Celebrity Halloween story about Michelle Trachtenberg

You might say I’m an average fourteen year old boy. Not
that I would. I may LOOK average, but I’ve always been
very much a loner. I don’t really fit in with any of the
crowds. Starting High School at the end of August ago
only proved that to a greater degree.

Not that I really care much. I like being a loner. But
I’m also past that age where I started being curious
about girls. And I have no little sisters to be curious
over. Hearing my parents fucking all the time doesn’t
help either. I’ve tried to catch them doing it or see my
mother naked but they’re too careful, she’s too careful.

So I steal dirty mags when I can. I like the ones with
eighteen year old girls, since they’re the closest nudes
I have to my age.

I was shocked to see them putting fingers in – and
letting guys lick – their pussies, taking guys’ cocks in
their mouths and sometimes their asses.

But seeing a girl take a cock up her pussy, THAT didn’t
surprise me. I knew that was what my parents were doing.
My father was sticking his cock inside my mother’s
pussy, and the way she screamed I knew she loved it.

I tried to imagine my mother fingering herself, letting
my father suck her nipples on her apparently large
breasts and lick her pussy, or sucking on his cock or
taking it up her butt… But I couldn’t. My parents
didn’t seem the type. Not that I knew much about types.

All that aside, it was Halloween and I was ready to go
out. By myself of course. I was going as Luke Skywalker.
The Star Wars movies are my favorite. I was able to buy
a black outfit and boots like Luke wore in Return Of The
Jedi and I found a replica of his lightsaber at a
specialty shoppe.

I’m a pretty smart kid, so I always find the best
neighborhood to trick-or-treat in. Usually one of the
richer neighborhoods. We live in a pretty rich one

At the first house I rang the bell and called out “TRICK

The door quickly opened. A tall woman in a business suit
and her dark brown hair in a ponytail answered the door
with a cell phone to her ear.

She put her hand over the mouthpiece. “Oh, good. An
older boy,” She said. “What are you thirteen, fourteen.”

“Fourteen, miss,” I answered.

“Good. Listen, I need you to do me a favor.” she pulled
a younger girl out who had been standing outside my view
to the right of the door. My right.

She was smiling and cute in an awesome clown costume. I
couldn’t see her hair, it was tucked under the clown

“Take my daughter trick-or-treating, and when you get
back I’ll give you all the candy you want. I need to go
to the office.”

My mouth fell open, ready and wanting to speak. But all
I could do was watch the mother push her smiling
daughter out onto the porch next to me, lock the door
behind her and click-clack past me down the stairs. Her
ass looked amazing under that tight, short skirt. She
hopped into her sports car and sped off.

I closed my mouth, just standing there as I watched the
car as it disappear from view.

“Shall we go?” The obviously trusting little girl said.

I shrugged and we left her house.

I’d never been alone with a girl before. I was curious
of course, but nervous too.

“What’s your name?” I asked.


“TRICK OR TREAT!” We called out at the next door. We
each got two full-sized candy bars. I told you I know
where to get the best candy.

Michelle and I talked, about school, our favorite TV
shows and cartoons [yes, I still watch cartoons],
movies. She had wanted to go see Mission: Impossible but
“my mom said I’m too young to see a movie like that.”

I started wishing I looked more like Tom Cruise all of a
sudden – I was a big fan of his – but I looked a lot
more like Mark Hamil as Luke, when Michelle said “I do
love Star Wars, though. I watch all three movies a lot.
My friends don’t understand me,” She stuck out her
tongue and made a goofy look, then laughed.

“That’s a really cool Luke Skywalker outfit you’re
wearing. It looks like the real thing!”

I beamed at her compliment. I was liking Michelle even
more. “Thanks!”

“You’re welcome!” She giggled blushing.

We hit up a lot of doors, got a ton of candy. At one
point Michelle stopped talking and had a funny look on
her face, which only had a thin layer of clown makeup,
unlike real clowns.

“What?” I asked, curious about the look.

Michelle smiled. “You don’t recognize me, do you?”

“Should I?” I asked. “Did we go to school together or
something?” My last school had been K-grade 8.

“No,” Michelle giggled. “But I was in Harriet The Spy
this past Summer.”

I looked at her more closely. Michelle… Michelle
Trachtenberg??? Since the makeup was thin, I could see
that it WAS Harriet The Spy! I had gotten dropped off at
the movie theater to watch my little cousins when we
went to see it when it came out.

“You were Harriet The Spy!” I blurted out stupidly.

Michelle giggled again. “So you did see it!”

I had to go with my little cousins to see it, I had to
watch them. But it was a fun enough movie.”

“Thanks,” Michelle beamed.

“And you were pretty cute,” I admitted.

She blushed again, smiling. “Thanks,” Michelle mumbled.

It was slowly growing darker, but neither one of us were
in her hurry to go back home, and Michelle had the key
to her house, too.

Michelle wasn’t what I expected. I thought she’d be
overly chatty and boring or annoying. That was my
impression of little girls, younger sisters. But what
did I know on the subject.

