Victoria Justice – Tales from the Record Store

One of the best things about small record stores is they score the best deals with smaller bands. Sure sometimes we get some of the bigger ones. Taylor Momsen and her band have signed her, and a couple other big names. But it’s the bands that need to promotion who get the attention, and that’s great. That why I was there that day. A favorite band of mine was in town, and tickets were being given out to their upcoming show in a drawing, and I was hoping to win.

The store was a little crowded, which I expected. The band may have been small, but they had a following. Another thing I expected was a lack of celebrity clientele that usually congregated at the store.

However, I did spot one. Victoria Justice was there. She was gorgeous, unbelievably hot. Much more so n person than on TV on in movies. I had actually seen her fill out a slip to be entered in the drawing. Knowing she liked the same band as I did actually made me dig her even more. Kind of wanted to introduce myself to her, but I didn’t want to do that and find out she was a total bitch. True, she could have turned out to be the sweetheart she came across as in interviews, but I didn’t want to find out for sure. That and I’m kind of chicken around women in general.

I felt like a weirdo observing her in the store. The drawing was in twenty minutes so she, much like myself, decided to stick around and browse in the store. I was hoping no one was noting me be starstruck by her from afar, but I couldn’t really stop myself.

She was flipping through the vinyl section, and finally, I decided to suck it up. I mean, actually talking to her was better than looking like a total creep. I took a deep breath and approached her.

“Hi,” I said. Real original, I know.

“Oh, hi!.” she replied cheerfully.

“Here for the drawing for the Toads tickets?”

“Yeah, I love them. You?”

“The same.”

“Cool. My name’s Victoria.” She extended her hand, I shook it, hoping my palms weren’t clammy and that I wasn’t squeezing too hard. “What’s your name?”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry. I’m Phil.”

“Well, nice to meet you Phil.” She smiled at me, kind of making me weak in the knees just with that. “Best of luck with the tickets.”

“You too.”

“Thanks,” she said, still smiling. “I really need this. I’ve been working a lot lately, I just need a break. Jeez, look at me, complaining about working my dream job. Sorry about that.”

“Oh, no problem. Lot of travel, weird hours, I imagine it can be tiring.”

“Yeah, but worth it.”

“I’d imagine.” There was an awkward silence then, which I took as my cue to go. “Well, I’ve taken up enough of your time with my blathering.”

“Oh,come on, you weren’t blathering. It was nice speaking with you Phil. Good luck!” And with that, she walked away and I was a little more crazy for her. But I couldn’t follow her around like a sad little puppy dog. Besides, the thoughts going through my head, the two of us fucking in the middle of the store, Victoria sucking me off in my car and other assorted treats my mind was creating for me might have given me a serious case of tight pants while talking to her and I certainly didn’t need things to be more awkward.

I moved about the store, browsing while I waited for the drawing and stealing glances at Victoria. Fuck, she was gorgeous. No make-up.

After a bit of browsing and being a creeper, one of the clerks gathered the folks around, the drawing was about to start. We all gathered around, Victoria not near the back, myself near the front. However, no matter where ever anyone was located, there could only be one winner for the tickets. Everyone else would get a gift certificate or something after the big drawing.

As the clerk rummaged around the entries, he made a grand show, hoping to get a chuckle from the crowd but really just annoying us. We wanted to know who won.

Finally, he plucked out a name. Everyone stared at him as he unfolded the paper and read the name. And my jaw dropped when it was my name he read aloud. I heard a bunch of groans and insults as I headed up to grab my tickets. Once they were in my hand I looked around and saw Victoria, a bummed look on her face. Then I smiled. I had two tickets.

I walked up to her before she exited, softly tapping her on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, Victoria?” I asked.

“Oh, his again Phil. Congrats on winning, I’m sure you’ll have a great time.”

“You know, you could have a great time too.”

“The show’s sold out, this was my last shot. Bands like the Toads don’t really give people like me a free pass anyway. Not in the same crowd.”

“Oh. Well, that’s not what I meant. But if I were in the band, I’d totally let you back stage.”

“Oh, well thanks,” she laughed. “But what did you mean, then?”

“Well, what I meant was, I did win two tickets…maybe you could go with me?” I braced my self for the shoot down, there was no way she’d say yes. I didn’t buffer the question enough, he comes the big no…

“Yes…yes, that sounds great!”

“I understa…wait, what?”

