Honeymoon Bliss with Victoria Justice and Hailee Steinfeld

It’s hard to wake up in a more relaxing way than I just had. Lying on a soft comfortable bed in the bedroom of the expensive suite I was renting. The sounds of the Pacific Ocean waves crashing on the beach coming in through the open balcony door. Though the part best of all was the feeling of tight feminine lips wrapped around my dick as my cock was being blown. I let out a moan as I opened my eyes, and I used pillows to sit up and look down my body. I was still naked from last night’s activities, and the sheets had been thrown aside. Down around my waist was also a tanned naked body of a thin fit woman. I could see her cute nude ass, and she had legs crossed and kicked up in the air. She moved her dark brown hair out of her face, it revealed the brown eyes of Victoria Justice looking up at me. Though she continued to suck me, her stretched lips did seem to smile a bit when she noticed I was awake. She kept going for a few more seconds before releasing my pole from her mouth,

“Morning husband,” she said with a big smile, obviously enjoying getting to say those words. We had gotten married only two days ago, and now we were enjoying our honeymoon at an exclusive private resort. The hotel had many amenities, but the best of which was that it’s security kept photographers away and guests knew better than to take photos of others as they enjoyed there own privacy.

“I could really enjoy waking up every day like this.”

“I bet you could,” she said as her hands took over working my rod from her mouth. “I had to wake you up, and this seemed like the most fun way. You need to hurry up and finish though, we only have 30 minutes until they stop serving breakfast.”

“Or, we just call for room service, and then really enjoy ourselves in the shower while we wait for it to arrive.”

“See, that’s one of the reasons I love you. You always have such great ideas.” Victoria than happily went back to sucking my cock. I had to remind her a few minutes later that I still had to order the food. She let my erection slip back out of her mouth and told me what she wanted for breakfast then headed to the in the shower to get ready for me. I called in the order and told them that there was no rush on the order since I was about to take a shower.

Walking into the bathroom I saw my new wife under the spray of water. “Babe, next time we sneak out and have sex on the beach we need to make sure and bring towels or a blanket or something. I still have sand in my hair from last night” she yelled over the sound of the shower. I just stood and watched as she twirled in the large shower stall letting the water rinse off the soap suds. When she wiped the water from her eyes she saw me standing against the wall watching her. VJ gave me a flirtatious look and bit her lip. She then stepped up and pressed her delicious tits up against the glass and gave me the come here signal with her finger. I quickly followed her command and got in the shower with her. She spun around to face me and we made out under the spay of the water. I moved her back as we kissed until she was up against the glass wall. Then I could not help myself but to bend down and take one of her nipples into my mouth. Almost a decade after ‘The Fappening’ and a little over 3 years after we first hooked up, I was still obsessed with how perfect her tits were, and she loved how I loved her tits. I could go for a while playing with them, and playing with her, but she had already gotten me very worked up and we had food on the way, so I flipped her around. Knowing what was coming, Vee bent at the waist a bit and stuck out her ass as she braced herself up against the glass. Taking hold of her hips I pulled her back and push my hips forward. We both moaned in pleasure as my cock entered her. After all the sex we’d had since we’d been together, her pussy fit me like a glove.

“Oh god yes,” Victoria said repeatedly as I pounded her from behind. Our bodies were in perfect sync, her pushing her ass back right as I pushed my hips forward causing the sounds of our sex echoed in the bathroom. When I knew she was getting close to her orgasm I moved my hand around to rub her clit until I finally felt the familiar feeling of her pussy clenching around my cock as she climaxed. As she came, I grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her body. With nothing else holding her up, VJ once again found herself with her tits pushed up against the glass. This time instead of silently motioning for me to join her, she was loudly moaning as I used her body. I kept hammering her from behind until I was all but about to cum. I let go of her arms and pulled out, thinking I’d just cum all over her ass this time, but my wife had other ideas. She spun around and dropped to her knees. Wrapping her lips around my cock, she pushed my hand away from my dick and took hold of it herself. She began jacking off my dick with her tongue probing the head of my dick, all the while her eyes looked up at me with a look that seemed to be pleading me to cum. I didn’t hold back and fired my load in her mouth, which like so many times before she happily accepted and swallowed.

“Well, I got my morning protein,” she joked when it was over.

“Ha, yeah… Oh, shit the room service.” I said as I jumped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. When I walked out of the bathroom I saw that they had left a cart with our breakfast just inside the door. We had our breakfast, of course, Victoria decided to have it naked and let her body air dry after she found out they already delivered the food. Afterward we got dressed and headed out to into the resort. We stopped in on a few of the shops and then walked along the beach. I’ll freely admit, we were totally acting like that couple you hate to be around. We had our arms wrapped tightly one another as we walked everywhere, there were tons of public displays of affection. I normally would have hated us for being that couple, but we were on our honeymoon and Victoria was in a particularly lovey-dovey mood so I just went with it.