We were passing an old cemetery and there was a break in
the side wall almost hidden behind some trees.

“Want to take a candy break?” Michelle suggested,
pointing toward the graveyard.

I raised an eyebrow. She wasn’t afraid of hanging out in
a cemetery?

“Sure,” I shrugged.

I followed her through the crumbled wall and we sat down
in the nearest corner. No one outside could see us from

We set down our bags and each pulled out a candy bar and
started munching on it.

“Hey, ummm, I wanted to ask you something, but I just
realized I don’t know your name!” Michelle giggled as
she took off her clown hat, her long dark brown hair
cascaded out.

“Oh, sorry! D’oh!” I said, laughing. “I’m Jim. And you
can ask me anything.”

“Thanks, Jim. Ummm, it’s kind of a favor…”

“Well, I’m doing your mother a favor, why not you?”

Michelle smiled nervously, but I could see curiousness
in her eyes.

“Can I…see your penis?” She blurted. Michelle started
to blush. “I… I’ve never seen one before…”

Without a word I moved my trick-or-treat bag to one
side, away from us. Michelle did the same with hers. I
stood up and unbuckled my belt as she watched
expectantly. I opened my pants and hauled my young cock
out of my [also black] briefs.

Michelle gaped at it. Then she giggled, blushing darkly.

“Like it?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah!” Michelle burst out, then giggled. “I love it!”

“Thanks, Michelle!”

“Can I touch it?” She gushed.

“Yeah!” I replied eagerly.

Michelle crawled over to me and got up on her knees. I
could feel her hot breath on my excited cock. Then she
reached out and touched it. My cock jumped, growing
some. She pulled her hand back and giggled.

“Try again,” I encouraged, eager to be touched by a

Michelle reached up again and wrapped her hand around
the shaft. I moaned softly. And my cock immediately
hardened without her moving her hand at all.

“I heard a penis becomes erect when it’s aroused,”
Michelle said, sounding like her character Harriet The

I just nodded.

“Are you aroused?” She asked.

“I am,” I replied. “By you.”

Michelle smiled.

“Re – really?”

“Yeah, Michelle?”

“Wow…” She gushed. Michelle began to giggle. “Oh, wow!
Is there a way I can help you make it…un-erect?”

“Yeah!” I said excitedly.

“Okay, how?”

D’oh! “Slide your hand up and down the shaft.”

“Like this?” Michelle asked as she began to stroke me.

“Yeah! Now go a little faster, and lean closer and
breath on the head. I like how your hot breath feels on

“Okay,” Michelle giggled as she stroked it faster and
moved closer to it.

I groaned.

Her eyes twinkled as her eyes stayed locked on my cock.
Without asking or having to be told, Michelle started
stroking my cock very fast. It was oozing pre-cum now
copiously. It ran down my shaft and over Michelle’s
hand. She giggled. I was surprised she didn’t go “Ewww!”
but as I said, she wasn’t what I expected a girl to be
after all.

My testicles were aching now, my cock throbbing visibly.
I was moaning and groaning louder and breathing heavy.

My testicles tightened up.

“Quick, stand up and stand next to me while you do that!
It’s gonna blow!”

“Okay!” Michelle giggled as she scrambled to her feet
and stood beside me.

My cock began to swell up, I grunted as it began to spew
jizz high up and in a arc, hitting the ground inches
from Michelle’s trick-or-treat bag.

She giggled and stroked my cock faster, as spurt after
spurt flew out. I was gasping and moaning as twelve,
thirteen bolts exited my body.

My cock softened some but Michelle kept on stroking it,
but there was no more jizz for now.

Finally she let go of it. “Thanks, Jim!” Michelle said.
Jumping up, she kissed me on the cheek.

I put my cock away. “Want to get more candy?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Michelle said as she wiped off the knees of her
mostly white costume and bent down to grab our bags,
handing me mine.

We left the cemetery and hit more houses on the way back
to her house. We talked more, sometimes Michelle
whispering and giggling about how my cock felt in her
hand and how cool it was to see it spurt like some

We finally reached her house and I walked her up to her
front door, disappointed it was all over.

Michelle unlocked the door and pushed it open. Turning
back to me she asked “Wanna come in? You don’t have to
be home yet, do you?”

“No,” I said, smiling as I followed Michelle in.

We went to her room.

“Normally I’d pour out my candy on my bed now and survey
my ‘pirate’s booty’,” Michelle giggled.

Speaking of “booty”…

“Hey, Michelle, can I ask you a favor too?”

“Sure!” She said, setting her trick-or-treat bag on her
bureau. “Anything.”

“Can I see you naked?” I blurted. I knew if I didn’t
just say it right out I’d chicken out.

“If you really want to,” Michelle grinned.

I nodded.

She began to carefully remove her baggy clown costume.
Underneath she had a tight white undershirt that showed
off her almost flat chest and red shorts that showed off
her cute, coltish thighs.

Michelle hung her costume up behind her bedroom door as
she closed it.

