held the tape as collateral, threatening to release it to his family and the rest of the world if Bay did not give in to her demands.
Over the years the price of her silence became bigger and bigger. The bigger it got, the harder it became to hide this expense from his family. At the rate it was going, his wife would find out about the affair without Megan saying a word.
“Well, Mr. Bay, we are more than willing to help. Our service is not cheap, but results are guaranteed. Our mutual friend, Mr. Pattison, will testify to that.
Bay was hesitant “Your services include…”
“Simply put, behavior modification. Every single case is unique, but the end result is the same. Right now, Megan Fox is the dominant party in this relationship. We will change that. By the time we are done, she will do what you want and obey you in every way possible. This will solve your blackmail problem and a lot more. If you are willing to proceed, I will reveal more detail. If not I will say goodbye and good luck. Now, what will it be, Mr. Bay?”
Megan Fox was quite pleased with herself. She had Michael Bay right where she wanted him: begging. Her one time lover called her earlier that day. He asked her, then begged her, upon the initial refusal, to meet and renegotiate their financial arrangement. Though Megan refused, she eventually agreed to meet him. She knew she had Bay by the balls. She would allow him to pay for dinner, maybe even pretend to be receptive to the change in their agreement. In the end, however, she was only going to squeeze the proverbial ball sack harder, insisting on more money, even threatening to reveal the truth to Mrs. Bay.
Megan put on her favorite outfit, a hot red cocktail dress. She sat down and poured a glass of red wine, thinking about how much she would enjoy ripping the floor from under Michael Bay. The Director suggested they meet somewhere secluded in order to avoid the paparazzi. Harris Ranch seemed like a good place. Though it was about an hour away from Hollywood, the food was good and the hotel, though pretty fancy, was far away from any unwanted attention.
Megan finished the wine and got into her Mercedes Benz. By the time she got on the freeway, it was dusk. Few cars were on the road. Eager to have some fun with the desperate director, Megan pushed the pedal to the metal.
She was halfway to her destination when she saw the red and blue lights flash in her rear view mirror. Megan cursed and looked down at the speedometer. “Only 80 miles per hour” she thought, “It’s not that bad”.
Megan pulled over the car and rolled down her window. She put on her best smile when the officer came over to her car.
“License and Registration please” he said unceremoniously. If he recognized who she was when he looked over the ID cards, her showed no reaction.
“Do you know why I pulled you over today, ma’am?”
“I don’t actually” Megan said, shooting him a cute smile.
“ You were speeding, ma’am”
“Oh, c’mon, officer” Megan said, tossing her hair back ever so sexily, “I could not have been that bad.”
All she got from him was a scrutinizing frown.
“ Ma’am, I am going to have to ask you to get out of the car” the officer said in the same indifferent tone.
“ Why?” asked Megan with a note on incredulousness in her voice
“Get out of the car, please.” the officer repeated.
Megan got out of the car. “Have you had anything to drink today, ma’am?” asked the officer, fumbling for his belt.
“Just a glass of wine, officer. Look, I have an important meeting and I will be late. I am willing to take the ticket”.
The officer refused to react, taking out an instrument out of his belt. “This is a breathalyzer, ma’am. Please breathe into it.”
“Fine” Megan rolled her eyes and blew into the instrument.
The breathalyzer reacted with a high pitched beep. “Your blood alcohol is over 0.85, Ma’am, way above the legal limit. ” said the officer, taking out his handcuffs.
Megan was confused “What?!!, Wait, that can’t be…” The officer turned her body toward her car and pulled her arms behind her.
“Officer, please. There has been a mistake” Megan protested
“ Mrs. Fox, You are under arrest for driving under the influence” He slapped the cuffs on her wrists and pulled them shut, “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law…”
“Officer, please, there is no way I am that drunk” protested Megan over the Miranda warning. The officer pulled her toward the squad car, opened the back door and pushed the actress inside, making sure to protect her head on the way in. “You can’t do this to me!!!” She yelled when the man got into the front seat, “Don’t you know who I am?” The officer started the car and turned it back toward Los Angeles. “I know exactly who you are, Mrs. Fox”
Megan quieted down, sitting in the back, pouting angrily. She was frustrated because the officer refused to listen to her. Clearly she could not argue her way out of this. Then again, the officer was kinda cute. Perhaps this called for a different strategy…
“ Officer”, she said sweetly ” perhaps there is a way to work this out. Surely we can come up with a mutually beneficial solution.” She flashed that cute little puppy face she was so good at.