“Like I said, I need to blow off some steam and relax. Things have been hectic lately…oh, just thanks so much!”

Victoria then surprised me even further by giving me a big hug. When she pulled back, she saw the shocked look on my face, and her face became on of inquisitive joy.

“Too much?” she asked.

“No, no, I’m fine, no problem.” I said, 100% honestly. “So…do you just want to meet me there, or do I pick you up or something?”

“I’ll meet you in front of the club.” she replied, a big smile still on her face. “I should get going. Thanks again!” she said, kissing he softly on the cheek before exiting the store and leaving me completely speechless.


I had been kicking myself a bit in the next two days after the drawing and leading up to the show. It was the night of the show and I hadn’t even heard from Victoria. And to be fair, there was a good reason for that….we didn’t exchange numbers. Tool status: confirmed.

I continued to mentally kick myself as I drove the he show. I know she wanted to go, I saw the look on her face. She kissed my cheek! That had to mean she wanted to go, right?

Or what if something came up and I was just setting myself up for disappointment? Yep, no one can destroy my highs like me.

Fortunately, the parking lot my high returned. There was Victoria, waiting for me at the door and looking…well, hot is one word for it. Ravishing is another. Beyond fuckable is a good phrase for it.

I parked my car in rush, amazed that I didn’t hit anyone else or accidentally get in a handicapped spot, and headed towards Victoria.

“Hi there!” she said, her face lighting up. “I feel like such a dummy.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“I realized the moment I got home that we didn’t exchange numbers. It would have helped out a lot if you had to cancel, that way I wouldn’t have shown up.”

“But I did.”

“Yeah, thanks so much..again I mean.”

“No problem, it was my pleasure. And you’re not a dummy. I thought of that too only after the fact.”

“Well, I guess we can be dummies together,” she smiled, making my heart melt a little.

“Yeah…” I replied. There was a bit of a silence before I snapped out of my daze. “So, you want to head inside, get a good spot up front?”

“Sounds great. Let’s go.”

We had scored a good place right in front of the stage and eagerly awaited our band to take the stage. In between opening acts, we chatted, I even made her laugh a few times and she did the same to me. To say I was entranced by her would be an understatement. She was everything I thought she’d be, if not a little more.

After the last opening band left the stage, Victoria turned to me once again. “I really do want to thank you for this, Phil. I really, really needed something like this.”

“Happy to help out.”

“How long do you think we have before the Toads take the stage?”

“Maybe twenty minutes, why?”

“Should be enough time…” remarked Victoria.

“For what?” Victoria answered by pressing her lips to mine, shocking me with a deep kiss.

She broke the kiss, leaving me dumbfounded, the expression on my face making her giggle. Victoria then grasped my hand and said, “Follow me.”

She lead me out of the crowd into the main hall and into one of the rest rooms, grabbing a small chair before we went in. Once the door was shut, she locked it, then propped the chair underneath the nob for extra security.

Before I could get a single question out of my mouth, she kissed me again, pushing my back into one of the sinks in the bathroom and crouching down in front of me, unzipping my pants and setting my cock free.

“What’s going on?” I asked, trying to take the moment in.

“Well, remember what I said about blowing off some steam?” I nodded. “Well, over the last few days, I’ve built up a lot of steam, and I kind of need more than a concert to blow it off. I want you to help. You’re nice, you make me laugh, you’re cute, and..well..I want you to fuck me, to put it bluntly. That explain it?”


“Great” she said, smiling sweetly before taking my cock in her mouth.

“Wow,” I sighed. Not only at the incredible sensation, but who was doing it to me and where. I looked down and saw Victoria looking up at me, slowly working my cock over and never breaking her gaze.

She reached a hand up and began to fondle my nuts, caressing and rubbing the orbs while her other hand snuck beneath her skirt, fingering herself.

The brunette vixen began to moan, her vibration making my cock get completely hard in her hot, wet mouth. I brushed her hair from her face, demanding a clear view of this beauty taking my rod and making it her own private toy.

Victoria pulled off my dick and her mouth switched places with her hand, now jacking my slick meat while she sucked on my balls. She worked special attention around the crown, teasing the under side with her thumb, making me shiver.

I was reaching the point where I had a clear choice, blow it all in her mouth or pull her off and fuck her with everything I had. I went for the latter, pulling Victoria up and planting a fierce kiss on her lips, spinning her around so now she had her back to the sink.