She unbuttoned her short, pushing them off. She had on
tiny cotton panties underneath. I could see the shadow
of her dark pubes under them, pushing out against the
thin material.

Then Michelle pulled her under shirt over her head,
revealing her bra. I’d never a bra before, outside of my
dirty mags that is. It looked tight on her.

Michelle reached back and began to unclasp her bra with
difficulty. “They make me wear smaller bras to ‘strap
down’ my boobies so they’re not as noticeable.”


“My mom, the movie people, TV people. They saw boobies
are bad for business,” Michelle giggled.

With a grunt she finally unclasped her bra and shrugged
it off. Her breasts were bigger than I’d thought, though
not that much bigger. Her nipples were brown with small
round areolae around them.

Michelle pushed down her panties. I groaned when I saw
her hairy little pussy. I’d heard girls hit puberty way
before boys, but this was great!

Michelle giggled.

“What?” I asked.

She pointed down at my crotch. “You’re erect again.”

I looked down. Wow, I was.

“Can I see you naked too?” She asked.

I was kind of hoping she’d ask. Then maybe this would
lead further.

“How much time do we have?” I asked.

“Hours,” She grinned.

“All right,” I said as I quickly undressed. I noticed
Michelle rubbing her little pussy. Wow, she was aroused

Once I was as naked as her, my clothes laid neatly over
a chair, Michelle came up to me and took my cock in her
hand again.

“I’d love to make it spurt again…” She said.

“…and this time, you can shoot it on me,” She offered.

“How about in you?” I said, pushing my luck.

Michelle gasped, a look of excitement written across her

“You want to have sex with me?!?” She blurted out.

I nodded.

“Can I?”

“Yes!” She said, leading me to her bed by my cock. I got
a good look at her cute little butt as we headed there.

“It’ll hurt a little my first time,” Michelle said. “But
I know it’ll feel better quick if you keep moving it in
and out of me.”

She pulled back the covers on her bed. She had a box of
tissues on the side of her bed and pulled out a whole
lot, laying them neatly in a stack in the middle of the

“What’s that for?”

“When you break my hymen, I might bleed a little I
read,” Michelle said matter-of-factly as she lay down on
her bed and spread her legs, the tissues half under her
small ass.

I climbed up on top of Michelle and she grabbed my cock,
guiding it to her tiny but very wet pussy. She rubbed
the head up and down the slit, moaning and getting it
very wet.

Then Michelle started running the underside of my cock
along her slit. It was soon coated with her juices.
Slipping her hand between her legs, Michelle rubbed her
pussy some then coated the top part of my shaft with her
juices as well. Then she let my cock back to her
opening, pulling the head inside.

I was thinking about the tissues, and what Michelle said
about breaking her hymen, and the blood… “Are you sure
you want to do this?” I said uncertainly.

“Positive!” Michelle smiled up at me. “Just do it the
way I said and I’ll be fine.”

I slid my cock in further. Michelle was so tight and
hot. The head soon hit a barrier. Her hymen.

I pulled back, until only the head was inside of her.
Michelle leaned up and kissed me on the lips. Then I
pushed forward hard.

Her hymen broke and she screamed loud. As Michelle had
told me to, I didn’t stop moving. I pumped in and out of
her young pussy awkwardly, slipping out like twice but
popping it right back in.

Tears were streaming down her face as she clung to me
tightly, hands around the back of my neck and legs
around my waist.

But her cries slowly died away and were replaced by
moans. Michelle closed her eyes as a look of pleasure
replaced the pain in her face.

I kept pumping in and out of her wetter and wetter pussy
and soon Michelle came. I gave her an orgasm! I got so
excited I fucked her faster and harder and she came
again immediately after.

“Oh, yes!” Michelle cried out. “This feels so good!
Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

I didn’t want to. And didn’t have to. I found myself
lasting a long time. And Michelle had orgasm after
orgasm after orgasm. Her little pussy would clamp around
my cock as it spasmed around my cock and her body would
thrash around under me, her hard nipples raking against
my chest.

It was like an hour – I’m not kidding!!! – before I
grunted and spurted my jizz deep inside Michelle
Trachtenberg. I couldn’t believe I was cumming inside a
famous person!

I grunted and groaned, thrashing atop her as I pumped
bolt-after-bolt of hot jizz, eleven or twelve times.

Finally all hot and sweaty, I rolled off of her onto the
bed beside her, catching my breath.

I looked down at my cock, all covered in my jizz and
Michelle’s juices. But no blood.

I sat up on my elbows and looked between her still open
legs. There was some blood on the tissue.

“I’m sorry,” I said, feeling guilty.

“Don’t be!” Michelle smiled. “I wanted this, and it was

I laid back, smiling.

“Thank you,” She said.

“No. Thank you,” I retorted. “That was my first time…”

“Really?” She said in a whisper.

I nodded.

“I hope we get to have a second time,” Michelle said.
“And a third, and a fourth, and a… Next time you can
let me learn how to suck your penis!” She added
excitedly. “I mean, if you want me to…”

I turned to Michelle, smiling.

“Oh, yeah, I do…”

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