We were pretty much attached at the hip (and not the fun way) until mid-afternoon. We had dinner reservations tonight and VJ wanted to go to the salon for a mani/pedi. With time to myself, I hung out at the beach. The suite we were rented also came with a private cabana, so I relaxed and did some reading in there. After a little while, I got up and headed over to the bar to get myself a drink. As I approached the bar, I couldn’t help but notice the dark-haired woman standing there ordering a drink. And by couldn’t help but notice her, I mean notice the really nice ass in the small Brazilian cut bikini bottoms. I might be married, but I’m not blind or dead.

“Getting a good look?” I apparently had looked a little too long because the woman had looked around while waiting on her drink, and had caught me looking at her ass.

“I…um…shit, sorry.” I apologize as she looked at me through her big sunglasses. As she turned around fully I couldn’t help but check out the rest of her. Compared to VJ, she had a whiter complexion, smaller breast, a bigger ass, and she was about as tall barefoot as VJ was in heels. “I guess I should almost take it as a compliment that I can get the guy honeymooning with Victoria Justice to check me out.”

“You know who I am?” I asked as I leaned against the bar next to her.

“Of course. This resort isn’t that big, and security doesn’t stop guest them from gossiping like high schoolers.” It was not until she raised her sunglasses and I saw her eyes did I realize who it was I was talking to.

“Oh, Hailee. wow.”

“So you know who I am too?” She asked flirtatiously.

“Of course, I’m a fan actually. I’ve seen most of your movies and I surprised Victoria with tickets to your concert at the Forum last summer.” Hailee stayed and talked with me even after she had gotten her drink and I ordered two mojitos (one for now and another one so I didn’t have to make another trip 15 minutes later). We ended up both taking a seat at the bar and chatting even after my drink arrived.

“So what do you do, ya know, for work?”

“I work for a boutique advertising agency.”

“Huh? So what’s your connection to the entertainment industry?”

“None, unless you include Vee.”


“What?” I asked she was obviously probing for some bit of information.

“It’s nothing. Just trying to figuring out what Victoria sees in you.”

“Well fuck you too.”

Hailee laughed. “I’m sorry that sounded bad. I mean you’re handsome and all, and in pretty good shape. If we meet at a bar and you started hitting on me, I sure wouldn’t stop you. It’s just that…well, generally actresses don’t end up with people outside the entertainment industry. When they do, it usually comes back to one of three reasons.”

“Oh yeah, what are those?” I asked curious to hear her theory.

“Well, one is he is their drug connection, but I don’t think Victoria is a coke head so that’s not it. Second is that they are rich, and I mean like really rich. So are you…”

“I mean I make decent money for a normal person, but no, I’m not from money and you probably made more from your last movie than I’ll make in the next several years.”

“Okay then,” she said with a very big smirk on her face before taking a sip of her drink.


“So? So what?” She asked knowingly.

“What’s the third reason?”

“Well, let’s just say” She then put her hand on my thigh, “that they tend to have certain specific talents that women find irresistible,” she said in a hushed tone.

“Ummm…wellll….” I knew this was wrong but I didn’t leave “I mean, I don’t know, I… well I know Vee is always more than satisfied with the job I do.”

“I bet.” Hailee was now rubbing my thigh. “Any chance I can take a peek at what she’s been enjoying?”

“Jesus” the word slipped out of my mouth before my brain could react. I lifted up my hand with my ring on it. “Look I’m flattered but I’m married remember? As extremely tempting an offer as that might be, I really can’t.”

“Come on. Come back to my cabana, I’ll even give you a peek at what’s under my bathing suit first if you promise to show me what’s under yours. She doesn’t ever have to know” Hailee whispered into my ear in a sultry voice. I hadn’t noticed until just now how close she had moved her chair to mine.

“Are you serious?”

“Come on, I know you want me. I know you think I’m hot. Maybe even a little hotter than your wife.”

“Whoa, I didn’t say that. You’re putting words in my mouth.”

“You can put something in my mouth if you want.”

“I…umm…look, another time, another life, I would have happily mounted you right on this bar and spend hours going to town on you, but as I said I am happily married.”

“Okay,” Hailee said as she got up from her chair. “If you change your mind or just want to get out of the sun, I’ll be in cabana number 5.”

“I have a cabana of my own, but thanks.” Hailee gave my thigh a squeeze before walking back to her cabana, and I couldn’t help but watch her ass as she walked away. And I am pretty sure she knew it too. When she was gone from view I sighed and finished off my second mojito. I then texted Victoria to see when she was going to be finished. I was hoping soon, so I could meet her back up in our room and plow the hell out of her. Unfortunately, she said she had decided to also get her hair done and wouldn’t be back to our room for another hour or so. I sat at the bar to collect my thoughts while trying cool off a bit, and then I paid my bill. The bartender, who had obviously been listening to me and Hailee, gave me a look like I was crazy as I paid and left.

