Sarah and Natalie: Party Girls

I looked in the full-length mirror, adjusting my dark
blue silk tie. Flicking my left wrist, I checked the
time, I had about half an hour to get to the party. I
took a deep breath, leaving the mirror and walking to a
dresser to get the small bottle of pills I knew I would
need tonight. I had one fish on the hook, tonight I
would catch another, the one I had longed to acquire
for years. I turned to the mirror, smiled rakishly.
Time to party.

This was a big Hollywood get-together. A lot of big
names were here, people I would never get to meet if I
hadn’t caught my cute little meal ticket. I showed my
invitation to the large, burly man in a suit watching
the front gate, then drove my black sports car up the
winding drive to the mansion.

The party was in full swing when I walked through the
front door. A pretty maid took my overcoat, and I
entered the huge foyer, a spiral staircase leading up
from the right-hand wall to the second floor balcony.
Men in expensive suits and woman in glittering gowns
stood along the balcony and stairs, gossiping about the
latest rumors flying around about some of the guests.

Another lovely young maid in a short, fluffy black
skirt and fishnet stockings passed by with a silver
tray covered with filled champagne glasses. I took one
and entered a large room to the left with a huge window
that looked out over the swimming pool.

Things were getting wild early, several women were
walking around the pool naked, their lithe bodies
glistening with moisture. I dismissed them and looked
around, my little fish might be here somewhere.

I saw her near the window, champagne glass in hand,
talking intently with the girl I had hoped to snare
tonight. I slipped through the tight throng of guests,
walking up behind the girl already in my grasp.

Natalie Portman looked up at me when I wrapped my left
arm around her thin waist. She giggled, slightly drunk
from the champagne, her brown eyes twinkling with youth
and energy.

“I was telling her about you,” grinned Natalie, leaning
into me, her dark hair smelling like soap and

“Something good, I hope,” I smiled, watching Natalie’s
beautiful companion.

“I told her what I did for you, and what you did for
me,” smiled Natalie wantonly, reaching behind her back
to caress my crotch with her small left hand.

Natalie’s companion caught the gesture, lowering her
face and blushing charmingly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” I nodded. “I’ve wanted
to talk with you face-to-face for years.”

“Natalie’s told me some… interesting things about
you,” smiled Sarah Michelle Gellar, raising her angelic
face to look at me with her bright green eyes.

“Would you be interested in setting up a similar
arrangement, Sarah?” I asked, heart accelerating.

“Well, I am tired of the Buffy thing, and I haven’t had
any good movie offers in a year,” mused Sarah, watching
me intently.

“The money is satisfactory?” I added with a shrewd

“Yes, very,” nodded Sarah, her shark-like smile
matching mine. “Nat says you can make it tax-free?”

“Yes, you won’t have to pay the government a thing.
Cash on the barrel,” I confirmed, sipping lightly from
my fluted glass.

“Then, yeah, I’m on board,” agreed Sarah, placing her
arms behind her back, thrusting out her generous chest.

“That’s so cool! We can work together!” gushed Natalie,
reaching out to grasp Sarah’s hands.

Sarah took Natalie’s small hands, squeezing them with
matching enthusiasm. “You wanna get out of here?”

“How about my place?” I asked innocently.

“Sure,” grinned Sarah, knowing what I had in mind.

I followed the two sexy girls out. I helped Natalie
with her coat as Sarah descended the short staircase in
front of the mansion.

“I’ll follow you,” said Sarah over her bare left

“Okay!” called back Natalie, taking my hand and leading
me to my car.

We climbed in, and Natalie leaned against me, rubbing
my hardening cock with her right hand.

“Did you bring some?” whispered Natalie, licking my
right ear.

“Of course. I know how much you like them,” I smiled,
reaching into my right-hand jacket pocket to remove the
container of pills. I started my car’s engine, then
twisted open the container, removing one pill and
holding it between two fingers.

Natalie dutifully opened her small mouth, sticking out
her cute pink tongue.

I bent down, sucking Natalie’s tongue with my lips,
then massaging it with my own tongue, running it back
and forth over hers.

Natalie moaned softly, her hand tightened over my
jutting cock.

Slowly parting from Natalie’s mouth, I popped the pill
inside. Natalie sat back in her seat, closing her eyes,
waiting for the drug to take effect.

I switched gears and drove away from the mansion, Sarah
following me in her own very expensive toy. Natalie
moaned deeply, pursing her pink lips, her light brown
skin becoming flushed. Watching the road with one eye,
I slid my right hand down her gown, fondling her small
left breast.

Natalie groaned with pleasure, slipping the thin gown
straps off her smooth shoulders, peeling the garment
away from her panting tits.

“Pinch my nipples,” gasped Natalie, gazing at me with
lust-glazed eyes.

I pinched her small, brown, left nipple, eliciting a
sharp gasp of bliss from Natalie. I rubbed her tit nub
firmly, making Natalie squirm sensually.

Natalie leaned over my crotch, unzipping my trousers
and withdrawing my shivering prick.
She enfolded my cock with her hot, young mouth, sucking
deeply on it, bobbing her head up and down as she
caressed my meat with her tongue.

