Brooke Shields: Suddenly Sexy

Simon usually hated power failures. He was a man who
tended to keep everything in his life organized, from
his hypnotherapist practice, to his home. He maintained
an exact schedule of appointments and hated being late
for anything and hated it even more when other people
were late and acted as if nothing had happened. An
interruption of anything in his schedule usually had
him resentful and angry. However, this was one instance
where a power failure came to him as a godsend.

The tall, dark-haired hypnotherapist glanced over at
the only other passenger inside the elevator. Brooke
Shields apparently had an appointment of some sort in
the same office building as Simon and seeing her in
person jarred the normally reserved doctor. She had her
long brown hair flowing past the neckline of a pink
blouse. She also wore a pair of jeans and seemed rather
irritable as the elevator came to a sudden stop. Simon
recognized her of course. It was hard to overlook that
face from magazine covers and TV screens and her beauty
was unmistakable even without any makeup. Save for the
irritated expression, she was gorgeous.

Brooke’s irritation came from the twists and turns in
her life recently. First, the breakup with Andre, then
David’s death, then the show getting canceled, it had
been a hell of a year and Brooke wanted to put it
behind her. She was hoping to take some time off, maybe
do a few movies, take it slow before trying another
show. She actually enjoyed the entire sitcom experience
and wouldn’t mind trying it again sometime, perhaps
with a better set of writers, she thought.

But for now, she was stuck in an elevator with some guy
who was giving her the eye, which she was more than
used to.

It had taken Simon only a moment to decide what to do.
It wasn’t as if he hadn’t been put into this position
before, he had, and he’d taken advantage of it, much to
his delight. Yet, those had been situations he could
control and this was filled with variables that could
lead to disaster.

Yet the temptation was too great but after a brief
battle with his fears, Simon decided to go for it. “Are
you all right?” he asked in his rich baritone.

Brooke jumped slightly and turned to him. “Yeah. A
little jumpy. Sorry, cramped spaces kind of get to me.”

“A common reaction,” Simon said. “I know a lot of
people who suffer from it. A friend of mine did until I
showed him a great way to take your mind off it.”

“Really, how?” Brooke figured there was no reason to go
into a panic attack. Besides, what else was she
supposed to do? She might as well talk to this guy.

“It’s quite easy,” Simon smiled. And after explaining
about his work as a hypnotherapist, and moving the
beautiful woman into a comfort zone, he moved about a
foot away from Brooke and looked into her lovely eyes.
“Okay, just take a few deep breaths. Nice and slow,
that’s it. Breathe in and out, deep breaths, in and
out. Now, concentrate on my eyes. Just my eyes. Just
try to block out everything except my eyes and my

He could see that she was succumbing; he smiled and
continued on, “Just focus on my eyes and listen to my
voice. Just those. Keep looking at my eyes. Focus all
your attention on my eyes. Keep looking, deep as you
can. Deeper and deeper into my eyes. Just keep looking
as deep as you can into my eyes and listen to my voice,
keep your breathing even and look deep into my eyes and
listen to my voice. As you look deeper, you anxieties
begin to fade. Your fear begins to fade. The deeper you
look into my eyes and the longer you listen to my
voice, the more you feel a wonderful relaxation come
over you.

“There is no reason to be afraid, Brooke, no reason to
care. Just look deep into my eyes and relax. Deeper and
deeper, more and more relaxed. Soon, you will come to a
point when you have looked as deep as you can into my
eyes. When that happens, you will feel totally and
completely relaxed. So totally relaxed. Look deep into
my eyes and tell me when you feel total relaxation come
over you. Tell me, Brooke. Tell me when you’re totally

“I am….totally….relaxed…..” Brooke whispered a
moment later. Her eyes were half-closed, her mind
completely free.

Simon smiled. Brooke was a very good hypnotic subject.
He was glad; as he had no idea how much time it would
take to bring her down. Satisfied she was under, Simon
began phase two, the phase that always made him
incredibly excited.