I took a quick dip into the ocean before heading back to my cabana. I thought for a quick second about heading to find Hailee’s cabana but I knew I shouldn’t. As I approached my cabana I seemed a little odd that the privacy flaps were closed. I just assumed that someone from the hotel staff closed them because it was unattended and I had left some stuff in there.

“Oh hey,” I heard a female voice casually say as I passed through the curtains.

“Ho-ly shit.”

“I guess I accidentally mixed up which cabana was mine,” Hailee Steinfeld said as she laid on the patio couch in front of me. Resting against her elbow with her torso facing me. With the two pieces of her bikini crumbled into a ball on the coffee table, the actress/singer was giving me an amazing view of her naked body. The hottest part about it was Hailee had her legs split at almost a perfect 90-degree angle with one resting on the on the couch and the other pointing straight up in the air. I was speechless. I have no clue for how long or how many times my eyes scanned up and down her naked body. From her long perfect legs to her pussy with just a slight dark-haired landing strip, to her tight toned stomach, to her perky b-cups with thick hard nipples just begging to be sucked and nibbled on, and finally up to her pretty face and mesmerizing eyes.

“Well, I guess you have seen me now,” she said as she slowly lowered her leg and used her free arm to rub and emphasize parts of her body, “It’s would only be fair you give me a peak now.”

“Okay,” I unconsciously agreed. I knew it was wrong, I was married, I was on my honeymoon, but she had me under her spell. I had been able to avoid earlier temptation since me and Tori had become official, including several attempts by her sister. The last time being just a month before the wedding when Madison snuck into the shower I was in while her sister was out. I was able to turn her down and made sure to get out of there before anything happened. This time, I just couldn’t say no. I moved the coffee table out of the way as I approached her, and then stood right in front of her face.

“Just so we’re clear,” I said as I undid the drawstring to my board shorts, “we’re not going to have sex.” I was hoping to keep some control over the situation and set up some boundaries.

“That’s fine,” she agreed. I then dropped my shorts and my hard cock sprang forward right in front of her face.

“Hmm, not bad. I’ve had bigger, but you still have a very nice cock.” She reached over and took hold of my shaft.

“Thanks,” I said as she slowly stroked me.

“By the way,” she looked up at me with her brown eyes and said, “oral doesn’t count.” Her eyes dropped back to my dick and she leaned forward. She gave my cock head a very sensual kiss, then stuck out her tongue and flicked it a few times against my tip. Any thought of leaving left my mind as soon as she closed her lips around my dick and began sliding more and more of me into her mouth.

“Oh fuck” I groaned as I rested one hand on the back of her head and she sucked me with earnest. My eyes were focused on her and her face until I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. Looking down the couch I saw her legs squirming as she used her off-hand to play with herself. God watching her play with herself, I wanted to do more.

“Fuck it, stand up,” I said as I took a step back, my cock slipping from her mouth.

“What? Why?”

“Just stand up and get off the couch.” She had a confused and upset look on her face as she got off the couch. Once she was off, I got on the couch and laid flat on my back. “If we’re going to do this, and oral doesn’t count, then we’re going to do it right,” I told her and Hailee’s face quickly went from frustrated to smiling. She quickly got on the couch, straddling my face before bending down over my cock. As she opened her mouth and lowered it around my dick, she also lowered her crotch onto my face. Soon we were in a full-blown 69 on the couch. The two of us loudly moaned without mouths full while we serviced each other.

My mouth moved around between lapping up her pussy to teasing her clit, all the while my hands had a firm grasp on her tight ass. As we continued, Hailee continued to squirm around on top of me as she deep-throated me. While she humped my face I occasionally had to move my hands around, and at one point I found one of my fingers resting on the outside of her anus. I did not realize it as I was too focused on my task of getting the gorgeous Edge of Seventeen to cum, but Hailee obvious felt it. She quickly sat up.

“Yes do it!” She yelled. I tried to ask what she was talking about, but my voice was muffled by her continuing to sit on my face. She still seems to understand me though. “Your finger, stick in my ass,” she pleaded. It was then I realized where my index finger rested. Instead of giving her exactly what she wanted I took my finger away and shoved it and my middle finger into her pussy. I fingered her hard for 30 seconds, getting my fingers nice and wet, then pulled them from her pussy and drove my index finger into her ass.

“Uggghhhh yyessss!” She moaned as I began fingering her ass. She enjoyed my tongue on her clip and her finger in her ass before she went back down to sucking my cock. I could feel Haiz moaning more and more around my cock until I felt her ass tighten around my finger and pussy gush on my face. Even after she came she continued to suck my cock as I continued to tongue her pussy. We kept going until I could finally feel my impending orgasm approaching. I wanted to warn her but with my mouth still buried in her twat, speaking was difficult. Instead, I used a free hand to give her ass two hard slaps. Hailee moaned in response, but she also lifted her ass up a bit, anticipating another slap. With my mouth now free I told her what was coming. Hailee quickly got off me and the couch and went to her knees on the ground.