“Ma’am, it is a crime to bribe an officer of the law” responded the policeman.
Megan gave him a cute and innocent look “I would never try to bribe you, sir.” She pressed her face closer to the cage separating the front and back seats. “All I am saying is that if you do a favor for me, I could do something for you…”
The officer finally reacted, giving her a serious grin. “All right” he responded and looked back at the road. A few minutes later, he took a turn off the freeway. The car pulled into an abandoned truck stop. No lights were working despite the fact that it was pitch black outside. Leaves covered most of the asphalt. Clearly nobody has been here for years.
The officer got out of the car and pulled Megan outside. He pushed her against the side of the car and fumbled for the belt.
“ Are you going to take off the cuffs? Or are you the kinky kind?” Megan flirted.
The officer answered by clamping his hand over the girl’s mouth and pointing his pistol to her head. Megan let out a yelp.
“Shut up and this will go a whole lot easier” said the officer with a sudden determination in his voice.
Taking his hand away from Megan’s mouth, he started to pull white rags from his pocket. Megan was confused at first. But when the man brought a rag to her mouth, she understood.
“ Whoa” she protested” This is not what I had in mind”.
The officer put the gun away and used his free hand to pull Megan’s hair, causing her to yelp again.
“Change of plans, bitch, open your mouth”
Megan began another protest and got the rag shoved into her mouth. Two more rags followed that one. By the time the officer taped the girl’s mouth shut with duct tape, Megan could barely move her jaw.
The officer proceeded to tie her ankles. He then took out a black wool bag and pulled it over the girl’s head. Megan screamed out a protest. The rags that stuffed her mouth muffled whatever sound was going to come out of her throat. Now blind, the poor girl started to panic. She heard the trunk of the car pop open. She felt herself being picked up and then thrown into the hood. “Okay” she thought, “NOW you can panic”.
The drive probably took around 30 minutes. Megan was too busy struggling against her bonds and rolling around the trunk to keep track.
The car finally stopped. She heard the trunk open and felt a pair of strong hands pull her out of the car. She heard a voice that did not belong to her captor. “Come on, get her inside.”
Megan tried to let out another scream, to no avail. She felt a second pair hands grab her by the arms.
She was taken inside, her bound feet dragging on the ground. First she felt the asphalt under her feet. When she was taken inside the building, she felt the short carpet. She heard a door open, then felt her feet hit what appeared to be stairs. The staircase was a long. At the end of it she heard another door open, this one heavy and squeaky. She was put into a stool, her bound hands encircling the back of the chair. Her ankles were tied to the sides. After she was thoroughly secured, her mask was pulled off.
It took Megan a moment to adjust to the light in the room. When they did, Megan saw two men standing in the room. One was a slightly overweight man with a mask concealing his face. The other was her old friend Michael Bay.
MFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Megan incredulously screamed through her gag.
“Hello Megan” said Michael in a manner completely unfit for this rather odd scene.
“So we meet after all. How are you doing?” he asked, pulling off Megan’s ball gag.
It took Megan a few minutes to spit out the rags in her mouth.
“Michael! What the Fuck?!” were the first words out of her mouth.
“HAHA” Cracked up Bay. “Good to see you too. Now, as long as you are just sitting there, pay attention. I think it’s time we altered or arrangement.”
“Michael, whatever sick game you are playing needs to end now” declared Megan with clear vitriol in her voice. ”Let me go, and I might not have you arrested for kidnapping me, you fucking creep!”
Michael Bay let out another quick laugh. “Look at you. Tied up, helpless, and you still think you are in control. How very predictable”
Michael walked up to Megan and grabbed her chin forcefully, squishing her pretty little cheeks in the process.
“Now, let me enlighten you , you arrogant little bitch. I am in control, not you. I will be making demands, not you. Your extortion scheme has come to an end. So, if you know what is good for you, you will tell me where your little video tape is. Now, what do you say, Meg?