Our mouths still hungrily intertwined, I reach down and hiked up her skirt, then went for her panties, tearing off the garments with one tug, getting a shocked yelp from her.

“Someone’s eager,” she joked.


“Not at all.” Victoria flashed a smile laced with honey and spice before kissing me deeply once again. I grasped her perfect ass and lifted her on to the sink. Once Victoria was in place, I lined my rigid cock up with her opening and drove myself in.

“Fuck!” she yelled. “Oh fuck I need this….fuck me…fuck me, please….”

My lips moved to her neck as I complied with her request, building up a strong, steady pace.

“So good…so fucking good…”she muttered. “You’re so fucking big, baby…”

“You’re beautiful, I whispered in her ear. “So fucking hot…I wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you…oh Vic…so fucking hot…so tight…fuck…”

Victoria slid her leather jacket off, letting it drop to the floor while my hand moved to her top, rapidly removing it from her. Once her breasts were exposed, my mouth went to the, eagerly suckling and nibbling at her cute little nipples.

“Suck them..” she moaned breathlessly. “Bite them…fuck me…just don’t stop…don’t stop…”

I had no plans to. I was balls deep in Victoria Justice and I wasn’t stopping until we both got off. My gaze moved to her face, shimmering like the rest of her body in a thin layer of sweat. Then I noticed the mirror behind her, I got an idea.

I pulled out of Victoria’s pussy and spun her around, bending her over the sink. I slapped my cock on her ass a few times before re-entering her exquisite cunt. With my hands on her hips, I drove into her with force and speed.

“OH FUCK!” moaned Victoria. “Oh God yes!”

“Look at yourself, Vic.” I said. “Look in the mirror and see yourself get fucked!” I couldn’t believe the things I was saying. I had never been like this with any woman I had ever been with…but none of them were Victoria Justice.

Victoria craned her neck up, staring herself out and flashing me a sexy smile as I rammed into her. “It’s so fucking hot…” she growled. “So fucking good…” Victor raised on of her arms, pressing it against the wall while the other went between her legs, working her clit as we fucked.

While Victoria enjoyed the view she had, as well as the actions that went along with it, I must say I had the better view…looking at her perfect ass one moment, then looking up to see her face, contorting in pleasure as she came closer and closer to her climax.

Her words became jumbled, going from sentences or even just sentence fragments to a stream of syllables, no delays between anything.

“FuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmebabygivemethatfuckingCOCKFUCKME!” Her eyes locked on mine. We were both close, and we both knew it. We stared each other out, waiting to see who would lose it first. I moved my hand from her hip to her clit, joining her hand in frigging herself. Victoria wasn’t letting me off the hook either, grinding and milking my cock. We were throwing everything we had at each other, pushing each other further and further to the edge.

I moved my free hand up to her breasts, pulling Victoria’s back to my chest and driving into her with everything I had.

“Oh..Oh…OHHHHHHMYFUCKKKKKKYESSSS!” she screamed, forgetting completely that we were in a very public place. Victoria shook in my arms, her lips scarmbling to mine for an animalistic kiss, our tongues darting at each other.

“You now!” she said, her body still quaking in my arms, but her eyes full of fire. “Cum! Fucking cum in me!”

Even without the demand, I was already going to cum. The vibrations and contractions of her pussy were the last straw, I just needed to know where, and now I had the all clear. With one final thrust, I emptied my balls into her hot pussy, splattering her insides with my hot cum.

Once I was done, I kissed her neck and pulled out, stumbled backwards to the wall, struggling to stay on my feet, Victoria slumped over the sink.

“Wow,” she said, smiling and laughing. She turned to me, her smile wide as ever. “Just…wow.”

“Couldn’t have put it better myself.” I replied. “We should get back to the show, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, sure.” she replied, in a daze similar to mine. She put her top and jacket back on, then went for her ripped underwear.

“Sorry about that.”

“Oh, no problem. Well worth it.” She gave me another wink with a small giggle. “Let me help you with that.” She walked over to he, gently jacked my cock before pulling my pants back up and buckling my belt. “Sorry we’re not going to be back up front.”

“Well worth it,” I replied with a knowing smile, moving my lip to hers once again.

“I see what you did there. Besides, we can get up front next time.”

“Next time?”

“You better believe it,” she said. “I’m not one for one night stands. Is that problem?”

“I think we can work something out,” I said, grasping her hand and heading out the door.