“Quick stand up,” she told me, “I want you to watch. I want you to watch as you cover me in your cum.” I got up and stood in front of the ‘Love Myself’ singer. She used both hands to jerk me off, staring up at me the entire time with a big dirty smile.’

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, uugggghhhh” I said as I came. Hailee closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue as jets of jizz continued to shoot out my dick. You would have thought it’d been days not hours since the last time I got off. When it was over Hailee Steinfeld had streaks of my cum running down her face and breasts.

“Holy crap wow,” I said when it was all over.

“Wow is right. You can eat pussy like that and your dick is still hard cumming? No wonder Victoria married you.” Looking down, Hailee was still holding my shaft with one hand and I was still almost totally hard. “You sure about that no sex thing? I promise you, I’m worth it.”

I quickly declined, got dressed and left the cabana as soon as I could. I had no doubt that Hailee was ‘worth it’ and given any time she would have gotten me to comply. As I headed back to our room I texted VJ and said she would meet me up there in 10 minutes. I thanked God that I would beat her back to the room. As soon I was in, I tossed off my clothes and got into the shower to try and rub off any scent of Hailee that might be on me. I made real sure to wash my face and to wash my fingers as well.

“Oh, is that for me?” Looking at the bathroom doorway I saw Victoria standing there in her sundress. She had come back sooner than I thought, or maybe I was just taking a longer shower than I realized. The thing she was referring to, was, of course, the boner I was still sporting. Even as I showered to tried to get the smell of Hailee off me, my mind could not help but think about what would have happened if I stayed and everything I would have done to her.

“Of course it is,” I lied. “Why don’t you take off that dress and come in here so I can give it to you?”

“I’d love to, but I just got my hair done and I want it to last this way at least until after dinner. When you’re done in there meet me out on the balcony.”

“Okay,” I agreed. Once she left I gave myself one more quick scrub down with some of her scented soap. When I finished, I dried off, wrapped myself in a towel and headed out to the balcony. Victoria was sitting in one of the chairs looking out at the ocean. She was sipping on a drink she made for herself and she had also used the mini bar to make me a rum and coke. I came up behind her and then bent down to give her a kiss. She kissed me back, and as we kissed she playfully gave my towel a yank causing to fall off. We were high enough up that I didn’t have to worry about anyone looking up and seeing me nude. As we broke our kiss Tori’s eyes looked down to my crotch and then back up to my eyes.

“Take a seat and just remember to not mess up my hair,” she told me. I sat down on the other chair as she got up. She took the pillow from the chair and tossed it to the ground at my feet. Knowing where this was going I spread my legs as Victoria dropped to her knees on top of the pillow.

“I love you,” she told me before proceeding to give me a blowjob on the hotel balcony. I told her I love her back as she slid her mouth all the way down my tool. As I sat there getting my blown by Victoria Justice while I looked out at the ocean at a fancy tropical resort, I thought that I must have been crazy earlier to put any of this jeopardy. This was all I ever wanted for a long time and to put it at risk, even for someone like Hailee Steinfeld, was madness. I then just sat back and enjoyed as my wife gave my balls a tongue bath and then went back to deep-throating me. Once I was set to blow Victoria was once again all too happy to take my load in her mouth. Unlike this morning, she collected it all in her mouth and one I was done cumming she opened her mouth and swished her tongue around, showing me my load before swallowing.

Once that was over she gave my manhood another once over with her tongue, then returned to her seat. We drank and talked and watched the sunset over the water. She told me about what she was up to when at the salon, and I told her about hanging out at the beach. While I wasn’t sure it was the right move at the time, I told VJ that I had met Hailee Steinfeld at the bar at the beach and that I talked to her for a bit. In my head, I thought if we ever ran into Hailee it would be a lot easier to just act as we had met and nothing happened than for Victoria to find out I had met Hailee and for some reason never told her about it. VJ said she wished she was there when I meet Haiz and that she was going to keep an eye out for her at the resort. Just like that, the topic of Hailee was over. Victoria got out her phone and snapped a few pictures of the sunset and then insisted we take some selfies in front of it. I quickly put a shirt and shorts on then came back out and let Victoria pose me however she wanted for a bunch of pictures.

After the sun had set we got ready for dinner. We were set to have dinner at the upscale restaurant at the resort. I put on a light-weight suit with a white shirt and no tie, leaving the top two buttons undone. Victoria dressed in a light flowy blue dress that shows off her legs and cleavage, and a pair of scrappy knee-high peep-toe boots. When we got to the restaurant it was still nice out so we told the hostess to give us a seat outside. Victoria asked her to also take a picture of us together before we took out seats. She was nice enough to take a few of us, Victoria hugging tightly up against me in each one. Eventually, we sat down and began looking over the menu. We were seated for a few minutes when all of a sudden Victoria called.