Megan managed to shake her chin free of the man’s grasp. “FUCK YOU!!!”,
A sadistic smile washed over Michael’s face.” I was hoping you’d say that.”
He stuck a ball gag back into the girl’s mouth and tightened it. “It’s time to level the playing field”.
Michael grabbed Megan’s dress and ripped it down the middle, exposing the girl’s sexy black lace bra and panties. Next, he pulled out a knife. Megan’s chest rose and fell rapidly as the brunette started to panic at the sight of the knife. Bay gave her another evil smile, running the blunt side of the blade across the bra before slicing off the middle of it. The bra cups swung off to the sides, exposing the actresses perfectly round breasts. Megan let out another series of whimpers as her former lover used the same knife to tease the inside of her now exposed legs. Her eyes followed the blade as it traveled from one leg to another, lightly scraping across the beautiful black panties. Using the other hand, Michael grabbed the panties, pulling them up roughly. Megan squealed in pain as the underwear rode up between her lips and into her vulva. She raised her hips and pulled her head back, trying to relieve the pain.
“Not so high and mighty, are you? “ Bay smirked.
The girl was undoubtedly in pain. But she still managed to give the director the evil eye.
“It’s ok, you will learn” said Michael.
He then cut the strings of the still taut underwear, revealing Megan’s perfect shaved pussy.
Michael stepped back. Megan Fox, now more than ever, was a sight to behold. Her beautiful features, a mixture of Irish, French and American Indian, were enhanced by the white rope that held her in place and the bright red ball gag that kept her jaw open. Only a few of her long black hairs were out of place, hanging over her face. With her gorgeous red dress and her sexy black lingerie hanging off the sides in tatters, she was the very embodiment of a damsel in distress. Her short, uneven breaths were offset by brown eyes that displayed the unwavering defiance.
“I will truly enjoy breaking her” Michael thought to himself.
Megan was breathing heavily, but still managed to hurl a few unintelligible insults through her ball gag.
“What a pretty little picture” Michael said out loud. “No doubt it will fetch quite a price on the internet.
The director took out a camera. “Say cheese”.
The flash stunned Megan at first. It took her a few minutes to realize what her captor was doing. By the time Michael changed his position and set up or another shot, Megan figured it out. She turned her head away before the second flash went off.
Michael lowered the camera, giving the trussed up girl a disapproving look.
“It will be a lot easier on you if you cooperated, Mrs. Fox” said the masked man, uttering something for the first time.
Megan only turned her head further, blocking her face with her hair.
“Mr. Smith, if you please.”
The masked man walked behind the chair, then reached in from behind Megan, squeezing and twisting both her nipples. Megan let out a scream.
Michael walked over and leaned in close to the girl’s bound form.
“Do you know the problem with pretty girls? They are spoiled by guys. We cater to you every whim. We give you everything you want, all in hopes of getting sex. It’s not going to happen this time, darling. You will do what you are told, or you will be punished.
Megan was looking straight at him, desperation having replaced defiance momentarily. Mr. Smith continued to torture her nipples. Michael just kept on talking.
“ Now, I will take a few pictures and you are going to look straight into the camera” he lectured her. “Do we understand each other, dear?”
Megan, nearly in tears, desperately shook her head.
“Good,” Michael said and nodded to Mr. Smith. The masked man let go of Megan’s nipples. With a soft moan, the girl breathed a sigh of relief.
“Now,” said the director, “smile for the camera.
He snapped a dozen or so photos, capturing the girl’s bound form from several different angles. Megan just sat there, tugging at her bonds occasionally, letting out a garbled verbal insult through her gag. She continued to look at the camera, fearful of pissing off her captors.
“Oh yes, these will do nicely” Smiled Michael after the photo-shoot was completed. “Your fans will love these. A small tear rolled down Megan’s face.
“Of course, if a picture is worth a thousand words, what would a movie be worth?” asked Michael. Another sadistic smile washed over his face.
