Afterparty with Taylor Momsen

“Thank you, good night,” Taylor Momsen yelled from the stage, the crowd roaring and cheering as the stage lights went down and the house lights went up. While it may have been a good night for the audience, for Taylor, her bandmates and the road crew which I was a part of, the night was just beginning.

It seemed after every show, we partied hard, like it was the last night of the tour. And on those final dates, some of us didn’t even wake up in the same city we began partying in. It was probably why this crew was the single most efficient one any of us had ever been on, we knew good times were always guaranteed after the fact.

In our usual record time, all the equipment was packed away and everyone was on their way to the hotel. We all took separate cars, two vans to be exact. On this particular drive, I was in back with Taylor. Like everyone on the crew, I was more than a little enamored with the young rock singer. Such incredible sensuality, sex oozing out with every move she made, but a hint of innocence when she flashed her smile. Everything about her gave me the urge to fuck her on the spot every time I saw her.

Her tough on-stage demeanor also betrayed a rather humble woman beneath it all. However, the sex-kitten half…no one thought for a second that there wasn’t a lot of realness in that. The way that woman moved on stage…she knew her body well and how to use it even better. The fact it was all wrapped up in such an approachable package just made it more appealing; it seemed anyone could have a shot with Taylor if she wanted it.

“So, how was the show tonight Reggie?” asked Taylor while taking a drag from a cigarette. “Crowd seemed really into it, don’t you think?”

“You guys tore the roof down.” I replied. “You had everyone in the palm of your hand, as usual.”

“Thanks,” said Taylor. “Nothing quite like the rush of being on stage, ya’know? All the attention on you, the scream of the crowd…nothing like it. Gets me really riled up.”

“Sounds like the party is a perfect place to let off some steam. Drink a little, get rowdy, good times.”

“Oh yeah, definitely. Which reminds me…” Taylor took one last drag of her cigarette before flicking it out the window. “I need to ask you a question.”

“Shoot,” I said, glancing a look at her long, stocking-clad legs as she crossed them. “It’s my job to help, right?”

“Good attitude,” Taylor grinned, that angelic smile crossing her face, colliding yet matching wonderfully with her sinner’s body. “So, when we get to the hotel I was wondering if before we went to the party you could fuck me.”

“Excuse me?” I replied. Not offended, just a bit surprised. “Come again?”

“Look. You’ve been part of this crew since this band started touring. If you know one thing for sure about me it’s that I’m blunt. I don’t have time for dancing around the issue or hinting at stuff or any bullshit like that. I make myself loud and clear in what I want and it makes things easier. So the questions stands, do you want to fuck me? Like I said, I get riled up after a show, and when a particularly good one happens, I just need to fuck. It’s not even an exaggeration, I straight up fucking NEED it. Usually I grab an audience member or one of the road crew. Tonight was one of those nights, and I’m grabbing you. So, will you?”

“Err. Fuck yes.” I replied blatantly, allowing my eagerness to show through. “We doing this in the bedroom of the party suite?”

“Oh, fuck no.” Taylor said in a matter-of-fact tone. “I got someplace way better than that. Let me handle it. I’ll just say you’re going to get beers, and I’m coming along to make sure you get shit I like…and we slip away for a bit.”

“That’s a pretty good plan.”

“What can I say, I play a lot of really good shows.”


After what seemed like an eternity, we were in the parking garage of the hotel. Fortunately, since Taylor full on invited me to a fuck session, I had no reason to even attempt to hide my erection.

The rest of the band and crew headed for the elevator while Taylor and I held back, Taylor telling her “beer run” story. I followed her down the stairwell to the garage. She led me to a dirty alleyway behind the hotel.

The alley was only lit by buzzing fluorescent lights and the moon above. It was littered with trash, the biggest things to be seen were a dumpster and a worn, filthy mattress.

“Perfect.” said Taylor, a broad smile on her face as she leaned her back against the wall, relaxing.

“Really?” I asked, honestly surprised.

“What? Is there a problem with the decorum?” Taylor laughed again, licking her lips. “Look, here’s the fact of the matter; I like nice soft beds as much as the next girl. Candles, romance, they all have their place. Sometimes though…sometimes, I straight up want to be fucked. I want to be a fucking slut and be railed like one in the filthiest place imaginable. Tonight is one of those nights. Is this going to be a problem?”

“Nope.” I said, the idea beginning to strongly appeal to me. “None whatsoever.”

“Good. Now come here.” She wagged me towards her with her fingers.

I walked over to her, and when I was in range she grabbed me by my shirt and pulled my face to hers. For a woman who seemed desperate for a down and dirty fuck, her kiss was full of a surprising amount of passion. It was still hard and fierce, but there was a sensuality and tenderness behind it. Her tongue drove into my mouth, but softly massaged my own, her face pressed tightly to mine, but her hands gently held my head while her fingers brushed through my hair.

Taylor was filled with wonderful contradictions that added more to her mystique. She broke the kiss and without a word, went to her knees. No words were needed right now, her eyes said it all. Her hands went for my belt, and I got an idea.

“Hold on.” I said, smiling as Taylor paused. “No hands. Behind your back, now.”

The actress-turned-singer nodded obediently, a devilish twinkle in her blue eyes. She held her hands behind her back and mover her mouth forward. She extended her tongue and licked over my crotch. While it was just over my jeans the sight and feel of it was intoxicating.