“Oh, Hailee!” Looking up Victoria was looking past me and waving at someone. “Babe look, it’s Hailee,” Victoria said to me. I turned around, and walking towards us next to the hostess was Hailee Steinfeld. Hailee had a big smile and was waving back at Tori. Hailee was wearing a short violet dress with silver heels.

“Oh my god, hi,” Hailee said as she came over to our table. Victoria got up and the two women hugged. “Congratulations on getting married!”

“Thank you, I was hoping I would run into you after my husband said he met you today.”

“Oh, he told you about that?” Hailee looked at me with her eyebrow raised.

“Yup. Just about how we met at the bar and talked a bit,” I said making sure Hailee knew the story I told.

“So, who are you here with?” VJ asked.

“Oh, no one. I’m just here alone on vacation. Wanted to get away while I had time between projects.”

“That’s nice, but you shouldn’t have to eat alone. Why don’t you join us?”

“Really? You don’t mind?” Victoria insisted Hailee joined us until she agreed. I in the meanwhile did not like how this was going. More to the point, I didn’t know if Hailee was just here just by coincidence or if it was to tease/torture me. The hostess moved the three of us over to a larger table. Victoria sat across the table from me and Hailee sat between us. We ordered drinks first, both women ordered a sex on the beach, and I got a mojito, with a bottle of wine to come when our food arrived.

“So how was the wedding?” Hailee asked.

“Oh my god, it was amazing!” Victoria pulled out her phone and began showing off some of the pictures and telling her about the details. The two were totally engrossed in details and went back and forth for a while.

“Wow sounds like it was perfect,” Hailee said.

“Well, it had a few bumps,” I finally said.

“What bumps? My sister?” Victoria asked knowing what I was talking about. “It wasn’t that bad, and it was a little funny.”

“I still say she did it on purpose. She may deny it, and you may not believe it, but I’m telling you that she hates being in your shadow.”

“Wait, what are you two talking about,” Hailee spoke up.

“Madison gave the singer of the band at our wedding a blowjob in the bathroom, and about halfway through his mic came on,” I explained. “Suddenly through the speakers, we could hear his heaving breathing her slurping on his dick. It took five minutes before anyone knew what the sound was or where it was coming from.” Hailee burst out laughing, and I also couldn’t help but laugh a bit.

“Well at least the singer enjoyed himself at the wedding” Hailee laughed

“Not as much as a couple of my husband’s groomsmen did,” Victoria said.

“I still don’t get why you invited Ariana to the wedding,” I said.

“Because I didn’t think she’d actually accept, and I wanted to rub my wedding in that bitch’s face” Victoria replayed.

“Ariana?” Hailee questioned.


“Oh, this must be good. I gotta hear this.”

“She fucked three of his groomsmen,” Tori said bluntly.

“Bullshit!” Hailee yelled.

“No bullshit,” I told her. I took out my phone, opened a group chat, and handed it over to Hailee. “Just scroll down and you’ll see the photos.”

“Oh wow,” Hailee said as she scrolled.

“Yup two different guys during the wedding, and then all 3 in a hotel room afterward.”

“I still don’t get why she thought I’d care about her having sex with them. But she definitely made their night.”

“Wait, I thought you said she took 3 guys back to the hotel room, I only see two,” Hailee said as she scrolled through the pictures.

“Third guy is taking the picture,” I told her.

“Right, that makes sense,” Hailee asked if I had any photos of the wedding and I told her yes and where to find them. In general, it was all a very normal time. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was Victoria was drinking a little more than usual. By the time our dinner and the wine arrived both women were on their third sex on the beaches.

“So how did you guys meet,” Hailee asked. I knew Victoria enjoyed telling the story, but it was also an edited version of the story that she liked to tell.

“Well, we went to the same gym and would see each other around, but never talked to one another. Then one night when I was leaving my car wouldn’t start, and he happens to be leaving as well and helped me out. He drove me home that night, drove me back the next day, and helped me find a good mechanic.” She left out the part where I asked her to flash me her tits as repayment for the ride and we ended up having sex in my car. “Then for the next few months, we hung out a bit.” We were somewhere between friends with benefits and booty calls who’d occasionally grab dinner or see a movie together. “Then one morning something happened, we started fighting and both finally admitted we had real feelings for one another.” What happened was I ran into her sister at a club one night, we got drunk and ended up hooking. Victoria found us both passed out naked on a lounge chair by her pool, my morning wood still inside her sister. “And ever since then, we’ve been together and totally in love.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet.”

“Yeah, it is,” Victoria said looking my way and rubbing her foot along my leg under the table. Dinner continued and by the time we finished eating Victoria was drunk. She continued to rub against my leg periodically. Twice she fully pressed her foot up against my crotch. After our plates were taken away Hailee ordered chocolate lava cake and a bottle of champagne,

“Oh one more thing,” she told the waitress “charge the whole dinner to my room.” The waitress nodded and walked back to the kitchen.

“Hailee, you didn’t have to do that,” I said.