Mr. Smith brought a camera and the tripod in the middle of the room. While that was being set up, Michael produced a vibrator and tape. He attached instrument to Megan’s leg. The business of the vibrator went right into the girl’s pussy. Megan shook her head no, moaning pathetically in protest.
Next, her captor turned his attention to the girl’s nipples. First he roughly pinched them, then gave each a strong flick of the finger. This made Megan cry out in pain. It also made her nipples swell. Michael then produced two nipple clips. Pinching a nipple with one hand, her captor attached the clips to each of Megan’s tit. The consequent pain was nearly overwhelming. Megan contorted her face, letting out a long painful moan. Bay, however was not done yet. He produced two golf ball sized weights. The hooks attached to the weights let her captor easily attach them to the nipple clips. Each weight was followed by Megan’s loud squeal.
Megan tried to shake her head no, but quickly found that the movement made the weights swing, tugging on her already tender nipples. Megan was reduced to Mmmphing her now pathetic protests and pleas.
“If you don’t move too much, you might get used to these” Michael said almost casually. There was no doubt he was enjoying himself
Megan tried to concentrate on her breathing. A breath too deep already brought on more pain. She restricted herself to short, sporadic breaths.
Michael, apparently finished with the hardware stood next to the set up camera.
“ Well, its late Megan. I never expected you to be cooperative from the beginning. I assure you, this will change. We are going to have some REAL fun tomorrow. For now we are just going make a little movie.”
“MMMMMMFFFFFF” protested Megan loudly.
Michel walked up to the trussed up girl, gently brushing her chin and jaw with the back of his hand.
“Don’t worry, dear. The camera loves you. Just do what you do best. “
With that, the director bent down and kissed Megan on the ball gag. He then turned around, walking right by the camera and pushing a button in an unceremonious fashion. The recording light came on.
Megan’s eyes were still following Michael when Mr. Smith approached her and pushed a button on the vibrator.
A surge of energy shot through the poor girl’s body. Megan thrust her hips up and threw her head back. She screamed at first, then moaned continuously and intensely. The pleasure radiating from her pussy was intermingled with the pain shooting from her nipples. As a result, her mind was in a complete disarray. She did not know where pleasure ended and pain began. The mixture of sensations quickly became unbearable. Megan did not see Michael or Mr. Smith exit the room. She did not hear the heavy door close. In fact, for the first few minutes she saw nothing but red.
Megan tried putting her butt back down to lessen the intensity of the sensation. This only made the effects of the vibrator more potent. Next, she tried shifting her hips from side to side, but the vibrator continued to violently stimulate her genitals.
It took only a few minutes, but an orgasm started to build. Megan tried to hold it in, but to no avail. When she finally achieved release, the intensity nearly made her black out. Vaginal juices squirted across the floor. Her eyes started to roll in the back of her head. Her breaths became deep, but staggered. She managed to stay conscious.
Megan experienced several more of these orgasms. With her blood saturated with oxytocin, the intensity of the release was eventually diminished. But not enough for Megan’s comfort. The rest of the night became an endless cycle of orgasmic buildup and release. During the buildup, she would tremble due to the combination of anticipation and cold. The ball gag, which did nothing to stifle her moans or screams, instead made her drool copiously down her breasts and stomach. Tears and mascara ran freely down her cheeks. The buildup would last perhaps five, perhaps ten minutes. Megan could not be sure, with her attention devoted entirely to restricting her movement. Once the orgasm hit, however, it was all for naught. He body would spasm violently, making the clips and the weights pull even harder on her abused nipples.
Sometimes she would experience two or three orgasms in a single cycle. Was she getting off on the pain? Did she actually like this? The thought repulsed and frightened her. She had long lost the track of time. The entire night had turned into a mishmash of pain and pleasure. In the occasional moments of clarity Megan heard Michael’s prophetic words playing over and over in her head:” I am in control, not you.”

“She is certainly a feisty one” observed Mr. Smith as they both watched Megan on a monitor.
“How long do you think she will last before she talks?” asked Michael Bay.
“It is only a matter of time before she gives you her little tape” reassured the rope master. ”I would be surprised if she lasted more than a couple of days. Her training, however, will take a bit longer. But the feistier they are, the harder they fall. This one should be fun to break.”