Taylor then moved her mouth to my belt, taking the loop gently in her teeth and pulling it out of the buckle, making a show of the whole thing. Once the belt was done, she went to my zipper, taking it between her teeth as well and slowly moving it down, never breaking eye contact with me for a single second.

Once my zipper was down I pushed my pants down to my knees. The starlet now had full access to my hardening dick, and was only too eager to take advantage of the access. In doing this, again, Taylor surprised me.

I was almost expecting a fast and furious spit-job, with Taylor wasting no time in coating my shaft in her saliva. However, Momsen was going for a slow burn, slowly taking my into her mouth. Her tongue seemed to explore every inch of my rod before letting anymore in.

It was like she needed to taste every part of it. Through every motion she made, she kept her hands behind her back and her eyes looking up at me. Taylor let my cock drop from her mouth, moving her head down to begin licking and sucking my balls.

“Oh shit yeah.” I gasped, moving my hands to her blonde hair and holding it back.

Once she was done giving my balls a nice, warm bath, she licked her way back up my cock, from root to tip and took me back into her hot mouth, this time going deeper, but still at that deliciously slow pace.

Before I knew it, the songbird had began deep-throating me, the vibrations and feeling of her throat making me shiver. After a few seconds, she pulled all the way back again, a string of spit still connecting her mouth to my cock.

Taylor breathed deep, giving me a sweetly seductive look before going to the mattress and getting on all fours. The sight reminded of all the times she did the same on stage, grinding and sending half the crew into instant hard-on mode. She looked over her shoulder at me, urging me to come over. I took a place behind her, grabbed her hips and entered her.

“Mm. That’s it.” she purred, her voice almost singing. “Just what I wanted.”

Taylor started grinding on me, flexing her cunt around me. “Mm. Feels good huh?”

“Incredible.” I moaned back.

I began to move into her, my pace medium, savoring her pussy as she was savoring my prick. After a few moments of this, I began to pick up the pace. I bunched Taylor skirt up to her waist, giving me a view of her teenage ass. It wasn’t the plumpest I’ve ever seen, but for her body it fit her perfectly.

I reared my hand back and spanked her hard on the butt, making the slim blonde yelp in pleasure.

“Oh! That’s it. Smack my ass while you fuck me. Fucking me here in this dirty alley. Give it to me! I’m your slut for the night, Reggie. This cunt is all yours. This nice tight little cunt!”

“Shit.” I growled as I fucked her from behind.

Slowly but surely Taylor had turned up the heat, slow foreplay, intense sex. My grip tightened on her hips and I began to go harder into her, Taylor appreciating my increased roughness.

“Ugh. That’s it! Fuck yes!” she grunted. “Pull my fucking hair, Reg. Pull it!”

I reached forward and grabbed a handful of Taylor’s blonde locks and yanked back.

“YES!” she yelled, the sound echoing throughout the alleyway. But Taylor didn’t seem to care.

I moved my other hand to her clit, rubbing it as I pounded away.

“Oh Shit. Oh Shit.” Taylor gasped. “I’m gonna cum soon…real fucking soon.”

“Not just yet.” I hissed as I pulled out of her and flipped her onto her back. “If you’re going to cum, I want to see the look on your face. I want to see what it looks like when you cum on my fucking cock.”

“Oh. If you’re gonna look at my face…you better be ready to cum on it!” Taylor moaned.

She licked at my lips, a cocky smile on her face. “You think you can handle that?”

“Let’s see.” I grinned smugly.

With no further fanfare Taylor wrapped her long, slender legs around me and I thrust into her, ready to go for the home stretch.

Now, it was as fast and as hard as I could manage, my eyes glued to her face, which was, like the rest of Taylor a delicious mix of saint and sinner. She wasn’t the only one close to finishing. From the intensity of it all and what Taylor herself did to me, I was ready to pop. Still, I tried to hold off, she needed to get hers first.

I alternated between ramming into her and fucking her with slow, deep thrusts, swiveling my hips with every deep stroke, going as deep as I could.

“More.” Taylor growled. “So fucking close. More. More! MORE!!!”

Momsen’s body went rigid and she threw her head back. She released a loud moan as she came hard on my cock. I could feel her nails digging into my back. She would have left marks on me if I wasn’t wearing a shirt.

I gave Taylor a few more thrusts as she rode her orgasm out, extending it for a bit before I felt myself cum. I pulled out of her and straddled Taylor chest, ready to stroke, aim and fire my hot goo all over her pretty face.

Taylor beat me to it, grabbing my cock and jacking it keenly.

“That’s it Reg,” she growled, her gaze intense. “Shoot it all over me. Don’t you want to? Don’t you want to cover this pretty little face with your cum? I know you do. I can tell. Do it. Cum for me…cum…cum…CUM!!”

“FUCKING HELL!” I yelled, shooting out strands of the thick white liquid from my cock to Taylor’s face.

The sensation was so intense, the explosion of my load so volatile and copious it seemed like it would never end. Taylor only added to this, never stopping with her stroking and dirty talk, urging rope after rope from my throbbing knob.

When I was finally drained dry, I looked down at the singer and caught my breath. The look of that face covered in my cum was almost enough to get me ready for another round, but I was drained dry. Taylor still wasn’t done, grabbing my cock to push the cum into her mouth, swallowing the hot liquid down her throat before sucking my cock clean.

“You know, after that I can’t help but hope the show tomorrow night is even better.” I said with a laugh.

“Me too,” Taylor said after swallowing the last of my jizz. “I hope you can handle what comes after a perfect show.”