“It’s nothing, consider it a wedding gift.”

“That’s so sweet,” Victoria said.

“I gotta tell you, Tori, I didn’t earlier, but I am starting to get why you married him.”

“What’s not to like? He’s handsome, he’s supportive, he’s funny, and the sex is great.”

“Vee!” I objected, but she and Haiz just laughed.

“What, I’m not telling her anything I haven’t already told my friends,” Victoria explained.

“So you’ve been enjoying your honeymoon,” Hailee asked Victoria.

“Oh yeah,” Victoria gulped the rest of her wine. “Some guys brag about being able to go all night and whatever, but he really can. Ever since he got past the ‘oh wow I’m banging a celebrity’ phase, you know what I’m talking about?” Hailee nodded in response. “Well, ever since then it’s been so good. Not that it wasn’t good before, but after, WOW.” Victoria started to giggle.

“Well, that’s nice to know.” Hailee placed her hand on my thigh. “You two really do seem to be in love though.”

“We are.” Victoria reached across the table and took hold of my hand. “I’m so comfortable and trusting of him. I gotta tell you if he were some of the other exes I’d be totally threatened by you. You are exactly hit type,” VJ told Haiz.

“I don’t have a type” I disagreed.

“Are you kidding? The first time I met her your Mom said I was so your type. And last Christmas she showed me pictures of some of her old girlfriends. All of them brunettes between 5’5” and 5’8” slender athletic bodies, boobs between a ‘B’ and a ‘C’, with a least a bit of an ass but nothing too big. Heck, I think I was only the second non-white girl in the group and some people think I’m just a white girl with a tan.”

“It does sound like you have a type.” Hailee looked at me and said. Under the table, however, she had moved her hand up my thigh. I was about to say something, but Hailee pulled back as a server arrived with our dessert and champagne.

“Look, I should at least let you two have desert alone,” Hailee said as she stood up from the table. Victoria told her that she didn’t need to leave, but Hailee said it’s fine. As she left she said “I hope I see you again soon,” all the while looking right at me. Victoria didn’t notice this, but I did. The two of us ate desert alone, and when we finished we headed back up to our room. I told Victoria to bring the bottle of champagne with us since we both only had a single glass and it was already paid for.

After dinner, Victoria was very drunk and very whorney. We made out passionately in the elevator. By the time we got to our floor, Victoria had her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. I carried her that way down the hallway to our room. I had to stop kissing VJ so I could see where I was going, so she started kissing biting my neck. She seemed very intent on giving me a series of hickies.

When we got to our room I put her down and we quickly left a trail of clothing to the bedroom. Once we reached it, I was naked and Victoria was left in nothing but her boots. She stood there still hold the champagne bottle. I took the bottle from her and I began pouring some of it down her chest. Tori quickly sucked in her breath as she felt to cool bubbly liquid run down her skin. I did my best to drink it off her as I poured. Sucking it off her tits, chest, and stomach. I then gently pushed her so she fell backward onto the bed, her legs still hanging off the edge. I filled her belly button with champagne, did a body shot off her, and then repeated the process a few times. When I was satisfied I dropped down to my knees on the floor in front of the bed and poured the rest of the champagne all over my wife’s pristine pussy. Victoria moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around my neck as I began lapping up the bubbly off her vulva. When I could taste not more champagne, I spread apart her lips and buried my tongue into her pussy.

From day one I have loved eating out Victoria, and I loved listening to the moans she makes when I do it. Since that day I had learned a lot tricks of her body and knew what she liked and when she liked it. I knew when was the right moment to move up to her clit and to suck on it, when it flick it with my tongue, when to rub her clit and when to finger her, and on a rare occasion when she wanted her nipples tweaked. That’s how five minutes after first sticking my tongue into her, I was now working towards her second orgasm. I had my lips on her clit while I used two fingers to finger her. I had Victoria holding her legs up to her torso, keeping her thighs wide apart. Between the booze and the bliss, Victoria was lost in her own little world. I sucked on and flicked her clit while I finger blasted her. I could hear her moans quickening. I knew she was getting close. I moved my mouth away and placed my thumb up against her clit. I then used my arm as a jackhammer as I fingered her. I soon had her cumming, but I didn’t slow down. I kept on going. The room filled with the sound of wet skin slapping as my hand and her pussy was now covered in her juices. I knew I was getting close and a minute later my wife screamed and began squirting like a fire hydrant. Victoria rarely ever squirted, but when she was drunk and really, really whorney it was possible. When it was over I took my hand away and stood up over Victoria.

“Fuck me, seriously?” I said as I looked upon Victoria naked, well pleased, body. I had apparently done too good of a job because she had passed out on the bed. Knowing from experience she was not going to wake up until morning. I now stood at the end of the bed with a dick as hard as steel, and nowhere to put it. I mean I could just go ahead and have sex with her anyway. We’d both had sex with the other before while the other was asleep or passed out, and with little guilt at all. However, something about doing it to my wife on our honeymoon didn’t feel right. I decided to just call it a night and take care of myself, but first I had to tuck VJ into bed. I took off her boots and then picked her up and slipped her under her covers. When she was safely settled I put two bottles of water and some Excedrin on her nightstand, I then went over to the couch, opened my laptop, and started to type in one of my favorite free video sites.