I gasped in ecstasy, my shaft shivering with excitement
as Natalie slurped upon it, her lips fastening on the
head and sucking sharply. I buried my right hand in
Natalie’s thick, brown hair, forcing her head down onto
my cock, driving my member deep into her tight throat.
Natalie moaned softly, licking underneath my cock head
with her tongue, nearly making me cum in her mouth
right then. Natalie stroked my shaft with her small
hands, sliding her lips up and down its length, her
tongue applying warm saliva across its throbbing

“I’m going to shoot!” I gasped, breathing heavily.

“I want to drink it,” smiled Natalie seductively,
taking the entire length of my cock into her mouth,
sucking so hard her cheeks quivered.

The force of her mouth was too much, I orgasmed,
flooding her throat with my semen. Natalie swallowed
all of it, her throat working, her lips fastened around
my pumping shaft.

I struggled for air, sweat beading over my hot, fevered
face. Natalie reclined back in her seat, draping one
slender leg over my lap, licking her lips deliberately.

Natalie and I reached my house, Sarah right behind us.
I drove into the wide garage, waiting for Sarah to
slide into the space next to me before I closed the
garage door. Natalie and I got out and went ahead into
the house, Natalie immediately going to the bar to open
the bottle of champagne I had chilling in an ice-filled

“Nice place,” nodded Sarah, taking off her leather
jacket and dropping it over one of the couches. She was
dressed in a tight red latex skirt that barely covered
her hot pink panties. A skimpy latex bra held Sarah’s
golden breasts. Sarah joined Natalie at the bar, her
hips swaying from walking in her high, black, and
stiletto heels.

I took a place behind Sarah, inhaling her clean, ocean-
scented gold hair. Sarah glanced behind her right
shoulder, smiling at me, daring me to make the first
move. I accepted a glass of champagne from Natalie and
backed off, enjoying my drink while I walked to a
stuffed couch to sit down.

“Want to see one of the videos that I made?” asked
Natalie excitedly.

“Sure,” agreed Sarah, joining me on the couch, at the
other end, crossing her long, supple right leg over her
left, teasing me with a view of her hot pink panties.

Natalie went to one of the video shelves, searching
through the tapes until she found the one she wanted.
Giggling, Natalie inserted the tape into the VCR over
the TV, hitting the play button before falling onto the
couch between me and Sarah.

“Fast forward to the good part,” said Natalie, drinking
heavily from her glass of champagne.

I grabbed the remote from an end table and sped the
tape forward, halting at the scene I knew Natalie
wanted to see.

Natalie stood at the foot of a beautiful four poster
bed. A young red-haired female hooker that I had hired
for this particular movie lay outstretched across the
silk-covered mattress, fingering herself slowly. A
tall, well-muscled man in a black leather hood took his
place behind Natalie, reaching around her slender
shoulders to unclasp her white bra. Natalie lay back
against the oiled man, raising her thin arms over her
head to hug the man’s thick neck as he slid his large
hands over her bare tits and stomach. Natalie moaned in
the man’s grasp, her lips trembling while the man
hooked his thumbs beneath the waistband of her white
cotton panties and pulled the underwear down. Natalie
crawled onto the bed, placing her head between the
pretty whore’s legs, lovingly licking the young woman’s
puffy cunt. The hooded man started spanking Natalie’s
ass, his palm cracking over the naked girl’s taut

“I really liked it when he did that, it got me so
horny,” giggled Natalie, placing her right hand over
Sarah’s left thigh.

Sarah was getting aroused watching the video, I could
see it from my place on the couch. The champagne was
loosening her up, and Natalie’s touch was awakening the
hunger of her flesh.

“Would you like one of these?” I asked, raising the
bottle of pills.

“I shouldn’t,” replied Sarah, her attention torn
between the porn video and Natalie’s small hand, that
was slipping up her thigh toward her short skirt.

I opened the bottle and removed a pill. I gave it to
Natalie, who winked at me.

“It’ll really make you feel good, Sarah,” purred
Natalie, climbing into Sarah’s lap, running her left
hand through Sarah’s shoulder length blonde hair.
Natalie kissed Sarah, a long, passionate kiss that got
me hard quickly. I inserted my hand down Natalie’s open
backed gown, slipping beneath her panties to squeeze
her small, firm ass.

Sarah moaned softly, allowing Natalie to feed her the
pill. Natalie licked Sarah’s neck while I rubbed my
index finger up and down Natalie’s warm crack. Sarah
began panting quickly, her creamy skin breaking out
into a light sweat. Natalie kissed Sarah again, and
Sarah eagerly accepted it, their mouths sucking against
each other, tongues flicking over moist red lips.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” I suggested, turning off the
video tape.

Sarah and Natalie followed me upstairs. I turned back
once, watching while they giggled and fondled each

We entered the huge bedroom. The room was dominated by
my immense, circular, four poster bed, corded silk
ropes dangling from the canopy.