“Brooke, you’re now totally relaxed and you’re
listening to my voice. Right now, Brooke, you are
beginning to notice how hot it is inside this elevator.
It is very hot, Brooke, very, very hot. So very hot.
It’s so hot Brooke and you’re feeling so uncomfortable
in that blouse. So hot and uncomfortable in that
blouse. So hot and so uncomfortable, Brooke. So hot and
so uncomfortable and you know it’s because of that
blouse. It’s so uncomfortable in that blouse Brooke.
You should take it off. Take off that hot,
uncomfortable blouse, Brooke. Take it off. Take off
your blouse. Take it off.”

Slowly, Brooke began to unbutton her blouse and slid it
off, Simon watched as the material slipped over her
smooth tanned shoulders and fell to the floor. She was
topless, her firm and full breasts stained with a sheen
of perspiration. Simon undressed himself and had Brooke
continue to undress herself. With each item she took
off, he suggested, she became cooler outside, but
hotter inside. Simon suggested to her how she was
beginning to get horny, very horny; with each article
of clothing she removed.

Soon, the beautiful young woman stood naked, her eyes
still sleepily half-opened. “Brooke, you no longer feel
so hot anymore. However, you are feeling something
else. You’re feeling horny, Brooke, very horny. You
can’t stand how aroused are, you need to satisfy that
feeling. You want sex Brooke, you want sex right now.
You want sex right now, don’t you, Brooke? Don’t you
want sex right now?”

“Yes….Right now…” Brooke’s hands drifted towards
her breasts as she spoke, her eyes fixed on Simon’s
through her half-closed lids.

“Then get on your knees and give me a blowjob, Brooke,”
Simon said. “Do that and you can enjoy sex.” With only
a slight pause, Brooke knelt down and reached her
lovely hand towards Simon’s now-exposed cock. She took
it and drew it into her mouth, her lips smacking around
the shaft as her tongue slid along the tip. She moved
her lips up and down his rod, her tongue sliding along
it as she took it down her throat. Simon leaned against
the elevator wall and moaned as she sucked him off. He
had never hypnotized a beautiful young celebrity before
and the thrill of having a star to command added to the
pleasure he felt. He gripped the sides of the elevator
as he came, his wad blasting down Brooke’s throat, her
lips never stopping — running up down his shaft as she
swallowed his cum. She must have had a lot of
experience at this he thought.

After recovering a little Simon pushed Brooke off his
cock and brought her to her feet. He moved in and
kissed her full on the lips. They embraced, their hands
running over each other’s skin. Simon let his tongue
travel to Brooke’s wonderful breasts, licking and
mouthing each of her tight nipples. She moaned as she
felt him suck her nipples. She embraced him again and
felt his hard cock slide into her. He picked her up and
pushed her against the wall of the elevator as they
continued to kiss each other. She wrapped her legs
around his waist and hooked them behind his back as he
began to pump into her. She moaned with each shove
against the wall, her back sliding along the smooth
metal. Simon alternated between her breasts and mouth,
laying hot kisses on each as he continued to nail
Brooke against the wall. She sighed and slammed her
head back as she felt him come inside her, his load
blasting into her pussy.

Simon wanted to this to continue on forever but
suddenly felt a rumble as the elevator began to move
again. Swiftly, he hit the STOP button. He had Brooke
dress and did the same himself. As they put their
clothes back on, Simon spoke. “Brooke, you will
remember nothing of what has occurred here. Nothing at
all. You will only remember being delayed in the
elevator and not really remember whom you were with.
But there is one thing you will remember….”


Brooke smiled as she waited for the elevator door to
open. It had been a good meeting and she had the
feeling things might be turning for the better. She
stepped into the elevator, not noticing the smile on
the face of the man inside. She hit the button for the
ground floor and leaned back. She heard the man say,
“My name is Simon” and suddenly felt herself falling…

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