As the site loaded I suddenly heard a text on my phone. I had no clue who could be texting me. It was 1 AM where I was, I so that meant it was extremely early in the morning on the west coast. When I opened the text it was pictures of two fingers holding open pussy lips of a pussy I recognize really well from my up close view this past afternoon. It also came with a note that read “in case you’re interested in a midnight snack” along with her room number. The name of the saved contact was ‘Beach Buddy’.

I quickly texted back “When did you save your number to my phone?” She quickly texted back three messages.

“Wow, that was a fast response. What happens to can go all night? Also, you should really pay more attention to your phone when you hand it to strangers.”

I knew I shouldn’t respond. Between the picture, I was sent and the memory of this afternoon, I had more than enough material to get me off before bed. I knew this in my head, but it wasn’t the head on my shoulders that was doing the thinking at the moment. I texted back, “She said I could last all night, she never said that she could.”

“Aww, poor baby. Why don’t you come up and we can talk about it? Or if you don’t want to talk, I’m sure we can find something else to do.” I thought about texting her back, but I knew there was no point. The moment I answered her text I knew how this was going to end. I took my phone, slipped on some shoes, put on some gym shorts and a t-shirt. I made my way to the room number I had been given and knocked on the door. I waited for a minute and the door finally opened.

“You win. Let’s do this” I said as I pushed past her and entered the room.

“You could sound a little more excited,” Hailee said as she closed and locked the door. She had her hair down and appeared to only be wearing a pink silk robe. “I mean…” I didn’t let her finish. I pulled her to me and slipped my tongue into her mouth. After momentarily being caught surprised by my action, Hailee started kissing me back. I pinned her against the wall and we continued to make out, My hands roamed all over her body. Hailee began lifting my shirt and we broke off our kissing.

“Am I excited enough for you now?” I asked as I took off my shirt and pressed up against her a little more, making sure she could feel my hard cock against her. Hailee gave a dirty little giggle as she felt me against her.

“Oh, those are new,” Hailee said as she could now see the marks VJ left along my neck.

“Yeah, Victoria can be a little aggressive when she drinks, though I think she’ll be as surprised as you are in when she wakes up in the morning.”

“Really, she that out of it?”

“Oh yeah. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her that drunk.”

“Good, then she’ll never know if I give you a few of my own.” She raised up and began biting and sucking on the side of my neck, meanwhile I slipped my hand under her robe and found her wet pussy. Somehow her pussy felt even smoother than it had just hours earlier on the beach.

“We should take this to the bedroom,” she seductively whispered into my ear when she was satisfied with the work she had done to my neck. I eagerly agreed and stepped back and let her lead the way. She took a couple of steps then stopped and looked back over her shoulder at me. I then watched as her rope slowly slipped off her shoulders before falling to the floor. I almost began to drool as the ass the first got me to notice her at the bar was now on full display for me. Hailee laughed as she saw the pure lust in my eyes and then ran off to the bedroom. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants as I chased after her. When I got there I saw her smiling brightly as she sprawled out on the bed. As I looked up her long shapely legs I noticed something different between her legs.

“You shaved,” I said as I crawled onto the bed. Her landing strip from earlier today was now gone.

“I hoping tonight would be a special night. Care to see how it feels…with your tongue?” she asked.

“Normally I’d love to, but I’ve had enough foreplay today.” Remembering how she looked when I first saw her in that cabana, I knew exactly how I wanted her. I picked up one of her legs and lifted it straight up into her air as I moved in between her legs. Taking my cock I rubbed it against her already wet and freshly shaved twat. Once my dick was nice and wet I pushed forward. Hailee moaned and her eyes rolled back as she felt my cock head pierce her. I slid all the way inside and enjoyed the feeling of her tight warm pussy around my dick. Her pussy felt different but just as good as my wife. I soon slowly started to build up tempo.

“Ummmm….yyyeeeessss… give it to me. Harder. Faster,” Hailee pleaded. I was not there for slow sensual love-making like what me and VJ had done the night prior. I was there to fuck and Hailee wanted me there to get fucked. As a result, I soon had the bed shaking as I pounded her pussy with my cock. I still had one of Hailee’s legs pressed up against my chest, pointed straight up as I banged her and looked down at her.

“Tell me you want me,” Hailee begged.

“I want you.”

“Tell me what you want to do to me.”

“I want to fuck you so hard that at worst you will have problems walking tomorrow, and at best you end up shattering your pelvis.”