Natalie jumped onto the bed, tossing away her shoes
before sliding her sleek gown over her head. I
unclasped Sarah’s bra, then unzipped her latex skirt. I
slid the skirt down Sarah’s gorgeous legs, taking the
opportunity to kiss Sarah’s left buttock. Sarah
giggled, climbing out of her bright panties. She undid
her heels and kicked them off before joining Natalie on
the huge bed. I was taking off my jacket, vest and
shirt, enjoying the sight of Natalie and Sarah kissing
each other, their graceful hands cupping and caressing
each other’s tits.

Sarah’s sensual ass beckoned me. I approached the bed,
knelt on the firm mattress, and bent over, licking each
of Sarah’s buttocks slowly, relishing the taste of her
warm, golden flesh.

Sarah groaned. She thrust her ass onto my face, her own
mouth busy sucking on Natalie’s pert, light brown
breasts. Natalie was groaning constantly, squeezing
Sarah’s tit with her right hand and scratching her own
wet pussy with her left.

I took a moment to simply admire Sarah’s beautiful pink
cunt, just a little tuft of brown pubic hair above her
clit. I had waited so long to fuck Sarah Gellar, built
up the connections, gathered the money, and seduced
Natalie Portman so that I could experience this night
with my beautiful Sarah. If I hadn’t been so horny, I
might have wept at the sheer beauty of that moment.

With a sniff of Sarah’s ripe, young pussy, my body took
over. I nuzzled inside Sarah’s cunt with my mouth,
sucking hungrily on her labia, probing her vagina with
my tongue. The drug she had taken made Sarah’s pussy
throb with lust, it was drenched with her honey as I
slurped up and down her hot slit, her juices dripping
down my flushed cheeks.

Evidently Sarah was hungry for some pussy too, because
she licked down Natalie’s flat belly to the girl’s wet
crotch. Natalie gasped in bliss when Sarah began
sucking lightly on her clit, Sarah’s tongue lapping
across her pussy.

I placed my palms on Sarah’s buttocks, stroking them,
enjoying the silky feel of her skin.
I licked Sarah’s clit, making her shiver with pleasure.
I ran my tongue over Sarah’s small asshole, then
returned to her cunt, diving into her vagina, caressing
the glistening walls of her hole.

Sarah shuddered, orgasming violently. Sarah’s legs
trembled as her juices washed over my face, filling my
nose with the reek of her musk. I licked up and down
Sarah’s thighs, tasting her sweat-slick legs with my

Natalie reached over her head to grasp one of the
dangling bed ropes. The naked girl’s whole body writhed
while Sarah ate her pussy, sucking loudly on her moist
twat. Natalie arched her back, small breasts thrusting
up into the air as she climaxed, gasping harshly while
her pussy melted underneath Sarah’s relentless tongue.

We were all panting and drenched in sweat, but we were
far from sated. I stretched out on the bed next to
Natalie, running my right hand over her heaving tits
and firm stomach.

“Fuck me, Sarah,” I growled with a wolfish grin.

Sarah grinned back at me, brushing away some blonde
hair that fell across her face. She straddled my
crotch, reaching beneath her legs to grasp my cock and
guide it to her wet cunt.

Sarah slowly squatted down on my penis, moaning as it
drove up into her vagina. When my prick was completely
inside her, Sarah leaned forward, resting her small
palms on my chest as she began bucking on my shaft,
sliding it back and forth between her tight cunt lips.

I groaned loudly, the sensation was beyond description
as Sarah fucked me, pounding her pussy onto my member,
her tits bouncing and glistening with glittering beads
of sweat. Sarah moaned sharply, her eyes closed, her
mouth open and slack while she rode my cock, her vagina
squeezing it deliciously.

Not wanting to leave Natalie out, I lowered my right
hand to her pussy, slid my index finger into her
sopping wet snatch. Natalie groaned softly, closing her
slim thighs around my hand, holding my wrist with both
of her hands as I dipped into her young vagina,
wriggling my digit inside her warm sex.

Sarah started bucking harder, her golden hair flying,
her gasps coming faster and faster. I shoved up into
Sarah’s belly, stabbing her cervix, slapping my balls
against her crotch. Sarah collapsed over my chest,
moaning weakly, her ass bobbing in the air as I fucked
her relentlessly, my own orgasm building within my
bloated cock. I grasped a handful of Sarah’s sweaty
gold hair, I crushed her panting lips with my mouth,
stroking her tongue with mine.

Sarah climaxed first, gasping against my mouth, her
hips shaking as a spasm of release reverberated through
her naked body. I released Sarah’s hair, ran my hand
down her arched, slick back as I exploded inside her,
my cum filling her vagina.

Sarah and I breathed heavily, her breasts firm and warm
against my chest. I kissed her tenderly, her lips sweet
and soft, just as I had dreamed so many times in the
past. Sarah was mine now. I knew that with absolute
certainty. The girl I had worshiped was now mine to do
with as I pleased, and I had much in store for my young

Natalie moaned softly, her thighs shivering around my
hand as she orgasmed again. I removed my finger from
her cunt and placed it on her lips. Natalie licked my
finger clean, watching me with lustful brown eyes.

Sarah remained on top of me while Natalie snuggled up
against my right side. Warmed by the girls’ nude
bodies, I allowed sleep to claim me.