Nicki Minaj – Clean my cum out of your wig

I paid the cab driver and stepped out into the hotel lobby. I was keen to check in to allow myself as much time as possible to relax and decompress from my long flight, so I made a beeline for the reception desk. Ahead of me was a silhouette that seemed familiar. Was it a friend? Someone I knew from home? I dismissed the idea pretty quickly. The woman I was looking at was proportioned in a way I wished the girls back home were. Glossy, pink hair tumbled down onto her caramel colored shoulders, and even from behind I could see the way her almost cartoonishly big rack swelled out against the reception desk. I felt kinda sorry for the young concierge who was having a heck of a time not falling into them. I had a different trouble: from the back, her narrow waist flared out at the hips to an ass that was fat and round, but – at least inside her leather pants – firm and tight enough to bounce a quarter off. I gulped and covered my instantly aching dick with my overnight bag.

“Okaaay. Well, if I CAN’T get the penthouse, which floor do I gotta go to?” the woman honked in a broad Queens accent. That’s when I recognised her: it was Nicki Minaj. I’d heard that voice a ton, watching American Idol, and been hypnotised by that bubble butt in countless rap videos. “You’re on the 26th floor. Just below the penthouse,” the concierge assured her. With that, she flounced off to the elevators, minders in tow.

I checked in. I tried to hide my surprise, and glee, as the concierge handed me my passkey and informed that I was also staying on the 26th floor – but I wasn’t totally successful. “Is something the matter, sir?” he asked me. “Ah, no. No problem,” I told him. What I didn’t add was that I’d be fucking Nicki Minaj’s ass within an hour, if all went according to plan.

I caught the elevator to my floor. As I stepped out into the corridor I heard Nicki’s distinctive voice say “I’ll call for you in an hour, OK? Ta-ta!” A door closed and a burly guard stepped out into the corridor. This part was key. He looked at me suspiciously as I walked past him, but I smiled confidently, and as he turned away I swung my elbow out and caught him at the base of his skull. He went down without a word. I ditched my overnight bag, and before anyone could see, pocketed his copy of her door key and dragged him into a linen closet. Then I retrieved my bag and stashed it in my own room.

Room 47, that’s the room she was in. I pulled a balaclava over my face and edged my own room door open. The corridor was empty. I dashed over and dunked the passkey. She was using the hairdryer as I entered the room, so didn’t hear me until I was on top of her. I grabbed her by the hips. “Don’t make a sound,” I warned her.

She seemed more bemused than afraid. “Uh, OK?” she replied.

“Walk to the living room,” I instructed her. “Can I ask what this is about?” she asked. “Like, do you want money? Or what?” I didn’t say anything.

She put one hand on her hip. “Do you wanna fuck me?” she asked, a hint of laughter in her voice.

“The living room,” I reminded her. She rolled her eyes and walked ahead of me to the living room. “Bend over the table,” I told her. “So you DO want to fuck me!” She crowed. I grabbed the back of her neck and pushed her down onto the table top, mashing her fat tits against the glass. “Shut the fuck up, Nicki,” I whispered.

“OK, sir,” she breathed

I grabbed the waistband of her leather pants and tugged, with not much luck. Her enormous, fat ass cheeks were too much of an obstacle. I pulled harder. Slowly, they began to slide off. As I pulled her ass seemed to pour out, growing in size as it was freed from the confines of the leather. It was beautiful. Perfectly round, smooth and enormous. It jiggled each time I laid a finger on it.

“It’s nice, isn’t it,” Nicki purred.

“I didn’t ask you talk,” I barked at her, smacking her ass hard. She grunted in pain. I peeled the pants off her and grasped the top of the hot pink thong that had been almost completely swallowed by her bulbous booty. I ripped it and threw it on the floor.

“Just so you know,” she spoke up again, “I don’t actually care about you doing me. I was feeling horny anyway. I was ACTUALLY just about to play with my pussy, so you’re pretty much doing ME a favour. You can go ahead and fuck it as hard as you like.”

“Thanks,” I told her, “it’s nice to know you’re on board, but it’s not your pussy getting stretched out today. I’m planning on fucking your tidy little asshole.” “NOOO!” she squealed. “NOT MY BUTT! It hurts!”

She started to thrash around, so I grabbed her neck again. “Relax,” I whispered. “I knocked your bodyguard out with one tap, so imagine what I could do to you.” “Please don’t fuck my ass,” she begged. “I never let anyone fuck it.” “I guess you’ll just have to make an exception for me,” I told her.

I grabbed a tub of Vaseline and lubed up my thick, hard dick, then spread her cheeks – not an easy task – and aimed my shaft at her asshole. I rested the head of my cock against it and she quivered. “Get ready,” I told her, and pushed it inside. She shrieked. I kept pushing. She started to sob. “I’m only an inch deep, sweetheart,” I told her. I kept pushing until I was all the way in – or at least as close to all the way in as I could get with those huge fat ass cheeks in the way. Then the fucking began. I pounded her. My cocked sawed in and out of her ass and gradually the sobbing was replaced by moans. It looked amazing, my thick white cock slidiing in and out of those huge brown ass, into that tiny, puckered asshole. I could tell she was into it when she started riding my rhythm, bucking her hips as I pushed in, clenching her ass muscles hard as I pulled out.

After a while I knew I was getting close; I yanked my dick out of her ass with a loud pop, spun her around and pushed her down on her knees. “Take your top off,” I commanded. She complied. I looked down at her, at Nicki Minaj, kneeling on the ground in front of me, naked except for a bright pink bra that barely held her huge fake tits in.

“Lose the bra,” I told her, and she did. “Now lick your shit off my cock.” She did that as well.

When it was clean I started jerking it. All too quickly I came. My cum gushed out over her tits, covering them in a sticky white glaze. I grabbed the pink wig off her head and used it to wipe the traces of cum that still dribbled out the end of my dick. “Eat it,” I told her. “Clean my cum out of your wig.” All the fight had gone out of her and she did as I said.

“Thanks, sweetheart.” I threw the wig to the ground and slipped out the door, leaving her – and her asshole – to recover.