“Fuck yeah!” she called out. Looking down at her, I found my eyes locked on her breast, glistening with sweat, and her hard nipples. They looked so tempting, I couldn’t resist anymore. Moving her leg down I sat with my legs out and pulled her on top of me. Hailee wrapped her arms and legs around me and I lowered my head to her chest. Now in the lotus position, we continued to fuck as my mouth toyed with her nipple. Hailee was loving it. She pressed my head firmly against her tits as she bounced on my lap, only ever loosening her grip on my head as I switched from the right one to the left and vice versa.

“I’m so close,” she moaned. “Lay back, let me take over.” I did what she asked and laid down on the bed. She put her hand on my chest, leaned forward and let the hips do the rest. Those years of performing on stage had really done her well as she moves her hips quickly. Her moans and breath quickened I knew she was getting close, I put my hands on her hips as she rode me until she finally came all over my cock. As she came, I pulled her hips all the way down my pole. With my dick all the way buried in orgasming Hailee Steinfeld, I let go myself and shot my load deep into her.

“Oh wow,” Hailee moaned as she dropped to my chest. I took a minute to catch my breath and then rolled us over. I was still hard inside Hailee and ready to go again. With Hailee on her back, I moved to my knees again and put the Capitol Letters singers legs on my shoulders.

“Gawd, Victoria wasn’t lying about you was she,” Hailee said as I began fucking her again.

“Nah-uh, we’ve just gotten started,” I told her as my dick pumped in and out of her. My previous load now leaking out of her as I fucked her. We fucked like this for a while longer. She came again as I rubbed her clit and she played with her nipples as we fucked. I knew I was getting close again, but I still had time.

“Roll over, I wanna do it from behind,” Hailee happily obliged. She made some comment about how all guys want to with her, but I wasn’t really listening. I was watching as she rolled over and instead if getting on all fours, she moved to the top of the bed and grabbed the headboard and stuck out her ass. I quickly moved in behind her and slammed my dick back into her. I loved watching her ass jiggle as we fucked.

“Remember earlier,” Hailee said through gritted teeth as she looked back at me, “My ass. Sick your finger in my ass.” I gave my finger a long suck, I could still taste VJ on it, making it nice and wet.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Hailee yelled as I fucked her and fingered her ass. “You can fuck my ass you know. I got lube in the nightstand. You can stick your big, hard, married dick in my ass. When was the last time Victoria let you do that?” I gave Hailee’s ass a hard slap for insulting VJ, and because an ass like hers is hard not to spank

“The morning after our wedding actually. Right before we had brunch with her parents and friends. As for the lube, we won’t need that.” I kept pounding her. Hailee’s ass quivered as she climaxed once again. As I felt my cum rising from my nut sack, I pulled out of the Barely Lethal actress. With one hand pumping my dick, I used the other to spread her ass cheeks. With my dick pointed at my target, I came all over her puckered asshole.

When I finished cumming I did not waste much time. I used my cock to spread my cum all over her asshole before I started to push the head into her. Hailee let out a loud groan as my cock head slipped in and then moaned as she pushed back, letting more and more of my dick into her. I began banging her in the ass, though at a slower pace than before. At first, just to loosen her up a bit, but after a little while, it was just because I was physically exhausted. My cock and head were willing, but my body just couldn’t keep up with the fucking I had given Hailee before. Even still we went at it for a few minutes. I gave her tight ass a few more smacks. I could see my red handprint starting to show up on her.

Feeling me slowing down Hailee once again decided to take command of the situation. Again having me lay flat on my back, she then got something from her nightstand before mounting me reverse cowgirl. I watched as she pointed my cock towards the ceiling and then lowered her ass down on my dick. Hailee looked back at me as she started bouncing her ass on my dick. I then heard the sound of something vibrating and Hailee began crying out louder than ever. She had pulled out her vibrator and was using it to toy with her clit as she fucked her as with my hard-on. Hailee came two more times before I finally painted her colon with my third load of the night.

When it was over I stayed down on the bed and caught my breath. Hailee got down and cuddled up next to me. We stayed like this in silence for about 10 minutes. I knew what I had just done was wrong, and Victoria would be devastated if she ever found out, but god damn I would have done it all over again. Victoria was right, Hailee was my very much my type and she was also a hell of a fuck. Looking over at the clock it was now getting to be early morning and I knew I had to leave. I told Hailee I needed to use her shower and she said okay. I turned on the water and began to soap up when Hailee, still naked, walked into the bathroom with my clothes and put them on the counter. Instead of then heading back to bed, she then opened the shower door and got in with me. She stood behind me and washed my back. I could feel her breast press into my back, as she began reaching around washing my cock. Soon enough she had me hard again and she blew me once again until I came all over her face. She then said goodbye and went to bed. I finished up in her shower, got dressed, and snuck back to my room. It was passed 6:30 am when I got back to my room. Thankfully Victoria was still passed out and looked like she had hardly moved since I tucked her in. I then stripped off my clothes, got back into my honeymoon bed and wrapped myself around my wife, before drifting off into a deep well-needed sleep.